Admiral Rachel Levine Calls For Censorship of Health “Misinformation”

My politics are essentially a desire to separate from the sort of people who approve of this freak.


    • Never Forget: Putin is the Real Enemy.

      You’ll find out soon enough when ‘Pearl Harbor II: The World War Threequel” happens and later our brave transexual GIs find the Siberian extermination camps set up to incinerate 6 million BIPOC LGBTQ+ activists!

    • His name is Dick. His parents took one look at him and decided he war born a dick.

      If we’re going to begin censoring people who give medical misinformation, start with the people who promote the idea that there is such a thing as a sex change.

  1. Born and raised a Democrat, to generations of the same, it never ceases to amaze me how little Modern Democrats get of The American Way.

    They are like little insecure children who constantly desire to arrange everyone else’s soul for their own sakes.

    More than anything, it is this quality which has destroyed this country – even more than corruption..

  2. I can’t think of a clearer indication that our civilization has already gone to hell than a tranny in a military uniform on national television demanding access to other people’s children so he can mutilate their genitals.
    This is Sodom & Gomorrah, Rome under Caligula, Nero, Commodus and Elagabalus revisited, Montezuma feeding the Gods with the blood of millions of virgins or Stalin’s Great Purge.
    Imagine what the founding generation would say if you could go back in time and tell them all their efforts to build a peaceful, prosperous and rational civilization would end in this, they would be absolutely aghast, dumbfounded.

    If this is what ‘the science’ says, then to hell with the science, we need to get back to the Amish.
    Something has gone horribly wrong with our (medical) institutions when they tell us blatant disease, sickness and death, is health and life.
    Visiting a doctor is a last resort now, for me, I will be treating myself holistically and through prayer.
    For all those people who still trust the clot shots, how can you when the very same medical community is telling you abducting your children so they can mutilate their genitals is life affirming?
    Our once prestigious institutions are gone, they have been fully compromised by dark, malevolent and insane forces.

      • Yea liberal democracy is one of the worst forms of government.
        By contrast the illiberal democracy of Viktor Orban, Lukashenko or Putin is one of the better ones.

    • “Visiting a doctor is a last resort now, for me, I will be treating myself holistically and through prayer.”

      Don’t try that if you get a bacterial infection. Without antibiotics you’ll be dead.

      Get a passport and search for nations with good medical care.

    • “Imagine what the founding generation would say if you could go back in time and tell them all their efforts to build a peaceful, prosperous and rational civilization would end in this, they would be absolutely aghast, dumbfounded.”

      They let all these foreigners come in. That was a fatal flaw that has now been grafted through propaganda into being viewed as the core of the nations identity itself: endless foreigners coming in. They also thought you didn’t need state controlled media, if the leaders don’t control the media you end up with a media controlled state. It’s why they are freaking out so much about Musk threatening to allow free speech again, that’s real power, not the slick lawyer puppets they pull the strings for and get elected by the rubes with their TV sets they control.

      The whole question of “gender” is one big, gigantic Man-Bear-Pig. A bizarre piece of insanity for future historians to perplex their pupils with. Most disturbing is all the impressionable teenage girls who are falling for this, my mom just casually mentioned my sisters teenage daughter had a friend who moved to Arizona who now came back “transitioning to a boy.” WTF? These perverts were almost always male in the past, just like all other sexual perversions. Girls didn’t do this? Tomboys were content when they grew up to put on some flannel, cut their hair into a mullet, and play softball with all the other muff divers. Most bizarre of all are the heterosexual girls who actually think it’s possible they are a boy??? I bet if the school systems harped on rare diseases such as Fatal Familial Insomnia where you lose the ability to sleep and go mad and die for an awful sleepless last year of your life that you’d have dozens of neurotic, heterosexual teenage girls down at the school nurse’s office convinced they have FFI. Talk about anything enough and the rubes start to believe it.

      • What these dipshits don’t realize is that they are actually refining the Goy. Those of us who resist this are now breeding above replacement, and networking. We have passed through a selection process. We are controlling our churches, building schools, and quietly building companies.

        To keep the lights on, they are gonna have to pay our Aryan asses. Our plan is to help them keep the lights on while bending them over a barrel, and then as soon as our enclaves are set up we rug them and let the BIPOC/LGBTQWTF/Intersectional allies freeze.

