The Death of Tyre Nichols

Tyre Nichols in Memphis is the new George Floyd.

As with “the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes” on the West Coast, it is safe to assume that no matter what happens White people and “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” are always to blame. Facts can never be allowed to get in the way of the anti-White narrative. Memphis has had a bunch of black mayors and the chief of police is a black woman and the police officers that beat Tyre Nichols were all black.

Note: This is the most brutal beating that I have seen in a while.


    • Memphis police chief fired from a previous job in Atlanta after botched sex crimes investigation……nypost

      Affirmative Action, the gift that just keeps on giving.

  1. Niggas be wilin. Gibbes me yo han nigga. Nigga cop spray heeself. Yo dis sheet bees
    freaky. I kint breef jus watcin it.

  2. High crime,
    Brutal police,
    Failed justice system,
    This is the future of America. A result of vibrant divershity.

    Will Biden hold a national news conference on this ‘brutal aggression’ ?
    Will we get to hear about this hourly, for the next two years ?

    • A naked dude with a machete ran through a field in my town yesterday. This type of thing is not supposed to happen around here. Prepare yourselves the best you can, folks.

  3. Why would black brothas kill their own kind for the sake of White Supremacy. Wouldn’t they know they’re being played or is the more sensible explanation assign that the black officers killed Nichols because he was resisting arrest.

    • “Why would black brothas kill their own kind for the sake of White Supremacy”

      It’s from the emotional trauma of 300 yrs. of slavery.
      “It’s all your fault, whitey”

      • @Arrian,
        Black cops kill black thug………white racism.
        A tornado blows their house to pieces………white racism.
        Failure to get hard in bed………white racism.
        Whatever happens, Y Pepo dunnit!

      • Oreos kill Bro Tyre. Thus sayeth d’Wiz … (((Schlomo))). Nigga pay no ‘tenshun to dat nose behindz da curtain!

    • Orange,

      The article has a major error.

      “So, really wild chimps don’t attack people.”

      In west Africa, chimps have made terrible attacks on people. Smashing car windows and pulling out people then ripping them apart, gouging out eyes and tearing off testicles. Troops of chimps chasing a man down road then killing him.
      In this one attack a WHITE engineer got a large tree limb and rammed it into the dominant males chest, which caused the chimp to flee and hide from people.

      • “They have warfare among groups, where males kill other males, and they have been known to commit infanticide. Aggression is a common part of the chimpanzee behavior, whether it’s between or within groups.”

  4. “Tyre Nichols was killed by “racism””

    This kind of subject will continue, because it is a microcosm of a much larger debate.

    That much larger debate?

    Do non-Whites get to redo this country, from top to toe?

    It’s another reason why secession must be, because, in the end, the majority of European Americans will not choose to live in a new sci-fi nation formed by the minority/majority culture of the Jew England Yankee World Order.

    Tens of millions of us are happy with what our forefathers bequeathed us and we will not live under something else.

  5. Putler and Trumpstein used the orbital mind control lasers to burn it all down and weaken us? (honk!)
    The fat zombiefied gorilla needs to burn to the ground for being the sewer pipe of evil to the world. (H/t-RockT)
    How bout that hopey changey Fundamental Transformation into West South Africa.

  6. The overall result of our ostrich society hiding in sports stadiums and sun vacations. What else can be expected in the chaos of the modern world. Segregation must be instilled, and let each race deal with their own, in their own way. Yes indeed, the chaos is skyrocketing. My conscience is clear, as preached to offspring while raising them. Yet grandparents advice is IGNORED. Looks good on the overall population. Reap what is sowed.

  7. The anti White narrative is that evil Whites have supernatural powers to control “The Climate” – create a climate of racism.

    This goes all the way back to the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963. Lib high media priest Walter Cronkite declared that the entire White Conservative racist town of Dallas Texas was to blame for the murder of JFK – “Hate Killed President Kennedy”.

    Turned out a pro Castro Communist Lee Harvey Oswald along with apparently Mafia mob connections killed President Kennedy – way back then John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were anti Castro Communist and just anti Communist, they tried to use their father Joe Kennedy’s Italian mob connections to assassinate Castro, Castro and the Mob apparently returned the favor.

    How about some flash mob protests outside CNN?

    I strongly suggest everyone here get the electronic device TV-B-Gone, the ZOG buster. It turns off ZOG, CNN TVs most everywhere.

  8. Yea, everything bad that happens to blacks is Whitey’s fault.
    It’s never a black problem, or an individual/human problem.

    I don’t think Dems don’t need to use a story like this politically right now, at least not at the national level, so they’ll probably save most of the fake and manufactured outrage for another time.
    Just like their ‘me too’ crap went away after Kavanaugh got appointed anyway and the Summer of Floyd crap cooled down after Biden was appointed and Jan 6 became the current thing.
    Yea once dems like Biden started getting accused, ‘believe all women’ immediately went out the window.

