CNN Features Tradwives Who Reject Modern Feminism

I’m more of a cultural nationalist.

As I have aged, I have come to realize that race is nothing but raw biological material. You can be born White and that is a plus. It is really up to you though what you choose to do with that. Do you value your racial identity? Do you value your own kin? Are you just a piece of garbage?

“CNN — On certain corners of the internet, a segmentof women is exhibiting a nostalgia for an era it has never known.

These millennials and zoomers glamorize the aesthetics of 1950s Americana, donning retro fit-and-flare dresses and posting vintage illustrations of aproned housewives placing dinner on the table.

Their politics, too, hearken back to that of the post-World War II boom (at least, for those who were straight, White and middle class). In their ideal society, men are the providers, women are the homemakers and the nuclear family is the holy grail.

These young women belong to a small subculture called “tradwives.” Short for traditional wives, tradwives aren’t your average stay-at-home moms. They sneer at what they consider to be modern-day feminism, with its girlbosses and its ungratifying grind, and wax lyrical about the value of traditional gender roles. Crucially, they promote submission to one’s husband, sometimes evoking fundamentalist Christian principles in their beliefs.

As tradwives showcase their idyllic, domesticated lives on social media, implicit is the message that today’s women and girls are being “red pilled” by the feminist movements that promise to liberate them – and that true security and fulfillment can be achieved by reverting to certain norms of the past. …

But this romanticized view of the past, Rottenberg said, is “completely fictive.”

“All they need to do is to read Betty Friedan’s ‘The Feminine Mystique’ to see that their yearning for a simpler life is misplaced.”

Good for the tradwives.

They are “doing the work” to reject the poison of modernism.

Note: Obviously, this goes for both men and women who vary in their values and beliefs.


  1. Now this is an article very dear to me. Traditionally Catholic females wear our head covered in church as a sign of our submission. Spiritual equality is one thing but not equality in authority.

    If a male is weak it is disgusting and I promise we will walk on top of you. We should be treated sweetly and kindly but it does have to be from a position of strength.

    If men are not men then they are nothing. I was going to play some song called I am woman hear me roar as a joke but I could not stop laughing when I heard it. Did anybody take that seriously when it came out 50 years ago? Yes I found this song surfing the internet years ago. I like some songs from old America.

    I have played this before and I like it. This song was seemingly socially acceptable 60 years ago. If it does not play it is Johnny Get Angry. The part of her wanting a caveman was rich.

    A weak male will not even receive the time of day from me. Of course neither will an uncouth savage which I have never met.

    • ” I was going to play some song called I am woman hear me roar as a joke but I could not stop laughing when I heard it”

      Just one element in the multipronged ((media)) assault on our culture.

      • Arrian,

        Always nice to hear from you. At first I thought the song-I am Woman Hear Me Roar was a novelty song and then I realized it was serious.

        It has a good beat but it is still funny. I mean one line goes–“Well I have heard it all before when I have been down there on the floor’. In the meantime a husband is in the real world dealing with problems and supporting the woman.

        If I had to choose I would rather deal with a floor than the pubic while making a living. Fortunately, I will hopefully be an accountant someday and work for family.

        • Helen Reddy was a popular feminist singer in the 70s, Miss Christina. She used to appear a lot on NBC’s music show The Midnight Special. I think it was hosted by Wolfman Jack (he was rumored to be closely related to HW, something which he always denied).

    • I regret to say, Cristina, I could not bring myself to listen to “Johnny Get Angry,” which was released some months after my eighth birthday. Though I myself had not yet started listening to pop music at that time, a male neighbor who was about nine months my senior was fond of it and, in apprising me of it, sang it in a way that turned me against it. To this day, I’ve not heard it.

      That is not to say I have an aversion to “Johnny” songs, which, naturally, I favor; but in that period of early1962, the one that got through to me was “Johnny Angel.” I still remember seeing the following on television …

      • John,

        That song is beautiful. So lovey. Thank you for sending it to me.

        Sorry that your friend had a bad voice.

        • You’re welcome, Cristina. When she recorded it, she might have been a student at Immaculate Heart High School, which is still at Franklin and Western Avenues in Los Angeles. She was there for at least part of her schooling.

          What’s odd to me about my memory of that friend of mine is that it has never come up before. Decades in my memory it sat, only to be called forth, at last, by a comment on the internet.

        • Hmm—Johnny seems to have overplayed his hand in that one.

          Oddly enough, actor Dustin Hoffman met his second wife—to whom he’s still married, after more than forty years—when, I think, she was ten and he was about twenty-seven. This is my uncertain sense, based on something I heard him say in an interview decades ago and on a bit of Googling I’ve just now done. Their families were at a party—his mother was friends with her grandmother or something—and he spent some time with the youngsters at the event. After he left the room, the ten-year-old said to her mother or someone something like, “When I grow up, I’m going to marry Dusty.” Well, she did.

          • John,

            A love story come true. Age differences mean less to females than to men. I think it is because most males seem just thrown together by God. We are made for beauty and love and males are made for strength and to command.

        • Yes, that lovely white woman married a Jewish man who worked in the industry that had enabled her to exhibit her loveliness. What would the average white man have done? Barked at her, to finish her housework, to bring him another sandwich? Seduced her and cackled to his friends about it? Treated her to the constant sight of ill-garbed, ill-groomed him slouched on a couch while his eyes are fixed on ESPN? You Teutons are losing and losing badly and more rapidly every day; and as I’ve said more than once here, at Occidental Dissent, I sometimes wonder why I’m rooting for you.

          • @Philiy John,

            You’ve been a capitalist shill, and I bet you don’t have more than a dozen or so years left. So how about leaving some shekels in your living trust and/or will to National Justice Party, Patriot Front, Nordic Resistance Movement, or some other pro-White activist organization while you are “still rooting” for us?

          • So you can spend it poorly, November? No, I’m afraid I know you Teutons too well for that.

    • Re, Johnny get angry. About a dozen or so years back a local radio broadcaster played this song and proceeded to go apoplectic over it, lol. Political Correctness wasn’t our state religion in 1960.

      • Ivan,

        Thank you. I have never been fishing but it looks easy. You buy a pole put a hook and a bug on it. Toss in the river and they bite and you throw them on the bank.

        Meanwhile according to the movies the guys sit there and talk and drink. I can do that.

        • You’re welcome, Dear Cristina.

          Fishing is, like most things, deceptively easy looking.

          To be a good fisherman, however, requires extra-sensory perception and a great deal of horse sense.

          I have seen fishing brought to the level of high art.

          All the best, My Dear!

    • @Cristina,
      Well said, young lady! My thoughts exactly. Women don’t want a husband that reminds them of their own female friends. They want………a MAN! Straight women like real men. Do I stand up to my wife when appropriate? Yes.
      Do I know how to fix an old truck or repair a leaky tap? Yes. Do I know how to load my truck up and secure the load properly with rope using a truckies hitch? Yes. Do I visit the gym regularly? Yes. They’re ALL things my wife loves. She doesn’t like me shaving, so I don’t.
      Useless, effeminate men are exactly what groces women out.

