The Memphis Cops Must Be Charged With Hate Crimes


If “white supremacy” and “racism” caused the death of Tyre Nichols, then the Memphis cops who killed him must be charged with committing a hate crime like the McMichaels in the case of Ahmaud Arbery.

National Review:

“What is the alternative? In fact, there are a couple.

The first is that the five cops should be treated in precisely the same way as would a self-professed white supremacist. If, as has been claimed, the actions of the five men were indeed driven by the “pernicious effects” of “anti-Black racism,” then the men presumably ought to be charged with hate crimes, just as a white cop in a similar situation would be. In his column, Jones proposes that “it is the race of the victim who is brutalized — not the race of the violent cop — that is most relevant in determining whether racial bias is a factor in police violence.” Well, if we follow that thought to its logical end, we must surely conclude that the victim was explicitly targeted because he was black, and that the cops are therefore guilty of discrimination. And if that’s the case, then why not charge them as such? Naturally, we would not want a situation in which the race of the cop does not matter except for the purposes of his punishment. …”

There can’t be one standard for White “white supremacists” and another for racially motivated black “white supremacists” like in Memphis.


  1. They’ll find an excuse, they’ll say we need to hold whites to a higher standard for white supremacy because it’s easier for whites to stand up against white supremacy than blacks.

  2. Forgive me, Mr. W., but once again, you, along with whoever wrote the National Review piece you’ve quoted, are failing to get it.

    Do you know how long it would take a savvy Jew to neutralize the argument that the National Review piece is presenting and that you endorse? Neutralize it? What am I saying? In a flash, he or she could turn it against you. He’d argue that the black policemen in this incident are to be pitied, as persons who’ve been manipulated or victimized by racism. America—nay, the world—would be told those policemen had internalized that racism or have been co-opted by it, that they’d chosen, in order to make the half-decent living that the system would otherwise deny them, to act in the service of that racism, to be its foot soldiers. By the time the argument were to be completed, those officers would be on their way not only to exoneration but to lucrative promotional tours, for the books that would be (((assembled and sold))) for them. The profits would be right in the pockets of your enemies, who’d be buying the next round of politicians who’d be sending your relatives off to anti-white war. Meanwhile, the League of the South would be boasting that, through its activity at Charlottesville, it managed to incur ONLY Two-and-a-Third Million Dollars’ Worth of legal liability.

    Here’s the rule—which, evidently, has to be spelled out. Avoid “Gotcha” arguments, which are ipso facto counter-productive. Avoid not learning how the game is played.

    • What HW is missing is something that the late Larry Auster pointed out decades ago: This “hypocrisy” conservatives speak of when discussing shitlib arguments like ‘white soopremasee’ being the cause of Vice-Lords hired as cops behaving as they did is not actually hypocrisy but in fact a lie which somewhat conceals the shitlibs’ true agenda: erasing whites altogether. They aren’t usually willing to come out and state this openly (though now they increasingly are – moreso than Auster, who died in 2013, ever experienced) because this can have the effect of normies seeing what they’re really about.

      As J. Bonaccorsi notes, there will be no hate crime charge because hate crimes are not really what shitlibs say they are about. They really about establishing a totalitarian regime in which all speech shitlibs don’t approve of is deemed to be “hate”. Bonaccorsi is also correct on what the net result of such an attempt at ‘PC-judo’ – something the cucks at NR have been advocating at for years – would work out in actual court. PC Judo is kind of a shadow which follows in the wake of the DR3 idiocy spouted by the cucks of NRO.

    • Exactly right, John Bonaccorsi. There is no double-standard; there is only ONE standard, and it’s anti-White. The narrative standard is whatever it takes to arrive at an anti-White conclusion.

    • That actually brings to mind a fairly good sequence in that strange “feminist” remake of Battlestar Galactic in the early 2000s. They had the woman from Dances with Wolves play the Iron Lady President to make some statement about women, but she had a truthful line in one of the early episodes where they found a spy on board who was a Cylon who looked just like a human and as the interrogation went on over the episode he managed to raise suspicion amongst the investigators interviewing him against half the senior crew. Near the end she realized it was time to pull the plug on the interview and toss him out into space and gave a speech to the effect of “all he’s managed to do is poison our minds against each other and I want him gone.” That’s EXACTLY what the left does and all these arguments and hustles that the Historic American Nation allowed them to spew into our ears over the last century out of “fairness” instead of smash them like we briefly did with the Palmer Raids and what has it got us? A house on fire, full of burglars.

  3. NO. NO. NO !

    This is giving validity to the concept ‘HATE CRIME’. Something is either a crime or legal, nothing else !

    This concept of ‘HATE CRIME’ is opening a Pandorra’s Box to prosecute anything called ‘HATE’, including speech, publication, opinions etc.

    Prosecute for crime and crime alone, that’s sufficient.

    • Hate crime laws were made just for big Whitey. I assume when anyone kills anybody there is some element of hate, unless your a psycho, you would require a level of hatred to bring yourself to take the life of others. Just like so-called “assault” weapons, if I commit aggravated assault with a baseball bat, they can call the bat an “assault weapon”. The wordplay and the euphemisms are the loopholes the scumbag shitlib politicians use to subvert the first and second amendments.

      • “The wordplay and the euphemisms are the loopholes the scumbag shitlib politicians use to subvert the first and second amendments.”

        “It is by words you shall conquer” ………….. torah

    • @Arrian

      That’s precisely the point. By charging this as a hate crime, those cops are perpetrators AND victims at the same time.

      Victims of the systematic racism embedded in our societal institutions, brutalised into acting “White.”

      The collapse of the West can’t come fast enough!