    • brainwashing the youth

      It started subtly a hundred yrs ago and has been exponentially increasing since then.
      ‘free love’ in the Jazz Age to today’s current sickness.

    • Nothing says “Tikkun Olam” louder and clearer than a Jewish man in a dress demanding everyone pretend he’s a woman.

  3. Are there Six genders in the talmud, or Eight? When I research it some say 6 some say 8. Anyway, that is the source for all this, and 6 or 8 is where we are headed.

    Since childhood I have always felt that Americans are a cowardly people. Having grown up in Europe and Asia but half the time in either Florida, Louisiana or Virginia, I was able to compare Americans with foreigners. Even when young, before 1970, I saw a nation of cowards.

    Americans always cower before women. I have seen this my whole life. An entire culture saturated in cowardice. I am speaking of whites only. The blacks are much stronger than whites..

    And that is why Rachel Richard Levine. A nation of cowards. Cowering before the women, cowering before the Jew.. So abased in cowardice he hates not the Jew but the few courageous souls who name the Jew.

    No, I have no hope for this nation. We need a new nation, comprising the Southern States, where what little bit of honor in this nation resides

    Secesh is the only way forward.

    • What are the “cowards” supposed to do? Spazz out and start shooting up people? It’s like the old BS argument about how “the German people KNEW about the death camps, but did nothing.” Well, WTF were they supposed to do, in a brutal police state? Firebomb the local Gestapo?

      You know as well as all of us on here that any attempt to organize beyond a very small scale gets infiltrated by intelligence operatives.

    • @Rangewolf – You forgot cowering before the blacks; but, I know — White women are your real enemy. Second only to the jews, but maybe actually first.

    • Don’t blame this on the “Talmud” this crap is coming from resentful, secular losers with a grudge against society just looking to toss a monkey wrench into the machinery. “Gender ideology” is simply looking at the well know concept of personality types and filtering it all through their strange “gender theory.” Makes even scientology look sane in comparison. Now they are telling impressionable young children that if you don’t conform to the archetype of Harry the High School Football Captain or Sally the Homecoming Queen then that means you must be the wrong gender. Pure intellectual quackery.

  4. It is the blood. The Jews have been breeding and producing children without their sisters and cousins for centuries in order to keep their blood Jewish, and look at what God has done to them?

    Chaya Raichik knows the deal they all do. That is why we are getting all these Jew Irish hybreds of late. Rachel took an Irish woman for his bride. Try not to laugh.

  5. The rapid descent of this country into a tyranny of the lunatic fringe is the final nail in the coffin. Is there an historical example of a republic that ever recovered it’s sanity, much less it’s liberty, after such a blitzkrieg of preposterous nonsense? I don’t think so.

    We wouldn’t be in this situation were it not for the money grubbing, megalomaniacal, war mongering, prevaricating ruthlessness of the goddamn Yankee carpetbaggers and their conniving, rapacious Jew allies. Our current dire situation is a direct and inevitable result of the despicable Yankees achieving victory in the War Between The States.

    P.S.- There will be no secession. Our Yankee/Jew overlords would happily carpet bomb any breakaway province back to paleolithic status and sleep well at night, basking in the warm glow of false moral certitude and convinced that they had done Yahweh’s divine bidding.

    • Brother I think they are well past Yewah, or God, and have moved on quite firmly to Moloch, Baal, the Sun God, and mostly just Satan. Masonry and “Judaism” are really just thin veneers for the worship of Satan.

  6. Break down of family, 60 years ago, 90% were married couple average 5 kids and dad was the captain. Divorce was unheard of.

  7. ” “gender affirming care.”

    Another sleezy kosher euphemism for weak confused adolescents entrapped in a sick society.

  8. OT (but a very interesting, even fascinating, story)

    Face Recognition Tech Gets Girl Scout Mom Booted From Rockettes Show — Due to Where She Works

    After being profiled by facial recognition technology at the venue, a female attorney who works for a very Jewy ambulance chasing law firm who went to Radio City Music Hall to see a show with her girl scout daughter was kicked out because the Jewish ambulance chasers she works for are representing the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit against another venue (a restaurant) that is apparently owned by the same company (Madison Square Garden Entertainment) that owns Radio City Music Hall — if you can follow and believe that.

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