      • Goose,

        Thank you for your kind response. I must admit I do not know how to do much practical things. My father showed my older sister and me how to change a flat one day so I think I might do it.

        However it is men that have to run the day to day affairs. I told this story once but it bears repeating.

        During Christmas season a few years ago my father was doing indoor Christmas lights. My 2 older brothers had conveniently disappeared and my older sister is a sweetheart but a ninny. So I helped. Well my father told me to go to a bunch of cords and give him a male plug.

        So I went there and held up one cord with holes in it and one with prongs. I then asked my father which one was the male plug and he just laughed and said–‘use your imagination”! So I blushed and handed him the one with the prongs.

      • “Useless, effeminate men ”

        Which jwz encourage and cultivate.
        One reason i think THE GOLDEN ONE , on youtube, is such a good example of anti-effeminate men.

  2. “Trad wives” don’t spend their days fishing for male attention on social media. Technically, trad wives do not and cannot exist within feminist societies, but as far as a female can be “trad” within the USA, posting to social media is the furthest thing from it.

    What is really happening is that the openly slut e-girl niche is just fully saturated, so these girls can’t get enough attention there. Homely and mediocre e-girls can’t get by on general sluttiness, anymore, so they are forced to specialize. They become goth or gamer girl or some other form of specialist slut. Some have decided to fill the crypto-slut “trad wife” niche to get their desired dose of male attention.

    • If they’re sending the right message for the wrong reasons, that’s still a step in the right direction. (That’s assuming they even are the ‘wrong’ reasons, regarding which I certainly would not trust the judgement of a poisonous incel faggot like you.)

      • Silver,

        It is natural for us to want male attention. Even my youngest sisters seek the attention of my father more than our mother. Nothing wrong with that.

        Flirting in a non-sexual manner is a beautiful art and a joy for both males and females.

        • What a pack of little e-sluts. 🙂

          Flirting is always ‘sexual’ – as in, that’s the underlying motive – but I guess you mean not in an overt manner. Even then there’s no bright line between ‘far enough’ and ‘too far.’ It depends on the girl’s own personal standards as well as how attractive or repulsive the guy is to her. More attractive guys, on average, can get away with more without repelling the girl. Maybe you’ve seen the meme with “Hey Susan, lookin’ good!” said by both an attractive man and a dork, and the girl responds with something like “he’s so sweet” to the first and lodges a harassment claim with the second, lol. The manosphere is often full of shit when it comes to women, but there are some things it gets right.

          • Silver,

            I suppose you are right. Your comment did deflate me some but yes I did just write in my first comment that a weakling or a brute gets nothing from me and his attention beyond a minimum would be irritating while a real good looking guy can get away with more.

            The opposite is true as well. Pretty girls have it wonderful in school and in real life while it lasts.

            That is a human reality. I did not make the rules but I like them and play by them up to a point.

        • As always, you are 100% right Miss Christina Romana Alva.

          Safe, protected flirting was an American tradition before the terrible J late 1960s.

          Look at the great romantic flirting scenes from American musicals, movies from the 1940s and 1950s:

          The King and I
          West Side Story
          Kiss me Kate

          I saw parts of a Hollywood music a couple years back that had some great song and dance and some flirting.

          “La La Land”.

          Miss Christina have you seen “La La Land”?

      • Could well be that some of the kids in Generation Bastard see how impoverished they are compared to the post war golden age (digital gadgets non withstanding) and wish they had that general affluence. Remember, in The Simpsons created by Boomer Matt Groening, Homer Simpson owned his own home, had a stay at home wife, an intact family, owned his car, had a steady full time professional job, and took regular family vacations…yet was considered “a loser.” How many of those angry young people cooped up in an apartment shared with other unrelated peers would love to “lose” like that?

        Heck, that lifestyle was already pretty much out of reach for Generation X. I saw that old very early 90s film “Singles” that pushed the grunge, and focused on a bunch of early X’ers out in the world after college. It’s set in the last days of the pre-internet and cell phone era so that sticks out. It is sort of stuck in between whether they are still in the “college cargo cult” era where a degree in philosophy form Southeastern State gets you a fancy chill at a desk in an office job, or are in the era of coffeehouse employment and slacker living following a wasted 4 years post high school pursuing the pointless college cargo cult. Contrary to that, Breaking Away, one of the first “indie” films from 1979 fully embraces the college cargo cult myth and awe the older generations had for that magic ritual of wasting your 18-22 peak years of your youth studying worthless liberal arts classes and then being handed a career and lifestyle reminiscent to that discovered by Eddie Murphy in whiteface as “Mr. White” in that old Saturday Night Live skit in the mid 80s. Now for this economically depressed Generation Bastard we get Zombie Apocalypse type movies.

        Propaganda works in weird ways when served up with the cognitive dissonance of economic deprivation compared to prosperity for previous generations who they are told were “the bad guys.” Before Christianity pushed some questionable concepts such as defeat actually being some sort of victory, society saw prosperity as signs of divine favor and malaise as punishments for not following God’s moral laws…the ultimate punishment was to be conquered by foreigners. Just a spiritual way of explaining Darwinism, how fit in the Darwinian competition between nations will “wokeism” be? Probably not too well I suspect.

        • It’s really not that complicated. Do whatever does the Best for Our People. The Tribe. We can’t do it with bootstraps. Where? Lush Limbaugh, a homosexual with a suitcase of Viagra in the Dominican Republic (young black boys) is why we are here.

          The Denial, Whataboutism, Acroynoms. GOP and NPCs and UTVs, or Whatever.

          Republicans are Losers and Freaks. They accuse of what They Do. Pedophiles from Day 10. Look at Denny Hastert & everyone after him.
          @GOP ain’t Winning.

          They are Losers. Conservative Ideas are a thing of the Past. Gaetz the underage sex freak or McCarthy the closet homosexual are the Winners.

          These NPC and LMC & ABC & DEFG & LMNOP have completely escaped you.

          Let’s teach them succession, and wonder why they Hurt. Sweet Jesus.

    • Dart, you won’t find the idealized version of the “tradwife” outside of some religious community in a rural area. Modernity has tainted both men and women, and we’re forced to live within it. That’s not to excuse women or say they don’t have problems (I would say they’re worse than men in this regard) but both sexes are far from the ideals we strive for. If fantasizing and memeing about being a 1950’s housewife for their paypigs on instagram or tiktok or even for attention, that’s at least a step in a better direction than not.

      If women are going to have their minds changed about things, it needs to be by other women. Even if they seem alien, strange or roundabout to us. I’d like to see more and more women doing it. For far too long women who aren’t crazy just find a guy who is not crazy and hang around with him and his friends not reaching out to their own sex. At least if they’re posting glamour shots in dresses setting a dinner table and passing upvotes to one another, it’s something.