    These people are insufferably psychotic, we can’t live with the ‘liberal’ elite, we have to get rid of them, one way , or another.

  9. If they are unsuccessful in making the narrative Anti-White this incident will go down the memory hole very soon.

    • ” will go down the memory hole very soon.”

      As does all non-WHITE crime.
      ” nothing to see, nothing to see, goy”

    • Since Blacks can’t shoot straight, they can’t taser straight, either. The cops would have tasered each other, and Nichols would have got away.

      • He did get away. They couldn’t cuff him so he broke free and ran. Being vice-lords who don’t like being dissed in such a way by a no-account nigga, they beat the shit out of him when they finally caught him. Y.T. Soopremasiss demon made them do it according to Tim Wise and rest of Talmudvision media.

  10. Got blood libel or outsourcing white supremacy?
    Note to those who think moving out to escape the mud slide or black hand of economics (H/T-PK) OBrandon has proposed the equity in housing act for every county and town in the FUSA.
    Will we finally make a stand standing on the shores of the ocean?

    • Since the 60’s it’s been official government policy to hunt down areas that are “too White” and force “Diversity” on them. Hence, “White flight”. We can run but we can’t hide. Don’t expect any Republican to start talking about “Diversity” chasing us down or putting an end to our intentional Genocide.

    • “Will we finally make a stand standing on the shores of the ocean?”

      That’s the reason there are millions of expat Americans, even blacks 🙂

  11. The real BLM is Trump and his minions (Candace Owens etc.)

    Don’t get too distracted by all this silly CNN garbage.

    • Typical ‘chimp out’. Watch nature films on chimp attacks, then watch black attacks on people, of any color, all the same behavior.

      This instance, the chimps had badges.

  12. This will not be the next George Floyd incident because it’s not an election year. Race riots are the dems get out the vote drive ever since Obama was elected. Also the cops are all black, it’s too much of a stretch. The Dems will wait 15 months and find a new incident that can plausibly be blamed on Whitey. It’s too early to stir up the savages.

  13. Seriously, those five ought to run for council after they are acquitted. I betcha Memphis would be a better place with those five in charge.

  14. This is what happens when Third World people get in charge of things, everything flops over into failure mode. The kid panicked then the black policemen lost control, killing the kid. “Racism”, whatever that is, had nothing to do with it. Whites fled from Memphis a long time ago. Local government, such as it is, is all blackety, blackety black.

    Had the policemen been White, the kid might just have been subdued, then arrested. He would have been bailed the next day and no one would have heard of him. The gross incompetence of the black police and the Memphis city government were on display more than anything else here.

    This gross incompetence on the part of colored people is expanding as they get appointed to important positions. The U.S. Government under BHO wanted more air traffic controllers “of color”, also more airline pilots. This plan was shelved under Trump but will come back under Biden.

    The effect will be to turn the U.S. civilian air traffic system from one of the safest to a dangerous system. There hasn’t been a fatality in civilian air travel in a number of years, a remarkable achievement that took decades of work from mostly White men to achieve. Diversity will crash airplanes, they can’t help themselves, they are grossly incompetent.

    The same thing is happening to the rest of important systems necessary for daily life. Failure is in our future as the U.S. becomes more of a Third World country. Demography is destiny and that destiny is failure and chaos. Apparently, this is what the ruling class wants for everyone else as they live in isolation from their policies and their diversity pets.

    • “. Diversity will crash airplanes, ”

      Have you ever seen Air Force One’s flight and ground crew ?
      Whiter than any Hitler Youth, not a bit of divershity in either.
      Seems the psychotic hypocrites that rule us don’t trust their own ideals.

    • @12AX7

      Newsom’s California is looking at letting people who have just wandered over the border join the police.

      In the UK, following a dash for diversity in the ranks of the police, many of the applicants are functionally illiterate in English and are therefore unable to correctly record crime scene data.

      3rd world status as a hated minority for Whitey appears on the horizon.

      • Being a hated minority is what we deserve, since we did not string up the people who foolishly and selfishly allowed all these hostile groups in; and also spent the 20th century slaughtering ourselves en masse for bullshit reasons. Perhaps Whites will finally learn some form of racial cohesiveness due to this, but we are going to pay a very heavy price.

      • Hello English Tom;

        One of the effects of illiterate policemen will be that criminals go free as evidence is overlooked or spoiled thus increasing the crime rate and general deterioration of the country. Of course, the wogs will naturally let their own go free anyway to get at hated Whitey. This is by design, not incompetence or stupidity as some believe. The ruling class, owned by The Usual Suspects are the real criminals behind these policies.

