Brookings: Understanding The Threat of White Christian Nationalism To American Democracy Today

If you want to get a glimpse at how disconnected from political reality that White Nationalists arguing over the “Christian Question” has become, look no further than the latest PRRI survey coming out in February.


“The rising influence of white Christian nationalism in some circles of American politics is posing a major threat to the health of our democracy and our culture. A new PRRI/Brookings survey of more than 6,000 Americans takes a closer look at the underpinnings of white Christian nationalism, providing new measures to estimate the proportion of Americans who adhere to and reject Christian nationalist ideology.  The survey also examines how Christian nationalist views intersect with white identity, anti-Black sentiment, patriarchy, antisemitism, anti-Muslim sentiments, anti-immigrant attitudes, authoritarianism, and support for violence. Additionally, the survey explores the influence Christian nationalism has among our two political parties and major religious subgroups today.  

On February 8, Governance Studies at Brookings and the Public Religion Research Institute will host the release of this new groundbreaking national survey …”


“Among religious groups surveyed, white Christians are the most likely to think that newcomers threaten traditional American customs and values. This includes about two-thirds of white evangelical Protestants (65%), a slim majority of white mainline Protestants (53%) and half of white Catholics (50%). By contrast, four in ten other Christians (40%) and about three in ten Hispanic Catholics (31%), Black Protestants (29%), religiously unaffiliated Americans (27%), and members of non-Christian religions (27%) also say immigrants are a threat to American society

White Christian subgroups exhibit the most support for replacement theory: half of white evangelical Protestants (51%) and 41% of both white mainline Protestants and white Catholics agree that immigrants are invading the country. In contrast, 26% of members of other Christian religions, 21% of members of non-Christian religions, 21% of religiously unaffiliated Americans, 19% of Black Protestants, and 19% of Hispanic Catholics agree with this statement. …”

As this stupid argument goes on, poll after poll is coming out showing that Republican voters have soured on the MLK federal holiday and don’t believe “white supremacy” is a problem anymore and have become more concerned about anti-Whiteism than anti-black racism. White racial attitudes on the Right are hardening to a degree that hasn’t been seen since the 1920s.


      • And if the population you rule is as craven, corrupt and spineless as Americans? You can do it by name calling and little else. Just lob a few ‘antisemite’ smears to get them in line and they fold as if they’d been nuked. lolol These slaves are pathetic.

      • As someone I know once said, Ivan, “If I want to know about guns and ammo, I’ll ask an Aryan. If I want to know how to win without firing a shot, I’ll ask a Jew.”

        • A great comment, Dear John – and how true it is.

          Being such small numbers for such a long time, my daddy’s people long ago learned that, if you can get others to do a lot of your your fighting, things will go better.

          I think Mark Twain touched upon this when Huck Finn convinces Tom that whitewashing Aunt Polly’s fence was such a delight that pretty soon, Tom was begging Ole Huck to do it for him!

        • @English Tom…

          How right you are.

          Actually I felt a little guilty for my statement, right after posting, for the very reason you suggest.

          All the best to you and yours, in our Mother Country.

  1. It’s sad to watch people keep voting for an ideological construct, anti white, pro minority, atheism, transvestism, homosexuals, feminism, etc,etc. and yet, their community’s are dying in a pile of secular sewage. I’m sure the same thing happened in Ancient Rome, Christians watched the empire slowly fall apart, while the Christian’s built a new world from it. Modern secular society will keep declining until reality is finally recognized. Unfortunately, it might reach epic Road Warrior levels of ruin before that happens

    • @Shadowbass…

      “It’s sad to watch people keep voting for an ideological construct, anti white, pro minority, atheism, transvestism, homosexuals, feminism, etc,etc. and yet, their community’s are dying in a pile of secular sewage.”

      Yes, very sad – heartbreaking really.

      Instead of cheating on my wife or buying a new sports car, when I went through the change of life, I spent my time dealing with my feelings of despair by being a secessionist.