      • Not going to happen. Trad wives do not have breast and ass implants.

        Once again White people…

        We can pretend to be one thing, but desire the other. That is what is happening and no cope will change it.

    • @Dart – Women just can’t win, can they? At least the trad-girls are aiming for something better. Modern men are just as saturated in media and attention-getting. Why this blog even covers women is a mystery. The majority of the men who post here, with a few notable exceptions, sound like whiny schoolboys who don’t have the masculinity to attract women. Masculine men have ZERO difficulty getting women to do what they want. Cristina Alva above has it exactly right —- Worms; you are as crawling, weak, slimy worms. Good only for the end of a fishing pole.

      • Astrid,

        Oh my. Thank you for your compliment. Of course we girls want attention from men. How else can we land one? Even Scripture says that God made man for God but he made women for men.

        So we are made for you. I like the arrangement.

      • The macho men I know get a lot of sex but also a lot of drama. Their women cheat on them, physically assault them,(knowing the white knight legal system will never punish them but will punish male self-defense) flip out for no reason, etc.

      • “Masculine men have ZERO difficulty getting women to do what they want”

        You mean like Tom Brady, one of the most successful professional athletes of all time? I guess he isn’t masculine enough, considering his wife divorced him and took his kids. How about Elon Musk, the richest man in the world? Or Jeff Bezos, the other richest man in the world? They just aren’t masculine and successful enough, I suppose, so their 2/10 wives left them.

        In a correctly ordered society, it is not up to female whim whether she will do what a man wants or not because in a correctly ordered society females are not given a choice. In the West, a disordered society, females have 100% of the power in any relationship. Any man who is with a female is de facto subordinate to her, so cannot be masculine, by definition.

        • Tragically, the birds and the bees can’t be explained to conservatives. I remember someone who called himself “Roissy in DC” outlining why conservatives are this way over ten years ago:

          Why do Conservatives Sanctify Women? (subject matter is NSFW)

          >Tom Brady

          From a biological point of view, Brady is a beta since he greedily slurped up Leonardo DiCaprio’s sloppy seconds. And Gisele eventually divorced Brady for a loser judo instructor. DiCaprio has a hard cutoff of 25 years of age for his women — he kicked the last one to the curb on her birthday. Wife material, 304s are not.

        • “…females have 100% of the power in any relationship…”

          And this is exactly the point. The situation is as if a Woman can light their house on fire and then call the Men around her weak because they will not rush into the burning house to save their furniture. Getting married today is an exercise in indentured servitude.

          • Sam J. ” Getting married today is an exercise in indentured servitude ” That may be, Sir, but it is still what is proper, Have you not heard ? ” That it is better too marry, than to burn ” Too all the young Southern Soldiers out there, if you want too bang like a Man, then you must accept all the responsibilities that come with it, do the right thing in life and prosper…….

          • “Getting married today is an exercise in indentured servitude.”
            Getting married today is an exercise in suicidal stupidity.

    • No kidding, you’ve noticed 🙂

      The cultural decay of boomers began with (( Dr. Benjamin Spock )).

      ( baby and child care (1946) is one of the best-selling books of the twentieth century.)

  3. In the end of Soviet Union, people also begun to bring out things that were outdated and belonged to the long forgotten evil worthless dustbin of history. And the Soviet media also laughed those uneducated larpers out.

    History repeats itself.

  4. That CNN article Hunter quotes above, names an ‘expert’ slamming tradwives, ‘Rottenberg’ … Catherine Rottenberg of the University of Nottingham

    Let’s see … “Catherine Rottenberg’s research bridges the fields of Jewish-American Studies and African-American Studies, focusing on early twentieth-century Jewish-American …”

  5. Christian Nationalism must’ve been the shortest Brad arc ever. It didn’t even survive 2022. Cultural Nationalism will last until April or May?

    • I wasn’t announcing some kind of ideological shift. I have spent the last 12 years stressing the importance of cultural differences between Whites

  6. 5 years ago NPR did a similar shame piece on “women in the Altright,” focusing on Lana Lokteff. As with this one it was all liberal handwringing over the birthing of white children by white women, and over the birthing of any children by white men.

    I suppose we can expect a periodic shaming ritual against our women specifically to compliment the perpetual gaslighting operation of feminism, every front must be covered for good measure. All women have to do is read a modern Jewish feminist and all will be well in the world. I am sure Richard Spencer is very satisfied with this CNN job. One step closer to the Blonde Beast.

  7. As usual, the article assumes that Betty Friedan opinions on how life was for married housewives, is true. It was for a modest group of women. Not for many woman. My mother, and grandmother for instance. Friedan wasn’t a really happy person in many ways anyway

    • She was a millionaire Jewess living in a park avenue apartment who never cooked her kids dinner and had no fucking idea what would make an ordinary White woman happy.

      In other words a Jew pushing pseudoscience to harm gentiles.

      Jesus wept educate yourself.

      • “Jew pushing pseudoscience to harm gentiles.”
        (A golden phrase.)

        That describes Western culture for at least the past 80 years.

  8. “It is really up to you though what you choose to do with that. Do you value your racial identity? Do you value your own kin? Are you just a piece of garbage?”

    I vehemently disagree.
    Children and the adults they become are molded by the cultural structure in which they are raised. Children/young adults are too malleable to be left to their own choices. The most genius and virtuous child raised in a depraved environment will become depraved.

    We are not of our own making.

      • ” genetic makeup is raw material”

        Yes, very true.

        The genetic material of WHITES has never been fully utilized.
        And now we are watching the very material being destroyed.


    When I was a boy, I had fulltime mammies and my own good mama to look after me.

    This was not unusual, as there was no such term as ‘a stay at home mom’, because all women took care of their children as a matter of course.

    At that time there was no such thing as ‘daycare’, and, if someone would have tried to start that, it would have failed, because people believed that it was the job of the parents to do that, and, because dad was at work, it was for the mother to do that.

    How lucky I was to receive such care, something which, nowadays, I doubt 1 in 10 children get.

    It was a better world then because women ran the home. Men are not equipped to do a thing like that, not even effeminate gay men; they who think themselves quite capable of that.

    That said, many women often led incredibly frustrated lives back then because it seemed like life was always structured to have them put themselves, and their personal development on the backburner, so to speak.

    For that reason I am happy that feminism freed them from the hell of an emptiness that many endured, for, when kids grew up, as they always do, many many women slipped on psychic ice in middle age.

    On the other hand, I do agree with Eva Vlaardingbroek, the young Dutch thinker on The Right – who was recently on the Tucker Carlson show, when she asserts that feminism, today, needs to be opposed, because it is no longer about helping women live full lives, but, about using them as a means to an end in many causes that have nothing to do with advancing the life of women.

    Moreover, feminism seems to be telling women, nowadays, that they do not need men, and what a sad joke is that, for women need men, just as men need women, to be truly complete.

    It is not an accident that Holy Matrimony is a sacrament of the Catholic Churches, East and West.

