The Big Sort: The Fastest Growing States In America

It is not your imagination.

There has been a noticeable surge in people moving from Blue States to Red States. Alabama is now one of the fastest growing states in America.

The Hill:

“More people moved to Florida than any other state in the country in 2022, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors.

The Sunshine State saw the highest net domestic migration gains last year, with its population growing by 1.9 percent. It was followed by Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, respectively, with regard to domestic net migration totals. 

Overall, 26 states had more people move into their regions than out. 

For the past six years, the moving rate in the United States has declined, with the rate reaching a historic low in 2021. …”

The fastest growing states in America are Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, Idaho, Alabama, and Oklahoma. The states with the largest outmigration are progressive strongholds like California, New York and Illinois. Even Colorado is losing population.

Daily Mail:

“Thousands of Californians leaving the Golden State looking to escape the rampant homelessness and high cost of living are landing in neighboring Nevada, overrunning the state’s few major cities. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Reno area has seen 25,000 new residents according to reports and is expected to be one of the fastest growing cities in the coming years. 

An article published by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday found that the droves of residents are moving to northern Nevada and causing issues with pre-settled residents who are seeing rising prices and traffic troubles. …

The Atlantic:

“The left has long believed that Democratic states are the future, whereas Republican states are the past. But migration data show that red and blue might be starting to switch places. …

Jerusalem took a close look at Florida and New York, which together are a paradigm of a broader national trend of migration from blue states to red states. She found that the cost of housing is likely the single greatest factor behind the shift. “The top 10 metro areas for unaffordability are a sort of who’s who of Democratic cities: Los Angeles–Long Beach–Anaheim tops the list, with New York–Newark–Jersey City rolling into the sixth spot as the first non-California metro,” she writes. …”

The cost of housing and rent along with job growth is driving the exodus.


  1. I think it’s more than just housing costs. Blue states have become places where life is just becoming chaotic and ridiculous. The Left is utopian and constantly upending the social and cultural world people live in. Basically, they plow up the weeds they planted yesterday, and plant new worse weeds today. There’s never a new “normal” to stabilize to. Today, your kids are taught to hate their own racial identity, tommorow, drag queen hour, day after that, BLM riots in your down town, wrecking your business , your preacher is arrested for protesting abortion, and everything gets more expensive, and politicians and cultural leaders are just becoming impossible people. you can’t have a successful society like that. So people flee to places that still have at least some cultural and politics that work. But for how long……

    • @Shadowbass…

      “I think it’s more than just housing costs. Blue states have become places where life is just becoming chaotic and ridiculous. ”

      Absolutely – Northerners have been coming South for decades because of taxes and snow.

      Now they are coming because they do not want to live in an Nihilistic Antifa hellhole.

  2. I’m afraid that Montana and Utah mountain ski downs like Park Slope will go Lib Leftist woke same as university Lib towns like Boulder Colorado and Berkeley CA – Libs like to live in beautiful mountain areas, rich Hollywood types buying up the place like they did to Aspen and Vail – these types like cheap Hispanic labor. That leaves us with the Great Planes bad lands with Cliven Bundy type ranchers – who also love low wage migrant Mestizo labor and hate anyone that went to college (That us Hunter – you and I, Jared Taylor.

    As King Elrod told Gandalf “Our lists of allies grows thin”.

    • Surprised you didn’t mention that those who are leaving these ‘BLUE’ states, are taking their IDEOLOGIES with them, as JR mentioned.

      As the old adage goes, ‘No matter where YOU go, there YOU are!’
      Without mandatory ‘re-education’ these scum will infect the red states; and soon, THEY will be just like the Jewy areas of Flah-ri-dah, and there will be no place to go- because we are NEVER leaving this earth, to be blunt. Either our enemies are removed (by any means necessary) or we WILL be genocided…. Or the end of all things, per God.

      So: Everyone is ‘AFRAID’ of doing what must be done- Conscious, invasive, and (possibly) life-threatening REMOVAL of any and all non-Whites from our land. Just like Hitler, to make an analogy.

      The (true) Nat Socs and other ‘deplorables’ are far more honest, than all the ‘Republitards’ out there. I’ve been listening to FtN, and they clearly have a vision and the intellectual veracity to back up their claims. Sadly, because JEWISH MEDIA have demonized them for decades, they can only shrill and shout, because they (rightly) believe the ‘Sheeople’ are deaf to their entreaties….because they are. Until they aren’t.

      All over, the Saxon is awaking. I hope and pray it isn’t too late.

  3. I read that the fastest growing place in Alabama is the Huntsville metro area. Also the most politically liberal area in the state.The fastest growing area in in the whole country is Austin-Travis County, Texas. Population about a million.. Long an ultra liberal bastion.

