Matt Walsh: Sam Smith’s Revolting New Music Video

Lil Nas X is a tough act to follow.

How do you top that? How do you make an even more degenerate music video in order to stay relevant in “mainstream” pop culture? What do you have to do these days?

Note: Matt Walsh is correct that this stuff is just boring and repetitive these days. The same is true of Antifa riots or crying “white supremacy” every time some black guy dies in police custody.


  1. Who?
    Gimmicks and PR marketing campaigns have zero to do with talent.
    Lemmy Kilminster never needed a vocoder.

  2. As a Gen Xer I occasionally experience culture shock when switching channels from MTV Classic to the channel where contemporary music videos are aired, MTV Live.

    I need eye bleach after seeing obese negress rappers and gays that would even shock Boy George fans! Yuck!

  3. Leftards can still shock the masses, they just need new material, even the trans thing is getting old. Hopefully people never accept trans, but if they do, shortly thereafter leftards will find more taboos to break.

    • Hence the remark attributed to Valéry (though I personally have not encountered the source): ““Everything changes but the avant-garde.”

  4. I agree that this is total garbage but I have never heard of this guy until it was brought up by Walsh for the own the lib clicks. Not only is this indirectly promoting this obvious grifter pop “artist”, it’s pretty pathetic to get hung up about this weirdo. Turn it off, stop giving your money, and in this case get it far the hell away from your kids.

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