1. I think Senator McConnell is suffering from a whole host of delusions, some of which are about the enduring magnitude of his power and the notion of President Trump’s diminished popularity on The Right.

  2. This power addicted geezer is something else. I’ve absolutely detested cocaine bitch since my political awareness about 20 years ago and this parasite has been plundering our country from the senate since 1985, I was born in 83 (we need some fucking term limits ffs).

  3. >“Quality Candidates”

    How about ‘quality leadership’? — any news there? — maybe younger too.

    Imagine being an intelligent young person with nationalist, conservative sympathies, and seeing McConnell is the leading Republican in the Senate: older than your dead grandpa — looks like death warmed over — never held a real job — milquetoast uniparty apparatchik — has been merely present an accounted for (but done little) during decades of national decay.

    Yeah, that looks like a party I’d like to be associated with and vote for.

    • Quality Candidates sounds very much like a box of chocolates branding exercise.

      Yahhhhggg Quality Caramels and Quality Cocoa mmmmmmuhhhh. McConnell is such a cunt.

    • >“Quality Candidates”

      Liar Rep.-elect George Santos admits fabricating key details of his bio

      You have to read the article to see the extent of this guy’s lies, and even then you probably won’t believe it:

      Santos, elected to Congress in Nov. 8 to represent the Long Island- and Queens-based 3rd District, was also accused of lying about his family history, saying on his campaign website that his mother was Jewish and his grandparents escaped the Nazis during World War II.

      So he’s a gay Hispanic who was married to a woman but is now ‘married’ to a man, he never went to college and never worked here and never worked there, and his Jewish grandparents survived the ‘Holocaust’.

      If the GOP has any integrity whatsoever, they will do everything they can to kick this sick lying piece of shit out of Congress and boot him out of the party.

      And people wonder why turnout is low and decent intelligent people say FUCK IT.

      • Biden:

        linkOn the videotape, a clearly angered Biden told the questioner: “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do. … “The first year in law school I decided I didn’t want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom two-thirds of my class and then decided I wanted to stay and went back to law school and in fact ended up in the top half of my class,” he went on. … But last week Biden released his law school records showing he had graduated 76th in a law school class of 85.

        Watch the 1988 video of Biden here — video

        Biden shows clear signs of senility today, but in truth he was never very bright or principled — the fact that people like Biden rise to power in America explains a lot about what has gone wrong — politics and government employment is now just a big grift.

      • Rep.-elect George Santos lied about attending prestigious NYC prep school Horace Mann: report

        “They sent me to a good prep school, which was Horace Mann Prep in the Bronx. And, in my senior year of prep school, unfortunately, my parents fell on hard times, which was something that would later become known as the depression of 2008,” Santos claimed on the “Police Off the Cuff After Hours” show. … “We’ve searched the records and there is no evidence that George Santos (or any alias) attended Horace Mann,” Ed Adler, a spokesman for the Horace Mann school, told CNN.

        At this point, the list of things that are true in his bio would probably be shorter than the lies being uncovered.

  4. The only difference between liberals/conservatives, Democrats/Republicans is the speed at which they wish to accomplish White Genocide.

  5. Term and age limits are needed.

    Age 50 to 70 is time enough.

    Alas, no reform will happen in this dead country.

    We will have to wait for the New Nation.

    • I think that by the time I’m pushing 81, I’ll have more pressing issues to deal with than politics, such as my health and fighting to just stay alive. Enjoying the grandkids and getting out and enjoying nature also comes to mind.
      To still be in Congress at that age thinking their presence will somehow result in something positive tells me they’re just not right, upstairs.
      And no president should be younger than 40 or older than about 75. That’s long enough.

    • @Afterthought…

      Though your ideas are sensical, the whole system is so corrupted it would achieve nothing.

      Until this country is removed from those few aliens who own it, and unelected bureaucrats, absolutely nothing can go forward.

      Every politician we send forth is either corrupted through bribes, or coerced by unseen forces threatening to reveal some aspect of their past.

