Tales From The Movement: Feds Charge Neo-Nazis Who Plotted To Blow Up Baltimore’s Power Grid

BTW, I read the comments in the spam and trash folders.

The trash folder is full of cranks who 1.) are either sounding off about how Christianity is a Jewish religion or 2.) the types of people who are angry that I criticized people like this in my Tales From The Movement series. The guy from Atomwaffen whose roommate went nuts in Florida and killed his other roommates for insulting Islam is back in the news for being entrapped by an FBI informant in an alleged scheme to blow up Baltimore’s power grid. These people always end up dead or in prison.

I wasn’t even going to bother to cover this until I noticed that The Base is also back in the news this morning in a large article in New York Times Magazine.

“Sitting in a courtroom in Greenbelt, Md., Brian Mark Lemley Jr.’s long, unkempt hair fell over his green prison tunic. It was October 2021, and for most of the previous two years, Lemley had been in federal custody, usually out of the reach of his family, his lawyer and, because of Covid-19, a barber. So unsympathetic was his appearance, so much did it suggest the domestic terrorist that the government accused Lemley of being, that Lemley’s lawyer felt compelled to apologize for it. “He doesn’t normally look like this,” he told the judge. “He’s gotten one haircut in the two years that he’s been at the jail.”

The federal prosecutors in the courtroom said that Lemley harbored and armed a Canadian man, Patrik Jordan Mathews, who had crossed the border illegally and who now appeared alongside Lemley as a defendant. From 2019 to early 2020, the prosecutors said, the two men discussed killing Jews, Black people, officials, police officers and members of Antifa. The defendants were members of the Base, a hate group that had ambitions ranging from defacing synagogues to overthrowing the United States government. None of them were realized. After a nationwide sting operation, at least 16 members of the Base were arrested.

The evidence against Lemley appeared damning. The prosecutors showed the court photos of guns and military equipment seized at his apartment, footage of him at a Base training camp, screenshots of Lemley’s text exchanges with other Base members, emails with the leader of the Base and selections from hundreds of hours of video and audio surveillance the F.B.I. recorded of Lemley and Mathews fantasizing about committing mass violence in order to help usher in the Boogaloo, code for a new American civil war, and a white ethnostate in its wake. “You need an atrocity to make people angry enough to get serious,” Lemley had written fellow members. In a conversation shortly before he was arrested, on Jan. 16, 2020, he asked Mathews, “Why in the world would you not inflict bloody vengeance upon the world when given the chance?” …”

Maybe all of this is a coincidence … the DNC condemning White Nationalism, the big article on The Base in New York Times Magazine, the return of Atomwaffen to the news and the big conference on the threat of White Christian Nationalism. Maybe the feds needed to put a face on the boogeyman.

Who knows?

Anyway, nothing good ever comes out of getting mixed up with tards like this whether they are real people with half baked ideas or federal informants. The outcome is always the same.


  1. Yea, these aren’t the sharpest bulbs of the “movement” and how much of it was egged on and funded by the FIB.
    All groups are always infiltrated.

    (apologies to Colonel Cooper)

  2. Yep. Timing is suspicious. More than anything, because we are given so little reliable information by the media, timing and coincidence of stories tell you more about what is actually happening than the content of the media itself.

    These people are dangerous one way or another, and should be avoided.

    • “we are given so little reliable information by the media”

      Of course, they had gasoline in their car’s tank and loose nails in their garage, obvious bomb making material.

      We have (well paid) witnesses, they were planing to steal mirved nuclear warheads from Minutemen silos and nuke major cities.

      They were going to drain the Atlantic Ocean , so Putin could invade America with tanks.

      They took little babies from incubators and threw them on the floor.
      (Oops, wrong witness.)

  3. “The Base” huh? You know what that term is in Arabic? You might have heard it before: Al-Qaeda. It’s not a term a Muslim into jihad would be very likely to employ. Those folks prefer names like Ansar al-Islam (Warriors of Islam) or Hezbollah (Party of Allah). The Islamic Brotherhood is kind of a root organization of Muslim resistance to the Anglo-Zionist Globo-Pedo project. Al-Qaeda is a CIA-Mossad creation and its famous bogeyman Osama was a longtime operative. This only reeks of Fed a teeny bit….

