House Approves $1.7 Trillion Porkulus Spending Bill

In spite of this enormous setback, I am not blackpilled on reengaging in mainstream politics, which I continue to believe is the best path forward.


“The House passed the nearly $1.7 trillion long-term, government funding bill 225-201 on Friday ahead of a looming deadline. One member voted “present.”

Why it matters: The legislation will fund the government through next September — preventing the new Congress from being thrust into yet another spending fight when Republicans take control of the House in January. …”

Mitch McConnell & Co. aren’t growing stronger.

Jamming through the Porkulus on Christmas Eve was a sign of weakness, not strength. The reason that Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans held this wildly unpopular vote is because they were afraid that Ukraine would get defunded by the incoming House Republican majority. Half of House Republicans didn’t even bother to attend Zelensky’s speech to Congress. Bringing Zelensky over to Washington to personally address Congress to beg for funding was an act of desperation.

In the end, only 9 House Republicans voted for the Porkulus. 7 of those 9 including Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger aren’t returning to Congress. In the Senate, 18 Senate Republicans voted for the Porkulus and four of them – Shelby, Portman, Blunt and Inhofe – aren’t coming back to the next Congress either. They were also only able to pull this off because Democrats controlled the House and Senate.

The big picture is McConnell’s top allies in the Senate like Roy Blunt and Rob Portman are retiring and people like J.D. Vance are coming in. Forcing this unpopular vote isn’t going to make McConnell and his agenda of endless support for Ukraine more popular. Quite the opposite. Jonathan Last is correct that Ron DeSantis hasn’t said anything about Zelensky’s speech because he sees which way the wind is blowing. The old Reaganite foreign policy consensus is on life support. The divide in the Republican Party on foreign policy is based on age. It is elderly Republicans who lived through the Cold War and who hate Russia because they hated the Soviet Union who are still supporting Ukraine.

It is not like my view on this subject is extremely marginal when people like Benny Johnson are calling Zelensky a “track suit wearing eastern european con-man.” It is more like the Senate in particular is a gerontocracy that is out of step with the significantly younger Republican base. McConnell & Co. will eventually be brought down by the same forces now on display in the House.

Old people rule the world.

There is no contradiction here. It is true that our views have become much more mainstream over the past twenty years, but still haven’t completely triumphed. Reaganism is fading away as the ruling ideology in the GOP. This is frustrating because we have a lot more support than in the past. Over this time span, I have gone from being in my twenties to being middle aged and many of the people who used to rule Washington have simply gone to their retirement homes and their graves.


  1. When Putin called the West Satanic, who can disagree? Everything about that corrupt sleazy Jew begging for more money for his stupid war that he can’t win is repulsive. It only makes when the real purpose is money laundering and if a substantial portion goes to various offshore accounts. I hope Russia crushes this fake entity. The east joins Russia and the west Poland. And we’re done with this nonsense.

  2. 1,700,000 million is a pile of cash.
    In benevolent hands that amount could do so much good.

    They just couldn’t find 5 billion for a fence, ‘just can’t afford it’.

  3. I see you directly link to Axios again, something you ought to reconsider — here is an example showing why:

    Twitter/AndrewSolenderSome right-wing members repeatedly remaining seated in standing ovations during the Zelensky speech: -Matt Gaetz -Lauren Boebert – Andrew Clyde -Dianne Harshbarger -Warren Davidson -Michael Cloud -Jim Jordan

    This kike (link) journofag, who works for Axios, found it necessary to tweet out and stigmatize the names of members of Congress who didn’t stand up and applaud for Jewlensky — to make sure you get the point, he labels them ‘far-right’ — that’s bad, pretty much Hitleresque.

    His email address is in his Twitter bio in case you want to send him a polite ‘tip’ — I did.

  4. The current elected officials in Washington have two more years to finish destroying, one way or the other, white America. Or the relatively small portion of it worthy of saving. I think that’s more than plenty of time.

  5. Just goes to show how useless elections are.
    The Republicans win the House, but can’t flex their muscles on spending matters for 9 months. So what are they going to do until then?

  6. “Old people rule the world.”

    When I was young, I took rather a dim view of old persons; but now that I’m one of them—I despise them.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      I have found that both the old and the young suffer from similar maladies – a lack of desire to look for the truth, see it and tell it, (especially to ourselves) be patient with the processes of life, be understanding of friends – when we go in different directions – and, perhaps most important of all – be appreciative and thankful for the miracle of life.

      Merry Xmas!, Dear John!

      • ” be patient with the processes of life”

        Difficult to do when the ship is rapidly sinking and I’ve seen so many drown.

        Happy Christmas to all pro-WHITES and your families 🙂

        Best to you Ivan.

        • @Arrian…

          Thank you, Dear Arrian, for your many kind comments, for your strength and forbearance in this situation, and your refusal to become either uncivil or deluded.

          If only half of us would follow your example, this nation, in whatever form, would soon be on the road to repair.

          A very merry merry Xmas to you and yours!

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