Jonathan Greenblatt: 20% of Americans Believe In Antisemitic Ideas

Is anyone surprised?

Antisemitism has doubled under Jonathan Greenblatt.

I’ve been saying for years that Jonathan Greenblatt is the biggest driver of antisemitism in America. No one has done more validate anti-Semitic tropes and conspiracy theories. It is like Greenblatt doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. He doesn’t even try to disguise how he wields power.

What are people supposed to think when he is buck breaking Kanye and Kyrie Irving and telling Elon Musk who is the richest man in the world how to use his own property?


  1. Jews always become intoxicated with the power they gain. That intoxication causes them to forget the disastrous consequences of their arrogance and behaviors in the past. And when the axe falls, it’s always the Goyim’s fault that it happens. They never learn from their mistakes!

  2. Only 20%. We have to work harder…. he he he.

    “Ye are of your father the Devil, and the DEEDS of your father Ye WILL Do.”- Jesus Christ,
    Gospel of John, Chapter 8< v. 44.

  3. “20% of Americans Believe In Antisemitic Ideas ”

    They would not ‘believe’ it, Mr. Greenblatt, if Organized Jewry were not busy pirating out and trampling down every aspect of the West, and most individual Jews were not supporting that.

    It’s the truth, and if I can say think and say that, with my veins full of Jewish blood, then rest assured others will think it, too.

    Want change, Mr. Greenblatt?

    Stop trying to stifle those White Gentiles and those minority righteous Observant Jews who will not be talked out of their senses, and start doing right.

  4. ‘Antisemitic’, I’m so sick of that term.

    None of us are anti-Semites, we care nothing about Bedouins in tents.

    IT’S JEWS !

  5. “””….doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions…”””

    Jews think differently. They look at the big picture. Today they piss off people but long time constant pressure exhaust opposition. Then opposition will be gone, next all ugly things will be memory holed, narrative and history will be rewritten and Jews have won Short term pain vs long term profit.

    Jews have won most battles with their patience and attrition Creation of Israel was based on patience. Today we have war but decades passing by, old enemies die youth doesn’t care and sometimes in the future , acceptance becomes inevitable.

    The problem is, sometimes times are changing and staying firm and keep going becomes self destructive. Tis has happened many times in Jewish history and now this happens globally.

  6. 100% of people said that they were sick and tired of polls.
    You think it’s bad now, just wait until it is rule by poll.
    True lowest common denominator egalitarian equity or muh demockracy.

  7. This ADL J looks like Nosferatu the first Vampire of Black and White silent era. If memory serves me correct, the first talking Dracula movie staring Bela Lagosi showed Dracula with a 6 pointed Star of David medallion.

    Also the J head of the NBA Something “Silver” looks the same.

    • @Jaye…

      Yes, I cannot believe that the ADL, supposedly the soul of savvy, would pick someone whose relentless bullying would not only grow anti-Semitism, but, whose very appearance would put a face on their organization like that of the Nosferatu undead – one who, between life and death can only exist by preying on unwary humans.

      Can you say faux pas?

    • ” showed Dracula with a 6 pointed Star of David medallion.”
      —You can still find old movie posters with that image.

      “ADL J looks like Nosferatu”
      —- the vampires name is Count Orlok
      ‘Nosferatu’, is the movies title.

      Also, Stoker’s vampire casts no image in a mirror. Jwzish funeral custom is to cover all mirrors so the image of the corpse won’t be seen.

      Dracula/Orlock sucked the blood from women, making them soulless. Just what jwzish pimps – WHITE slavers do.

      Stoker was sending a message, albeit hidden.

    • “head of the NBA Something “Silver” looks the same.”

      With repeated observation, you can categorize a dozen or so jwzish types.

  8. My boss (a boomer of Dutch descent), the president of the company made a pretty decent greedy jew joke in a staff meeting recently and everybody had a good laugh.

    I think there is hope for Whitey yet. If I can live until racism is finally funny again, that will be long enough for me.

    Also goes to show you don’t have to be an unhinged autistic basement monster with an unironic swastika on your wall and poorly polished doc martens to prove you are Jwoke to the other retards/snitches and feds that lurk amongst us unchecked.

  9. I’ve been reading “anti-Semetism is on the rise” press releases from the ADL for decades. It kind of reminds me Critical Race Theory. Goys cant help but hate Jews, no matter what they say, do, or hard they try to love Jews.Very Talmudic thinking.

