Donald Trump Attacks “Disloyal” Evangelical Leaders

As a “fascist,” I couldn’t stand Dump’s cult of personality when he was in office and spent most of my time making fun of it. I disliked the people who modeled themselves on Trump. I will never forget that his last act as president was to pardon a bunch of black rappers and Jewish criminals while leaving the January 6 protesters out to dry. Nick Fuentes also abandoned his “Groyper Army.”


    • If it one thing working class Whites want it’s “prison reform” ? ,man-boy “love” and “lowest black unemployment” ? seriously a Trump campaign person in Florida during 2020 said ” you have to understand White men are dieing” ??? and after all Trump’s treachery White people are the only ones at his rallys ?

  1. The election of 2ö24 is going to be a fascinating watch – it and it’s aftermath something for the history books.

    Not that I think that the Democrats, who have seem to have a lock on ‘counting votes’ in Swing States, can lose, the election, per se.

    However, winning the election is to the aftermath like conquering a land to occupying it. They are two very distinct things.

    How we go through the election, and how we come out of it will go a long way to determining how quickly certain inevitable events arise.

    As to President Trump : what I enjoy about his presence is how he keeps ruffling the feathers of those who would prefer to lay low in the weeds and stalk.

  2. I m feeling American religious right evangelicals will try to virtue signal that “we re not racists” , “we love Israel” by going for one of those two Hindu Indian converts Louisiana governor Bobby j , or that horrible Christian Indian governoress of South Carolina that took down the confederate flags and Trump made US UN Ambassador where she represented the Israeli Likud party .

    The USA tends to follow the UK in politics . The UK Conservative Party took the Brexit mandate to go “woke” and make Paki, Indians the party leaders welcome the Afghan, Syrian migrants – put some lame spin about needing more migrant workers to fund pensions serve in the government health service .

    • Yeah. They may not be ‘racists,’ but they ALSO aren’t Christians, if they think that God is not the “Supreme racist.” Creates a world, creates one specific hominid group (Adamkind) late on the evolutionary scene, and imbues only Him with ‘image and likeness’ to Deity.

      Then, chooses from among that race only certain elect ones, and eventually, has His Son incarnate into Adamic Humanity, bypassing all other races….forever.

      “Europe is the faith, and the faith is Europe…I say again, renewing the terms, The Church is Europe: and Europe is The Church.” -Hilaire Belloc, A.D. 1920. 

      As Justin Martyr (d. A.D. 165) so clearly said, ‘Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel.”

      Yeah, Evangelicals are a cult. And not True Christians of Christendom.

  3. Well, he did deliver their “victory” in overturning Roe v. Wade. Granted, banning abortion doesn’t help evangelical Christians in any way whatsoever, but it’s what they said they wanted…

  4. Evangelicals should just drop the pretense and admit they’re more Judeo than Christian for the way they slobber all over the almighty state of Israel. They do have that in common with The Donald though.

  5. Nick Fu is a spoiled brat and an elitist snob, hope a working class guy teaches him a lesson.
    And Dump is a flaky megalomaniac, a largely out of touch billionaire, he’s also an old boomer.
    Trumpism isn’t a set of principles or an ideology, it’s a cult of personality.
    The best thing you can say about Dump is he may be better than a neocon like a Bush, Cheney or McCain, which ain’t saying much.
    I find Rand Paul and Ron DeSantis much more respectable than Nick and Dump.
    We need principles, not personas.

    • @Karl…

      Excellent comment, Karl – we need men of honour with good comportment, not just scapegrace rabble-rousers.

      That said, sometimes a scapegrace rabble-rouser is the only one for the job.

      So it was in 2016.

      Going forth, however, it is clear that we have some good choices, some of whom you mention.

      Be well!

    • Rand Paul is all for “criminal justice reform” which is just a euphemism for freeing nappy headed savages to prey on us. DeSantis is an unknown quantity when it comes to foreign policy but all of the available evidence suggests he is completely owned by the tribe of Abraham and it’s Wall Street Yankee money grubbers.

  6. The other problem with Evangelicals besides their worship of Israel is their worship of the US military. It will only take one false flag for their young men to trip over each other on the rush to the military recruitment office. Worse still, it might only take a couple of well made “Top Gun” like movies to start the mad dash. Normally, such enthusiasm would be encouraging in a well ordered White nation however Imperial DC has been grinding up young White men for no good reason for all the last 123 years and even earlier.

      • Unfortunately, Casper, many Evangelicals have fallen into idolatry, this in thinking that modern Israel is The Promised Land, when the Bible makes clear that, as Christians, our Israel is our life together, in Chryst.

  7. “I will never forget that his last act as president was to pardon a bunch of black rappers and Jewish criminals while leaving the January 6 protesters out to dry.”

    Exactly, Dump is the guy who pardoned Solomon Rubashkin and Scooter Libby, among others. Very telling. Well…, ultimately I stand by both my statements. Yedolf was a great troll and still a net loss for the ADL, but Nick Fuentes himself is scum, glows brighter than Chernobyl and should be avoided at all costs. Just like Richard Spencer.

  8. Not convinced. The accuser calls Baked Alaska a Groyper. Anyone can call himself a Groyper. But who are these idiot losers that went in? Were they instructed by Fuentes to go in? Was this a rump group acting on its own? Former Groypers that formed a new toady group?

    We know who tore down the barriers and pushed the losers in, it was the FBI.

    I watched Swishy Nick that day, what I saw was that he was keeping his people outside.

    Can’t stand Fuentes. But not convinced of this accusation.

    As an aside, it is funny that his house jogger ran off and got married to a white chick. That whole charade has already fallen apart.

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