10 Blackest Cities In The United States


I snapped this photo in the Gump tonight.

The Gump is #6.

Thugham is #4.

BTW, if I sound like I am hard on White libtards who live outside of the South, it is because those of us who live in this area, which was ground zero of the Civil Rights Movement, are surrounded by all sorts of monuments that constantly remind us who was responsible for giving us the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 which unleashed all the problems that we have here today.


  1. I often ask myself what it means that tens of millions of people, White Southerners, do not possess most of the large cities on our land?

    Of course, there still are some cities, like Raleigh North Carolina, which are majority White, but, that said very few of our cities are both White Majority and decidedly Traditional Southern, like, oh, let’s say – Greenville, South Carolina.

    Though I cannot articulate it, I do not feel good about White Southerners having chosen to be relegated and relocated to the remote hinterlands of our land.

    It reminds me of the Welsh, who, after the invasion of Edward I, were forced to suffer English castles dotting the countryside, those the very visual symbols of alien subjugation.

    In the end, however, I must bow to the will of my people to do what is very unnatural for me – look the other way and pretend this situation does not exist.

    • Greenville, SC isn’t exactly “traditionally Southern”. More like tipping towards a “rootless cosmopolitan” sort of place with “new industrial age” immigrants from everywhere. By the same token, it also lacks a sufficiently large population of niggras to be characterized as “traditionally Southern”. Make what you will of that, but it be, what it be.

      Raleigh, NC– don’t get me started.

      • I kinda figured someone would say that about Greenville, SC – but, as you well know, Greenville is light years less deteriorated than Raleigh, which is living in a Sci-Fi-fantasy novel hybrid, and has been for years.

        That’s why I left it in the 90s – because I did NOT feel at home anymore, and political views were not the half of it.

        When I was a boy in Raleigh, you could not go anywhere without folks saying hello to you.

        By the time I left, people avoided crossing eyes with each other in grocery store aisles, and in the most studied ways.

        Horn blowing, which had been non-existent in the 1960s, had become epidemic.

        As my Alabama wife is wont to say, when we have to drive to Raleigh, to see kinfolk – ‘they’re all rushin’ to their deaths’.

        even Greenville North Carolina, a much smaller place, by comparision, is doing it’s best to imitate Raleigh – it’s town council completely in the hands of those with a Yankee-Money über alles mentality.

        The South, in built up places, is basically out of it’s mind, if ‘mind’ is what you could call it.

    • @Ivan,
      The same dynamics are played out throughout the West:- whites are rural and non whites are urban. Here in Australia, non whites hate the countryside. Whites had a tendency to build these cities from scratch, and then government hands them over to others who model them in their own style. Australia has it’s Chinese, the UK it’s Indians and Pakis, and America, it’s blacks………of course with all the rest as well.
      The beauty of a rural town is most people are white, and when you fuck up, everyone knows about it. People have your back. They can be awful places for the same reason:- if you’re known to have a special talent like fixing appliances or something, people want it done for free, usually on your day off, and never leave you alone. My father had this problem for years.
      Our useless government, made up of Jews and whites alike, have encouraged mass immigration, mixed marriages, and low white birthrates. Unions, government and business have moved our manufacturing sector offshore. Government constantly puts their snouts into other people’s wars whilst issues at home aren’t being addressed.
      It’s clear that whites haven’t had representative government that serves their interests, for decades. We’re ruled by our enemies.

      • @Goose…

        Thank you for your comment.

        In reality, what you have said about your country is entirely applicable to mine, and, by mine, I do not just mean the US, but, Dixie.

        Apparently the process of usurpation/detachment is universal now in the western parts of the West.

        That we have little to no representation, and basically no institutions, is indicative of one thing and one thing, alone : WHITE GENTILES WILL NOT STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES.

        Until that attitude changes, we will be given a continuing tour on how low low can get.

        For that reason the wife and I are in the process of becoming fluent in Hungarian.

        We’re hedging our bets.

        If Southerners stand up, we’ll be in the thick of any honourable fight.

        If not, we will die in a distant land, or, at least, one which has a White Tribe that will NOT cede control over itself and it’s lands.

        In either case, we will NOT live out our remaining lands in a country that targets it’s White Citizenry, on every level.

        If our fellow Southerners, collectively speaking, wish to fill their future living submissively in a spiritual pigsty, we have no choice but to accept that.

