Jimmy Dore: Breaking Points Hosts Caught Lying To Protect The Squad

I don’t watch them anymore.

Note: Jacobin is also admitting the obvious.


  1. “No Enemies on the Left” has always been the key to the success of the Left. This prevents people like “The Squad” from breaking ranks and accomplishing the Left’s goals when the leadership of the Left sells out their own for thirty pieces of silver. When Left Wing leaders, notorious scumbags like Nancy Pelosi or lunatics like Hakeem Jeffries engage in self-aggrandizing behavior, such as taking bribes from big business (Pfizer, Moderna etc.), their ostensible enemies, no deviance is allowed. The Left has pursued this strategy with remarkable success.

    It’s sort of like a cult or bad religion that successfully demonizes its enemies, especially those who question basic doctrines or point out the hypocrisy and self-serving actions of the hypocrites in charge. This keeps doubters in line by the implicit threat of ruining their lives and careers and perhaps worse happening to them if they break ranks. It also leads to ossification in the ranks as careerism displaces ideology and old goats like Nancy Pelosi line their pockets while giving the finger to their critics. This happened in the USSR as time passed. The revolutionary generation died out and kleptocrats, who had no use for ideology ran the country into the ground.

    This is the stage the U.S. has descended to. The ruling class, which professes a belief in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity make sure they live miles away from their precious, diverse savages while inflicting them on their enemies, normal White people. Their children attend expensive, private schools with a few hand picked colored people for photographs only. Their NGOs, think tanks, international organizations, sacred “causes” (there are unmet needs, ya know), religious hypocrites, universities and other schools, “charitable” foundations, big bidness and lawfare constitute a giant grifting operation, looting the country for the benefit of the elite.

    This can’t go on much longer, the country’s real wealth is just about gone. A symptom of this is the highest inflation in fifty years with its accompanying shortages. The ruling class is allowing its own power base, filthy cities like NYC, LA and SF to descend into anarchy which indicates how incompetent they are. These dickheads are whistling past the graveyard with obviously grossly incompetent people like Dementia Joe nominally in charge as White people who make the country run, such as it is, step back from things. The new motto going forward won’t be Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DIE) but Every Man for Himself and Devil take the Hindmost.

  2. Something like this is always very sad to see – a lovely, intelligent, and highly educated upper class White Southern girl goes to the devil.

    She has so many good options in her life, things she could do to be of real service to the community around her, yet she chooses to take hidden money to lie about an establishment that is misanthropic, to put it mildly.

    Frankly I have more respect for a White Southern girl who sells her body to do drugs, because, as sad as that is, it is not treachery to her whole people.

    Nothing worse than to see someone sell their soul to lie and to lie against her own kind.

    It’s the very worst of stenches.

    Of course, in fairness to her, she is a neo-Liberal, so, she probably does not thunk that she has a people, which is the problem in the first place, because, if you do not have a people, or a tribe, to whom are you to be loyal.

    No one – I got it … which is why we were deracinated in the first place.

  3. I know about stink yogurt but what’s a Jimmy Dore?
    And the high speed rail choo choo doesn’t go honk honk, at least not in Chiquitastan or FUSA.

  4. Breaking Points has sold out. According to Dore they are being funded by leftist billionaires now. Chrystal is from a rural West Virginia town, so she is selling out her own people. The wog is just doing what wogs do.

  5. I cannot imagine how anyone in the nice White/mostly White suburbs would EVER want high speed rail hauling violent black & browns into their hood.
    That would be a nightmare but, it sure would make Whites flee like cats fleeing hot grease out to the rural land.

    • @dibutler…

      Quite remarkably, on this subject, in it’s last years the Obama Administration was floating the idea of resettling minorities into all White suburbs.

      Having heard much about that lately…

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