The Immigration Act of 1965

eah writes:


What the hell do you think is going to happen when malevolent racial demagogues like her and Cori Bush are leaders in a nation where ‘people of color’ are the majority, and nearly all of the adults among them have heard their entire lives about how ‘racist’ and ‘privileged’ Whites are, and how those vile ‘racist’ and ‘privileged’ Whites cruelly exploited ‘people of color’ in an ‘institutionally racist’ society.

So stop ‘whining about it on the internet’ — just get used to it.

What a stupid fucking faggot you are — not to mention a colossal hypocrite. …”

Good question

This is why you no longer post here.

BTW, this is Sheila Jackson Lee’s House District in Texas. It exists solely because of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Just like all the other majority-minority House Districts in the South like Alabama’s 7th Congressional District which includes Selma.

Guess who voted for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 which would be amended by Sheila Jackson Lee’s bill? Guess who supported using the National Guard to integrate our public schools and universities?

Guess who voted to construct the system that completely changed the racial demographics of California and the rest of the United States, toppled the Jim Crow system and unleashed a social revolution in Southern politics by replacing the old White segregationist strongholds in Congress with majority black House districts?

Immigration Act of 1965

In the Senate, both senators from Alabama voted against the Immigration Act of 1965. In the House, 6 out of 8 congressmen voted against it. The other two from Alabama didn’t vote on the bill.

In the Senate, both senators from California voted for the Immigration Act of 1965. In the House, 34 out of 38 congressmen from California voted for it with only three voting against it and one congressman didn’t vote on the bill.

Civil Rights Act of 1964

In the Senate, both senators from Alabama voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In the House, all 8 congressmen voted against it.

In the Senate, both senators from California voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In the House, 33 out 38 congressmen from California voted for it.

Voting Rights Act of 1965

In the Senate, both senators from Alabama voted against the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In the House, all 8 congressmen from Alabama voted against it.

In the Senate, both senators from California voted for the Voting Rights Act of 1965. In the House, 35 out of 38 congressmen from California voted for it.

Civil Rights Act of 1968

In the Senate, both senators from Alabama voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1968. In the House, all 8 congressmen from Alabama voted against it.

In the Senate, one senator from California voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and the other didn’t vote. In the House, 32 out of 38 congressmen from California voted for it and one didn’t vote.

I’ve been repeatedly told this is a “small problem.” The people who created this ARE NOT responsible for the consequences of their actions.

I’m also “innumerate.” I’m unable to count the number of times that White libtards in California voted in Congress to create the system that is in place today. The people who are truly responsible for this are non-Whites who were only 6% of California’s population in the 1960s. That’s ahistorical bullshit.

What did you think would happen as a result of the Voting Rights Act? Well, the whole point of the legislation was to empower people like Sheila Jackson Lee and Jim Clyburn, and to punish Southern Whites who were evil racists. The Voting Rights Act is working exactly as it was intended by the people who designed it which was to create majority-minority House districts which would empower White libtards in Congress.

Those same people will also throw another tantrum about “white supremacy” like the one after Dobbs if the Supreme Court finishes off the Voting Rights Act in its current term.

Note: This doesn’t exist without the Voting Rights Act. These people are just pawns who are in Congress because their White libtard masters put them there.


  1. “For f*’s sake, white people, come up with some NEW MATERIAL. And this time, don’t make it a belief system that was hatched in the Middle East rather than in Europe. And don’t think you can find salvation through a belief system whose adherents worldwide are majority nonwhite.
    “the religion of European Christendom was not egalitarian in any modern sense”
    Oh, really?
    “Do not mistreat foreigners who are living in your land. Treat them as you would an Israelite, and love them as you love yourselves.” —Leviticus 19:33

    “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” —Galatians 3:28” ~Jim Goad

    • Christianity has been replaced by a belief system created in Europe … Enlightenment liberalism with a modernist sensibility. That’s what is currently devouring the host.

      • Hey, Hunter Wallace, given your recent posts dealing with Christian nationalism and your comment on that Counter Currents article about the Giles Corey’s Sword of Christ, I was wondering: care to read the Intro and (partly finished) theology chapter to a book I’m writing, one which, among other things, shows the compatability between true Christianity and white/economic nationalism? If so let me know and I’ll email it.