        Wishing you and yours the very best New Year, down under…

        • @Ivan,
          Yes, Hungary sounds attractive at the moment. Hopefully, the people never install an anti white traitor like the rest of the West is burdened with. Fingers ×sed.

          • @Goose…

            Well, as you know, nowhere in Mankind is there perfection.

            That said, Serbia and Hungary, if you follow them closely, are both peoples who are set in their ways, proud of their owns tribes, and more than ornery enough to fight any comers.

            That my wife and I chose that area is the result of a long study on the conditions of countries, most particularly the psyches of the individual tribes.

            In our studies we observed that these countries, along with Western Ukraine and Poland, were evincing those attitudes and collective mental health necessary to contend with the powers that be, here in the western part of the West.

            Sad to say – these societies are much like we, here in The South, used to be, but, are no longer.

            Hope I am wrong, but, I see precious little evidence to the contrary, nowadays.

            Thank you for the exchange.

  2. The narrator sounds like a real cuck, so I shall not watch his YouTube video. He should have titled it The Ten Most Dangerous Cities in the US. Bonoconti’s Philadelphia is among the absolute worst.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        A couple of years ago my family was replacing a roof in one of our Texas homes. I was the interpreter and the Anglo foreman of a Mexican crew said his Mexican workers refuse to go to any location where there are lots of blacks.

    • At least the government gives fair warning of the worst stretches of blackety, blackety, black by naming the main road MLK Boulevard. Set your GPS, Google Maps, Map Quest etc. to avoid MLK Boulevard, it makes things safer when visiting an unfamiliar city.

      Even cities in southern California and other places in the West where historically there have been very few blacks have an MLK Boulevard and it is always a very shady area.

      • Notice how the
        media blitz came to an abrupt end, once it became evident all the perps were black?

        Strange, the way all media seems to work from the same script. Who could do such a thing ?

  3. >… all the problems that we have here today.

    Where ‘here’? — in Alabama? — I thought everything was OK there in Alabama?

    Anyway, assuming you do have ‘problems’ there, and you’re talking about, at least in part, problems with everyone’s favorite Platinum Americans™, since you believe in racial differences you must also know you would still have the same ‘problems’, if perhaps on a somewhat smaller scale, even without the laws you mention — segregation in America, like apartheid in South Africa, was a way to contain them and prevent further harm to white civilization.

    >hard on White libtards

    Being ‘hard’ on them isn’t really the issue — I concede that a fraction of the white population is definitely problematic — what I point out is that you overestimate the size of the ‘White libtard’ problem compared to Whites ceding control of their homelands and being (oh so democratically) subjugated by non-whites.

    People are in part products of their environment, and for many decades now a very toxic media, entertainment, and academic environment has existed in America, one where Jews have outsized influence and control — this is where the consensus, what I have called the secular moral canon, is both decided and communicated to the masses — WLP hammered on this point: in order to fix what was going wrong in America, we had to counter the overwhelming power of, and Jewish influence in, the abovementioned institutions.

    Yesterday on the 24/7 stream of the National Alliance I learned about Norman Spack (link):

    Norman P. Spack is an American pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, where he co-founded the hospital’s Gender Management Service (GeMS) clinic in February 2007. It is America’s first clinic to treat transgender children. He is an internationally known specialist in treatment for intersex and transgender youth, and is one of the first doctors in the United States who advocate prescribing hormone replacement therapy to minors. Spack, who is Jewish, has been an advocate for transgender resources and support groups for the Jewish community.

    • By here, I was referring to Southern cities like Birmingham and Montgomery and pointing to all the Civil Rights Movement monuments in the area.

      The small problem that is White libtards came here in the 1960s and agitated to destroy our social order. It culminated with JFK using the military to integrate our universities and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

      As for Whites losing control of their cities, that is what happened in Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma and elsewhere because of your precious White libtards who passed the Voting Rights Act. All of that happened solely because of our “White Brothers”

    • Also Jews:

      How billionaire Pritzkers became key backers of bail reform, ‘gender affirming’ care

      Whenever I look into some criminal justice ‘reform’ outfit, meaning organizations that typically lobby for things like ‘bail reform’, felon voting, or more ‘equitable’ charging, prosecution, and sentencing for crimes where Blacks are hugely overrepresented among perpetrators, it is true more often than not that the organization was founded and is run by Jews.