  4. Christianity is a Jewish religion.

    Once I encountered a Jew on Facebook who openly bemoaned the fact that it’s impossible to cultivate a guilt complex in Asians, like it’s successfully done with Europeans. “The Japanese are simply immune to all of it,” he wrote. “When you confront them with their historical crimes, they just smile and try to change the subject.” So, when you come to think of it – what exactly makes cultural Marxism so successful in Western countries, whereas it completely fails in Asia? The answer is, of course, Christianity. Without this perverse cult of guilt and self-hatred, disguised under the mask of love and tolerance, the Jews would never have been able to subjugate Europe.

    • Sorry, Bloat, you’re full of it. One of the earliest Fathers of the Church, St. Ignatius, (disciple of St. John) wrote:
      “Christianity did NOT come from Judaism: Judaism is a PERVERSION of Christianity.”

      So, you’re nothing but a shabbas Goy whose Christophobia has blinded you to all reason.
      go back to Twitter.

    • “this perverse cult of guilt and self-hatred”

      Without that, how else would they shake down the congregation to fill the collection plate? I suppose they could offer fake healings or promises of prosperity.

  5. The U.S. Government is in a bind, they look and are incompetent. There have been a series of attacks on the electric grid over the years, usually not very effective and the FBI either doesn’t know who is doing this or simply lies and blames them on “White supremacists” to reinforce the approved U.S. Government anti-White narrative. This is similar to how the FBI never solved the anthrax attacks after 9/11, bungled the investigations, accused innocent White guys, eventually paid damages to one innocent guy and drove another to suicide, then declared the case closed.

    The first big electric grid attack was in April, 2013 on the Metcalf transmission station outside San Jose. Equipment was destroyed but a blackout was prevented. No one was arrested and even NPR, the U.S. Government’s propaganda mouthpiece and well versed in telling lies didn’t blame White terrorists and speculated that unknown terrorist actors were probably responsible.


    In 2019 there was a drone swarm that flew over restricted airspace above the Palo Verde nuclear complex in Arizona twice, twice, apparently doing recon and the U.S. Government never figured out who did it.


    The latest attack in N. Carolina has these geniuses stumped again so roll out the honey pot operation to entrap some morons in Baltimore and declare victory. Of course, Chinese agents may be behind the operations against power facilities or perhaps members of The Religion of Peace.

    China must have thousands of sleepers in the country who will go on a sabotage rampage if the U.S. attacks China. Chinese are hired by the thousands at Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors and regularly send technical info back to China. The U.S. Government doesn’t prohibit Chinese people from working there because they swore an oath when they became U.S. citizens and because of diversity. Same with The Religion of Peace types, they are off limits because of diversity.

  6. “Federal informant”. Ya don’t say? I wonder if these two clowns could take out the transformer on the utility pole in front of my house. I also can’t help but wonder if any AtomWaffen guys joined the Ukie Azov Battalion.

  7. “the two men discussed killing Jews”

    So did Martin Luther, maybe they are seminary students.

    Yep, it’s time to bring all Lutherans up on federal conspiracy charges, all 14 million of them.

  8. Yeah meditating on the efficacy of violence for like 5 minutes is enough to make any lucid, clear thinking person stay away from planning that type of stuff.

  9. Just Another federal entrapment of two guys talking BS.
    Courtesy Sec. DOJ , Garfinkle.
    ( could there be an alterior motive ? Nah, fedzog wouldn’t do that.)

  10. Anti-Whites always use these agents’ provocateur to delegitimize and stigmatize any White person that doesn’t want their race abolished. How convenient.

