The Alt-Lite has Officially Failed to Contain Ye

In the midst of Ye’s expose of our country’s current power structure, I couldn’t help but worry that the griftnats might attempt to sink their fangs into the billionaire’s movement.

Sadly, I was right.

In the aftermath of Milo and Nick getting involved, all we got was one ironic “Shalom : )” tweet. It appeared as though the enemy gotten the situation well under control and this whole thing would be memory-holed and mostly forgotten by the end of 2022. Ye’s sacrifices would be for nothing and he would be nothing more than a celebrity pawn in Milo’s Mar-a-Lago stunt.

However, Ye must have realized this was getting him nowhere and he decided to pick it up again towards the end of November on Tim Pool’s show along with some street interviews.

But yesterday he did the unthinkable. He came out in support of Adolf Hitler and denied the legitimacy of the holocaust story. Alex Jones was in full-on damage control desperately playing an American History X scene and trying to muddy up the show by throwing in wild conspiracy theories such as George Soros supposedly being a Nazi and Jew’s supposedly being killed in massive numbers by COVID vaccines in Israel. Mr. Catboi himself tried to derail the conversation by claiming that Laura Loomer, a militant Zionist, is one of the “good Jews” (hours before Loomer’s fellow far-right co-ethnic Jacob Wohl issued a borderline death-threat to Ye).”

Needless to say, none of these tactics worked in shutting him up. All of the resources devoted to promoting Alex Jones to dissidents have gone down the drain. The alt-light “optics” argument was once again proven to be an insincere concern-trolling smear campaign against genuine nationalists. Ye came out as a “wignat” to the world and he is in the process of mainstreaming Hitler and holocaust denial to millions of people. From how it looks right now, there isn’t a thing that Jones, Ali Alexander, Fuentes or Milo can do about it.


  1. You sound like a grumpy gloomy octagenarian.
    Even @Ivan Turgenev who was born a century ago is more cheerful and animated than you.

  2. Ye will be listened to by a lot of people – his fans. He does seem somewhat deranged & I think that he, Fuentes and Milo may have bitten off a tad more than they can chew here. Unlike that lovely Bankman-Fried guy, for some reason getting fawning interviews and still walking around a free man…

    • If Ye had any sense he would point up the contrast in treatment of himself and Sam Bankman-Fraud. The (((gaslight media))) has rushed to the latter’s defense – which amounts to him being an incompetent goofball, which is a bit ironic coming from a group who bills itself as the smartest folks on earth. Coffeezilla has a good 15-minute overview of the con about the FTX scam, which is likely one of the largest swindles ever carried out. The cartoonist Bob Moran sums it up nicely in a single pic. A much more detailed picture of the goofball kid’s background can be read here. Certain (((folks))) are literally above any law.

  3. Hitler declared the United States to be half negro-ized and half judeo-ized. Perhaps he didn’t realize that if you just shake the jar then the two would fight.

  4. “””…. there isn’t a thing that Jones, Ali Alexander, Fuentes or Milo can do about it……”””

    They can jump on board of Nazi train if they want to stay relevant. I personally think that those people are not controlled opposition but they just freaked out that things went serious.

    Basically like gun owners. Gun owners like cool gear, electronic warfare equipment, outdoor stuff and bushcraft in general, 4×4 cars.

    But when the moment arrives to use all this stuff, they freak out. They like their cool tough guy comfortable lifestyle and pure idea that there could be real enemy who is very dangerous, who forces them out from their comfort zone and may actually kill them, give them panic attack. This is the reason why guns are permitted. Nobody will use them and everybody knows that,.

    Basically those people are our liberals. Strong on virtue signaling but they never do anything what endangers their personal comfort . Liberals also do not want personally live with immigrants, gave up their own job to foreign labor, pay for climate measures from their own wallet and so on.

  5. Good summary.

    I saved the Kanye Infowars interview from yesterday before it disappears off Jones’ site, but haven’t had time to watch it.

