Man/Family of the Year – Tyson Fury, Fury Family

Mr. and Mrs. Tyson Fury

We see that Amren has announced their year end Traitor of the Year 2022 – former UK Tory Party Prime Minister Boris Johnson (link) – an excellent choice.

We hope some of our British readers now confront B Johnson – the terrible traitor at some of his highly paid personal appearances, speeches.

But all is not gloom and doom, disasters and defeats for our people, our civilization in 2022. There was so much good news – in the areas of sports, popular culture and here and there in politics – mostly outside North America and the Anglo sphere.

Our man of the year – family of the year is (drum roll) undisputed heavy weight boxing champion Tyson Fury and the Fury Family!

Tyson Fury is simply a best ever, bad ass fighter boxer – his 3 legacy fights with Deonte Wilder (1 draw, 2 Fury KOs) rank up there with the Ali vs Frazer 3 fights in the 1970s. No one beside Tyson Fury has ever gotten up from a wilder right hand knock down, Tyson Fury did it 3 times and came back strong to dominate and win.

Tyson Fury has also been a very outspoken British, Western man speaking out against the worst corruptions of our time – homosexual perversions, media liars, mass immigration (link) and even named the J once (link).
Tyson Fury knows how to play the boxing game preferring to set himself up in the British boxing world with a White Gentile promoter Frank Warren and his own family as trainers, before coming over to the United States to receive huge $ paydays and cut in more respectable Black American trainers such as Sugar Hill.

Tyson Fury has a beautiful wife “Paris Fury” and they now have 6 very beautiful, healthy children. Check out this interview with the beautiful, traditional wife and mother Paris Fury (link).

We’re pretty confident Tyson Fury could/will have a great career in politics as a champion of the forgotten working man, similar to Ukrainian former heavy weight champion Vitali Klitschko (mayor of Kiev).

God bless you Sir Tyson Fury!

There are so many other positive, good news stories in sports, culture and even some in politics – we’ll leave that for the comment section. Please try to adhere to OD comment guidelines, stay on top and be positive.

Have a safe New Year.


  1. I think that most news in the next absolutely unsafe year will be good for us.

    Great Unravelling of the regime on both side of Atlantic has begun and there is nothing what could stop the Jew World Order death spiral.

    So happy Soviet Union 100th birthday to everybody. Yep, this monster was officially founded 31st December 1922 .

  2. I never watch boxing unless Canelo fights but my father and brothers said that Fury won all 3 fights against Wilder.

    • Canelo is an absolute stud (ginger power!) and possibly the whitest Mexican ever but you are missing a lot of great boxing.

      • Black Pill,

        His look is definitely not Mexican. He should not have fought that big light heavyweight.

  3. Yeah Fury is a real character, good luck to him and his beautiful family.

    Boris Johnson is also a mass murderer, along with most of the UK political class. God rot them all.

    Happy new year from England.

  4. He knocked out his whining black toughest opponent and then IMMEDIATELY runs into the arms of his black trainer to celebrate. The Image is basically pointless. He ought to of just spray painted himself black before the fight.

    • ronjon80

      I understand your position, but I do not share it. Tyson Fury and his family, his handlers promoter (White English Gentile promoter Frank Warren) made the decision to play the boxing game and understand racial, ethnic realities.

      The American professional boxing establishment has been dominated by Black Africans (Don King), ethnic Jews (Frank Jacobs) and to a much lesser extent ethnic Italians such as Cus D’Mato and the Maffia mobsters that owned Sonny Liston.

      It a White British, European contender (USA doesn’t cultivate, prepare give a chance to White American boxers) you must understand the system and play the game. Tyson Fury was making some noise about doing a Kanye West Ye – openly slamming homosexuals, mass migration even yes even naming the J Media. But he made a wise boxing decision to back away from that and to compete in the system to win huge amounts of $ which he did.

      Tyson Fury did what Joe Calzaghe did and make his mark in UK/Europe with his own father as trainer and Frank Warren as his promoter, Then he came to the USA/Vegas to make huge $ paydays fighting THE best Black American boxer Deonte Wilder. Fury made the wise decision never to play the race card or get promoted as “A Great White Hope”.

      He just a reputable Black trainer (share the $ purse) Sugar Hill, who wasn’t isn’t an anti White criminal like Don King.

