Poll Watch: Mitch McConnell Is The Most Unpopular Senator In The United States

The most powerful Republican in Washington is the most hated U.S. senator in the country and is deeply unpopular in his own state.

The Hill:

“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is the least popular senator in the U.S., according to new polling, as the Kentucky Republican has faced backlash from both the right and the left over the last year.

McConnell holds a disapproval rating of 64 percent in his home state, according to the polling from Morning Consult. He had the approval of just 29 percent of Kentucky respondents. …”

McConnell is at 29% in Kentucky and 20% nationwide.

This is obviously who you want setting the agenda of your political party.


  1. Isn’t that odd how these WEF/CCP stooges keep getting elected no matter how despised they are? (Honk!)
    Once they reach the imperial sewer pipe swamp of evil getting elected again is all that matters.
    They count on the stupidity of Civnat Normies and they won’t ever be disappointed or lose any bets.

  2. What are the odds that the vast majority of those who still approve of the senior senator from Kentucky are old enough to not use the computer to find out that most of the information they were fed in their formative years was twice baked against their own interests?

  3. When will people wake up the growing threat of reparations?

    Democrats Are Looting Taxpayers With Their New “Reparations” Bill… Will the GOP Grow a Spine and Stop Them?

    The most important government body in America right now isn’t Congress. It’s not the January 6 Committee. It might not even be the Supreme Court.

    In terms of shaping the future of America, and the fate of its people, the most important body in the country is a little-noticed group dubbed the “Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans, with a Special Consideration for African Americans Who are Descendants of Persons Enslaved in the United States.” For people who aren’t nominative masochists, it is better known as the California Reparations Task Force.

    $475,000 for every black Californian! For those wondering, with 2.25 million black Californians, that’s a total of at least $1.069 trillion. And they haven’t finished tallying yet! The number is going to get higher!

    We want to emphasize something very important: Reparations are not throwaway cable news fodder. This isn’t a case of a few left-wingers coming up with a funny idea that the rest of the country can laugh at. Reparations are coming. Methodically, gradually, with stalls and setbacks. But still they come. And if patriots and conservatives don’t start thinking — right now — about how to stop them instead of just mocking them, it will be too late.


    • “that’s a total of at least $1.069 trillion. ”

      They don’t have that capacity, they know it. Something else is in the works.

  4. Speaking of unpopular politicians – those 2020 ideas about Biden being replaced by Kamala after 2 years, might be coming true, right on the dot

    The two-year timing because of the 1951 22nd amendment, letting someone be US President for max 10 years … if Biden resigns a week from Saturday on the 21st, Kamala is all set

    Super-suddenly we have
    – Batches of classified docs from Biden’s years as VP being ‘found’, the 2nd time ‘in a garage next to Joe Biden’s Corvette’
    – Special prosecutor Asian-American Robert Kyoung Hur getting appointed to finally investigate Joe
    – Major media confirming the Hunter laptop is real, all that China & Ukraine money stuff
    – Major media harping on Biden’s gaffes, like the Newsweek story on ‘8 Biggest Biden Gaffes of 2022’

    – Mixing up Iranians and Ukrainians
    – Reading teleprompter instructions aloud
    – Fist-bumping Saudi Prince who maybe ordered Khashoggi murder
    – Asking for a Congresswoman now dead
    – Exiting stage the wrong way
    – Calling Kamala ‘A great President’
    – Saying the USA has 54 states instead of 50
    – Thanking the Prime Minister of Cambodia as from Colombia

  5. Yo HW. What in all hell is going on with all the classified documents being “found” in Bidens old office and garage?

    • Tucker covered it on his show last night.

      I agree it is probably his handlers planting the documents and using them as an excuse to push Joe off the stage into retirement before 2024.

      • There can be no better outcome for us than for Cackling Kamala to become Mr. President, the Cackler in Chief. She is the epitome of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity; dumb as a stump and everyone knows it and soon (perhaps) to have the biggest political office in the land. This will mostly be just a change of ugly faces in the White House as far as policy goes anyway.

        No doubt the Deep State will continue running things as they have under Dementia Joe but Cackling Kamala cannot be hidden as she is now. Her gross incompetence and stupidity will be on display like never before for all to enjoy. The inevitable cascading, catastrophic failures that will follow Cackling Kamala’s presidency will have the effect of destroying the legitimacy of the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire. National failure on a grand scale does that, just ask Presidents Hoover, Truman or LBJ about it.

  6. OT, but watching weather channels on my cable system I see Alabama is suffering severe storms at the moment. Are you and your loved ones doing okay?

  7. Cocaine Mitches 1.7 Trillion Porkulous made me rage quite the GOP and register as an Independent for the New Year.

    There is all sorts of crazy stuff in there like money for a museum to gays! We are truly in Clown World when fudge Packers and carpet munchers get museums now.

    (Plus I think there is some CRT stuff In there. Bah!)

    Right now I am hoping Trump runs as an Independent and against the Ukraine War. (Jared wants money for MIGA)

    Also Tulsi would be good. Will see what happens.

    • One of the rules which could be changed by the Ho-House (yes I know this is highly unlikely) would be to limit all future ‘lame-dick’ congresses to passage of only symbolic resolutions – not actual legislation. Much damage has been accomplished in such sessions held after the congressional elections.

      • @Exalted Cyclops…

        While all sorts of limits seem to auger the prospect of an improvement, what one of them would change the fact that those who are most susceptible to corruption, ambitious ones like politicians, would still be subject to The Corrupters, and all the money they have.

        This is Christ’s central thesis – you have all these rules, yet, if you follow them without the spirit, they are useless – in fact, worse than that, for they make you think you are good, when you are not.

        All the best to you and yours!

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