        They want us dead, six feet under, all of us.

  15. They are merely larping like all the other blacks in the hood. Black on black crime marches on. What does being a cop mean to these thugs? As a matter of fact if they were not cops they would be out on the streets in 24 hrs. Released by a Soros backed no bail D/A. You can take the chimp out of the jungle…blah, blah, blah. These people cannot control their emotions! It’s sad that there are so many of them ruining the South!

  16. It’s going to happen soon?

    No more local and state police forces!

    That’s the main focus with these psych optics concerning the local police acted wrongly.

    Never let your guard down!


  17. Ok, I will stop with the sarcasm. The Veritas/Pfizer video was big. ZOG came back fast with the Paul Pelosi video, and the video of these rogue gangbanger cops in Memphis. And the big guy (Soros) came through with a budget for some fake protests. Something to point the cameras at. Distraction. Get your minds off of what Pfizer is doing, Goyim!

  18. Professional niggers like Van Jones & the kikes who create & employ them can’t allow (((The Narrative))) to be questioned: errthang be duh crackas fault, no mattuh who did it or what it be.

    These implacable enemy scum cannot be reasoned with – but they can be destroyed.

  19. They were part of the Scorpion (Street Crimes Operation to Restore Peace In Our Neighborhoods) Task Force, an elite crime-fighting unit formed in 2021 to combat lethal drug gangs who were committing a rash of homicides after much pressure from the residents of Black neighborhoods. They had a policy of zero tolerance for street crime and were very pro-active about tackling potential problems. They put away over 500 drug gang members behind bars within a few months.

    These officers patrol drug-infested neighborhoods where the gangs are based. Something tells me there is more about Tyre Nichols’ death than the narrative is allowing. The autopsy may tell us everything. I think Nichols may not have been a drug dealer but a drug buyer. There had to be some reason why he was so reluctant to fully comply and be frisked. Other Blacks got the same treatment, but were let go once nothing was found. Yes, they found it scary, jarring, and unpleasant, but these are cops fighting gangs in gang territory.

    Crump is also criticizing the EMTs for not immediately rendering aid, implying Nichols bled to death. Obviously, he was not showing respiratory distress or anything else at the time which called for swift, heroic action on their parts OR like the case of Fentanyl Floyd, they could not easily work through the mob to get him to the hospital quickly.

    They are also implying that some anonymous White cop called for the Scorpion Task Force to deal with NIchols’ traffic stop; they really need a Great White Defendant to be their moneymaker. Of course they can’t seem to locate him so now they are coming up with systemic White racist supremacy which even adversely affects Black cops dealing with Black suspects.

    The one thing we can take comfort from is that the attorneys for these Black cops won’t be as hamstrung as those defending Fentanyl Floyd’s “killer,” Derek Chauvin or the White cop who shot MIchael Brown, Darren Wilson. I’m sure they will be in a position to pull out all the stops to ensure that their clients get a fair trial.

    Of course, not before the kneejerk authorities disband the Scorpion Unit and the killings of poor Black people in Black neighborhoods resurges, then the whining about no one caring about Blacks dying in Black neighborhoods will commence again until they come up with something else that will be destroyed by the next Black traffic stop refusing to comply. Rinse, repeat.

    • “…There had to be some reason why he was so reluctant to fully comply and be frisked….”

      Now I do not know, and you don’t either, the truth, but I did see what I saw. They stopped this guy for a traffic violation. Pointed a gun at him, dragged him out of his car immediately. One cop held his arm while the other screamed, lay on the ground and pushed his shoulder to the ground. Now all of you stick your arm out horizontal to the ground and then move it to your back without lowering it. You can’t without tearing all the ligaments out of your arm. That is what they were doing to him. Look at the video. Then when he did not immodesty tear his arm off, because they were holding it. They started tazing him and teargassing him. No wonder he ran off. These fools were trying to tear his arm off. This all happened very fast. What do you do in this situation if you are in it? Let them tear your arm off, taze you. I think he thought they were going to start beating him, which is exactly what they eventually did.

      I don’t know if the guy was a drug dealer but I read he was employed at FedX. I don’t believe they hire felons. I think he was just some guy and these stupid Negros decided to man handle him around because, well because they could and they thought they would get away with it.

      When they got him off on a side street they handcuffed him, kicked him in head and beat him so severely that he could not even sit up when they propped him up on a car. Obvious serious concussion, which eventually killed him. Or that’s what I say.

      We better be damn careful writing this off as just a stupid Negro thing and that he deserved it because it looks to me he didn’t deserve any of that. No matter what he was, trying to tear his arm off for a traffic stop is hardly good police procedure. Don’t forget, these people are the same thugs that may pull you over some day.