      Well, I’ve gone through the change and have figured out how to cope a lot better, with the way things are, but, I still am a secessionist.

      As I am fond to tell my wife : ‘Honey, we’ve got to live long enough to see those people who are tryin’ to destroy the South fall from power and be discredited’.

  2. “White racial attitudes on the Right are hardening to a degree that hasn’t been seen since the 1920s.”

    Plz, plz, oh plz be true.

    • @Arrian…

      I keep reading about this great change of attitude, but, in The Olde Confederacy of Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia, I do not see much of it.

      Hope I am wrong, for I am oh, so tired of the lethargy, indifference, and ennui.

  3. “Majorities of almost all religious groups agree that white supremacy remains a problem,”

    Mindless gibberish, composed by some (((editor))) to skew the public’s perception of ‘what is popular’.

    In the words of Dr. Pierce “oh so fashionable”

    • White supremacy was never a problem. The attacks on it by jews and liberals is the problem. The true definition of White supremacy is the method by which White Europeans created America and made America into the great country it once was. America is no longer great and it’s rapid decline is commensurate with the demonization of White supremacy.

      • Yes, DiCarlo, though other races made contributions to the building of this country, most notably the Negro, it was principally the White tribes, above all, the Celtic, which built this country.

        That said, life is a garden, and if you do not prune, fertilize it, and do the deadheading and weeding, what you built will soon be overcome.

        Whites are paralyzed by a self-consciousness Organized Jewry has created – that conflict namely being whether it is right to consider this land White.

        Until Whites, collectively, come to some new position on this matter, we will stay at this juncture.

        Do Whites deserve to have any countries of their own, or are they obliged to be a minority everywhere?

        That is the existential question…

        • What could you possibly believe that niggers contributed to this country? Chaos? Nonwhites, of which niggers are the primary example, are parasites within White European created societies. None of them conceived or designed the political framework of these nations or possessed any of the engineering abilities required for the creation of a complex infrastructure or a technical industrialized system: aka ‘civilization’. Without White taxpayer support & the Welfare State supplying them with limitless money, these niggers would perish like the unfit parasites they are. Unable to create a ‘first world’ social order on their own, they invade the West by the millions for free endless material goods & sustenance.

          White Americans naively and foolishly thought that giving an impulsive, low intelligence, and irresponsible race of people with no concept of consequences or responsibility and certainly no moral foundation on which to build a way of life other than the demand to get whatever they want and allow them the same rights and freedoms as Whites that would lead to greater harmony between the two races. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

          • @DiCarlo…

            “What could you possibly believe that niggers contributed to this country? ”

            In my country, Dixie, Negroes have made a big contribution. They have worked in every aspect of our endeavours, including in our homes.

            They inspired us with fantastic music-making, great humour, and superior athleticism.

            Negroes also have had a huge role in Southern cuisine. All the finger-lickin’ good barbecue, within 60 miles of my house in any direction, is made by Negro pitmasters who get up at 1am, 6 days a week, to do the tedious and masterful work.

            Negroes have also been excellent business entrepeneurs.

            The most successful high end furniture enterprise in North Carolina history was run by a free Negro throughout the early decades of the 19th century – Thomas Hart Day wqs his name.

            Coming up at the end of Jim Crow, I saw these things, and everything else with my own eyes.

            I, as were most upper class Whites, was raised by Negro nannies. In my house Auntie Myrtle and Auntie Mary were mine.

            They were beloved members of my family and I will not not acknowledge their very direct contribution to my life, and that of my family..

            So, maybe your country, outside of The South, has not had a big Negro contribution, in your view, but, down here he has made that, and I will acknowledge it and I will honour it.

            I will not every be a part of wishing to dishonourable things to Southern Negroes.

            Thank you for your comment. your thoughts are always appreciated.

          • @DICARLO…

            “White Americans naively and foolishly thought that giving an impulsive, low intelligence, and irresponsible race of people with no concept of consequences or responsibility and certainly no moral foundation on which to build a way of life other than the demand to get whatever they want and allow them the same rights and freedoms as Whites”

            This is Northeastern thinking, Sir.