    Sadly, this need to be completed by a different sex lifetime spouse is something not only overlooked by this society, it is opposed.

    That’s another reason why the Russians have to win this war in the Ukraine, because they are defending a society which still recognizes the sanctity of womanhood and motherhood.

    In conclusion, let be be absolutely clear : yes to women having the right to their own lives, but, no to the notion that they are abstract individuals, sovereign unto themselves.

    Just as men were created by God to protect and defend, women were made by God to love, organize, supervise, and nurture.

    A society that does not support and capitalize on a woman’s inherent ability to nurture is a society doomed to mass shooters, suicides, and daily psychotropic pills.

    • Ivan, real good points.

      It’s all in the kosher agenda, to rip the family apart and replace parents with the state, so very ((Bolshevik)).

      • @Arrian…

        Thank you, dear Arrian.

        Yes, I agree that feminism is all about the Kosher weaponizing of White Gentiles against themselves.

        The problem is not just that, however, but that Gentiles continue to prefer to import self-destruction, rather than exporting domestic goodness.

        The country is in a terrible situation, to the point where I do not think in my lifetime I will live long enough to see better days here.

        Happy New Year!

      • @Tikkun…

        Yes, Tikkun, Eva is not so common in the western part of The West, though, in the eastern part of the West she is, and, as well, in places like Mexico.

        Our own Cristina is a young woman like this.

        She has been raised just right, and though she will mature, her core values will never change.

        She knows what is right, and I thank her parents and generations of grandparents for that.

          • Go right ahead and cry, Dear Cristina – I’m sure it will be for the right reasons.

            God bless you and yours!

  10. I’m proud of my heritage:- British, Irish, Norwegian…….but have met a lot of putrid, vulgar and repulsive whites. I’ve also met a lot of good non white people. Whites are good at a lot of things, including good at being shocking.
    As for young people loving the past, I know plenty who love music, cars and fashion from the 50’s to 70’s. Not sure about the politics though. Some hark for an era, without understanding the politics of the time.

  11. But this romanticized view of the past, ROTTENBERG said, is “completely fictive”.

    What’s “completely fictive” is that feminism is in any way normal, or produces happiness & satisfaction for the female sheep who swallow it. It is deadly poison concocted by kikes like poifectly named ROTTENBOIG designed to destroy White society by targeting the most fundamental unit, the family.

  12. (((Feminism))) is one of the many fraudulent, jewish, psycho-political attacks upon Western civilization along with Communism, homosexual normalcy, racial equality, gender equality and the Holocaust. It was invented by jewesses and the jewsmedia for the purpose of destroying the White people and Western Culture.

    (((Feminism))) is an ideology whose purpose is to destroy the White race by decreasing White birth rates and making White men and White women incapable of having normal relationships with each other. Feminism is strictly a jewish ideology to destroy the White race, nothing else. The most feminist thing in the world is a White female getting screwed by a nigger, under any circumstances, and any of our own kind that adheres to feminism must be seen as a target for derision, indeed, destruction.

    (((Feminism))) is a form of genocide that encourages people, especially White people who are the main targets of Feminism, to disrupt normal marriage and child-rearing cycles. The purpose of this disruption is the destruction of normal relations between the sexes with the resulting destruction of families and child-rearing which leads to racial extinction. Anything that leads to racial extinction is genocide. Feminism is a form of psycho-political genocide where the female is purposely led to rebellion and confusion about her place in society and her purpose in Life, resulting in her and her potential family’s annihilation.

    (((Feminism))) has nothing to do with “equality.” It is solely about punishing men for being men, while promoting irate women as our overlords. The jews understand how easy it is to manipulate female psychology, and so prefer to have women in all of the power positions. Feminism weakens men and boys, a prime goal of the jew, and as we see today so many males who have become feminists themselves, and those male freaks who attempt to be women, mentally, and now physically.

    • Only the middle, or upper class can afford a Trad wife.
      A woman who works full time can’t be a Trad wife, so if conservatives really care about Trad families, they’ll make sure the working class can afford a Trad wife.
      I won’t hold my breath, conservatives are pretend populists, same as progressives.

      • @Karl Logan:

        “Only the middle, or upper class can afford a Trad wife.”

        Not necessarily true. Ironically, our consumerism is what makes Affordable Family Formation impossible.

        Married women started working during the Carter stagflation. All the sudden credit card minimum payments doubled or even tripled during his administration. They did this so their families would not have to declare bankruptcy. I think it was a shame that everyone didn’t declare bankruptcy, because once the “crisis” ended, the prices doubled, because all these vendors acted like two-income families meant that the father’s income doubled — which was not true. Most women had only the skill and experience for “pink-collar” jobs which, at best, were half the salaries of their more skilled, experienced husbands.

        Wives working meant that employers stopped giving the men good raises … because they weren’t supporting the family all by themselves. In the meantime, wives not making meals from scratch meant more eating out, “convenience” foods, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum.

        Young couples start out with the McMansion with a separate room for each child, two cars, the latest appliances, multiple televisions, and the “smart phones.” There is TV cable, internet service, and probably television station subscriptions. But most of today’s lifestyle has to be financed; no wonder wives have to work.

        My parents grew up during the Great Depression. My father, in particular, had a horror of debt. When, I was very little, we had only one car that fit in our one car garage. We had a three bedroom house with one bathroom. I shared a small bedroom with my little sister and my two brothers shared the other. We had a garden (but no chickens) and my mother made everything, including our bread, from scratch. While she didn’t sew from scratch, she had a sewing machine where she neatly mended rips. My father fixed the appliances and also worked on the one car we had.

        Today, I would recommend any young couple move out to one of those aging, smaller towns that are on one of the minor off-highways to the interstate. They have few amenities, so they aren’t attractive nuisances to vibrant diversity. Out there, a young family could have fruit and nut trees, gardens and even chickens for eggs and goats for milk. Take it down to one car for the father to drive to work. The mother can be the trad-wife and even home-school the children. But of course, that would involve making everything from scratch and rarely to never eating out.

        Back in my twenties, an elderly woman I talked to was very vocal about how horrible she thought married women, especially those with young children working. Back then, the apartments would not let a couple have only a two bedroom apartment if they had children of different sexes; even if they were babies or toddlers. I pointed this out to her and she snorted, saying she and her husband had gone through some hard times and they lived in a wagon so she could raise her children rather than work. IOW, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    • 100 percent truth. And it has been a highly successful strategy in the vermin’s race war against Whites.