      Here is an example from not too long ago:

      Ingham Co. cops decry prosecutor easing up on gun, drug crimes to address ‘racial bias’

      A female county prosecutor in Michigan (Carol Siemon) decided she would no longer pursue certain crimes because Blacks were overwhelmingly arrested for those crimes — note this:

      Siemon said her decisions were guided by a year-long partnership with the Brooklyn, New York-based Vera Institute of Justice, which looked at the racial makeup of arrestees in Ingham County. The organization’s stated mission is to stop “overcriminalization and mass incarceration of people of color, immigrants, and people experiencing poverty.”

      If you look into the Vera Institute of Justice, you’ll find that it was founded by Jews, and is still mostly staffed and run by Jews.

      • @Eah…

        The attitude many American Jewish officials have developed toward the law is an eerie hearkening to what they, as Soviet officials did in the 1920s, in Russia.

        They, American Jews, do not see this, however, which is why those who will study this comment and record it, on their behalf, will be perplexed how such a statement can be made.

        Self-blindness is definitely something The Lord gave us, as something to be overcome.

        Yet, in this nation, blindness, and not just to self, has been raised to a sacrament.

    • Contrast to what has been going on in the US:

      linkEl Salvador ends the year with the lowest homicide rate in the country’s history, also in the country’s safest month. El Salvador had a massive backlog of days without homicides after the government became a military democracy and Bukele declared war on the gangs and drug cartels that lived in the country.

      Given the money and resources spent on ‘national security’, the US could easily do something similar to e.g. MS-13 as well as inner city criminals and gangs: wipe ’em out, get ’em off the streets.

      • ” El Salvador ends the year with the lowest homicide rate in the country’s history, ”

        Uh, did they mention that el salvador has made gun purchses very easy ? It is very easy for a common citizen to buy pistols and many citizen groups are going on patrols to clean their neighborhoods. The level of gun purchases has been massive !

        Easy solution, shoot anyone with gang tattoos.
        A tattoo is a uniform badge, gang tattoos are enemy badges.

  4. Glad the youtuber is not racist. “Black or African American” is unclear. Does it include people like Musk or Rhodesians?

  5. Urbana Illinois along with Danville IL and Decatur IL plus Rantoul IL Thanks to Mayor Dayley Jr. and Rahm these places have been turned into pure ghettos once they shut down the nasty projects in Chicago. I see a gigantic shipping container storage area outside the Urbana Meijer as if I expect a 1/1 closing announcement probably due to theft. A real shame all these Normal Rockwell town in the middle of the state went to hell.

  6. New Orleans was founded when a Frenchman threw a wooden plank down in the mud so he could get better footing for humping his slave.

  7. From the air, these cities look quite pleasant. Buildings and air are clean, plenty of trees……..and you can’t see the residents who occupy them. Now…….try looking at a Chinese city:- the final word in ugly! And the air is so polluted, you have trouble breathing and seeing into the distance.
    I’m surprised DC didn’t make the list. I thought it was 70% black or something.
    Utah is quite a white state, but in all honesty, would you really want to live there?
    I live in an underpopulated, dusty and insipid part of Australia, and trust me:- it takes a special type to accept this lifestyle. You feel cut off from the world, and could easily go mad. The town I grew up in, forty miles from my present address, just hasn’t progressed. Shops are closed or boarded up, and it has a booze and ice problem, because people just have nothing to do. My childhood house on the edge of town is now occupied by a hoarder. The yard has piles of old cars everywhere, sheets of corrugated iron, 44 gallon drums and rubbish strown everywhere. The pig who lives there just has no pride in it’s appearance, and it’s in disrepair.
    I look at America, and rightly or wrongly, I see a country where at least……stuff happens. You have more bad people there, but a lot more good people as well. American cities have grit, and a vibe to them. It’s alive.
    We’ve lost our manufacturing to China, and in return, have received a lot of their refugees, but they stick to the coastal cities. There’s been no attempt by government to develop inland areas to an acceptable standard, and nobody wants to be here by choice.

    • >From the air, these cities look quite pleasant.

      Oh come on man — use e.g. Google Earth, Google Maps in satellite view, or any similar map program to look at a city like St Louis: significant swathes of it look like they lost a war and never rebuilt.