            #1. There is no such thing as ‘White Americans’, for we, of The South, hold ourselves apart, as a separate tribe of people.

            We have always been different than y’all well up yonder way.

            An example of this?

            We never thought to do what you say here.

            We fought against it, and we still fight against it, though now we do so by more dishonourable methods than we used to do.

            In fact, we ought not allow Whites who come down here to vote. to do so, for they have far less in common with us than do our Negroes.

            White and Black Southerners, generally speaking, are separated by blood.

            White Southerners and White Northerners, generally speaking, are separated by soul.

            Soul differences are more troubling than blood, even though we, in The South, believe things go best when people who have both in common run things.

            In the end, as The Jew England Yankee United States falls, White Southerners will do as we still do – run our lands, though, we will not have to grapple with alien interference, to the extent we do today,.

            As to our Negroes : they will be better off – because they will be required to work, required to be with their own women, required to behave well, and they will be encouraged to tend to themselves.

            If they do not want they, they will go up yonder to be with y’all, as they have always done.

            In the end, White and Black Southerners will do as we have always done – work together, but, we will always have our separate tribes, and their various concerns.

          • @Ivan — So, your little village buys into jewish inspired multiculturalism. No doubt, in your village, blacks have remained the same over the years where it still seems — to you — like 1964. In the wider world, multiculturalism was invented to mask the failure of blacks to rise to White standards, after it was obvious that the jew, Israel Zangwill’s ‘Melting Pot’ didn’t work for blacks or Emma’s ‘refuse’, another jew, Emma Lazarus, whose scribblings reside inside the Statue of Liberty, but their expressed thoughts only worked for White European immigrants.

            Whites in the northeast, from DC, to Baltimore, to Philadelphia, thru NY and Boston, have been defeated by their own values and humane sensibilities, those sensibilities which you share, and the same defeat will ultimately happen in your little utopian, multicultural, village. Whites like you, just don’t grasp, even refuse to understand the fact that White altruism (Do unto others…) is not remotely a trait of the other races, and certainly not the race, which is at the bottom of it all, that passes itself off as White.

            Besides your little village, there were other Whites who thought they could co-exist with blacks. We were confidently assured by leftist whackos that South Africa wouldn’t become just another dystopia in sub-Saharan Africa descending into violence, corruption, chaos and underdevelopment. Multiracial democracy in Rhodesia and South Africa effectively meant dragging thriving White European governed countries down to the African level, blacks viciously murdering thousands of Whites, and striking a fatal blow against civilization in the name of antiracism. The end of Apartheid was the end of civilization in South Africa.

            Another example of Whites who thought they could live with blacks was Haiti. In 1789 as a French colony under White rule, San Domingo was as rich or richer in productivity as all the 13 American Colonies combined. It was considered the “crown jewel” of the French colonial system, and was in fact the most prosperous colony anywhere in the world. Populated by 40,000 Whites, 27,000 freed Mulattoes, and 450,000 Black slaves and with a bountiful climate and productive soil, it supplied all of France and half of Europe with sugar, coffee, and cotton.

            In 1791, Whites in Haiti, who I’m sure shared similar ideas to your own, issued a decree ordering Haiti to allow mulattoes to vote, and soon after a magnanimous decree ordering freedom for all the black slaves. What resulted from this extreme White Altruism exibited by the French was a bloody insurrection in which the entire White population, 40,000 Whites, were murdered, down to the last man, woman, and child. Rape, decapitation, and mutilation were committed almost universally upon their bodies. Nigs are gonna’ nog! It’s nature.

            You see, there are racially aware Whites, and there are people, “normies”, who think people are all the same. This is a fatal error, with the emphasis on fatal. Anybody with eyes to see should understand, certainly — by now, that blacks hate Whites. It’s been right out in the open for these many decades while at the same time Whites have foolishly bent over backwards to lift up blacks and to help them to succeed. For all the decades of White contributions to their betterment, the Trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, they’ve never even assimilated into White society. But at least now understanding what they really are, how hateful, repugnant, and violent they are, I’m thankful for that. I won’t even go into extreme evil your White Southern villagers did to the McMichaels to defend their beloved NIGGERS.