    • @DICARLO,
      Every ad I see on TV(when I do actually watch it) will show a black husband with a white wife or an Asian wife with a white husband, with kids. Whether it’s an ad for the latest BMW, or washing powder, the same agenda is played out:- the normalisation of mixed or gay marriage.
      Now of course, if you have Asians in your country, then you’ll have them in ads, as they do live amongst us now. I’m just wondering why they never show an Asian wife with a husband whose also actually Asian?! They’re promoting our breeding out, (which doesn’t happen to other races in their countries) as something cool, fashionable and contemporary.
      And to digress, there are Australian based Chinese property agents selling real estate exclusively to wealthy Chinese investors, pricing local buyer’s out of the market. With borders now opening back up, this activity will increase tenfold. How are the two issues linked? They highlight two ways(of many) that government is aiding and abetting the takeover of our identity and country in ways we never asked for. Tellingly, they don’t even disgust me anymore.

      • @Goose…

        Every ad I see on TV(when I do actually watch it) will show a black husband with a white wife or an Asian wife with a white husband, with kids. Whether it’s an ad for the latest BMW, or washing powder, the same agenda is played out:- the normalisation of mixed or gay marriage.”

        For that reason, and several others, we don’t watch TV, but have a smart TV, which allows us to pick our programs at bplaces like YouTube.

        And when we pick a film, from a maker like Hallmark, and they start with the Woke Agenda, we are out of there so quick you cannot say boo.

        We will not be force-fed foul idealogy, nor will we have them convince us that this nation is a minority majority nation.

  13. Mr. Wallace,

    I am not sure what a cultural nationalist is but white nationalism makes more sense to me in Europe rather than the USA. Blacks have been citizens for more than 150 years and half the population in the States are not Anglo.

    Morally you can kick out all non citizens of course and no one has the right to just come to the USA but what would be done with non-anglo citizens like my 92 year old grandmother born in Texas as a citizen before any other American on this website became one?

    I am aware as a general rule that the USA would be very strong if it was all white as citizens. Your enemies know this as well.

    About the best you could do would be to rule justly and perhaps encourage the non-anglo citizens to return to another country with incentives etc.

    You need to breed more. Now if Mexico gets most of Northern Mexico what is called the Southwest then why would I care about a white racial America?

    Do not be discouraged by your wierdos. A strong government brings them around or else….

    • “what would be done with non-anglo citizens like my 92 year old”

      There won’t be a rational peaceable resolution of separation, ppl aren’t that intelligent.

      At some future point there will be Balkan massacres, city killing city, neighbors killing neighbors.
      Nature will work her cruel discipline.

      Nature, that cruel queen of all wisdom……AH

    • @Cristina,
      Genetics are a fascinating and complex thing.
      Studies have concluded that most black Americans are on average, 20% white(likely mostly British), and most white Southerners are majority British by ancestry, so the % of people in the South with British of any degree is very high. Italian Americans are also largely, partially other ancestries like British and Irish.
      Then in Great Britain itself, 3% of the genetic makeup of the average white Brit…… from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal). The other segments are of course, Celts, Anglo Saxons, Scandinavians and Norman’s.
      Spain and Portugal also have a large Celtic portion in their makeup, especially Portugal and northern Spain.
      It’s really getting kind of hard these days to define who belongs where, as for centuries now, people have mixed it up a lot.

      • Goose,

        Very interesting information.

        I really do not think that white nationalists have power and that if they did I do not think they would kick out millions of citizens. I was only writing a theoretical question.

        A couple of years ago on here there was a lot of talk about kicking out non-whites even citizens. I think however that reality has sunk in. It was significant that most of the passionate talk about cleansing the USA came during the 2020 election season and from people that came and went.

        They were either hot heads or agents provocateurs.

      • @Goose…

        “It’s really getting kind of hard these days to define who belongs where, as for centuries now, people have mixed it up a lot.”

        Right – all part of the century long plan.

        That said, things can get reorganized in a hurry, if some political will is there, like there is in Serbia, Russia, or Hungary.

  14. On TikTok, Reddit, & Twitter the new talking point is how “trad wives” and “crunchy moms” are the pipeline to the alt right.
    That’s how they shame them. It works, too.

  15. Of course you can be a cultural nationalist, and a white nationalist, degenerate/woke whites can be denied a platform, fined, imprisoned or exiled, just as Nazis in the woke parts of Europe are deplatformed, fined and imprisoned.
    Viktor Orban is both a cultural and a white nationalist.

    Myself I believe in free speech, but only for consenting adults, minors and adults who didn’t consent to woke/degenerate content need to be protected from it, and so woke/degeneracy should be marginalized, mostly kept out of public life.
    Any LGBT content, anything anti-white, anti-male (or explicitly anti-female for that matter) or anti-family should basically be kept in the dark, society doesn’t need to be exposed to this crap 24/7/365.

  16. Cristina Romana:
    “If I wanted worms I would go fishing.” How delightful. You’ve a great future as a wit.
    I’ll leave off Mexico, as I commented on it in threads 2023 Predictions and Was the Civil War inevitable?, and I’ll say about this thread is that I actually grew up in the 50’s. My mother had two children, but also worked, and was very happy doing so. My father was a state trooper, and we were a happy family. it all fell apart in the 60’s, but it did for everyone else. I’d say there was stability, and I think a lot of women are still into the housewife thing. Despite the feminist call for liberation, it’s wise to remember many women started working because they had to, since our economy slacked off in the 70’s, and really never did recover. A man just couldn’t support a family on his paycheck. “I am woman, hear me roar? Inflation roared louder.
    I do a lot of folk dancing, but not in St. Louis anymore because of covid. The dancers there forbid you if you aren’t vaccinated. I go dancing 100 miles away, where they couldn’t care less. The city dancers are all older, many feminists, academics, single, and dying off. In the country, they are young, mostly teenagers, and have parents with lots of children. One woman I danced with some years ago now has four children, and her two sisters are married as well.
    In the city dancers are grungy. In the country, girls are asked to dress modestly, and lots of them wear dresses. As I’ve said before, when you get sixty miles outside any city, you’re in a different country.
    The tradwoman is still alive, but you have to look for her. Our rural areas are the healthiest, as Hunter would agree. The problem is there just aren’t that many of them, and there has been an overwhelming propaganda war against the family since the 60’s. The question is how we will defend this traditional life when, eventually, the state will come and haul you away for being traditional. Remember the “Cristeros” in Mexico?
    Hunter is right that the evangelical areas will do okay. I just don’t like seeing them slowly encircled.
    As for music, Cristina, look up “Autumn Leaves.” THAT is the quintessential fifties song,
    as well as “Blue Tango.” You heard them played EVERYWHERE. It will give you a real feel for the period. And if you do clothes, you MUST have a belt. Belts were everywhere.
    As for man and women, I’ll quote a song by Henry Purcell (1690’s), “Man is For the Woman Made..”
    “Man, man, man is for the woman made
    And the woman made for man
    As the scepter to be swayed
    As for night’s the serenade
    As for pudding is the pan
    And to cool us is the fan
    So man, man, man
    Is for the woman made
    And the woman for the man.”

    • daragason,

      Your comments are always sweet. Yes I do know that in modern society the wife frequently has to work to support the family. I also realize that i come from a strong privileged family so my view is easy.

