1. He could be speaker for the Grand Old Politburo as well but Pelosi McCarthy has a large ego.
    There will be no blasphemy against the 51st state Ukraine and S&M disco boots pianoman Zelensky.
    That is shirking against the glorious unity hive collective.

  2. I was born and raised a Democrat, to generations of such.

    If you want to know how totally corrupt and nonsensical they, The Modern Democrats,
    are, you only have to look at the representatives of so-called Progressive wing of their party, they who,though Congressman Hakim Jeffries led a massive effort to target them in the primaries, they backed him up in every single vote we just had for speaker.

    Moreover, every corporation that owned Speaker Pelosi owns Mr. Jeffries.

    So, let me be clear to all y’all Left-wingers, Socialists, and Blue-dog Democrats, reading here – if you are still supporting The Democrat Party, you should burn your degrees, because it is clear that, after all that effort, time, and debt, you still cannot think.

    • Kappas gettin over


      “In February 2022, fraternity member and head financial director of the fraternity, Curtis Anderson, was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for embezzling $3 million from the fraternity over six years. Other fraternity leaders were alerted by Santander Bank of many suspicious transactions which lead to his firing and arrest. Anderson admitted to dealing with gambling and alcohol addictions. Prosecutors confirmed he blew most of the money at Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack.”

  3. Hakeem Jeffries is not my countryman.

    McCarthy stood their like Bernie covering his crotch, foreshadowing two tears of cuckoldry.

    Thank goodness we win in the end, otherwise this would be really bleak!

  4. Most of the homos all have Ukraine flags and are really hawkish. Shows that the homo agenda is literally war against every country on earth with traditional views towards sodomy. Besides the usual suspect I’d suspect all the homos in the Democratic Party and administrative state are a big force behind this war. I noticed recently the changed the gay rainbow flags I’ve been seeing around to contain this triangle of shades of lavender and pink. Is this for the transgendered? Seriously, with all the letters, wasn’t “gay” sufficient enough to describe all of that shit?

  5. That nigger just went on and on with his “rap”. What a shit-show! Imagine if Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun could see what has happened to Congress.

  6. And that is why Dominion let the Reds take Congress. Succession to Piglosi is complicated. A Speaker Jeffries could cause backlash in 24. At some point someone is just going to say phuck ut, and secede.

  7. Well, well…..well ! Seems congressman jeffries, is a nephew of Doctor Leonard Jeffries, esteemed, WHITEY hating professor of Bullshit, from , you guessed it New York University, hakeem’s uncle Leonard, has been so kind, as too explain our melanin issue’s, or our lack of it, seems hakeem’s uncle Leonard, thru his scientific study, has concluded, that all white people, suffer from melanin deprivation, which explains our WHITE devil TOM foolery………

  8. I’m surprised this talking ape didn’t scream- kill Whitey at the top of his lungs..
    I mean how much longer until they’re doing that?

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