          • Thank you, DiCarlo, for all your thoughtful replies.

            Yes, I am aware of the history, and, yes, in many ways you are preaching to the choir.

            As The Jew England Yankee United States falls apart, if you want to form a White Ethnostate somewhere in this country which is almost entirely White (New England & Rockey Mountain States), you have my support and encouragement.

            All the best to you and yours.

          • @ DICARLO

            I think Ivan lives in a unique situation, however his experiences can’t be extrapolated to the greater population. There are anomalies, in both place and time, Ivan may be living in such an exception. He may have the good fortune to live among agreeable blacks.

            DICARLO, everything you posted above is confirmed by both my personal experiences and observations.

      • That’s the big truth of Wokeism. America actually WAS founded on White supremacy, and that is how it became the most powerful nation on Earth. The death of that confidence and will, is the death of this nation.

        • The problem is we can’t seem to get through to all of these White niggerlovers who refuse to see what these people are doing right in front of their eyes. Instead, they buy into the jewish lies that somehow it is the fault of Whites that blacks act as badly, as they do.

          Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Ferguson, and most recently, Portland and Minneapolis, that rioting, and looting are just one, jewsmedia provoked, racial incident away. The antiwhite US gov would tell us that this doesn’t mean the experiment has failed. We just have to try harder. We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, and more opportunities.

          But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president. Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.”

          The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or White privilege, or “systemic racism”. The fundamental problem is that White people and black people are very, very, different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in total and permanent social incompatibility.

      • “White supremacy was never a problem. ”

        No, but ‘black terrorism’ is rampant.
        Just try living in any predominantly black area.

  4. 01. The creation of racism offences.
    02. Continual change to create confusion.
    03. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children.
    04. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority.
    05. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
    06. The promotion of excessive drinking/drugging.
    07. Emptying of churches.
    08. An unreliable legal system with a bias against victims of crime.
    09. Dependency on the state for benefits.
    10. Control and dumbing down of media.
    11. Encouraging the breadkown of the family.

    C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, 1945.

    • “02. Continual change to create confusion”

      Spread confusion among your enemies so that you may destroy them…torah

    • Yeah, sure, Christianity is a counter revolutionary movement to Jew goals, wants, and desires. Who rules, on Gods earth truth or money? There are a lot of whores out there who are going to be taught a lesson by God.

      • What we think of as Jews didn’t exist in the first century AD. They gradually came into being over the two centuries following the destruction of their country in two wars in 70AD and after the Bar Kochba rebellion in 135AD. The inhabitants during the time of Jesus were Hebrew Nationalists loyal to the Maccabes who were usurped by the Idumean Herod propped up by Romans the way the left accuses us of propping up a bunch of unpopular rulers around the globe in the post war era. The nationalists were mostly destroyed in the two revolts, the few that escaped into the Parthian Empire lingered on in outposts whose religious zeal was admired and copied by Muhammed centuries later. Islam is the actual intellectual descendant of the culture that Jesus existed within and who the Hebrews were before their nation was destroyed and the decedents scattered, humbled, and evolved into something quite different. You do know that there is truth to the Jewish accusation that they were mistreated by the West? Living in that limbo between being a national people having a state and total oblivion allowed an unwanted step child filled with hatred for their foster parents to grow up in our midst. The yokels in flyover country don’t really think much about what went on in Europe 800 years ago and assume we are all friends in our new continent, but they sure do remember.

        • @Nioghtowl…

          “You do know that there is truth to the Jewish accusation that they were mistreated by the West? ”

          Yes, Jews have been badly treated, at times, just as Jews have, at times, badly treated others.

          Unfortunately, there is no group or individual who escapes this conundrum.

          That said, Organized Jewry has used this universal imperfection of all and focused it on Whites, in order to paralyze their theft of this land and the reapportioning of all assets, to their own ends.