      Yes, the country is dead.

      It was given to us in theory by The Founding Fathers, made real by Andrew Jackson, yet undone by both Abraham Lincoln’s determination to undo the 10th amendment, followed by Woodrow Wilson’s unwillingness to have his love letters to his mistress revealed by Felix Untermeyer.

      Thus President Wilson was coerced out his his two main promises – to not enter any prospective European war and to not allow the Rothschilds to buy the American dollar.

      Though many other things occurred to cement the situation, these two essential things killed the American idea, or, if not ‘killed’, then put into a coma – to be revived at some later date.

      Merry Xmas!

  6. And by the way, I don’t think McConnell’s idea of a ‘quality candidate’ will be the same as yours — and therein lies the problem.

    But go on dude, tout the GOP, and tell me again how white people who cannot stomach voting for the GOP are the problem.

    • At this point, it’s completely pointless to nitpick and argue. Whether you are a Molymeme tier right-leaning libertarian, classical conservative, Christian Nationalist, Southern Nationalist, a Nazbol/red nationalist, or unironic Nazi; whether you know all the books of Evola by heart or just want a little bit more 1980s; if you are to the right of Merkel, it’s over for you in most of the USA and most of Western-Europe.


      I went through the election results of the 2021 German federal election by age group and gender.
      Female, 18-24 years: GREENS 28.3%, SPD (socialists) 16,5%, PDS (former East German communist party SED) 8.9%, CDU (Merkel “conservative” party) 10,7%, FDP (classical liberal/ libertarianish) 14.8%, rest to others

      AfD: 5%

      And it’s more or less the same for females aged 25-34 when they fully enter the workforce and are in prime marriage age. In ten to twenty years these people will own all the levers of power in politics and the economy. So West Germany will go further to the left, not the right. – It’s over, unironically. Meanwhile in East-German Thuringia or Saxony the AfD sits at rock solid 30% with the potential for even more growth and the rest goes to a still somewhat conservative CDU, or the old commies which almost exclusively boomers still vote.

      You cannot “red pill” these people. You cannot rationally educate the eternal wahmen. All strategies have failed spectacularly: crime statistics, race and IQ, social and welfare arguments, cultural conservatism and patriotism, obligation towards your ancestors, let alone historical revisionism and the so called JQ. While you go on marches to protest the murder-rape of female teenagers, the overwhelming majority of them will grow up to vote for the parties which let their murderers and rapists in. And their peers and parents will call you a Nazi for your opposition. Then she will marry a Muslim and bear his child. I saw a 9/10 German woman with a very ugly rapefugee and their child the other day. And I haven’t been the same ever since. There is something very dark to learn about the female psychology here. Giving women the vote, allowing the left control over media and education, especially state media, has murdered this nation.

      The rest is rightoid bubble talk and grift. If you try to pull these people out of the water, they will drown you with them.

      Get out and move away while you still can – it’s what I do – and hope and pray for a national divorce and that nations worthy of saving, like Hungary, will hold out.

      • “I saw a 9/10 German woman with a very ugly rapefugee and their child the other day. And I haven’t been the same ever since.”

        I’ve seen the same in Dutch, Brits, Germans, Danes, Americans etc.

        Without constant tending, gardens go to weeds and thistles.
        The same holds true for race and society, without intelligent management it turns to chaos and decay, Detroit etc.

      • Arminius,

        Mexico has started to collapse sexually as well. There is a gender parity law in Mexico passed by the Federal Court presided over by a woman if I remember correctly that states every Party has to run a female for each position.

        The result is a lot more women in positions of power meaning an even more left ward trend in politics. All 3 of the major Parties supported the law with not one person in the Mexican Congress voting against it.

        The domino effect of forced equality leading to supremacy never ends.

        I am not sure why modern women tend to be very liberal. Blaming women exclusively for this is not correct for it is men who promote equality and then wonder why people take them at their word.

        Women busy going to school such as myself or those raising a family should have enough to do without being in politics. Granted, men are doing horribly at running the world but unfortunately women as a rule are worse.