    • ” this time, don’t make it a belief system that was hatched in the Middle East rather than in Europe.”

      They did, it’s called ‘Deism’.

    • goading,you smell like a hasbara Jew.We love God and His Son Jesus.We love the White race.We don’t love the foul smelling children of Hell called the Jews.

      • Most of the middle east, Northern Africa and western Asia was populated by white caucasians for thousands of years until a couple hundred years ago.
        This proves that multiracial society and multiculturalism has been weaponized against Gods actual chosen people for a VERY long time..

  2. Modernist liberalism, certainly….and Yankees. Is there a difference? Yankeeism infested everything after 1865. The South was prostrate. Even subsequent Southerners in power like Woodrow Wilson couched everything they did in some variant of Unionism and paid tribute to the Yankee. Wilson thought he could capture white American unification at his point in time, sever it from the Constitution’s abstractions, and thereby ensure white hegemony, “progressivism.” His vision derived from a phantom in his Southern mind. The exact opposite happened, and the fruit is the 1960s. Northern and Western whites soon showed their colors and Wilson looked like a fool. Now we are tyrannized by coons forever. Wilson is precisely why I am mistrustful of all self professed “dialectical” rhetoric.

  3. All of it from the 1960’s but for how long can we pretend it is 1964?
    Bull Connors (D) is long gone as are segregated fountains.
    The melting chamber pot is not going to work and when it gets to India levels of crowding with people on top of each other, it will get ugly for all races.
    There is some whining but also brain storming and you can find all kinds of stimulating contents in the comments of various pages. Moderate to weed out whiners.
    Whiners should go see a head shrinker or get some Big Pharma plan for better living through chemistry because the cavalry isn’t coming.
    The best thing I ever did was walk out of a shrink session with some proto-Karen Nurse Ratchet when I said that the pills were complete crap that made it worse and she became furious.

  4. No, I’m not an American. I’m one of 22 million black people who are the victims of Americanism.
    One of the victims of democracy, nothing but disguised hypocrisy. So I’m not standing here speaking to you as an American, or a patriot, or a flag-saluter, or a flag-waver, no, not I!

    Malcolm X

    • @Melting Pot…

      Apropos of your comment and this article, I would mention that Malcolm X was one of the black leaders who worked against Martin Luther King.

      If I recall correctly, Malcolm said the following : ‘You, Dear Martin, with to make us equal to The White, but, dependent, but, we, on the other hand, do not care about equal, but, wish to be independent.

      Thanks to the alliance of the Jews and Northeastern Gentiles, we got dependence, and we’re all the worse for it, above all The black Community which has suffered a grievous fall from where it was when I was a kid.

  5. Keep in mind, California had a tremendous generational change from the 1930s to 1960s. Orange County was very strong Klan territory. “Japs not wanted”, was a common sign in WHITE neighborhoods. I think WWII made a major change in the thinking of many Americans, maybe the result of all the war propaganda.

    Before Fair Housing, back in the 1950s, there was some legislation that outlawed racial covenants on land titles, i can’t recall what it was.

    • It was a Supreme Court decision in 1947 which was about restrictive covenants in St. Louis. This shit has been going on for a lot longer than most realize.

      • “Supreme Court decision in 1947 ”

        Hmm, ’47 , same year the military was ‘integrated’. I suspect subsurface activity, unknown to us.

    • See

      “Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 U.S. 1 (1948), is a landmark United States Supreme Court case that held that racially restrictive housing covenants cannot legally be enforced.

      “The case arose after an African-American family purchased a house in St. Louis that was subject to a restrictive covenant preventing ‘people of the Negro or Mongolian Race’ from occupying the property. The purchase was challenged in court by a neighboring resident and was blocked by the Supreme Court of Missouri before going to the U.S. Supreme Court on appeal.

      “In an opinion joined in by all participating justices, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Fred Vinson held that the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause prohibits racially restrictive housing covenants from being enforced. Vinson held that while private parties could abide by the terms of a racially restrictive covenant, judicial enforcement of the covenant by a court qualified as a state action and was thus prohibited by the Equal Protection Clause.”