          It’s almost like White Gentiles are going through a new teenage period – that of a crisis of self-doubt.

          When White Gentiles meld their desire to be good, with a realization that they have a right to their own countries, this situation will get better.

          Until then, not.

          In the meantime, Organized Jewry will do their best to keep everybody roiled up, so that everything is in the air.

          That is how Jewry likes things – unsettled, because it gives them more room to manoeuvre.

          It’s up to White Gentiles to collectively figure out this game, a game which, ironically, many individual Jews are unaware that their community masters are playing.

        • Jews were mistreated? Never mind that every single country to which the jews came in the past was beset with innumerable problems soon after their arrival. Never mind that they have been expelled from 109 locations, countries, nations, states, cities, from the year AD 250. Never mind that they have been perceived and stigmatized throughout history as unmitigated pests. Never mind that over 60 millions Russian Christians were put to death by them (the Bolsheviks were jews, financed by jew banks in America} in the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin in the gulags and cheka dungeons. Never mind that they have now taken over America.

          The jewish question and the hatred for them throughout history, culminating in their the precious holoHOAX tragedy, pretends to show jews to us as harmless little oddkins—a colossal master stroke of deception, for, in fact, they have swindled their way to global hegemony over the Western world. Let us pity and defend these poor victims, the Rulers of the World from behind the curtain, as they wage their undeclared war on us.

          The jews have always been the leading radicals, subversives and revolutionaries throughout history. Communism, feminism, “gender equality”, homosexual rights, transgender rights, sexual deviancy, pornography and sexual promiscuity – jews have led and championed all of these movements and efforts all throughout history, and of course, even to this very day. The jews absolutely hate traditional Western civilization, and have worked overtime to critique, subvert, debase and ultimately destroy White civilization and traditions. The jews have poisoned our minds with subversive, degenerate ideas, and have normalized debauched, grotesque behaviors and lifestyles, including homosexuality, sexual licentiousness, miscegenation and other perverted, destructive practices. Turn on the television today and you will see how far we have fallen.

    • @BrighterDay…

      “Christianity stems from Judaism. Research it.”

      Yes, and nuts stem from trees.

      Do you still regard a nut a tree?; and if so, do you eat it?

    • You’re displaying your utter ignorance. Judaism (Talmudism) is not the religion of the Old Testament. You seem to have picked up your Christian history from Cyrus Scofield, the professional grifter and con-man. It post-dates Christianity by approximately 500 years. The beginnings of Talmudism were present in Christ’s day amongst the Pharisees, who were the unending targets of his wrath. There was a small group called the Karaites who refused to accept the Talmud and chose instead to follow the Law and Phrophets. They are nearly extinct now thanks to the murderous campaign of the Talmudists.

  5. In other “Christian populist nationalism” news, Italy has seen a 50% increase in migrant arrivals since the populist Christian nationalist Meloni was in office, with an 881% increase in January over the same time period the previous year:

    Instead of sending them away, she’s copying the dumb Republican political stunt, sending them to “left wing cities” like Desantis.

    It’s almost as if “populist Christian nationalism” is actually a total bait and switch scam, designed to funnel organic discontent into dead ends and counterproductive directions, like every other center-right political movement in all of history. Who could have predicted it?

    • If I am not mistaken, you are on record saying that discontent should be channeled into electing as many Democrats as possible. Is that correct?

      Isn’t the Alt-Right position that whining endlessly on the internet and doing nothing and having no plan or strategy to change anything but attacking the people who are most sympathetic to our politics the way to go?

      • Worse is worse. Give me Desantis any day over this senile old fool and his NYC cabinet pulling his strings. The way things are going I hate to say it but George Bush Jr’s America doesn’t really look that bad anymore.

  6. Is that why the guy was asked to leave Mall of America for wearing a Jesus Saves shirt?
    How the Bolsheviks hate God and family, anything that dilutes loyalty to the state.