  11. Brian is a member of the Base

    from the ADL website try not to piss your pants——

    October 28, 2021: Members of The Base: Patrik Jordan Mathews, a Canadian citizen, and Brian Lemley Jr. were sentenced on October 28, 2021 in Greenbelt, Maryland for planning to attack a pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia in January 2020. Both individuals pleaded guilty to gun charges, including illegally transporting a firearm, as well as obstruction charges for destroying cell phone evidence. Judge Theodore Chuang applied a “terrorism enhancement” to lengthen their sentences, asserting that the pair intended to engage in terrorist activity, citing planned attacks on lawmakers and the disruption of governmental functioning. Lemley Jr. and Mathews were each sentenced to 9 years in federal prison. Both individuals have a history of military service; Patrik Jordon Mathews is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces reserves, and Lemley Jr. is an Iraq war veteran.

    January 16, 2020: Federal authorities in Maryland arrested three men. Patrik Jordan Mathews, Brian Mark Lemley Jr. and William Garfield Bilbrough, believed to be linked to The Base. According to the F.B.I, the men, who were charged with various federal crimes, had weapons and discussed attending a January 20, 2020 gun rally in Richmond.

  12. HW, I would like to bring to your attention that Rinaldo Nazzaro, the founder of The Base, was a Pentagon contractor from 2004 to 2006 and later assisted SOCOM with counter-terrorism operations in Iraq. This was confirmed by the Department of Defense. https://www.vice.com/en/article/epd7wa/department-of-homeland-security-confirms-neo-nazi-leader-used-to-work-for-it.

    Also,the BBC alleged that Nazzaro worked as an analyst for the FBI. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-53128169.

    Direct action always fails when informants like Nazzaro create or infiltrate operations groups. The concept of leaderless resistance can be successfully implemented only by a lone individual who does not share his action plans with others. In the cases in question, these individuals flaunted their plans, failed to implement them in a timely fashion, and were arrested as a result. This demonstrates that they were never serious about taking action in the first place. These honeypot groups are organized, funded, and led by FBI informants and other law enforcement agencies to entrap individuals for the purpose of generating politically-useful propaganda. Do not take the bait. If you decide to act today in self-defense, then you must act alone and do so fast.

  13. “Neo-Nazi,” LOL. What complete bullshit. There haven’t been any “neo-Nazis” since Skokie in 1977 and even then there was only ONE.

    There are so many bogus FBI entrapment schemes out there that the default position is to simply assume that everything the FBI says is a lie.

    It’s actually quite predictable who they’re going to entrap, all you have to do is follow the propaganda on the (((network news))). If the Jewish-controlled news is on a tear about Islam, the FBI will entrap a Muslim. If the current thing is about “white supremacy,” they’ll manufacture a “white supremacist.” If it’s about COVID, they entrap some schlubs over the cunt Whitmer’s stupid restrictions. If it’s about idiots shooting up power stations, they’ll entrap somebody for talking about that.

    The timing of this is pretty obvious, just a couple of weeks ago some clowns tried to shoot up a power station near Seattle with some crude zip guns, turns out they were some kind of leftist eco-nutjobs and the story quickly got buried. Since that one didn’t fit the Official Narrative of The Regime, the FBI needed to manufacture some “neo-Nazi” bullshit post haste. Viola, here ya go — just in time for the State of the Union.

    Funny how they never manage to arrest any Antifa, BLM, Ukrainians, or pro-choice lunatics, though. There were a couple of pro-life center bombings last year… crickets.

    Fuck the FBI, they’re nothing but an American NKVD.

  14. Since the FBI hasn’t produced any arrests from the NC power station attacks, they needed this one.

    • They do have to justify their bloated budgets and it’s not a good look when these attacks continue without a resolution. Are they Chinese sleeper cells practicing sabotage if there is a war over Taiwan? Baltimore looks like it has already been hit by terrorists anyway so why choose that Third World shithole, it’s already a disaster.

  15. It was well documented by National Justice and Vice news, that Atomwaffen was infiltrated by an FBI informant who was paid over $80k to convince them to do shit like this. Why didn’t you mention that? Why do you always believe the MSM? Atomwaffen is gay and all, but they were likely setup by the FBI who is obviously trying to force a narrative here.