    • Indeed, California was once a white paradise. Hard to believe now. Btw, I think it was a Supreme Court ruling that outlawed racial covenants. When my family was selling my grandparents’ house in the late 80’s, they found one of those covenants.

  6. Arrian- Racially restrictive covenants in real estate deeds were presumed legal under the freedom of contract doctrine until the bogus quasi ‘Southerner”(from Missouri) Harry “Solomon”: Truman became president- he integrated the Armed forces. Then the Supreme Court ruled racial restrictive covenants in deeds unconstitutional under the 14th amendment in Shelley v. Kramer(1947) -the race was on from that point onward. In truth Jewish power and influence had been scheming up the Civil Rights Movement since before WW2. Franklin Roosevelt reneged on his promise to Jimmy Byrnes of South Carolina and gave the vice presidency to Truman in 1944 under pressure from the Jews who knew what they had in store for America even then. Byrnes was talked into resigning from the Supreme Court in 1942 by Roosevelt to head up the War Mobilization Office(and did a bang-up job at it according to everyone- even the Jews!) Byrnes said he would-if Roosevelt would make him his vice presidential candidate in 1944( most in the know realized that Roosevelt had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel by then- including Byrnes)- Roosevelt agreed but reneged- Byrnes was a staunch segregationist,while Truman was known by insiders to be an integrationist. If Byrnes had stayed on the Supreme Court he could have blocked Brown, Shelley v. Kramer and Sweat v. Painter(integration of law schools in Texas), and numerous other integration cases. As it was after the war Byrnes became governor of South Carolina and led the “Massive Resistance” movement to racial integration, but lacked the institutional federal governmental power he would have had if he had stayed on the Supreme Court, or if Roosevelt had been a man of his word and made Byrnes his Vice President. Imagine how different our history would have been if Byrnes had been President from 1945 to 1956.! Once again, nice guys finish last, as Leo Durocher said.

    • @ Blowtorch Mason

      Thank you for the detailed explanation.

      “unconstitutional under the 14th amendment in Shelley v. Kramer(1947)”

      Didn’t that start a chain of ancillary rulings , in the 1950’s ? Just gutted most urban communities and lead to the great suburban ‘WHITE flight’.

    • @ Blowtorch Mason

      One time you did a detailed explanation of Brown v. Did you save that audio or publish it in text ? It was very good in explaining the behind-the-scenes (((trickery))) used to pass Brown.

      I think all pro-WHITES should hear it.

  7. To understand an era, one needs to understand the era that immediately preceded it. Hindsight is normally a useless and draining angle of thought.
    Many whites who are now Conservative may have been leftists in the 60’s. They felt that by streamlining social laws into one system for all, blacks may evolve into replicas of whites. The pattern blacks followed in later decades was yet to be witnessed, and afterall, blacks were forced to come over as slaves. Many rode the wave of that thought. Up to that point, blacks had only known slavery or Jim Crow, so many people, black and white, likely felt blacks were due, and equality should be at least trialled.
    My own view is blacks shouldn’t have been brought over, yet should have been returned to Africa after 1865 as a last resort. Some Africans would still be in America now as more recent arrivals, but their numbers would have been far fewer.
    And I digress:- here in Australia, our leaders constantly go on TV to remind viewers how ‘popular and successful’ that multiculturalism has been in Australia. How popular it was/is, we’ll never know, as it was never put to a referendum. People in every white country have to endure this kind of treachery and bullshit every day.

    • Yes,
      Whatever happened to the ‘WHITE Australia’ policy ? (((Subverted))) like most everything in Western culture.

    • “blacks may evolve into replicas of whites.”

      Too bad, they didn’t read Jefferson.
      Better yet, have his experience.

    • How popular it was/is, we’ll never know, as it was never put to a referendum.

      Extremely doubtful that it was ever, at any point, popular. The disquieting fact is it seems to be growing less and less unpopular with each passing year; not more unpopular – which you’d hope for and welcome – but less unpopular. In other words, people may not think it’s “great” or anything, but it’s also not seen as particularly objectionable. So if there is a rising current of resentment, it’s doing a good job of not advertising itself.