      Once when riding on Amtrak from NYC to Wash DC I was shocked by the scenes outside my window, so I asked a conductor walking by my seat which city we were passing through: Baltimore — parts of Baltimore are as third-worldish as any third world city.

      The same is true for parts of many US cities, small and large — I was surprised to pass thru a ghetto like area in Springfield IL when I went there to see Lincoln’s tomb.

      • @eah,
        I’m speaking purely as someone whose never been there. There’s a difference between cities with an old world, rustic charm, and those that look like a suicide bomber has just attacked them. I’ve been to southern China. The amount of urban expansion and pollution is just biblical in proportion. I didn’t see blue sky or fresh air the entire time I was there. The other extreme is rural Australia, where there’s plenty of blue sky and nature untouched………but it’s too quiet and sleepy for many people. My impression of America from the outside looking in, is that it’s somewhere in between those two extremes.

        • There is simply no comparison between the worst parts of anything I’ve seen in Australia with what the typical American niggertown looks like. Well, I’ve never been anywhere with a large number of Abos, so the difference between Australia at its worst and America at its worst could well be much narrower in that respect. Of course, Abos are so few in numbers that it’s easy to forget they exist. So Abos aside, the dumpy parts of deindustrialized Australian towns are vastly nicer than the dumpy parts of American cities. No one can deny that a significant part of the white Australia working class can be complete scum, but compared to niggers, they are golden.

          • @Silver,
            Northern Australia has towns and settlements made up primarily of Aboriginals……..and they are the most depraved parts of the world, with domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, high crime, unemployment and infant rapes.
            Then you have the city ones that are often mixed. They tend to have a way of life more in sync with wider society.
            Yes, Australia has a white working class that aren’t always entirely the types I’d even bother trying to defend. Whites in Australia drink, yell and swear far more than anyone else, and do their part for crime and domestic violence statistics. I’ll NEVER defend these people.
            The majority of people who’ve ever given me grief in my life…….have been whites.
            As a whole race, we’ve achieved some awesome accomplishments, but certain sub segments of white society truly disappoint me.

          • During my misspent youth I was friends with plenty of whites from that social stratum. Rough as they can be, I can ‘connect’ with them in a way that is a complete impossibility with blacks, any attempt to do so being an exercise in futility.

  8. Picking a disloyal or incompetent General to lead a war can lead to disaster, if the General is not quickly replaced. Case in point is the Ukranian War, where the Russians suffered defeat under Generals who were actually just Oligarchs, glorified criminals.

    But Russia soon gave the control of the war to their best General, Surovikin, who had a track record of success in Syria and Africa. Since that time the Russian position has been improving.

    Whether Lee was a total incompetent or a Unionist at heart, losing on purpose, is an easy call, but only if one looks at the case unemotionally.

    Lee had no record of incompetence before the Civil War. During the war he was one of the biggest incompetents in history.

    Lee was a fanatical Unionist right till secession. After the war he was again a fanatical Unionist. Seems clear he opposed secession and lost the war on purpose.

    The Confederacy had a lot of problems. It was riddled with Jews like Judah Benjamin, who made sure Britain gave the South no real aid, only words. Such a man only does what is good for his own people, the Jews.

    The Confederacy was also riddled with high level Satanists, called Freemasons. One such maggot brain Confederate General, Pike, wrote an openly Satanic book called Morals and Dogma. Such a man will only do what the Masonic order tells him to do.

    The first Confederate Constitution did mention Christianity. But when Virginia joined, the revised constitution deleted that reference. That tells us what way the winds were blowing. The Jews and Masons complained, so it was removed.

    The Articles were adaquate. The apostasy happened in 1787 to 1789, when the Jews and Freemasons replaced the Articles with the 1787 bilge put out by the lawyers of Philadelphia.

    But the vital issue played out on the battlefields of the Civil War. Choosing a disloyal commanding general was either a tragic mistake, or perhaps like in Nazi Germany, the disloyalty permeated the Government at the center.

    But why was Jackson executed by his own side? The best of the Goyim, kill them. If Stonewall got command, the South would win. It is that simple. So he had to die.

