Joe Biden Orders Military To Shoot Down Cylindrical Shaped UFO Over Alaska

Well, that will show the Republicans who is a real tough guy.


  1. Lovely, Biden starting an interstellar war. They were probably going to show us how to do interstellar travel. Poor, Elon, still going to keep having to do it the old way because of Biden. Heh

  2. I commented on another blog last year after the collapse of the Polish MIG deal that an alien hoax was the probably the next goofy desperation move for these clowns.
    Notice none of the mainstream media are reporting on Nordstream. None of the White House press whores have raised the issue.
    I’m not a cruel man, and I abhor violence but right now my soul is crying out for blood.

  3. Let’s focus on everything except for America turning brown. Don’t expect any help from Republicans. They are either useless or complicit in the demise of White America.

  4. I wish to God it was a real alien craft whose superior weapons would down whatever tried to shoot it.

  5. Other than the speculating based off a picture from 2008, is there ANY physical proof that this actually took place at all? The alleged shootdown is in the middle of nowhere in northern Alaska and the government is claiming they’re recovering the wreckage. But how? They would need specialized vehicles to get there and fast since it’s winter and the wreckage will disappear in snow like civilian planes that disappear in the Alaskan wilderness all the time. The MM’s so-called evidence are just bullet points transcribed from the DoD and they would never ever lie to us about this, just literally everything else..

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