Kyle Kulinski vs. Matt Walsh on Homeless Drug Addicts

Matt Walsh is correct.

We can’t have nice things in this country like the sort of infrastructure that exists in East Asia because of progressive ideas about race, culture and the environment. It is not as simple as a lack of will power or political power to spend a lot of money to build high speed trains. Ezra Klein spends a lot of his time these days writing about how these projects never get off the ground in Blue States.

The problem isn’t merely all the drug addicts or the homeless people encouraged by our permissive culture. It isn’t just black people either. It is also things like environmental impact studies and litigation that makes it nearly impossible to build things. In China, the Chinese will build a hospital in like a week while here it takes years to move forward with similar projects.


  1. “We can’t have nice things in this country ”

    America is in the process of capsizing.
    Those of us with keener senses notice the roll, but most don’t.

  2. An internal faculty lounge fifth column of useless idiots is why we can’t have nice things.
    Statist utopians are incompatible with reality and will never learn anything from history with the but we haven’t tried it yet mentality.
    They aren’t the ones that we have been waiting for and never will be.

  3. “[A]ll idealism is mendaciousness in the face of what is necessary ….”
    —Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, Part 2 (“Why I am So Clever”), Section 10, Walter Kaufmann translation

  4. Yeah the Chinese build things quickly, and it may or may not totally destroy a nearby ecosystem………….and collapse in a heap three years later….
    China is devoid of clean air, waterways and animal habitats. You can’t go for a morning jog without half poisoning your respiratory system.
    You can’t drink the water. And you can’t complain about it.

  5. Matt Walsh is kind of a psychopath and probably not Christian, I think he’s a closet (social) Darwinist.
    That being said, I don’t like anarcho-tyrant Kyle either.
    The solution is somewhere between these two extremes.

    The cost of living, particularly for the working class, is out of control.
    First we should fix that by dramatically reducing banksterism, corporatism, vulture capitalism, free but unfair trade, immigration, offshoring and outsourcing.
    If that’s not enough to dramatically reduce homelessness and poverty, give people a living wage and build more affordable housing and transportation.
    Make it a lot easier for struggling people to get education and healthcare.

    If we did all that, I’m sure we’d dramatically reduce homelessness.
    As for the remaining homeless, just get a hell of a lot tougher on crime.
    Give lengthy prison sentences for felons, and people with a long list of petty crimes (years, decades).
    Only grant conditional release/parole for those worthy of a 2nd chance, no unconditional release, f up just once and it’s back to prison you go for a lengthy stay.

    We can help those willing to help themselves and others, while simultaneously locking up those who aren’t, we don’t execute them, but we don’t coddle them either.
    We can be tough, and tender when warranted.

    Of course nothing like what I wrote will be implemented, either because we’re too corrupt, lack the resources, and/or we’re too polarized, so it’ll just be more of the same.

  6. But what about reports that the CIA has drugged a large part of the population so they won’t cause trouble? It was admitted LSD was designed by intelligence agencies, and Timothy Leary was in effect a government assistant. The system is happier with a collection of dopers and underclass who don’t rock the boat, or Vets who are simply dumped by the military when they’ve served their purpose.

    As for the problems of infrastructure change, we’ve become the mandarins, and they’ve become us. Much like China’s opium problem is now our drug problem.
    But capitalism has always had contradictions. I read H.G. Wells’ 1904 The Food of the Gods, where Boomfood, a new kind o f food, makes children who eat it become giants. They become a quasi-aryan race, and some of them propose to build new roads “to get rid of these silly lanes.” The giants try to build a superhighway, but every step they are stopped by property rights, contractors, railroads who don’t want the competition, etc., showing how intransigent capitalist society can be. The giants decide it’s time for a new race with new ideas of communal ownership and progress, and the book gets interesting.

  7. O/T-Breaking-outsourced white supremacy cops are Vice Lords gang members.
    Background checks and competency are constructs of the white male patriarchy.
    Honk, honk!

    • … and Clown-World just rolls on unabated even a tiny bit. The Vice-Lord gangstas hired by Memphis PD are now Murika’s most famous white-supremacists (at least for the next 15 minutes). Mostest famous Knot-Zee Yedolf now safely back in the Jew-Jew Box with a new white whore.

      Cheetohead the Clown is now on the campaign trail promising to ‘really fight the deep-state’ this time, after four years of hiring nothing but deep-state minions. Still not on his beloved Twatter because Jared might get bad feelings if he went back – much less show up at place like Gab where Talmudic Satanists are not worshipped. YT keeps on going around the mountain over and over again.

      PV’s revelation of the goings on at Pfizer – which have not even been denied by Pfizer’s lawyers – are thus shoved out of the news in favor of the latest circus-acts from Clown World.

  8. There is a certain class of people who don’t want society to function, the liberal left, they seem to exist for negativity alone. The general public should live in fear of crime, criminals are more important than the average citizen. People like Soros apparently think everybody lives in a gated community and has the means to hire private security. You get shot or beaten, just live with it. How people get this irresponsible is beyond me.

    Although the reactionaries running around saying there is no climate change seem every bit as stupid and unreasonable to me. What the hell has to happen before these morons stop the dogshit. I guess they want to live in the past and just aren’t going to accept that it isn’t 1965, Elvis has left the building, and a long time ago.

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