    • Rangevarmint, your raucous little rant and that is raucous with a small t, has the clarity of someone in the final of carbon monoxide poisoning, so feel free to slither your sorry self, out of here and find yourself an exhaust pipe and finish it……Dink headed, Lame brained, Imbecile, Sir……see about getting those med’s adjusted……

  9. My great great grandfather, who served in the 8th Alabama and lost a leg at Gettysburg, is buried in Montgomery (Oakwood, the Confederate section). I when I pass through the area – couple of times a year — I stop and pay respects, but I don’t really linger. Except for the last time. Very nice airBNB in an antebellum home in the historic area. (“Old Montgomery,” or whatever they call it.)

  10. Well I live in #9, Wilmington, Delaware. For the last 40 years. Outside of a few small areas where Whites live and socialize, the city is a no go black zone. The city government is run by blacks and it is atrocious. Wilmington was built around the DuPont company that used to have many factories sitting right on the Delaware river. Now the DuPont footprint is shrinking here slowly but steadily. What will be left will be just another dysfunctional black hell hole with zero industry. Hopefully in 10 years or less I can sell my house and make a break for greener (Whiter) pastures !

    P.S. The city government currently has a “panel” debating whether to pay reparations to blacks for slavery. I am pretty sure there are no Whites on the panel.

      • Yes! Colin Flaherty! I was at his house once.What an interesting guy he was..LOL and very tall ! I tell ya he walked the walk because he maintained and kept the house he lived in which sat/sits right on the edge of one of the almost 100% black sections of Wilmington. Stayed there until his death. We were not great buddies or anything but occasionally I would text him about something racial I was reading and he would always answer. Sometimes we would have short discussions on whatever topic it was. RIP Colin Flaherty you were one of a kind!

        • “Now the DuPont footprint is shrinking here slowly but steadily. ”
          If they employ large numbers of blacks, they’ll go bankrupt.

          “Well I live in #9, Wilmington, Delaware.”
          How can you stand living there ? Do you think it’s rational ?

    • Yep, I looked at the census data and was surprised how many blacks Delaware had, I’ve never been there but shouldn’t have considering the trash they elect to congress like the Biden crime family. I wouldn’t underestimate how quickly the black proportion of a lot of dead, rust belt Northern and Midwestern states can grow. You have whites with the economic ability to relocate moving out, poor blacks are content to stay put with their welfare checks not threatened by economic reality. You have the black girls becoming “baby mamas” as teenagers and picking up a new “baby daddy” every few years due to their party life at “the club.” Meanwhile the white girls are studying to be all these silly careers that women aren’t suited for completely barren into their 30s. The black generations are a lot closer together, a state with 16% black populations a couple generations back can quickly jump to 36%, all part of the democrat ballot harvesting machine that needs just another 15% of the vote from idiot youths, ding a ling white females, foreigners, etc. for the state to fall under permanent democratic mafia control.

  11. Anti-Whites have absolute contempt and hatred for all Whites in general and Southern Whites in particular.

    • @More…

      “Anti-Whites have absolute contempt and hatred for all Whites in general and Southern Whites in particular.”

      Yes, the way anti-Whites (perhaps 1/4 of all Whites) have internalized systemic propaganda is by living an unconscious paradigm, wherein self-loathing and self-abnegation are the cardinal virtues.

      Oddly enough, the psyche of these sorts of people are extremely unintegrated – one moment they seem ascetic and self-denying, the next they are so proud as to try and force you to be and think their way.

      This community illness Southerners first identified in The War Between The States, those White Southerners who were then choosing to either undermine Southern war efforts, and or simply join the enemy, having bestowed upon them the apt sobriquet, ‘SCALAWAG”.

      As a matter of historic interest is the term ‘SCALAWAG’- that, itself, an ancient Scots’ word which refers to a cow that is so old, rickety, and or mangey, it is no longer of anyone positive use to anyone.

      Of course, in Southern vernacular, ‘SCALAWAG’ is reserved for someone lower than low.

    • One thing unites the colored people into a Coalition of the Fringes, a vicious, anti-White animus. Without us however, civilisation collapses. The only reason the beauty spots listed in the ’10 Blackest Cities’ still have electricity, running water (not so much Jackson, Miss.), and the amenities of civilisation is because of the tax donkey White population keeping things functioning even though they may live miles away from the diversity.

      Civilisation is fragile however, something the dusky hued types (and gullible Whites) refuse to believe. The U.S. Government has been pursuing policies, both domestic and foreign that have been weakening the country and dissipating good will on the part of Whites (AKA Real Americans) towards the Government. In a crisis it’s the voluntary cooperation of Whites with Governmental authority that is essential for the Government to succeed. Alienating the very people who make things work is not a smart move.

