OPTICS CHECK: The #Ye2024 Disaster


Elon broke the glass and temporarily suspended Kanye from Twitter.


Kanye ended the night by broadcasting on Twitter that he was cucked by Chris Paul.

Alex Jones was cringing.

How do you think that interview went over with the public?

Even our most dedicated enemies are as puzzled by this as we are. Keep in mind that MILO is Kanye’s campaign manager. Supposedly, Nick is his communications director. They were in charge of the “optics” of this interview. The strategy seems to be 1.) to burn all political bridges, 2.) embarrass your closest ideological allies and 3.) come across as working for a lunatic who is off his meds.

Note: The full interview is below.


  1. “But this level of unwell thankfully discredits his antisemitism for ppl who might have otherwise been receptive to pieces of it.”

    If, in argumentation, you feel that you are unlikely to defeat the message, your best shot is to MAKE THE MESSENGER LOOK A BUFFOON.

    And so it is with Mr. Lorber that I see with every attempt of Jews, in recent years, to stem anti-Semitism, they take every route But the righteous one.

    What would be the righteous route?

    Admit there are abuses, APOLOGIZE, and promise to start making amends.

    That is how my parents taught me when I had done wrong – to apologize, NOT to double down on my sin, by putting everyone else on the defensive.

    No, that latter strategy was a sure route to getting my butt burned, followed by spending a long time cooped up in my bedroom.

    • Admit there are abuses, APOLOGIZE, and promise to start making amends.

      Well, no, not just promise. How about actually start? Of course, WNs won’t believe it, but their opinions are still too marginal to matter. And if the “amends” are of high enough quality, WNs’ opinions will remain marginal.

      • @Silver…

        I agree with you.

        When you repent, ask forgiveness, and set out to make amends, most people will, in time, respond to the new you, and to those small percent who cannot get over it, they will be, as you seem to suggest, ‘marginal’.

        It’s never too late to start doin’ right.

        That’s what makes Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ riveting and eternal.

  2. I’m not puzzled because I could care less what he says or does. Milo is the force behind Fuentes and now Fuentes is going to do more harm to West than good. Naming the jew is good but you can go overbroad with anything.

  3. Hunter, your cynical pragmatism is blinding you I think. If any of us get a microphone, we need to just speak the truth and let God worry about the outcomes.

    What did Kanye or Nick say that was false in your opinion?

    • I don’t think so.

      Am I wrong in thinking that these guys are losing traction? Closing minds? Burning existing bridges? Whatever they are trying to accomplish here isn’t working. It has backfired.

      • Hunter, I’m not sure what your average American is thinking, but I will say that if there ever was a “grug outreach” on the subject to people below 100 IQ on the JQ, this is the form it would take.

        What may come across to us as a silly clown show might come across to non-midwits as “a good-hearted man speaking his truth”. I’m cautiously optimistic, but who knows how this will turn out. Kanye during the show even said he was “Low IQ, but is a soldier that has to bring the message”

        • Kanye came across as a mentally ill clown.

          Sure, he said a lot of things that we agree with, but he did so in the most cartoonish way possible. He reinforced the trope that “anti-Semite = crazy person.” He also reinforced the trope that “White Lives Matter = Nazi.” This is bad for Kanye and everyone associated him. As far as I can tell, the reaction has been almost unanimously negative. I’m convinced now that he is making it harder, not easier, to discuss the issue by coming across as insane.

          Anyway, you could be right. I hope you are right. I hope this didn’t land as badly as I think it did because it looks like a disaster to me.

          • Everything we do looks like a disaster. You say Charlottesville was a disaster, but it mainstreamed our issues and you now write articles about that fact. You may not acknowledge that the former thing enhanced the chances of the latter happening, but I do. Also, so much of todays culture is based on going viral and you must admit that this shit is gonna make pfizer do another round of boosters. Dont be to quick to cast aspersions, there will always be time for that later. Or do, either way, it wont change the outcome much (mainstreaming semitic awareness and reaction). Watch me be right

          • Is this mainstreaming the Jewish Question and moving the Overton Window by making it easier to talk about, OR, making it toxic by associating it with a man who is in the grips of severe untreated mental illness? Judging by the reaction I saw on Twitter, it is the latter.

          • Kanye said he was a Nazi in the interview.

            Just to make sure he got his point across, the #Ye24WarRoom Twitter account made sure to send that out.

          • @Mr. Griffin…

            Many people with beautiful optics, such as Dr. Duke, Dr Macdonald, Bishop Richard Williamson, Mel Gibson or the guy from TrueNews, have criticized Jewry and it went nowhere.


            There can only be one reason – God uses unrepentent unbelieving Jews, The Olde Israel, as a trigger for Gentiles, the New Israel, to become more holy.

            That’s the point : we’re here to become close to God and, to the extent that we can in that process, holy.