  20. Do you see the hypocrisy? Their heart bleeds for the innocent victim and yet the condemn an entire group of innocents who had nothing to do with the events.


    1. the false profession of desirable or publicly approved qualities, beliefs, or feelings, esp. a pretense of having virtues, moral principles, or religious beliefs that one does not really possess.

    Van Jones does not give a crap about the dead black kid. He cares about himself and want to use the dead kid for own benefit. Kind of disgusting, so why aren’t any black leaders condemning Van Jones? Is it the same reason the Jews and the Irish refuse to condemn the sin in their very own? Is that Uncle Ted a great a American or what? I need an answer from the Irish.

    • And just who are you, yid? Detail.

      Divide and conquer — that is all you espouse against Whites. Now, name all the “good” Irish which you can’t do since you are mentally retarded.

    • If Rod Dreher and David French can condemn their own for some perceived sin then why can’t Van Jones and Bill O’Reilly do the same? We’re just like you. We are the same. Race is only a social construct. yada yada yada.

      • @RB

        No, I asked who you really are — detail. I asked for a list of “good” Irish people which you cannot produce because your brain is not working properly.

        And no, it is NOT a simple misunderstanding — you hate Irish guts. You hate my guts because I am part Irish. You hate the League of the South for sure. You hate Confederate generals who were Irish. etc. I just hope the “IRA” will finally get a tip on where you are located. Maybe this never ending attack on the White Irish will finally come to an end. Let’s all pray.

        Secede now!

        May God Save the South!

      • @RB

        “yada yada yada”

        How about using the White equivalent: “blah blah blah”

        You are a yid for sure. Your word selection gives you away.

        Go to hell you anti-Irish, yid liar…

  21. It’s meant to distract/misdirect the public from something else…..

    Cause chaos and more division with the lower classed public warring with itself instead of the Satanic elite.

    • “Spread confusion among your enemy, so that you may destroy them”……….torah

      The chosen are Just following God’s law.

  22. Find a rural cul-de-sac, and 5 or 6 families who are like minded.
    Buy property and build your homes. Dig wells, homeschool your children. Plant and maintain a large community garden.
    When someone moves/sells have a new buyer ready to put forward to keep the community dynamic.
    We have successfully implemented this strategy in my sparsely populated “area”.
    When the SHTF you can gate the entrance etc.

    We are white families banding together with one another to thrive in the current chaos.

  23. Meet the MPD 5. The Black Faces of White supremacy! America really is an insane nation. It is also terminal. Welcome to the Insane States of America! A nation that can’t control its own streets but somehow thinks it can beat Russia in a nuclear exchange. Elections will not save you! The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!

  24. Clytemnestra “There must be a reason why Tyre Nichols didn’t want to be frisked” Answer- ” resisting arrest” is a much bigger problem with black vs white suspects for 2 reasons- First, the advent of “Blue Crush” programs- Cop cars now have a computer system onboard that allows them to scan a suspects license plate or driver’s license and find out immediately if he has any outstanding parole violations or bench warrants. Because of “Blue Crush” an ordinary traffic stop has much higher stakes game for your average black than it does for most whites. A typical white, with no appreciable criminal record, gets a ticket which he either pays or contests in traffic court. A much higher percentage of blacks have parole violations and bench warrants, so the traffic stop may result in arrest and a lengthy stay in the little metal motel-jail, in other words. Traffic stops are a much higher stakes event for blacks than whites- because most of them have a criminal record. That is why you see so many blacks driving around with drive-out tags on their cars- drive out tags aren’t in the Blue Crush computer systems. This coupled with the repeal of the ‘fleeing felon “rule in the 1986 Supreme Court case of Garner v. Tennessee means that a young otherwise healthy suspect has a better chance of fleeing an attempted arrest than before during the old “halt or I’ll shoot’ days of the fleeing felon rule. They know that they might outrun the cop , but not the bullet from the cop’s gun. Shooting a fleeing felon is no longer an option due to Garner v. Tennessee. The problem is further compounded by affirmative action police hires- women or out of shape men- which tempts more blacks to resist arrest and flee.

  25. By the way, check old film footage of police vs. blacks during the hallowed Civil Rights Movement. Bull Connor looks like Mister Rogers compared to the Memphis 5 !

    • ” Bull Connor looks like Mister Rogers compared to the Memphis 5 !”

      He was.
      Just used dogs to contain and defuse dangerous crowds.
      ( blacks are very afraid of trained dogs, their simian instincts kick in.)

  26. Typical black pack animal behavior. I grew up amongst these people thats how they are, low leading to no impulse control. When in groups they chimp out , this time they just happened to have badges

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