      • “goes without saying that there are feds in Atomwaffen”

        Not to the simply sincere.
        Most of these victims are young and naive. Easy too prosecute, because they aren’t savvy and lack legal resources.

    • I’d say if you’re white and actually don’t have any pathetic guilt about it you wouldn’t have a need to talk shit about people or their approach, despite its flaws and those whom were legitimate that made poor mistakes. Not everyone is raised in a setting or has majority positive life experiences that leads to what seems to you like better choices. These people were probably good white people that knew larping politically and grifting far harsher than anyone ever has is half of the equation or entirely delusional. They certainly did not abide by rules that would have kept them out of this but trashing them is entirely unnecessary and deeply pathetic. It’s sad. Anytime Feds entrap any white person it’s fucking sad. The people likely heavily involved in entrapping these two – James Mason, a jewess named Lizzie whom was in touch with James Mason, Jack Espinoza (Sephardic?) ‘Black Israelite whom is responsible for writing the takedown articles of Patriot Front on American Futurist, Walter Bond Eco Autist extraordinaire https://www.westword.com/news/walter-bond-radical-animal-rights-activist-pleads-guilty-to-burning-down-sheepskin-factory-5857662 whom worked with James Mason to create ANOTHER O9A entrapment group, and Kent McLellan whom, along with all of the Bowl Patrol members has been pushing into this group of people to entrap kids and people with very empty, sad and painful or difficult lives. If anyone was ever encouraged to do the Ukraine thing it was either through Moloth’s black metal festivals there, likely CIA created, and then scumbag traitors like Kent McLellan trying to recruit people to fight there and even tried to work repeatedly with Paul Joseph Landolt and Bowl Patrol scum to restart AWD as a Fed Op such as AWD Revived and AWD Fission, that was likely a collaboration of many big name federal assets and their minions – James Mason was in close contact with this jewess Lizzie, who met with Brandon and this girl right before arrest, Lizzie was very close with James Mason, James Mason was very close with Jack Espinoza AKA Black Israelite and it was James Mason whom brought him back in when other people kicked him out twice for being sketchy, Kent McLellan was in very close contact with Brandon and multiple people reported feeling like he was trying to entrap them on separate occasions and trying to recruit people to fight in Ukraine which people were completely repulsed by but Kent McLellan ‘BoneFace’, James Mason and Jack Espinoza ‘Black Israelite’ skilled almost nonstop about anti-Russian shit and pushing people to go die for Zog in Ukraine. When James Mason was on Hate Lab with ultra glowies Matthew Meelhuysen of Hate Lab and Bowl Patrol and Paul Joseph Landolt, it was Jack Espinoza who was in communications between the Bowl Patrol members and James Mason. It’s most people’s belief that Sutter was given up as sacrificial and to get people off of the trail of more prolific and newly valued entrapment informant participants. It’s very clear none of you care for the good white people whom are also white and also deeply against Jewish power over differences in faith, approach, decisions and aesthetics and I agree on many points but these frustrations can be made without shifting on people who have lost what very little they ever even had to start with from your positions where I can tell you had much better lives in foundational ways. Again, I hope for all our sakes what needs to be accomplished will occur without the assistance of people who that you clearly can’t stand but I doubt it. Major transfers of power rarely ever occur without sever forced disruption, especially when those clutching the keys are Jewish. It’s never been a desire of mine to be a part of anything disruptive but I’m weak like that, at least I know that and wish well upon those that aren’t afraid of it despite the shit they find themselves in. Most I think have learned lessons through the sometimes easy to make mistakes.

  16. There are NO coincidences and NO groups that arent infiltrated by Feds. So, you have the nuts, windups, and glowies sharing all kinds of bad ideas and they are always ready for whatever is needed for the narrative.

  17. Organized White activist groups must do background check and polygraphs on prospective members. It is not foolproof but it is a Hell of a lot better than White activist groups are doing now-nothing and accepting everyone who applies for membership. A man with money who is always there and constantly speaks of direct action or has a connection to get guns or weapons is a Fed. Expel them! In many cases they work a group or individual for years.

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