        Since men are supposed to be head of the family it is a contradiction for men not to be in functional control of society as well. Rare exceptions exist of course.

        • “The domino effect of forced equality leading to supremacy never ends.”

          Brilliant, Dear Cristina, for in asserting this you have asserted the very nub of every problem we now face.

          Respect, for equality, in every case , is the devil, for, though very appealing to the ear, is used by others from afar to undermine the unwary.

          That said, kindness, constructiveness, and fairness, though none have anything to do with ‘equality’ are still very desirable things, in every human affair and case.

          • Ivan,

            Thank you for such kind words. I would chat more for i am very talkative in print as well as in real life but I leave shortly not to return until Thursday or Friday.

            Then I have roughly another week until vacation is over.

      • >Female, 18-24 years: … AfD: 5%

        I think it is not quite fair to cherry pick such a narrow demographic — I mean, you could hardly have picked a better (or worse, depending) cohort to make your point.

        I’m aware of the problem of the way women behave and vote (I’ve mentioned it here often), especially unmarried women (‘a woman is either married to a man or the state’); unmarried mothers are the worst, i.e. the most left-leaning.

        A majority of 18-24 y/o women in DE are students, and will eventually both reach their 25th birthday and also get a job and start paying taxes (‘tax freedom day’ in DE is the 2nd week in July, so they are going to be paying a lot of tax) — and a significant fraction of them will marry (how large that fraction will be is open to question; unfortunately right now DE has low marriage rates and below replacement birthrates).

        But the problem of women and their influence (and how susceptible to being influenced they are) is a serious one — to make it worse, currently in DE several major parties are floating the idea of lowering the voting age to 16 — also of making Germans wait until 70 to receive payments from the state pension system (the latter is more likely than the former, in my opinion; in fact given the very unfavorable demographic change taking place in DE, it is almost a certainty).

        I’m fairly resistant to black pills about this — the question of the future of Whites and their nations is too important — this is one reason I’m an accelerationist in the sense e.g. I want the GOP in the US to collapse because this will speed the arrival of whatever is coming next.

      • @Arminius…

        “At this point, it’s completely pointless to nitpick and argue … if you are to the right of Merkel, it’s over for you in most of the USA and most of Western-Europe.”

        It’s very probable that you are right here.

        In this case, it is reasonable to expect a continuing wave of immigration towards Eastern Europe and Russia, on the same ground that Alexander Solzhenitsyn came to the US, as many Russians had before him..

        Already within the US, there is a mass wave of people on The Right migrating to Dixie.

        If there is a probability different than yours, it will be that Dixie, Southern Nationalist or not, will get somehow separated from the rest of The West.

        While this may seem difficult to see, from this vantage point, I have a difficult time seeing Dixie fit into the world you describe.

        It is becoming increasingly restless in this current situation.

      • @Arminius…

        “Get out and move away while you still can – it’s what I do – and hope and pray for a national divorce and that nations worthy of saving, like Hungary, will hold out.”

        As someone who now understands Hungarian, and who listens to it’s people every day, I can tell you that Hungary has no intent, outside of Budapest, of making peace with The Woke West.

        Nothing better symbolizes this than the rise of Mr. Torockai Laszlo.

        Moreover, I do not see Serbia, which is now quietly aligned with Hungary, as fitting in with this West you describe.

        Because of this I expect to see the war between this new West, and the East, to play out in or near these lands.

        That said, I am unsure how stable governments are in The West.

        Are you sure that the German Government will survive the next few years?

        What about France or Britain?

        I have to say that the current situation, for those you detest, is not nearly so solid as you seem to think.

        They are failing in The Ukraine – the full extent of which will become more and more visible, with the passage of months, as will unforeseen circumstances arising therefrom.

  7. Look at how ugly this man is, with his sickly purple thin lips, and his sagging double chin.

    Does that look like a man deserving of power?

  8. God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay.

    Ye know that Christ our savior was born on Christmas day.

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