      Also, it’s disturbing when I meet some young full Anglo kid, and he talks like a retarded Maori, so I assume he’s from NZ, but I ask and it turns out no, he’s just from some fuxxated working class shithole and he’s assimilated to the speech patterns of whatever riffraff lives there. They tend to “get it” when I bring the convo around to some of the usual talking points – which is something, not nothing – but I’m virtually never left with the impression they understand anything about the urgency of the situation. (That said, this is by no means an exhaustive survey of working class racial attitudes, lol, so keep that in mind.)

    • “And I digress:- here in Australia, our leaders constantly go on TV to remind viewers how ‘popular and successful’ that multiculturalism has been in Australia.”

      Yeah…if that was the truth, they wouldn’t have to go on TV to announce it.

  8. Why are there so many Irish in San Francisco?

    Hundreds of thousands of Irish people left their homeland, and many came to California during the Gold Rush. Irish immigrants made up the majority of San Francisco’s working class, constituting 13% of San Francisco’s total population and over 21% of the labor force in 1870.

    • Because they were starving to death, watching their wives and children die. They would do anything for food, as you would. They were desperate for money, very desperate.

      Ireland’s population has never recovered to pre-famine levels.

      • Yeah, the Irish were all broke and starving, but, they were able to pay for travel to California from Ireland.

        It must be a Roman Catholic miracle.

          • Believe that, you will believe anything. The “infallible” Roman Catholic Pope is another good example. Just another Catholic miracle. LOL.

          • @RB turned into Orange Head

            >The “infallible” Roman Catholic Pope

            And how about the “infallible” Protestants since they are now supposed to be basing their religion on the “infallible” Word of God and not following the doctrines of men?

            You are trying to divide and conquer the South and Whites in general through the religions of mankind.

            I left organized religions 30 years ago and there are some out there who do know Truth.

            Now you take every doctrine in mainstream Protestantism and prove conclusively that each doctrine is scripturally sound based on the Holy Scriptures of God and can be crossed checked through the different translations/versions each is not based on the traditions, thoughts, babbling of fallible mankind. (If you search hard enough you are going to find that some “scribes” actually inserted verses to support their man-made doctrines of their church into their version of the Bible which cannot be found in the other ancient texts) .

            I am not trying to turn this into a religious debate and so should you refrain from trying to push religion and sort out men/women based on these fallible worldly religions of mankind today.

      • Answer man why did Phil Hart co-sponsor the 1965 Immigration Act?? Because he wanted a ham sandwich??

    • @RB

      Hey, yid…”hate” to interrupt your hate speech against the Irish but…

      …The city has long been home to a thriving and growing Jewish community, today Jewish Americans make up 10% (80,000) of the city’s population as of 2018. The Jewish population of San Francisco is relatively young compared to many other major cities, and at 10% of the population, San Francisco has the third-largest Jewish community in terms of percentages after New York City, and Los Angeles, respectively. The Jewish community is one of the largest minority groups in the city and is scattered throughout the city, but the Richmond District is home to an ethnic enclave of mostly Russian Jews. The Fillmore District was formerly a mostly-Jewish neighborhood from the 1920s until the 1970s, when many of its Jewish residents moved to other neighborhoods of the city as well as the suburbs of nearby Marin County.

      …According to a 2018 study by the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, Jews make up 10% (80,000) of the city’s population, making Judaism the second-largest religion in San Francisco after Christianity.
      — Wikipedia: “San Francisco”

      Give it up, yid… The world still hates you a million times more than they do the Irish…

      Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair … because you’re going to need them…

      • Nobody has come knocking on my door after all this time. I use my real name. Did your mommy name you Banned for Life schmuck?? What are you afraid of? The boogeyman?

  9. Lets give credit where credit is due, the 1965 Immigration Act, is better know as the Hart-Celler act.

    Phil Hart was the chief Senate sponsor of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, also known as the Hart-Celler Act….

    The grandson of Irish immigrants, Philip Hart was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, to Philip Aloysius and Ann (née Clyde) Hart. His father was a banker who served as president of the Bryn Mawr Trust Company. He received his early education at Waldron Academy, and then attended West Philadelphia Catholic High School.