      The U.S. Government has a problem attracting enough volunteers into military service and especially White male recruits, disproportionately from Dixie, as well as retaining them. Vilifying Southern history and people, tearing down their monuments and mocking the distinct culture of this region are contributing factors in this recruiting crisis. This is but one example of the Government working against its own interests.

      GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire is headed for multiple crises in the new year, foreign and domestic. China may attack Taiwan or India, perhaps both and the U.S. military probably will not be able to prevent the fall of Taiwan. Our Greatest Ally would probably take advantage of the chaos that would result to attack Iran setting the greatest oil producing region in the world on fire. The resulting financial crisis would cause inflation to explode well beyond its current high rate impoverishing most people.

      In multiple crises the U.S. Government will try to conscript the very people it hates; straight, White, Christian, males to pull its chestnuts out of the fire. The response should be a vigorous FU, let the diversity fix things. This is the only realistic and effective way to oppose GloboHomo: non-cooperation. GloboHomo knows exactly how to deal with Charlottesville and 1/6 type events but they cannot deal with passive non-cooperation on a massive scale. Just quote the sainted whore monger, MLK, back at them about civil disobedience.

      • @12AX7…

        “Without us however, civilisation collapses.”

        It is already collapsing here, because, even though many Whites are still here, Whites are mostly in body here, not much in collective soul.

        At the rate this is going, and the speed with which the declining is now occurring, can you imagine it in 20 years, if something fundamental does not change?

        When you take into consideration that the manifold Indian nations here never found a way to defend themselves against European encroachment, and that now those of European Ancestry are no longer seeming capable of defending it the World Economic Forum/Rothschild World Order that wants to pillage it, it would seem that American is an indefensible land.

        Maybe we all ought leave, and then come back with pitchforks…

        • At least the Indians were technologically and numerically outmatched. Whites will forever bear the shame of surrendering their greatness for fear of being called a made-up name.

          • @Tikkun…

            Everyone has a vulnerable spot, and a good enemy finds that and exploits that.

            That said, this war ain’t over – not by a long shot.

            More Whites living than ever before, and, even with the bad ones not counted, our numbers are still formidable.

            We just need a change of heart.

            Never forget that, after Appommatox, all seemed lost, until our great-grandfathers realized they had to fight on, they just needed a new strategy.

            They found that strategy, and, after a difficult few years, snapped a victory out of the jaws of defeat.

            That said, their victory cannot last forever, without us fighting again – just like weeds in the garden will forever have to be plucked again and againn.

  12. Good New Year’s Eve morning Hunter and others. I hope you have a safe, day and night and a safe new year 2023. (What’s the year in classical Roman years from the founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus?)

    Hunter, I have a 2022 year end “Man/Family of the Year” blog in draft mode. Can you look it over (I did spell check and proofed it.) ?

    Unless I hear differently from you, I post it this evening.

    PS. Did you like Amren’s 2022 “Traitor of the Year” Boris Johnson? I thought it was an excellent choice.

    Thanks for everything Hunter and our readers did in 2022. I think we’re going to make it through this #*$&&@$&#/

  13. “I went to the place where every White face is an invitation to robbery. Sitting here in my safe European home, don’t wanna go back there again!” ~Joe Strummer

  14. A more accurate title for the video might be . . .

    The 10 top cities proving that liberal social policies fail.

    The 10 top cities that White Americans must avoid for their own safety.

    The 10 top cities proving that Blacks are unable to assimilate to modern society.

  15. Southerners did not put up any physical resistance to the whole civil rights movement. Except for a certain fraternal group that is anathema to them. And the Ole Miss students in 1962. You deserve what you permit. We should have had a white Viet Cong. Or IRA if you will.

    • No one in the South voted for any of the crap that was imposed on us in the 1950s and 1960s – Brown, Loving, Roe, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1966, the Fair Housing Act, the Immigration Act of 1965, etc. Every bit of it was imposed from the outside by the same worthless White Northern liberals who came up with gay marriage and trans and all the rest of their pet issues

      • JFK was less than enthusiastic about so-called civil rights, the Vietnam War, ending the 40 year old Federal restrictions on immigration and supporting Israel’s nuclear research program. But once he was taken out by the CIA Lyndon Johnson was more than happy to promote all of those evil things.