      I know about the Cristeros and what Mexico did to them. There is an American book called –No God Next Door that explains it.

      I will look up the song Blue Tango. And Autumn Leaves.

      As for wearing a dress? I usually wear dresses in public.

      Yes I am embarrassed that I have not reviewed your book like I promised. So much to do and I never do enough.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I am getting older and I hope my comments are more mature than when I first came on here.

  17. “…but what would be done with non-anglo citizens like my 92 year old grandmother born in Texas as a citizen BEFORE any other American on this website became one?”

    Unlikely. I for one had grandparents at both Jamestown and among the Puritan cranks on the Mayflower.

    “Now if Mexico gets most of Northern Mexico what is called the Southwest then why would I care about a white racial America?”

    You indeed have no reason to care about White America.

    As for “Northern Mexico”: it’s true that the then barely-populated region was once Mexico, but then it was conquered, and paid for under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. So…Not Mexico.

    But of course, I do realize that Mexico is wherever Mexicans are. Even Virginia looks & sounds more like Tijuana every day.

    • NBF,

      I understand and honor the fact that once a war is over then land changes hand. I wish for our land back but I will not support any unjust violation of the borders of the USA.

      The USA is sinking however and I smell blood.

      I stand strongly against illegal immigration anywhere.

      • “The USA is sinking however and I smell blood.”

        May it sink faster still. That does not necessarily mean that it will lead to what you want: in the end, the blood you smell might be far more Mexican than White.

        • NBF,

          Nice. If I remember correctly it was the Mexican Hat Dance. My computer is Windows 7 which I share with others. A nice song that did not come out.

          I have danced the Hat Dance and quite well at that.

  18. John,

    So I bring out your deepest memories. Maybe I should become a psychiatrist instead of wishing to be an accountant.

    I love California. I prefer northern California for the woods. I love the beaches of southern California also but I watched Jaws as a little girl and am cautious in the ocean.

    I always make sure there are plenty of people farther out than me. Not noble but I like being careful.

      • A relative of mine by marriage expressed a similar view many years ago, Mr. W. She and you are the only persons I know who’ve said, in effect, “I like everything about California but the weather.”

        • It was the first time that I can ever remember shivering while wearing a jacket on the beach in early June.

          • There was a cold snap over the entire USA back in the early 80’s. It was -24 in Chicago. Went on a business trip to LA at that time and it was in the 40’s as I recall. I was in a shirt and tie (no jacket; left my winter coat at the hotel) and the locals were bundled up in winter coats, hats and gloves, which I was surprised they had. Just a different perspective. Funny how 40’s can feel warm to some and cold to others.

          • “shivering while wearing a jacket on the beach in early June.”

            The Japan Current has a profound effect on the West Coast, nothing like the Gulf or Atlantic Coast.

      • Southern CA was the Promised Land in the 50’s and 60’s. Now I guess it’s Florida, at least until “Diversity” takes its toll.

      • Hunter,

        I have played this before but it is great. May I call you by your first name since I have now reached a certain age?

    • Well, yes, your comment certainly did trigger that particular memory, Cristina. Some years after his less than stellar rendition of “Johnny Get Angry,” he let me keep a Batman comic he’d let me borrow. As I’d been reading the Letters to the Editor, at the book’s rear, I was excited to see a reference to a letter of mine, which had appeared in another issue a few months earlier. When he saw my excitement, he said, re the book, “Keep it.” Comic books might have cost only Twelve Cents in those days, but that moved me. He was a good friend.

  19. I nominate Cristina Romana Alva as North American woman of the year.

    What a spirited gal!

    But talk is as they say …

    Rather cheap.

    It s time for Miss Cristina Romana Alva to get married and procreate .

    América s greatest cowboy actor John Wayne married 3 wives all Latinas

    And his grand daughters are drop dead gorgeous !


    • Mr. Ryan,

      That was funny. First my older sister has to get married. She is pretty and extremely easy going and very agreeable. I can not imagine a husband having trouble with her.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      I did ask my family what would they think if I were to marry an Anglo someday. While opinions varied one of my little sisters said it would be horrible. Then she said Anglo babies are cute.

      So I told her I would not marry an Anglo unless she approved. I did have my fingers crossed when I told her that.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      Do you wish to know how I am having to spend New Years Eve? Well my parents are going to a party. My oldest brother is in Mexico. My oldest sister and an older brother will be on dates.

      So it is my grandmother and me taking care of my younger brothers and sisters. My granny is a lot of fun however and promised to show me how to make stiff margaritas. So we will watch movies etc. and still have fun.

        • John,

          You are hilarious. About the wildest I have been was when I danced to wild weekend by Rebel Rousers. Dresses at school in Texas are shorter than in Mexico.

          • Good record. I’m sure you acquitted yourself wildly enough on the dance floor.

            Even with all the problems they pose—for themselves and others—the wild ones merit high rank in our civilization. It was they who produced its signature artform, tragic narrative, which, I’m tempted to say, has never been produced by any other civilization and can’t even really be imitated.

            Maybe you’ll enjoy the following …

            (“Women of Amfissa”)

            That nineteenth-century painting depicts an event recounted by Plutarch. After a night of revelry, female devotees of Dionysus, god of wine and fertility, had wandered into the town of Amfissa, where, because “they were tired out, and sober reason had not yet returned to them, they flung themselves down in the market-place, and were lying asleep, some here, some there.” The town’s married women formed a cordon, lest the sleeping girls be molested by soldiers who were in the town.

            So it’s an undying story among Europeans. If the motto of the devotees of Dionysus wasn’t exactly sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, it was close enough—sex, wine, and dithyrambs, maybe.


            Happy New Year.

          • Very good, Cristina. I can see Texas takes seriously the management of the Dionysiacs among us.

        • John,

          That was a beautiful painting. I also thank you for the information given. I can assure you my revelry did not approach those Greek girls. I did love the sense of community depicted in the story where the wives were protecting the young girls.

          That type of social unity is sadly lacking in the modern world.

        • John,

          I think the song Girls Just Want to Have Fun is what we are like. Within the moral law of course.

      • Flax,

        My copy and paste skills are evidently lacking. Still you can see that nearly half of all Mexicans identify as white!! 47%!! My family is from northern Mexico.

        So for Mexico:

        So of my family can get quite brown.


        Race or ethnicity Population (est.) Percentage (est.) Year
        Indigenous 26,000,000 21.5% 2015[129]
        Black 1,400,000 1.2% 2015[129]
        White 56,000,000 47.0% 2010[144][145][146]
        Foreigners residing in Mexico (of any race) 1,010,000 <1.0% 2015[185]
        East Asian 1,000,000 <1.0% 2010[186]
        Middle Eastern 400,000 <1.0% 2010[187]
        Jewish 68,000 <1.0% 2010[188]
        Muslim 4,000 <1.0% 2015[189]
        Unclassified (most likely Mestizos) 37,300,000 30.0% –
        Total 123,500,000 100% 2017[190]

        • “Still you can see that nearly half of all Mexicans identify as white!! ”

          So? Senatortrix Elizabeth Warren identifies as Cherokee Indian. You can also pour hot maple syrup on an old shoe sole, but that doesn’t make it a pancake.

