Poll Watch: The GOP Is The Party of Non-College Educated Whites

Why should we focus on White libtards?

NBC Narratives:

12% of Republican voters are non-Whites.

31% of Democratic voters are non-Whites.

39% of Joe Biden voters were non-White in 2020.

The American electorate is still overwhelmingly White.

The two parties are still majority White and BIPOCs range from 30% to 40% of Democratic voters. This actually exaggerates their impact because a large number of non-White Democratic voters are concentrated in safe Red States or safe Blue States. Over half of blacks live in the South, but Democrats are shut out of power in the South because of the White bloc vote. The exceptions are Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina which is largely due to transplants in their metropolitan areas. There are only a few states in which non-Whites are really determining the outcome of elections like in Hawaii.

The entire Northeast, the Upper Midwest and the West Coast votes for Democrats because of White libtards in those states. 61% of the people who voted for Joe Biden are White and most of the states that he won which put him in the White House are whiter than the national average. Differences between Whites in religion, education and culture are decisive. Compare Vermont to West Virginia. Both states are White and largely rural but their politics couldn’t be more different.


  1. The Grand Old Politburo is the fool Civnat Normie wing of the Uniparty.
    Civnat only works in a monoethnic society.

  2. “GOP Is The Party of Non-College Educated Whites”

    Just a snarky way of saying,

    “if you vote for a Republican, you’re just so stupid”

    (When in reality, a large portion of Demoncrats are illiterate ghetto scum.)

    • Yes, Dear Arrian – if standing by a White Gentile European America, or West, is ‘stupid’, then sign me up.

      I’ve traveled the world and had friends from all over, and, though I’ve found worth and interest in every tribe, I’ve yet to find a non-European nation I would like to live in.

      There seems to be some sort of ratio, in fact, that the fewer Whites I find in a nation, the more likely I am to not return to it.

      If educated Whites wish to get rid of White so much, they can move, because we are not going to let them get away with aligning with Jewry to make this country a bean so speckled, you get vertigo when you look at it.

    • White Republicans ARE stupid if they think John McCain, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Michael Steele, GWB and Kevin McCarthy gave a flying fuck about them the day after the election.

      At least it can be said that the Democrat Party really does try to advance the agenda of the wingnut lunatics who vote for it.

      • @X…

        Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you wish to take it – most Americans have a hard time imaging how crooked many of those are, who are vying for power in the public sector, and, as well, how little they actually empathize with their constituencies.

  3. “The GOP Is The Party of Non-College Educated Whites ‘

    In other words, the GOP is the party of Whites who have not lost their minds.

    As if these Americans, those who preeminently built and maintain the nation, ought have no political voice in it?

    • In Europe, we laugh that college education becomes soon as toxic as lunacy asylum treatment or prison experience If you have on of those, don’t write it in your cv.

      Europe was not destroyed by truck drivers or plumbers. All horrific decisions were made by our college educated elite.

      • Yes, Dear Juri – y’all are right to laugh.

        I think many of us, in this country, would be laughing, as well, if the situation were not so tragic.

        Reminds me of one Hungarian pundit, who, in his daily television show, sometimes wears a t-shirt, which says, ‘Yes, I attended college, yet, did not become a Liberal.’

  4. Another way to look at this is:

    The Demorat party is a collection of al peoples that really HATE non college educated White working class, rural Whites, Whites in fly over states.

    This alliance of all those who HATE, yes HATE poor and working class includes all kinds of strange bedfellows.

    Js and Muslims
    Muslims and homosexual extremists
    Legacy WASPs and LDS Mormons like the Bush family and the Romney family

    Irish Catholic (in name only) folks in Massachusetts that still have a chip on their shoulder form the Irish Potato famine and think John F Kennedy was their Camelot prince and Ted Kennedy was well…

    The Kennedy family was/is the Irish American royal family and Southern Baptists in 1959 said bad things about Irish Catholics, the Catholic church and well… The Irish still run chicago and Boston (no they don’t).


