1. Even though Mr. Jimmy Dore is a Yankee, and self-proclaimed socialist, I would like to thank him, and I would like to do so with all my heart.



    Mr. Jimmy Dore is one of the few Modern Leftists who not only can work with The Right and The Far Right, he reports honestly on what is happening with us, praises us for our courage, and, just as much, criticizes his own kind, the so called Left, for it’s cowardice and treachery.

    I believe The Left abandoning it’s traditional positions of being anti-war, anti-pharmaceutical industry, anti-military industrial complex, and, as well, it’s former disposition of being fulltime government sceptics, has been a very bad additive to this soup we call the United States of America.

    Thank you, Mr. Dore, for your show, which I oft watch, and for your courage.

    The US Government Complex hates you, which is why many of us are so fond of you.

  2. Medicare for all, forgiveness of student loan debt, closing off the borders to illegal immigration and a $15 hr minimum wage would all greatly benefit the constituents of our elected officials. But it’s not the constituents who are putting millions of dollars in the bank accounts and campaign coffers of their elected officials.

  3. I absolutely regret voting at all and especially for these scumbag republicans. The hold outs are doing a great thing and they’re not being supported at all and are instead being called a bunch of terrorists by their own party, very very stupid, so the fellow Americans that voted for Gaetz are terrorists, huh?. I don’t find the democrats impressive and hard to deal with if you have a backbone. But the republicans are absolutely pathetic cucky two-timing scum and they WILL NOT stop any of the boondoggles, it’s no wonder the of colors have no respect for Whitey with these cucky backstabbers representing us. I think fellow commenter Eah is on to something with just letting this worthless controlled opposition party die and making something new.

  4. This entire episode shows that the progressive fraud squad was never really a friend of the working people and simply just virtue signaling PMCs disguised as people who would shake things up.

  5. I wonder if Dore is worth seeing live? What’s his stand-up routine like? Richard Prior? Andy Kauffman? Steven Wright? Gallagher? I friggin’ doubt it.

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