Senate Passes Porkulus Spending Bill

In retrospect, Mitch McConnell was being honest when he refused to commit to any positive agenda in the midterms. This vote confirms that the GOP stands for nothing except Ukraine and the military-industrial complex.

Note: Literally no one is even trying to defend this.


  1. As someone who remembers the days when Democrats used to object to President Reagan ballooning the national debt (but a mere fraction of what it is today) I think today is just more proof that any sanity we once had has long ago gone out the window.

    In fact, to me, the whole US of A feels more like bad sci-fi novels from the 1980s I used to politely chide my wife for reading.

    She thought them credible, however, and, unfortunately, she turned out to be right.

    Apparently I can now accuse myself of having been way too optimistic about this country and, indeed, the human spirit.

  2. Deep down we all hoped for this to be easy, but it won’t.

    The only way forward is a geo-historical earthquake: New Nation Now

    • “only way forward is a geo-historical earthquake”

      There’s no guarantee the result wound be better.
      With the degraded American populace and historical precedent the results could be much worse.

      • @Arrian…

        “There’s no guarantee the result wound be better.”

        True, but, at least with Afterthought’s thinking there is some possibility of light, whereas, on this current path there is absolutely none.

        Merry Xmas!

  3. Seems like only a few weeks ago some folks were all giddy about the Red tidal wave that was going to wash over D.C. and soon begin making things right. Wait, it was only a few weeks ago.

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