    OK – now give the FACT that the GOP in the Midwest and the South are non college educated White folks, we have to tailer our propaganda and our activism to these/our people


    We’re not going to influence them by trying to get them to read 100 300 page books.We need propaganda that reaches their heart, body and soul in simply straight to the gut ways like Lee Atwater’s “Willie Horton” TV adverts.

    Lots and lots of our non College educated White American brothers are rather dumb as* TV addicts, wasting 5 days a week worshipping Negro football players. These types tend to really like things like cars, trucks, guns and all things military – so Neo Conservative Zionists, ZOG, Christian ZIonists the military industrial complex – the Chaney Family give them this “WE GOTS TO FIGHT FUR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY”, “SADDAM HUSSEIN, ASSAD AND NOW VLADIMIR PUTIN ARE ALL HITLER”.

    Yeah, it’s pretty pathetic that our poor and working class White Americans fall for these lies but they do.

    We need political, cultural leaders like Huey Long and George Wallace that can appeal to these people, talk the same talk they do.

    Our enemies including that J enemy are very good at propaganda and finding fake folksy singers and actors like Ted Nugent and Toby Keith to push their J wars and distract our people from working for the survival and revival of our people and our culture.

    It is what it is.

    • They’re too stupid to understand who keeps the infrastructure going.

      They don’t know the difference between WHITE and turds. “Oh yucky, people with dirty fingernails”, all the same, to them.

  5. Time spent in college guarantees you’re well schooled. But well educated? Not so many. The more you know, the more you should realize how little you really do know.

    Perhaps students in college are too occupied with time spent in the classroom to be able to learn anything or to have the leisure to contemplate with humility and candor life’s deeper philosophical questions.

  6. There is only a two percent variation between College-educated Whites who voted for Biden (29 percent) as opposed to those who voted for Trump (27 percent).

    I have family on the east coast who vote Democrat. Yes, we have our share of libtards, but a number of them are Union workers.

    I also have family who migrated to the states which composed the Confederacy. Some now live in Florida. My family moved to Texas and my parents even joined an organization back then called The Damn Yankees Club.

    I don’t know about other Confederate states, but in Texas they said there are Yankees who come down to visit the Alamo and Riverwalk in San Antonio, drop their cash and leave and then there are the Damn Yankees who never leave, LOL.

    After being in Texas for a while, my family pretty much picked up the attitudes of the Texans. My family in Florida are just as conservative as the native White Floridians.
    In Texas we gripe more about the Damn Californians than the Damn Yankees and I imagine the Floridans gripe about New Yorkers and its extended suburbs like New Jersey.

    I think most people are pretty social and, if they don’t swarm a place in overwhelming numbers, they do tend to absorb the culture and pick up the attitudes of the natives of that region.

  7. Welcome back to the internet HW!

    I came across this from the Federalist regarding Pat Buchanan’s work over the last 30 years, how right he and his folks at American Conservative have been. There are surprising references to the Neocons and their Israeli chauvanism. Overall an interesting piece I thought might interest you.

    I don’t have many things to disagree with Buchanan on, except for what has seemed like an acceptance of the failure of the country’s culture, foreign and domestic policy with minimal pushback from he who has always been somewhat of an elder statesman, even though he wasn’t elected. Maybe its just my age, but I would have been more confrontational were I him. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered and the die was already cast. Hindsight.

    Still, Buchanan deserves recognition for consistency in what is by far the least gay flavor of Conservatism of my lifetime.


  8. I have a college ejukashun and live in a coastal, cosmopolitan urban area. Yet I’m not a shitlib with an electric car that has a Ukraine flag bumper sticker on it. And I never took the clot-shot. I think I deserve some kind of special recognition.

  9. Intellectuals won’t ever get their fingernails dirty.
    The barbarians are going to have a grand old time!

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