1. Is that Ashli Babbitt’s murderer sitting behind shit pants too old to read the teleprompter Brandon?

    • “July the 6th had international repercussions beyond what I think any of you can fully understand”

      Yes, it showed how hyper cowardly and corrupt USZOG is.

      That was the most peaceful mass protest I’ve ever seen.

      “Insurrection” my a– !
      In a nation of over 1000 million guns, not a single weapon was used. Some
      “Insurrection” !

  2. DID something happen on July 6th (in whatever year) that we’re unaware of? Could shit pants Joe just be mixing up dates?

  3. “It is going to be a long two years.”

    Unfortunately, Mr Griffin, you bes’ brace yourself, because it is likely to be more than just a few years.

    The electoral system is just rotten, in enough states, to practically ensure no Republican candidate, worth his salt, gets in.

    As I’ve said to you before : I sincerely doubt that they will ever let another Trump-like candidate, whom we like and choose, back into the Oval Office.

      • Yes, Dear Arrian, I totally agree, which is why that, though I am extremely sceptical that a true Conservative will ever get through again to The Oval Office, with this country being 50 states, I remain open to the vagaries and vicissitudes that will be thrown to everybody, including our opponents, by fate.

        Certainly the events of this week, and the stoutness of the 20 conservative Confederates who held the line, was a very pleasant surprise.

        And I was surprised by Trump’s 2016 win, just as I was surprised by his basic incompetence and inconsequentialness on many things.

  4. Pay attention on July 6 as Jo JO Brandon may have just had another Freudian Slip.
    Just saw a tweet capture from a John Rich saying that no one in the Unigov works for Americans and that is why we can’t have nice things.
    Ahh…he is a modern country singer and it looked that way from the blue and yellow free profile pic with cowboy hat.
    Hawkshaw Hawkins forever!

  5. BMMRA2Z
    Generally this commentor prefers using the third Person, however, to start the New Year, some indulgences, please HW !
    Late : yes I am ; however, my sentiment remains : HNY : Peace and Prosperity in 2023, to wHite People everywhere !!
    I especially want to say how empathetic and very cordial many earlier comments ‘sounded’, as ‘we’ wished each other the Joy’s of this Holiday season.

    Brevity is almost always, a good thing : with that in mind, I will do my best ..
    Two related matters : please remember Loretta Lynn And Naomi Judd ( strong WonderfuL Southern Moms ! ) … And ALL THE Other wHite People we have lost .. in the past few years !!!

    Whether bullets or knives or any other weapon is used, we are being attacked, constantly and systematically and, sadly, often by our own kind – how do we stop this ??
    And, finally, as many fellow commenters say, much better than I : Separation IS The Only Way Forward !!
    Thank you HW,
    for giving US This space !
    Please, keep on keepin’
    on ! GOD SAVE The King

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