    I do not think it is fair to blame the Jews……or the Muslims or the blacks or the Mexicans. But there is a group of people who have got their fingerprints all over this mess and have escaped blame up until now. Are you a Great American?

    • (((Emanuel Celler))) had far more influence in getting the act passed than Hart did. Hart was a spoiled rich brat of Irish descent. He’s buried on Mackinac Island, a place where the wealthy hang out for entire summers. Celler was a crypto-jew who was nominally Catholic and no doubt really liked the church after the Vatican II apostasy. In any case HW’s point about this monstrosity and the others listed is dead on. Jews could not have accomplished all of this destruction without lots of help from whites, nearly all of whom were shitlibs of one kind or another. Most of these whites are infidels. If they attend a church at all it’s out of family tradition and the kind of churches they attend might as well get rid of the cross and all other Christian symbols and replace the six-pointed devil-star and pentagram. Traitors all – who fully deserve whatever fate befalls them.

    • Having never looked into Hart’s background, I was startled by what you presented there, from his Wikipedia entry.

      Some years ago now, I made a brief visit to the grounds of Little Flower High School, which sits in the upper part of North Philadelphia. A staffer who was providing me information I was seeking for family history mentioned that the students—all girls—are not permitted outside the school building during the school day. This, as she did not bother to say but as I’m sure she knew I understood, is because Little Flower is in “a bad neighborhood,” as one euphemistically says.

      Ultimately, I could not help but be struck by the irony of that. An elder relative, now dead, had been among the students who’d entered Little Flower in its opening semester, Fall 1939. As a third-year student, she’d have started on September 8 of that year, but the first-and-second-year students, i.e., those who’d go on to spend all four high-school years there, started on September 1, the day Hitler’s army entered Poland. Without getting into unnecessary detail, I’ll say this elder relative, a somewhat-distant cousin, had once expressed to me her view that Little Flower had been established, by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, to provide a campus where the Catholic girls—i.e., white girls—would be away from the dangers to which they were by that time being exposed in lower parts of North Philadelphia. As the school’s staffer had unintentionally made clear to me, the neighborhood’s “change,” as one also euphemistically says, had reached once-safe Little Flower.

      Before the opening of Little Flower, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia operated only two high schools for girls. One, downtown, was Hallahan, which, in 2021, closed, after more than a century. The other was West Catholic Girls, which, in 1989, absorbed West Catholic Boys, the school that, as the passage you presented made clear, was attended by Hart.

      Though, as I’ve made clear here, at Occidental Dissent, often enough, I am entirely out of sympathy with the neo-Confederacy, I am often struck that, as a Philadelphian of Catholic ancestry, I am, in a way, like Mr. Wallace, our host, and the other Southern Nationalists here. That is to say I’m a representative of a culture that America has ground under foot—or is, at least, in the process of grinding.

      Should the descendants of the late Senator Hart wish to visit the place where he attended high school, they will find that impossible. If I’m not mistaken, the present West Philadelphia High School, a modern public high school, stands where once stood West Catholic Boys, the school he attended. Whether or not he intended or realized it, he and his ilk prepared the path to the obliteration of much of white America, including his own background. See

      • Irish/Catholic revenge and hatred of the Anglo/Protestant probably does play a not insignificant role in all of this.

        • An interesting episode is the so-called Great Railroad Strike of 1877. As I was struck not terribly long ago, it might better be termed the Great Irish Upheaval. It took place about three weeks after the hanging, in Pennsylvania, of the first batch of Molly Maguires



          You’ll notice that the Mollies are not mentioned at all in the text proper of the entry I’ve linked first above. They’re mentioned only in a footnote, i.e., in the title of a contemporaneous book:

          “The history of the great riots. Being a full and authentic account of the strikes and riots on the various railroads of the United States and in the mining regions. Embracing brilliant and graphic pen-pictures of the reign of terror in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Chicago, and other cities. The conflicts between the troops and the mob. Terrible conflagrations and destruction of property. Thrilling scenes and incidents, etc., etc. Together with a full history of the Mollie Maguires”

    • @RB

      What’s the matter, yid? Can’t get the public to hate the Irish as much as they do you Jews?