            If you see events in that light, you have a context for understanding what often, from the point of view of secular history, alone, seems inscrutable.

            As to Jewish excess and sin, don’t worry : God has raised up many many people in history to do that – some of whom you cannot even mention on YouTube.

            Never forget – this is not about the last century of American history, but, a story unfolding that is millenia old.

          • >Kanye came across as a mentally ill clown.

            I don’t know — the people who’ve been running Wash DC for the last fifty years or so and ruining the country along with various other parts of the world don’t appear entirely sane to me either.

            At this point I think I’d rather take a chance on Kanye West — at the least it may bring forward the collapse — sort of relieve the suspense about when that’s going to happen, if you know what I mean.

        • Hunter, “Nazi” is a stupid gray pill term. No one takes it seriously at all. Everyone throws that around online like candy. I go to far different sources for news.

          • I don’t care what people say on there. I don’t even go to Twitter. It’s just more online stuff. You don’t even know when they are kidding or joking. They are playing people with this.

          • > They sent out “I am a Nazi” from the official Ye24 War Room account.

            They should ask for some of the Nazi-funding going to Zelensky. How about a cut of the pile swindled from morons by FTX? Why is Tricky-Dicky of the Piano a better nazi than Ye is? Betcha Ye could do the laundry at least as well as Ze does.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        So, yes, Mr. Terry, has got a very good point : God has got it covered, and, it will, in His own good time, get right, or, at least, a new cataclysmic chapter.

        Not before He wills it.

          • However you wish to term, it, Dear Fox Snooze, in the end nobody gets away with anything.

            Everything we do, both as individuals and collectives, catches up to us.

            If you want to call that a Kosher God or the God of Fried Okra, it does not matter – because it simply is.

  4. This is a major character aspect of blacks.
    They can get a basic truth, but then spiral out into irrational tangents, taking the entire issue into the absurd.

    • When he said Hitler invented the microphone that I am talking into I starting laughing. The microphone was invented before Hitler was born.

  5. I listened to the first 20 minutes, including the quotes about Hitler. What he was saying is that as Christians, we should love all people, including and especially Hitler. That probably isn’t a popular view among Americans, and would offend them, but most Americans aren’t Christian. He’s not trying to win an election, but shift the overton window. You won’t do that by being a nice guy and saying/doing what the majority of people want. You do that by challenging societal conventions.

  6. Unfortunately I think the Jews are laughing at these antics, not shuddering in fear. Propping up some black clown off his meds seems more like a Jewish trick instead of something harmful to them. Remember, even Hitler kept the craziest sounding Nazis off the public radar, i.e. Hess, and disliked any of them making statements without his go ahead. Also, the Nazis toned down the anti-Jewish rhetoric when they were actually running for national office. If a right wing movement has any hope of winning national office again, this stuff has to be toned down, because it scares people. The left likes scary rhetoric, see Antifa, militant trannies, etc., but the right just wants normality. I can agree with some things Kanye says, but he is still a bamboozled clown. The Jewish question is something to be answered after power is achieved, not when trying to win back political power.

    • OK, but kindly explain the perfectly respectable support for actual Nazis over in Ukraine. So it’s perfectly respectable to support nazis as long as they are Jewish-funded and approved nazis. It’s not that there is anything intrinsically bad about nazism, right?


    Ye is to anti-semitism what Alex Jones is to the Elites: credible topics made non-credible by unhinged delivery. Now anyone who speaks of these topics will be seen as a Q-tard tier kook.


  8. The interview was boring.
    0 substance.
    Alex was almost as bad as Tim Pool.
    Instead of asking Kanye why he was singling out the Jews, he just kept reiterating, ‘there are good and bad people of every ethnicity, there are good and bad people of every ethnicity’.
    Duh, no shit, and no group is all powerful, but some are more powerful than others and/or more ethnocentric than others, and/or more woke than others.

    Anyway, but in terms of how it’ll impact the masses, well the masses worship celebrities, so if tens of millions look up to Kanye and he’s criticizing Jews, even if his criticisms were incoherent, it may make them feel more comfortable with the notion of criticizing Jews, only time will tell if this was just a one off, or part of a rapidly accelerating trend.

    I actually thought Fuentes came off as looking the most articulate and coherent of all of them.

    • Bizarre. I find it hard to believe that a guy who was conventionally BLM# not long ago is now organically hanging out with alt right figures and is professing his love of Hitler beside a cowering Alex Jones. It’s just too ridiculous, something is going on.

      One thing I learned in the alt right is that if a figure begins making strange, drastic moves like this, then there is an ulterior motive.

      • Right, I just meant I think Fuentes came off looking the best in this, exhibition, not that I trust or like him.
        Yea doing a 180 degree turn like that in such a short time span means he’s either a plant, a fool or just too young, either way he’s unfit to lead a movement.
        I wouldn’t be that surprised if all of them were plants, especially Kanye, who apparently has handlers who work in intelligence agencies.