          • Flax,

            One liners are great but the Mexicans who identify as white are majority white or pure. Warren is not even close.

  20. Ivan, this is well said: “…many women often led incredibly frustrated lives back then because it seemed like life was always structured to have them put themselves, and their personal development on the back burner, so to speak”.
    I hate to admit it but it took Jews like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem to champion the fact that women were second class citizens. I saw this as a southern man growing up in the fifties. Many good women were stuck at home with limited opportunities to flourish. The Jewish feminists opened up a lot of opportunities for these women, all women. We White men were behind the curve and let our women down. I hate to admit it but the Jews beat us on this crucial issue. I HATE to admit it.

  21. Good New Year’s Eve morning Hunter and others. I hope you have a safe, day and night and a safe new year 2023. (What’s the year in classical Roman years from the founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus?)

    Hunter, I have a 2022 year end “Man/Family of the Year” blog in draft mode. Can you look it over (I did spell check and proofed it.) ?

    Unless I hear differently from you, I post it this evening.

    PS. Did you like Amren’s 2022 “Traitor of the Year” Boris Johnson? I thought it was an excellent choice.

    Thanks for everything Hunter and our readers did in 2022. I think we’re going to make it through this #*$&&@$&#/

    • Spahnranch,

      I could have sworn you mentioned that Hunter Wallace and Helen Reddy were related. Now when I search for that information I could not find it.

      True I had a margarita when commenting so who knows?

      Well I am a lightweight and 2 for the day and night will be the limit even for New Years Day.

  22. Lol “tradwife”, sounds so consumer product. Like the AI in BR 2049. Men and women are give and take and it goes both ways. They’re were women sovereigns at a time when we think they had no rights. There’s no black and white to this balance. From my experience, even an ardent feminist drops their guard to the very masculine with good manners and calm kindness. Keep in mind everything we are living through is nothing new at all.

      • In your identification with pre-Beatles rock-and-roll, Cristina, you remind me of three Hispanic girls who solicited from me a lift to a dance, oh, maybe, forty years ago now. This was in downtown Los Angeles, where I was headed to The Pantry, a restaurant that’s still there. While I was stopped at a red light, a young girl tapped on my front passenger window and asked if I could take her and her two friends to the dance place. Though I’d noticed them, at the nearby bus stop, as I’d pulled to a stop, I hadn’t expected any interaction with them. No sooner had her two friends, upon my agreement, piled into the back seat and she into the front passenger seat than she—a natural leader—reacted with something like horror to the then-contemporary ’80s pop that was playing on my car radio. Without asking my permission, she changed the station to KRLA, which, I think, had been L.A.’s Top 40 station decades earlier and was, by this time, an oldies station, i.e., one playing the same music it had been playing those years before.

        When we reached the dance venue, which was only a small distance off my planned route to the restaurant, I watched them dash away, in their Saturday-night finery, toward the place, with, as I recall, hardly a word of thanks to me. I was struck that they were playing out the ’50s and early ’60s life that Anglo girls, as you might say, had played out a generation or so before them. If they had, indeed, offered me a thank-you, their Dionysiac splendor would have been compromised. The lift was something that I, as a non-wild-one, owed them.

        PS I, too, wonder why some of the YouTube videos play and other don’t.

        • John,

          Well I assure you that I would have thanked you for the ride and asked you to come in. Then I would have given you the first dance. I think that where ever you were going would be put on hold.

          As for 1980’s music? I know little about it. It was way before my time. As was pre- Beatles music but I still love the music of America from the early 50’s until the Beatles.

          I do know about the Pina Colada Song however.

          I also would have asked your permission to change the radio channel. I would have expected little opposition. My experience is that males are very cooperative when dealing with us.

          • Boy—you squeezed quite a bit into that reply, Cristina. I’ll number my reactions.

            1 — Since you and I have already posted several YouTube links in this comment-thread, I’ll simply mention “Him,” the second hit by the singer-writer of the Piña Colada Song. Might be a bit too “soft pop” for your taste and the taste of many others, but I liked it. Rupert Holmes Him.

            2 — I had no doubt you’d assure me you’d have thanked me for the lift and have asked my permission for the radio-station change. Your good breeding is always evident.

            3 — Having gone to Wikipedia, to see whether my sense of KRLA’s history was correct, I’ve encountered this: “When the station switched to oldies, KRLA was noted for its prominence in Southern California Chicano culture.” See

            4 — Well, you do know, of course, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” another ’80s hit. Writer was a native Philadelphian, by the way.

        • John,

          Thank you for the compliment. Everyone knows about the song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”.

          I do not usually write so much on this site but I leave in a few days and won’t be back probably for months.

          Thank you for the link as well.

          I am also aware that many men on this website are irritated with these type of conversations on a political website. Yes we know males more than they understand us.

          But I say they can turn the channel or relax and enjoy. People not just girls should have fun!

          • You’re welcome, Cristina. If you’ll give a listen to “Him,” the Rupert Holmes song I mentioned, you’ll find that the narrator, though vexed by his girlfriend’s two-timing, protests that he doesn’t “want to own her.” That’s a good example of the—what’s the word?—“freedomistic” (my coinage) sentiment with which American pop was infested via the ’60s counterculture. It might explain why Hispanic America got off the pop-music bus and stayed in the ’50s.

        • John,

          I listened to Him. It is good and relaxing. While I do like to turn my hair loose when dancing to a song like Wild Weekend I usually prefer soft relaxing songs.

          • I know what you mean. You’ll note the contrast with “Bobby’s Girl,” in which the girl is yearning to be owned—with an apostrophe “s” and everything—while the protagonist in “Him” makes clear he’s not threatening the woman with anything as horrible as being owned. 1962 versus 1980.

  23. Spahnranch,

    I knew I had read that here. I did not know who someone called Wolfman was but I looked him up.

  24. Occidental Dissenters,

    I believe in male supremacy in authority not only for moral reasons but because with male supremacy comes female privileges.

    When males rule they treat us special. With equality we are just 5th rate males. That is gross. I am of course assuming a christian honorable style of male authority not some brutal type.

    In short give me Popeye not Brutus.

    • Thank you for this comment. Dear Cristina.

      Though your face is too lacking in wrinkles, you are a very very old soul.

  25. 144 comments at this page, and the tenor almost entirely convivial?

    Good Lord – we really are now mainstream.

    No, if we were truly Far Right, we would be more parsimonious and persnickety with our words.

        • Arrian,

          Yes. For a political website it is hard hitting yet overwhelmingly civil. That is difficult to accomplish.

        • Yes, Mr. Griffin does a very good job at providing a free speech platform, while encouraging others to be polite.

          Also, we seem to have a crew now that observes certain limits.