  10. You reap what you sow.
    All day long in the largely Jewish media, they rant and rave about how shitty white folks are, about how we need to be punished, not for what we do, but who we are.
    They don’t tolerate 1 iota of criticism of Jews or even Israel, anything remotely negative makes you an anti-Semite, and then they come after you with their banks and lawfare proving Jewish conspiracy ‘theories’ are fact.

    Bottom line people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but you just couldn’t help yourselves, could you?
    You actually thought racism could ever be a one way street?
    You morons!
    The trouble is there’s a deficiency of anti-Semitism, not a surplus.

  11. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. We’d be in more trouble if someone in his role was a more likeable and relatable good ol boy type with a sense of humour and some charisma.
    Like……who thought that by picking him that they’d make any progress in changing our minds about them?
    Let’s pray he remains the face of their outfit for a lonnnng time! ;).

  12. What percentage of that 20% are Negroes and Asians? Fairly significant, I bet. JG and his ADL want you to think that anti-Semites are all white neo-Nazis, but this is a false stereotype. The vast majority of whites are Jewish bootlickers.

    Blacks and Asians tend to be far more red-pilled on the JQ than whites.

  13. Self-awareness is not a strong point for the Semites. Lack of it has earned them backlash hundreds of times all over the world.

  14. I don’t know what the ADL was thinking when they selected him to be their public face. He does look like Nosferatu from the black and white film and Abe Foxman looked like he stepped out of a Der Sturmer cartoon.

    There are pleasant looking Jews out there, ADL. Why don’t you find one? Someone like Bill Kristol comes to my mind. Distinguished grey hair, twinkly blue eyes, somewhat symmetrical features, rosy but not florid complexion. Even his name sounds nice. Greenblatt; just sounds like some kind of organ meat that is too toxic and nasty-smelling to eat and needs to be incinerated immediately lest it be a public health hazard.

    Might add that Kristol doesn’t look like a bloated corpse like Foxman or a dessicated corpse like Greenblatt. I know that people in the WN movement like to roll their eyes about optics but the halo effect as described in social psychology is true.

    Yeah, I’m shamelessly shallow; I admit it.

    As far as Greenblatt et al are concerned. They are so absorbed in their pathological hatred of White Christians that they greatly underestimate the threat from all that wonderful vibrancy they insist on flooding White Christian nations with.

    It ain’t Whites beating up and trying to kill Orthodox Jews and any Jew wearing a yarmulke on the streets. It’s Arabs and Jews. Wouldn’t be surprised if some Hispanics are involved.

    Greenblatt “buck-breaking” Kanye and Kyrie isn’t going to shut Blacks down. As David Cole of Takimag notes the one N-word Blacks loathe with a purple passion is NO and they have low impulse control to begin with.

  15. Jews are getting beaten in the streets of New York City–Palesentians, Pro Palestine believers, Blacks are now all doing it—ever seen a video of a White playing the Knock Out game with a New York Jew? Of course not. Trouble is brewing in many “sectors” now for the Jew—there are 1.2 billion Muslims and they are born to hate Jews. Yet the ADL keeps going after White folks in America? Keep your head on a swivel in NYC is you are a Jew, or even look like one. Not my Rules—you all caused this.

  16. So what ever happened to Murika’s most famous Nazi – the negro rapper now known as Ye? Have Pope Noseferatu and his wokequisition managed to totally bankrupt him yet? I’ve been in Asia for the last six weeks and only now returned to the Wokeunduh, the Kapital of Klownworld and am not yet quite up to speed.

    > Jews are getting beaten in the streets of New York City–Palesentians, Pro Palestine believers, Blacks are now all doing it—ever seen a video of a White playing the Knock Out game with a New York Jew?

    So sad. I just couldn’t happen to nicer folks, ya know…. Perhaps the NYC kneegrows are pissed over Ye losing all that bling after standing up to Schlomo.

  17. One of my younger relatives was at one time really into the Alt-Right and the far right Chans.

    Used to dismiss his views about Jews but now that they have destroyed Kanye… Well that kinda’ proves the Hideous Nose Creatures yield power.

    ‘Jews have no power- and if you say we do we will destroy you!’

    Luckily I am pretty religious and can just pick up Matin Luhers ‘The Jews and Their Lies’ and join the new trend pretty easily!

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