The Tipping Point: Sheila Jackson Lee and Antiwhiteism

We know from all of these polls that White Christian Nationalism is simmering in the Republican base which in recent years has become increasingly redpilled and sensitive to antiwhiteism. The response to the Sheila Jackson Lee hate crimes bill is particularly heartening though.

The story is spreading like wildfire on social media:

This proves what I have been saying for the past two years which is that White Advocacy is going mainstream.

Note: Contrast how cucked Southerners were on MLK in the 1990s with the fact that a majority of Republican voters now oppose MLK Day.


  1. Beehive Sheila and Lizzo 2024.
    It will take something drastic to finally wake up normie civnat YT’s but there are some who will fight to the end for a system that plots their demise.

  2. As you can see in the WEF speech, the trans-Atlantic deep state is well connected, essentially one entity, one empire and has great plans for bad goyim and BadWhites alike. I think, I mentioned some time ago myself that hate speech laws, including denial laws on the big H, were in the making for Murica. But the real worrying development is that these people, literal enemies of their own demos, are planning to use the same “nation building” methods they used in Afghanistan against the Taliban and “insurgents” in Iraq against BadWhites on both sides of the Atlantic. Maybe they will target the extreme end of the left which commit actual acts of terror as an alibi occassionally, but it should be clear who their main target is going to be.

    And yeah…it’s yet another huwhite pantsuit girlboss very giddy to introduce all of these things. Sadly, it’s hard to ignore the pattern.

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