  7. “White” Catholics. That’s a bad joke. What like Italians, or the Irish? LOL. The Biden’s, Pelosi’s, etc.

    As the Irish, Italians and other Catholics intermarry with Latino Catholics the joke is going to be on White Northern European Protestants, the people who founded, and built the country.

    • Yeah, people like Trump, whose daughter whored herself out as the shiksa bride to a vulgar, stupid Jew.


  8. @Brad I don’t know if you have been following the breakup of the UMC? But, so far two or three major groups of “traditional” Methodist Churches have split from the UMC and taken the church property with them.

    I’m waiting for a Methodist Protestant coalition to emerge, and I would support, encourage and contribute to it.

  9. Look how far the narrative around Christian Nationalism has come in just this few months HW.

    When it began it was as their forcememe, a slur against Christians trying to attach to them a stigma of nationalism (pearl clutched national socialism by degrees!).

    Now, Whitey has began embracing it and rallying to it as a brand.

    Then the media added the White to it to try to make people recoil from the brand and the affinity White normies have with it as an identity has only increased!

    They are totally doing this to themselves.

    What are they gonna do? Crack down on 60% of the country? Good luck. Thats alot of people to piss off all at once.

    • Here’s my plan:

      1. Whine all day on the internet

      2. Attack people who are sympathetic or aligned with my politics because they are Christians

      3. Vote for people who want to throw me in the gulag

      4. Create my own political party which isn’t on the ballot and doesn’t have any candidates

      5. Read Nietzsche. Post about Hitler in Germany in the 1940s. Make that into a political litmus test

      6. …

      7. Join forces with White libtards who want to kill me to create an ethnostate they aren’t interested in

  10. @ HW,

    Dig through the whining and you’ll find some gems.
    Your choice of religion is your business and shun people who give you any grief over it.
    No third party will ever be allowed to challenge the Uniparty duopoly.
    Freddy got some things right before going insane but he was mad at God for what man was doing.
    White NPC liberals will stab you in the back just as fast as any other group.

    • “Dig through the whining and you’ll find some gems.”

      Yes, that’s true.
      If whiners would contribute to pro-WHITE causes to the degree that they whine our cause would be well on its way.

  11. “Evangelical Christian” is a self-identification as “Bible-centered” church-goer (or “almost” a church-goer, women have been known to say they’re “spiritual, not religious” and they have a “personal relationship” with the Lord). “Mainline” and “Catholic” is basically a nominal identification of someone who acknowledges that they have been baptized who stops short of disclaiming their religious background and upbringing. Yes it can mean a lot more than that, but in practice, that’s what it means. This isn’t to say post-Vatican II clergy haven’t gone liberal. Nominal religious identification is not the same as “self-identified” – a large chunk of “evangelicals” were raised as Catholics and are conservative because they were raised in Catholic families. A lot of atheists were raised as “mainline Protestant” (eg Richard Spencer).

  12. A threat to who??

    Galston was the youngest child of Hyman and Freda Galston.He grew up in a Jewish family in Brooklyn…..

    The sense of persecution rises in direct proportions to the rise in Christian……..anything.

  13. “White supremacy”, like the holocaust, is just another racket to justify outright theft of Whitey. Stop giving them your money, turn off their social media that is spying on you, and stop believing their propaganda, THEY ARE PROVABLE LIARS. In the wise words of number 43, “fool me once…….shame on….shame on you……fool me, we can’t get fooled again.”

  14. “Understanding The Threat of White Christian Nationalism To American Democracy Today”


    Jew England Yankee thinkers recognize that White Gentiles, particularly the smalltown and rural types, are slipping away from the reservation in large numbers, and seem to be mobilizing to resist having had their entire country stolen from them.

    * The thieves oft refer to their theft as,’Our Democracy’, this so as to mobilize those unaware against those who have been ‘bethefted’.

  15. So, the final figure shows that the majority of Christians are stupid, blind, or don’t care. Most of them DO NOT AGREE that immigrants are invading the country and replacing the ethnic and cultural core.

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