  9. With all of these genius 4-D chess masters, we’re going to need a bigger chessboard!


    • I hear Cheetohead is a master of 666-D chess. That should be a sufficiently large board for the pawns – not to mention the clown-show.

  10. People are also herd animals, obviously some more than others.
    Just the fact that he’s a rich celebrity gives him clout to millions of people, even if he was just ranting and raving incoherently.
    Perhaps several more big influencers smarter than Ye will open up now about their thoughts on Jews, and things could spread like wild fire (or perhaps not).
    The ruling class knows how herd psychology works, that’s why everyone who criticizes Jews is censored, regardless of how thoughtful or thoughtless their criticisms are.
    They don’t just censor the smart ones and leave the idiots a platform to make fools of themselves, they censor everyone for anything remotely critical of Jews.

  11. Absolutely bonkers! Fuentes is swimming in deep water here. Gotta admire his chutzpah. Almost the equal of that Bankman-Fried guy!

  12. “How do you think that interview went over with the public?”

    Remember West said on TV that Shrub did not care about black people. West also took a trophy from Taylor Swift. He has been doing this stuff for years

    I think most people will just think he had another episode and shrug their shoulders.

    As for my opinion, Ali Alexander said they were trying to smash the Overton Window, but the whole affair was so bizarre I do not see how it could be successful. I write the whole thing off as infotainment akin to The Daily Show.

  13. What do you do? You are big Jew and your job is to attack all forms of antisemitism. Do you attack this with all your might or do you let it go? The Jew nature is predatory aggressor so an attack is coming. And Kanye is going to make the Jews a bigger target of ridicule than himself. The man is a genius.

    • What do you do? You are Robert Browning whose job it is to slander/lie about ENTIRE White ethnic groups who has individual members who are aligned with the Jews. Now the demons in Browning are predatory aggressors so as soon as they conquer one White ethnic group they will start slandering the next. He (they) now falsely claims that ALL the Irish are sex perverts when he has shown on this very site that he is a sex pervert himself — hypocrite!!!

    • Hayes does not represent all the Irish you satanic slanderer/liar who has posted links to child porn and who falsely -accuses ALL the Irish of being sex perverts. Go to Tartarus you lying demon.

  14. ‘there are good and bad people of every ethnicity, there are good and bad people of every ethnicity’.

    Alex Jones sounds like a good Christian. This is an absolutely FATAL mindset! Now I know that each and every jew isn’t an active member of the anti-White Ruling Elite, but affording even the slightest level of victimhood status to ANY of these genetic parasites, regardless of their station in the tribe is the #1 mistake Whites have made historically when dealing with the JQ. Thinking that “some jews are decent folks”, and thereby extending a level of trust to those “good Jews”, is the prime way that jews have wormed their way back into our societies after each expulsion (109+ of them!). If we’re ever going to TRULY free ourselves from jewish parasitism, we simply MUST view EVERY ONE OF THEM. as deadly enemies and allow NONE OF THEM. into any station of power and/or influence within any future society we might set up.

    • Yes, this idea of taking each person individually, not as a group. Every other race sees whites as a group, and they act as a group.
      Taking persons individually doesn’t work because they get the benefit of antisemitism, race, etc. But not whites…

  15. Maybe this is just Kanye wanting his money back by pulling the kind of stunt that Godfather in the mob who used to wander around in his pajamas faking Alzheimer’s did? Then he checks into a mental hospital for treatment and comes out saying “going off my meds did that…sorry, can I have my money back?”

  16. I can send Kanye the photochop of MC Hitler in a jogging suit with headwrap, gold Hakenkreuz medallion and microphone!
    Or the decent DJ Himmler electro music which samples rallies and speeches of the NSDAP.
    Ah…the shifting sands of the most favored victim coalition just might bite the chosenites as millions pour into the land of free milk and honey provided by Uncle Sucker. (taxpayers)

  17. Why are we so damned concerned about some larp-ass nazis when all of the big jews are shoveling tens of billions to actual Nazis in Country 404 – a Nazi fake-country run by a jew whose only skill (aside from grifting) is playing Hava nagila on the piano with his penis? The most ardent supporters of genuine hard-core Nazis – who have killed tens of thousands of civilians in Donetsk alone – are big time Jews and their flying-monkey shabbas-goys. Anyone who is hand-wringing over “nazis” having bad optics must have the attention span of a gnat. Guess some nazis are more equal than others, eh?

  18. An unhinged N-word cosplaying a character from a snuff flick, a dorky nonwhite political commentator desperate for publicity, and a raving Jew “rehabilitated” sodomite pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Welcome to White Nationalism for people not into White Nationalism.

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