Rep. Chip Roy: What’s In The Porkulus Spending Bonanza?

Aside from the $45 billion for Ukraine, what else is in the $1.7 trillion dollar Porkulus spending bill?

It goes on and on like this.

Keep in mind that the GOP cynically ran in the midterms on opposing inflation and wasteful spending. After winning the House on that message, Senate Republicans are going to pass this and fund the government through September. The first thing that they are going to do is eliminate the ability of House Republicans to do anything about the problem for a year!

Note: The Porkulus is the definitive proof that actually we can’t “stand with Ukraine” while focusing on domestic priorities like immigration or inflation.


  1. Wasting money is always good news.

    Every reasonable spending prolonges the regime agony. Wasting money brings collapse closer.

  2. If there is a connection between most of those who rule this country and most of those who currently work it, I am afraid I cannot see it.

    Although it is an American habit to think itself above and free from historical human trends, I think history is unequivocal about what sort of events this gap portends.

  3. Wow, there must be a huge number of liberals with fake jobs that don’t need to exist. These people should all be pink slipped and put to work doing something they are more qualified for…like flipping some burgers and salting some fries.

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