    You saved me 2 hours, 50 minutes. Thank you.

  6. You all and KanYe exclusively bashing jews as if they are the only problem, therefore excusing black-on-white crime etc.

    Blacks want the jew’s positions and will probably succeed because now they can just blame it all on jews. I heard 42% of America supported reparations after George Floyd. I wonder what will happen after this “awakening”?

    Therefore non whites (including KanYe) arent going to segregate if thats what you all are thinking.

    • You must not read this site much. HW and others here consistently point out the massive destruction caused by white shitlibs. Some WNs here downplay or minimize the extent of shitlibbery among whites. The JQ is freely discussed. How much of white shitlibbery is just obeying orders from Schlomo – who effectively owns everything – and how much is just the result of decades worth of brainwashing in public schuls? Schlomo could not have achieved the massive power he wields without the assistance of treasonous whites who chose money over their own people. I don’t know any poor white shitlibs, though I suppose they exist in a homeless camp or similar place.

  7. If ye could not be contained by the likes of harley pasternek what kind of mental midget thinks they will be able to do a better job? I see you just enjoy going back to the well of alt right e celeb drama. Im not in support of milo or nick but i see ye as a autonomous person making his own way, in a haphazard manner which can be tough to watch.

    Ask yourself this: if you were him, would you have handled it better? The guy is a phenom rapper, not a esoteric hitlerist or whatever. He had his money taken and his life and his families threatened. Personally i respect the man for revealing this all to us. Ohhhh but he could have been more tactful, he look cra cray!!! Boo hoo nigga, he did the best he could with the cards he was dealt in a game that was rigged from the start. Most in his place would have just continued to quietly play the game. Maybe thats the outcome you would prefer, not me dude

    • Yes indeed.
      Kanye is a jew-pet (well, ex-jewpet), Negro who just bit the hand of the Jews that made him & is now a very public punching bag to prove they have no power to punch him, lol.

      Whatever happens next he has done an amazing thing. Could any of us do so much? (Or want to, lol). He may have just saved his soul, or gained it though, in this one act of lashing out at his true oppressors.

      I appreciate the artistry of his performance is this matter.

      God bless him he is going to need it!

  8. link


    NYC woman Kathleen Casillo, who drove through BLM protest, says no to plea deal again

    Casillo’s lawyer told The Post she said no to a deal that would have had her plead guilty in exchange for a one-year driver license suspension and six days of community service.

    This woman feels she did nothing wrong; she was only protecting herself and her daughter — she definitely has guts (especially in this political/judicial climate):

    … she could face up to seven years in the slammer if convicted at trial.

    • OT

      And speaking of guts:

      linkAP: Orban continues to block EU plan to provide Ukraine with 18 billion euros in 2023. … The Hungarian prime minister proposed that each of the 27 EU member states use funds from their own budget to assist Ukraine, and not from the general budget, stressing that Hungary would not accept another plan.

  9. I understand what you’re getting at here with all the Nazi stuff, but I’m looking at this differently, and if there’s a message that needs to emerge from this, “dissidents” need to connect all the dots for people who don’t see all of the “coincidences”.

    How many wildly successful, money making gentile (black or white) entertainers have we seen go off the deep end, and their trajectory can be traced back to Jewish manipulation?

    Y’all know who Larry Rudolph is, right? Scroll down to the “music industry” section and find him.
    Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus. Once he sank his exploitive teeth into them, they turned into nuts.

    Kanye West is no different than Michael Jackson insofar as his career, persona, marketing etc have all been crafted by Jewish handlers, producers, managers in order to exploit him to the maximum. The life that people like Kanye or Michael Jackson lead is completely out of their control, despite all the money and influence they appear to have. But they’re expected to play the game by the rules of the people handing them their paychecks. No amount of money is worth becoming an “icon”. Because being an icon comes with the price of not being your own person anymore.

    I’d rather be poor and free.

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