Rachel Maddow: Give War a Chance!

Skip ahead to 25:25.

Donald Trump is no longer the president.

As bad as Trump was on foreign policy though, I have been convinced by the Biden administration that these people are a lot worse. It took them less than a year to start the biggest and most dangerous war in Europe since World War II. It could spiral out of control on any given day.

What is so important in Ukraine that it is worth taking on so much risk? How important is Donbas to the average American? How many Americans can even find Donbas on a map?

Note: Rich Lowry is making the case for Standing With Ukraine in Politico.


  1. It would be very very interesting to watch the Rachel Maddow of 2023 interview the Rachel Maddow of 2000.

    The recriminations, oh, my – the sparks would fly!

  2. It is over by the Russian border and they are closer to Moscow than Kiev. (honk!)
    Civilians there have been getting shelled the past 7-8 years because they wish to join with Russia.
    Madcow doesn’t mind as she has no skin in the game and no loved ones that will blown to bits.
    Tell me more about this mythical anti-war left. (honk!)

  3. Rachel is, plain and simply, a liar. The Ukraine Government, such as it is is, was provoking war with Russia in the Donbass by attacking and killing Russian civilians in the Donbass and even on the Russian side of the border. In 2014, while BHO was Mr. President, the CIA helped instigate the Maidan Revolution in Kiev and other cities to prevent closer ties to Russia and instead, join with the EU/NATO. This is all known because the Russian intelligence services were intercepting telephone calls in Ukraine where Victoria Nuland and the rest of The Usual Suspects were taped panning their conspiracies against Russia.

    Even the BBC, first rate liars themselves admit this is true.


    The fundamental problem is analogous to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 when President Kennedy was willing to risk nuclear war to prevent the now defunct USSR from siting ballistic missiles just 90 miles south of Key West. Russia regards having a NATO country on its border, zero miles away as an intolerable risk, not an unreasonable proposition either. NATO demonstrated repeated hostility to Russia after the dissolution of the USSR in 1991.

    Apparently the U.S. position and the rest of NATO agreed with that proposition as GWB I pledged to Gorbachev that if Germany were unified under NATO, the NATO border would not move one inch further east towards Russia. “Not One Inch” was the solemn promise made to Premier Gorbachev by Secretary of State Baker and that worthless scumbag, President Bush I in 1990.


    Unlike the U.S., Russians are not historically illiterate. They are well aware of Napoleon’s invasion in the 19th century and Germany’s invasion of Russia twice in the 20th century. WWI brought The Usual Suspects to power who proceeded to ravage their country until the start of WWII. Russia sees them at it again, using their control of The U.S., UK and Ukrainian governments as their instruments to destroy Russia because of their ethnic animosity against them.

    The insuperable problem for the warmongers is that the U.S. population is not willing to submit to conscription and go to war for them. Vietnam put and end to that shit in Jan. 1973 when the Vietnam War and conscription ended. This may make the ruling class even more reckless than they normally are to try to rally public support as another massive propaganda campaign fails. They have discredited themselves through the lies behind two Iraq wars, the Afghanistan fiasco, numerous interventions and waging low level war against the Whites who make the military and everything else work.

    Give them the finger, boys when they try to sucker you into another one of their wars.

  4. Lesbo Rachel Madcow Maddow has been following Max Boot and Mittens Romney “Russia is our #1 enemy” (always has to be a White European nationalist enemy or a neighbor of Israel) for a long time.

    Hey Hunter I couldn’t get a hold of you, if you don’t mind I will post my blog regarding the latest false J prophet Konstantin Kisin. I did spell check it, I’ll proof again, if you or any other OD readers notice a typo, please note in a non hostile way, we’ll fix it.

    I think it’s important to keep going, keep writing, speaking the truth as I/We see it.

    I know what I’m observing about the latest Russian J savior, prophet Konstantin Kisin is true.

    Thanks brother,


  5. They want to fight Authority which is an eternal principle derived from biological reality, we need authority when young, and need to be authorities as parents.

    They want to defeat Authority on a battlefield, and if you don’t agree they will use the power of the state (authority) against you.

    This they call The End of History.

    As you can see, this is the latest insane New Religion and must be treated as such.

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