        • JFK wrote a book for the ADL called “A Nation of Immigrants”. He tried to appease jews and restrain their nuclear ambitions. The jews weren’t having any of it.

        • LBJ was one of the most despicable creatures in history.
          He allowed black violence to run rampant so as to intimidate the American public to accept civil rights legislation.
          He intimidated the UAW into accepting civil rightz by threatening to flood the US market with imports. He was whoring wi an Israeli spy, Mathilde Krim .

          • Not to nitpick, but I think the Reuther brothers, who ran the UAW then, were very on board with civil rights without any prodding from LBJ. Some Southerners thought they were getting a “he’s one of us” conservative in LBJ. The joke, as usual, was on them.

        • Yes, LBJ…a good ol’ Southern boy with a Baptist background, brainwashed into loving jews from the religious beliefs of his grandfather.

        • We could recapture power at the state level and try to secede. Secession is increasingly popular and will likely become even more so in the future.

          Why doesn’t voting work though? It is because there are too many White libtards on the West Coast and in the Northern states who dragging us down by doing things like erasing the border. They have too many Senate seats and 60 votes is needed to change anything substantial.

          • The problem is no longer North-South. It’s urban-rural. Rural people everywhere, including the North, want to secede. Look at the secession movements in Northern California the Greater Idaho movement in Eastern Oregon. I live 30 miles from the Canadian border and have a rebel flag on my truck. I see more rebel flags in Ohio, New York, and West Virginia than I see in the South. White conservative people and white working people have all fled the cities over the past six decades, they have surrendered the cities to the white shitlibs and to the muds. Even the bluest, most shitlib states like New York and California have vast rural areas that are 100% red, they are simply outnumbered by the cities like L.A. New York, and Seattle.

            One of the most underestimated Supreme Court cases in terms of negative consequences was Reynolds v. Sims (1962) in which the Supreme Court ruled that geographically-determined State Senate districts, which tended to give more representation to rural white areas, were unconstitutional and all state legislative districts must have roughly equal population. Today the Left is very open about getting rid of the Electoral College to eliminate the possibility that rural, white states with low populations will throw a monkey wrench into the gears of the urban shitlib race-communist machine, as they did in 2016.

            The problem is that the feds have a deliberate agenda to force integration everywhere by placing Sec. 8 welfare Negroes and African and Arab immigrants in the whitest areas they can — e.g., the Somalis in Minnesota and other Africans in the Dakotas.

          • @X…

            “The problem is no longer North-South. It’s urban-rural. Rural people everywhere, including the North, want to secede. ”

            Yes, if we didn’t get that at this site, 10 years ago, we have definitely figured that out now.

            As to the Rebel flag you are flying – I thank you for that.

            Though it’s our Southern flag,we are happy to lend it out to all those of European blood who wish to tell central government tyrants to go to hell – in a polite way.


      • “imposed from the outside by the same worthless White Northern liberals ”

        The ‘White Northern liberals ‘ are just the audience, look for the nose behind the curtain that runs the show.

  16. @Mr. Griffin…

    “No one in the South voted for any of the crap that was imposed on us in the 1950s and 1960s”

    How very true, but, unfortunately, there was a great deal of collusion with the Jew England Yankee Empire, back in those days, by our political officials.

    In North Carolina, the Rural Man was up in arms, back then, and very definitely resisting, BUT, he received absolutely no support from Raleigh, which is why we are where we are today.

    Fortunately, in the last hour, we are being reinforced by Copperheads of every kind, coming here to get away from their lands.

    I think Virginia has been lost, but, North Carolina may not be – maybe…

  17. …there are very few black politicians, in the south, the north, the east and the west who are oppossed to recreational reefers. taken together with black Democrat political support for gender queering small children, on day in the future, you are going to have black neighbothood full of stoned out trannies. You would think black voter loyalty to black political officials would be returned in some small way, you would be wrong on that count. Black political people hate their own voters as much as white politcial people hate white voters.

  18. I think we have the same YouTube feed (I’m still getting Eli from Russia and Patrick Lancaster).

    I’m not sure what criteria that fellow was using: the city I work in was 73% black as of the 2020 census, and it wasn’t included.

  19. By God We might have lost the South and our granddaughters may have mixed children and our cities are deadly but we going to beat the Hell out of Russia and teach them they better not F with Ukraine!

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