          How great is that – a political site without political correctness and without much flaming!

      • And I am going to give you some credit, Dear Cristina- for, though your personality has a stark and austere aspect to it, unusual for kids of any age, you also have a chirpy and bubbly conviviality that has helped.

        Yes, you have helped here.

        Thank you for that!

        • Ivan,

          Thank you. When censorship first occurred here some people attacked Hunter Wallace by saying he was only trying to protect me. I remember a person called Carl Green complaining against Hunter.

          He was angry that he could no longer insult me. Well Hunter Wallace wrote that it was not only about Cristina but about the website overall.

          So I agree. The censorship here is at least partially because of me. For that I am grateful.

          I am normally a happy person but I can sting. Yes twice I have been stung by scorpions. Once in Durango and once in Texas.

        • Ivan,

          I am normally a happy girl but this website has angered me greatly. I am the enemy of your enemies but I will never be the real ally of this website.

          Too many times have I received insults. Your people on here are full of hatred and whine all the time. They are not men with a few exceptions.

          In short when I come back to Texas for Easter I really do not know why I would come back here. You people are losing. You have idiots and traitors for your leaders and I do not associate with losers.

          I still have sympathy for your kind and I am a softy despite what you wrote.

        • Ivan,

          I am not normally stark. But the insults on here where I have been threatened with rape, sodomy. and bestiality and other racial insults seared my soul.

          You have daughters, If they have been insulted like me what would you think?

          You have brains and decency so tell me what do you think. So tell me why I should care about your demise?

          • Thank you for the question, Dear Cristina.

            Anywhere you go there will be folks who despise you – no matter who you are or who they are.

            Whether they insult your intelligence, race, faith, clothing style, sporting favorites, it all comes down to the same thing – they want to hurt you, so why let them?

            Just accept that they don’t like you and carry on exactly as you are.

            It’s just a part of life.

            As to this site, or any political online, it is a sad fact that there are some people who will try to flame you.

            They give up when you show them that they cannot rile you.

            It always comes down to that.

            Your actions would seem to indicate that you do like us, quite a lot in fact, but, if that is not the case, why come here?

        • Why is it that you only show up for several months before an election & and a few weeks after an electon loss? Were you banned in the meantime?

          • Miss Cristina,

            What do you think Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI legacy will be?

            Are you familiar with Pope Celestine V who has been described as, “a man of great piousness and integrity,” but renounced the papacy because he thought high ecclesiastical was not compatible with a sin-free life. His successor was Pope Boniface VIII corruption and persecutions became a major theme of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Dante thought that Celestine’s Great Renouncement turned over the Holy See to a thug In Boniface VIII. Sounds a bit like Benedict and Francis, eh?

            Oh, by the way, out of curiosity, it came as huge surprise to find out that Mexico was the first nation in the Americas to have full diplomatic relations with the USSR in 1924 which was 9 years before the USA in 1933. That was incredibly odd for a nation that was 90%+ Roman Catholic at the time, but to be fair, Mexico had a very far-left corrupt government under the National Revolutionary Party which later would become the Mexican Revolutionary Party, and finally Institutional Revolutionary Party.

            Upon more investigating, to my great shock, Mexico did not have formal political relations with the Vatican until 1992, eight years after the USA.

            What is my conclusion based on that information? Christianity is too weak to our defeat political enemies/adversaries. Not that I even believed that “Christian Nationalism” was legitimate last year, as some on OD believed. Perhaps, Southern retardican US Representative’s gushing praise for the GOP’s first openly homosexual George Santos.

            Have a safe trip back to ‘cartel land,’ and watch out for those pesky scorpions.

            p.s., Give Maria “The Monster” my best wishes.

  26. November,

    The Mexican Revolution of the early 20th century was evil and anti-Catholic. If I remember correctly priests was not even allowed to wear priestly garb in public until 1990. That was when a temporary conservative government won.

    There is an American book written in 1937 I believe called “No God Next Door” that describes the sick and twisted government we had/have. Their tortures and killing of Los Cristeros. The evil Franklin Roosevelt administration supported the government.

    All of this is continuing proof of how evil Mexico has been for more than a century. One of the first things the Revolution did when it won in 1921/1922 was remove racial classifications and oppress the Church.

    The 90% Catholic part of Mexico is irrelevant. Our game is crooked like yours. Democracy is a farce and only used as window dressing. Mexico has been socialist or full communist for a long time now. So when some American journalist recently wrote that our President was a conservative and a nationalist I had to laugh.

    So yes I am aware of all this. I have few illusions. I am loyal to my people not the government in itself.

    Both Benedict and Francis were/are a disgrace. As for Pope Celestine V he is also a disgrace. All of us sin. If the blessings of God and the Church does not help him then that is on his head.

    He was weak. So he is expressing his own shortcomings. If he allows the office to corrupt him then he should resign. We have had canonized Popes before. Every office and every position in life has temptations.

    I expect little from humans. We are a pathetic species.

    • Cristina,

      Well said.

      Indeed, Homo sapiens have the misfortune of being perhaps too sentient in relation to other intelligent species. Our (European) empathy, low time preference, K-selection life strategy, leave us at an unfortunate disadvantage when placed in unnatural multicultural and multiracial environments. In other words, we are vulnerable to living amongst.other races with perhaps the exception of “Honorary Whites” such as the Japanese.

      I still stand by my take on Christianity being too weak to hold off anti-White opponents. For example, Orthodox Christians in Russia were not able to crush the jewish bolshevik revolutions, 90%+ Christian USA until at least 1960 was not able to keep jews from taking over all its institutions, and Europe under US-ZOG primacy/dominance has become as culturally toxic as Weimerika. In my humble opinion, only White Nationalist state power has the ability to return things to their proper order.

      Be safe. See you here in a few months.

      • November,

        I do not leave until tomorrow. The Catholic Church for centuries did keep the Jews mostly under control with the help of the State. We started to fold in the 19th century after the French Revolution and completely collapsed after WW2.

        Our racial purity laws rivaled or excelled the Jews at times.

        There was a case where as recently as the 1960’s a priest in Spain could not say a mass in public because of his blood lines. This was found under the racial laws on pure blood.

        An Order of monks was founded in the 15th century where everyone had to prove their purity of race to belong. All of this was not just in society but by Church law.

        And of course one had to be pure and free of even 1 drop of Moorish and Jewish blood to be a Jesuit from 1593-1946.

        I have to laugh when I hear modern Catholics say the Church is against racism. Of course as with any ism it really does depend on the definition.

  27. November,

    I will add on Celestine V that according to the Catholic religion when we sin it is our fault not the world’s or someone else’s fault. When we are Confirmed we essentially confirm that we are supposed to die for God and the Faith.

    It is defined dogma that we are given all the graces we need to avoid sin regardless of the circumstances.

    So Celestine is lacking in faith not the position in itself. St. Thomas Becket was martyred when he refused to bend over for King Henry II So some men can handle authority and some can not.

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