      You are a failure…George Soros needs to quit paying you for sure. You are a bad investment…

    • Our Southern Intellegence agency, recently completed their background check on r.browning / NANCY BROWNSTAIN and the results are, seems brownstain when it was a young, blossoming he/she, brownstain fell into aquaintancenwith a young IRISH street pimp, by the name of ” CORKY FLYNN “, well miss brownstain, received the cork treatment from ” Corky quite thoroughly, during this de- flowering process, seems young brownstain became quite enamoured with that magical elixer, known as ” IRISH TESTOSTERONE “, young brownstain was happy, working the street corner’s and trolling the alleyways for his young ” IRISH ” Beau, but , alas brownstain’s happiness, was not meant, too last, poor, pitiful brownstain, found it’self surretipously, dumped by the young ” IRISH street pimp, for a muslim pretty boy and the language of the dossier, states the ” IRISH ” pimp’s last words too brownstain we’re and I quote ” brownstain, you can spin and swish, but you can’t SWIRL, bye…….this is the beginning of brownstain’s, IRISH mania……

      • LOL. If you have any Confederate ancestors they sure as hell were not Roman Catholics—someone converted to Roman Catholicism. That happens, particularly among the “Greatest Generation”.

        Don’t take your “buyers remorse” out on Browning.

        • Orange, I have Blood kin, who fought on both sides, I personally am a Southern Soldier, none of my family have been catholic, or are now Catholic, but I have friends who are catholic, I resent the little people, being insulted and picked at, I also resent evangelicals being insulted and picked at……Nancy boy brownstain, likes too throw darts, I like too throw “Southern Hypersonic Missles”, I’d put it up brownstain’s ass, but he would like that, so it’s right between the ugly beady eyes of yours brownstain……….metaphorically speaking that is………

      • “Our Southern Intellegence agency…”

        Great comment … Now if “Jack Corbin”/HW/etc could “pinpoint” this anti-Irish cancer… there would be “dancing” in the streets…

  10. When we start naming Catholics like we name Jews we may finally start to get somewhere! Naturally, the Irish Roman Catholics have been the premier WASP haters, and, the Catholic evil shows up in the votes on bills like Hart-Celler.

  11. Great breakdown Hunter.I enjoy articles like this where we see what really went into our demise.We were sold out by Jews and their greedy/brainwashed White allies.This system is corrupt.Only Whites who advance the Jew agenda were allowed to become part of Congress etc.Only those in the South resisted somewhat(at least against the obvious)but even that was broken by media and education brainwashing.We are in the End Times and there is not much left worth saving.I say let it all come crashing down.This world is not our home.Our most true White ancestors await us in Heaven.The Bible says never give up and I haven’t on a personal level but I have no hope for the White race to thrive on this planet again.

    • @Rebel Roy…

      “This system is corrupt.”

      Actually, the system is not intrinsically corrupt, if I may – but too many of the people who run it.

      I know this beyond any shadow of a doubt, because I grew up in this country, a long time ago, and essentially the system was the same, but, because there was more honor, and basic human sense, things worked better.

      We have a people problem, or, perhaps better to say, an honor problem.

      That is a very very serious issue, and one which, as far as I know, has no fix except a reawakening in Christ.

      Political systems can be exchanged – just watching the endless regime changes of the Jew England Yankee government can tell you that, but, just as you can see with their endless power-mongering charades, systemic change does not necessarily bring about improvement.

    • @Rebel Roy…

      “I have no hope for the White race to thrive on this planet again.”

      Chin up.

      If you only look at where Russia was a century back, and where it is today, you see there is great possibility for renewal.

      But, yes, the way forward is paved with many boulders and stones.

    • Humanity is not immune to population changing events of the type that have happened in the past. The future is not known. It is not an impossibility for Whites to recover, although it looks bad right now.

  12. Speaking of Irish O’Assholes, that General Keane on #FoxNews is really pushing to start WWIII with the Russians!

    • O’ really, O’Range.

      So the Irish are actually thinking up ways to finally obliterate this wicked godless Yankee Empire!

      Now that’s sheer genius! More power to them! I can’t wait (if I should survive) — no more Yankees invading the South and telling us how backward we are…now that would be a pleasant change…

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