      This is a good lesson for us in politics. Are we going to “play the game”, compete in this corrupt anti White, anti Southern, anti Christ system or simply drop out, try to live off the grid, exist on small contributions, sing for our meal, sell bootleg copies of “Triumph of the Will” at flee markets?

      Whatever we/you decide, please understand the realities of life and my view is as long as we/you don’t take the 30 pieces of silver, sell your soul to the J Children of the Devil, become a front for BLM, SPLC, ADL, MSNBC, Neo Cons etc – then I think it’s OK to be competitive and successful.

      We do have great athletes even in sports we used not to compete in like professional boxing.

      God bless everyone have a safe new year 2023.

      J Ryan

    • Goose,

      I strongly encourage you to read up, watch videos of the GOAT White heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury.

      Check out this insider presentation of the last, best ever fight against Deonte Wilder. Wilder had Fury down twice in one round and Fury was saved by the bell, but came back to win, dominate.

  5. Happy New Years. Tyson Fury is a great fighter. If I was in a fight with a guy like that, I’d need a blade.

    Anyhow, all the best, and best wishes to all.

  6. I encourage other OD readers to make their suggestions for men and women of our kindred who did good/great things this year.

    My choice for man/family of the year is Tyson Fury and the Fury family. What do others say?

    J Ryan

  7. Regarding Tyson Fury, not only is he possibly the greatest heavyweight boxing champ ever but he is articulate and entertaining outside the ring. Don’t ever underestimate those Pikey’s!

  8. Thanks to everyone who made intelligent, positive comments here and just “observed” that yeah, we finally have a bad ass, undisputed White heavy weight boxing champion who has great political, cultural views and has a beautiful wife, growing large family.

    In ancient times, a man like Tyson Fury would be the tribal leader, the king – a close friend of warrior gods like Thor.

    It was once said (in the 1970s, through 1980s) that White guys can’t fight, white guys can’t jump. Not only could we supposed not win in these areas, we couldn’t even be competitive.

    Well, Tyson Fury and his beautiful growing family has put a lie to all of that.


    One commentator complained that Tyson Fury compromised with the Black dominated USA boxing establishment, system – by using a Black A American trainer Sugar Hill and embracing him after Fury’s best ever win over Deonte Wilder in the 3 rd trilogy match where Tyson Fury was knocked down twice in the same round, saved by the bell, came up to KO Deonte Wilder. I understand this position, but strongly disagree.

    We live in a fallen world, Kali Yuga if we are to compete to win, or challenge to win, or better yet win in combat sports, competitive sports, culture or politics we need men and women who can compete in these corrupt, anti White systems, know how to “play the game”.

    In GL Rockwell’s best ever “50 years of failure” GL Rockwell explained how American White Conservatives have not been playing to win, they seem to embrace losing strategies, losing leaders and candidates trying to push extremely unpopular losing policies like economic conservatism, Libertarianism, race denying Constitutionalism, poor, cld, inarticulate, cowardly leaders that are simply outmatched by the vicious, evil ethnic, racial and sexual groups that hate us and are working every day to replace us.

    Again, Tyson Fury played to win, played the game and is now history’s greatest White heavy weight boxing champion GOAT.

  9. Fury is a bit of a cokehead with a long history of sketchy and foul-mouthed behavior as well as suicide threats. There’s also a lot of evidence of ties to organized crime.

    The other heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk from Ukraine, has three belts to Fury’s one. He has no track record of drug use or suspicious behavior. Usyk’s wife makes Paris Fury look like a Bassett Hound:

    He will also whip Fury’s ass when they finally meet next year.

    You picked the wrong boxer, Brad.

    • Rather foolish comments there mate. He’s a white Irish gypsy – the Gypsy King not a LDS Country club golfing Republican. That’s why he’s the greatest White Heavy Weight Boxing champion of all time.

      As for Mrs. Tyson Fury – Paris Fury, she’s the most beautify White wife of any sports celebrity I’ve seen, plus she’s a traditional wife and mother with 6 healthy White children.

      What more could we ask for.

      As for Oleksandr Usyk from Ukraine – he’s a solid boxer, but rather short and light, more of a cruiser weight. He would have no chance against Tyson Furyn

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