    • @Arrian – Yeah, sorry; that Pandora’s Box was opened some time back. In other words, that ship has already sailed, as we used to say.

  4. HW, have you read The Sword of Truth series?

    I’ve been going back to my roots and reading fiction again because if I don’t its only a matter of time before modernity makes me fling muhself from something tall…. anywho I’ve been finding alot of analogy and wisdom in places like this that can’t be found in academic and historical literature, in modern visual media like TV and Hollywood, are totally absent from social media because of censorship etc.

    In particular the grimdark genre has appealed heavily. But, the epic fantasy series like SoT have really raised my hopes in people.

    You might find some welcome diversion in these, some hidden wisdom.

  5. What is this all about? It’s about defunding Law Enforcement. They don’t want Law Enforcement or common citizens even so much as touch a Black Thug while all of them takeover our cities / towns and destroy America. Now my state is getting so bad off that we’re #1 in the nation in incarcerations. So what’s MS’s solution? Oh just be a typical Conservativetard and talk about how we don’t have any money so we can’t build new jails and prisons. Of course the Death Penalty….oh that’s just horrrible. So now our jails and prisons are overflowing. So now Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs (in private) are saying they no longer go looking for misdemeanor crimes. So what’s next for Mississippi? They going to stop arresting people for felonies? This is the continued death spiral of Mississippi and the US and I think both are going under…it’s just a matter of time. Police now can’t enforce some laws and eventually no laws. That will only result in defunding the police. It’s happening right before our very eyes. This libertarian wave going on has quickly turned into Anarchy. So will this continue? Will the government just keep going in this direction and going the other way? Surely not. It’s only a matter of time before they stop being worried about being called racist and sure find some money for the Justice System and this country will reduce Freedom and Liberty lower than it’s ever been and all because of the Anarchy goons. It will take some time…not long as Anarchy aka no government involvement and no law enforcement will collapse society and the government will use new and strong authoritarian measure that will stop the Anarchy. Every citizen will be worse off…even if it’s a safer place. Deo Vindice!

  6. The anti-white Jewish Chekist Garfinkle is not going to charge the Memphis badge-apes with “hate crimes.”

    “Hate crimes” are merely ginned-up charges used to get whites for political offenses.

    • “Hate crimes” are merely ginned-up charges used to get whites for political offenses

      Then it will be used to expand laws against us, ‘hate speech’, ‘hate literature’, ‘publishing hate’, ‘hate conversation’. Eventually,. a gathering of WHITES would be a ‘ hate gathering’.

  7. In Memphis the psychological testing of police hasn’t worked! I would like to see the results of the killer apes MMPI test (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) and who evaluated their MMPI.

  8. Local enemedia Bolsheviks are prattling on about the “scorpion unit” in the CPUSA owned and controlled muh community zone of Memphis while comparing it to local specialized units.
    The comrades wanted “community” policing and now they have it.
    The blood libel or outsourcing of white supremacy hasn’t been mentioned but the greasy haired Bolshevik RAT of national news is coming up.

  9. Blacks are passive and will simply say, as John does, that they are controlled by evil whites. John, don’t do the same thing with the J obsession.

  10. Racial antagonism is the only thing standing between our “ruling elite” and the gallows. Understand the signs, the more racial antgaonism is amped up the more “our ruling elites” feel threatened.

    Those Lutherans who knew enough to mind their own business and try to live their lives in peace, instead leading and ruling in the affairs of man, are coming off like geniuses.

  11. Looks like the usual suspects are really wanting to gin-up some rioting. Cops in Govna Gav’s sunny shitlib utopia of Californistan (Huntington Park) just gunned down a black male in a wheelchair who jumped out of the chair and was running away on his stump legs. Looks like it was a diverse group of the badge-gang including negroes and whites (or perhaps Peruvian octaroon). No doubt also because white soupremacsee! How can there be white soupremasee in a state where YT be less than 40%? (Yes I know the jews and their shitlib shabbas-goys will always be able to ‘splain).

    • Had to be Mexicans (i.e. any hispanic from south of the border) in the cop mix, they are all over the place in California and as policemen are notoriously extra violent, corrupt and incompetent. They especially hate blacks however and are always extra brutal to them. The black vs. Mexican hatred is the longest running and deepest racial antagonism in California although now Mexicans have driven out blacks from many areas simply because of their great numbers and propensity towards violence.

      The black guy who was shot came from Texas originally where run ins with the police caused him to be shot in the legs resulting in amputations. Texas is of course full of violent, corrupt Mexican cops too. The guy was apparently engaging in TNB which brought on his troubles in the first place. Going around, even in a wheelchair, sticking big knives into people is just not conducive to a long, healthy, happy life anywhere.

      This sort of thing is just more of the wonders of diversity. It turns out when the White man leaves order, cleanliness, professionalism, good judgment in public affairs, honesty etc. (even if not perfect) departs and the law of the predator returns unchecked. Wait until the lights go out in California like they are in S. Africa for a real example of the law of the jungle.

  12. It seems like a long time ago when the police were expected to protect and serve. Now it sems like they show up and look for somebody’s ass to kick.

    They can’t even say why they stopped this guy, just pull him out of the car and beat him to a pulp.

    I think the cops have been doing this for a long time, kill somebody and then lie out of it, they got away with it until everybody had cell phones and could record stuff.

    And there are crap asses that will defend police whatever they do, like George Floyd, he died of a drug over dose, I’m sure that being choked to death by having somebody stand on his neck for ten minutes had nothing to do with it.

  13. The entire “justice system” has been taken over by Jew, Talmudism. Grima Wormtongue has to be thrown out on his Jewish keester before anything can be changed in this country.

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