  4. We live in the deadest part of The South – very few schools, beyond elementary.,and, because of the Alan Greenspan globalization of this nation’s economy – very little manufacturing, and, thus, very few services.

    Also, this old plantation area, Virlina, is Negro-majority, which, in prior decades kept most Northerners away.

    Dead or kept away, however, no more, as Conservative Yankees have been flooding us for 2-3 years now.

    I regularly see and talk to new White faces.

    New houses going up, as well.

    I have to assume that this growing demographic shift will play a very big part in the making of the nation(s) to come – Rural and Smalltown Yankees deciding that Confederate ways are best.

    • You always show up around election time, all gentile and pleasant. You disappeared after the Trump loss in 2020, Unless Hunter banned you, which I doubt.

      I notice these things.

      • I do know I am being watched, Dear Vickey, I do know it.

        It kinda dawns on you after you’ve been married a long time.

        Yes, sometimes I take some time off here, NOT because of fine folks like you, or our wonderful host, but, because saying the same things all the time plum tuckers me out.

        I mean, how many times can you say, or imply? : secede, White Southern Man, SECEDE!

        ? ? ? ?

        In any case, all the best to you and yours down yonder way!

  5. “largest outmigration are progressive strongholds like California, New York and Illinois. Even Colorado is losing population.”

    All states ruined by jwzish wokism.

  6. Urbanites are fucking locusts. If it were me, Id have strict ideological tests for anybody wanting to move into my state. The people that made those city states what they are, need to suffer for it.

    • That should be a rule for sure. Even as a Californian it really angers me that the shitlibs that vote for all the problems here flee to areas where they have utter contempt for the people there and vote for the same god awful shit they fled. I also have an alternative theory which is that the vote rigging in the blue states are so pervasive, that it is impossible to get rid of these POS even if we wanted to, something is off. I read an article a few weeks ago that received zero attention in which 10 million “Californians” registered to vote and receive mail ballots and none were returned, that many people register but don’t vote, strange. The MM have “fact checked” this and just count this as voter apathy (10 million registered and said fuck it or procrastinated so much they couldn’t get a ballot in their mail box in the months before election day). I think there is definitely more to this if the MM “fact fuckers” are running interference for an article that did not receive any real attention. So what is it, they voted against democrats so the government nullified their votes somehow, with the never audited vote tabulators maybe. Whatever the case, don’t let these parasitic scumbag transplants californicate with your election processes if you can that’s for sure.

  7. Jesse Kelly was on yesterday touting the duty of the draft.

    He’ll be pro-DeSantis/anti-China whenever they get that going.
    “The future of America is a coalition of red states joining forces against the tyranny of the federal government to protect their citizens and you’re blind if you don’t see it.

    Get to red state and make it redder. That’s the future of America.”

  8. The dastardly MENSA feds are infiltrating and they are gonna getcha!
    The massive intellect alone is way too formidable.
    Infiltrating the one “true” church that facilitates the invasion isn’t that hard when all you have to do is walk in the door.
    The keyboards and internet connections will never go away because something might actually get done then.

  9. Unfortunately many of these Yankees and West Coasters will be bringing their libtarded progressive politics that wrecked their states along with them.

  10. Colorado was ruined by Californians years ago. Looks like the native Coloradans are being driven out at this point.

    • It was Texan’s (LBJ) that opened the gate to foreign aliens and sent them west to So. Cal that destroyed it.. y’all are FOS

    • @Whitelash…

      Your assumption was correct in previous decades, because the Yankees that were coming here were coming for sun and low taxes.

      These new Yankees, however, are coming for political and cultural reasons, and, thus, have already made a noticeable different in the election of Ted Budd to the senate.

      North Carolina is currently a purple state, but, with the rise of Smalltown and Rural Yankees coming here, by 2030 it will return to it’s former Red Status.

  11. If they were truly anti-shitlib (doubtful), they’d be an asset. Curious that they’re apparently not “re-redding” Virginia; I guess now that Va. has a reputation as a “purple” state since that scum Dubya Boosh attracted hundred of thousands of shitlib bureaucrat Come Heres with his Homoland Insecurity boondoggle, they only want to move to “sure thing” states that don’t have the terminal DC cancer right next to them.

  12. Somewhat OT, but an excellent source of all sorts of demographic information about almost any place in the country is I especially like the pie charts that show the racial breakdown.

  13. That’s great and all. However are these people bringing Yankee thinking with them? That’s been a common problem in the South for years. Plus more people means more population and more house house house neighborhoods or large apartment complexes. So in all we don’t need more population….we need less. It wouldn’t hurt if Illegal Immigrants left for Mexico. So on. People love Montana so much because people have large amounts of land and unlimited living space. Way more wilderness areas….way less population. The South should get a clue and realize that a smaller populatino is actually a good thing…so long as the people are acting right. Deo Vindice!

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