U.S. Shoots Down Fourth Flying Object Over Lake Huron

I’m at a loss for words.

I genuinely don’t have a take on this. I won’t pretend to know what is going on here. Sometimes you need to just sit back and watch how things play out. Maybe Joe Biden is at war with the Grays or whoever it is from outer space or perhaps it is a huge psy op … who knows?

Note: A senile Joe Biden will get trigger happy and start shooting down UFOs after being goaded into it by Lauren Boebert wasn’t in my 2023 forecast.


  1. There’s a thing called the jet stream, it sweeps everything airborne over Asia to North America, including Chinese smog.

  2. More money for the military. Democrats and Republicans have agreed no cuts to socal security and medicare. That leave the military as the only place for substancial cuts. So we get all these flying objects to get people on board to raise military spending. It is always money with this filth.

  3. It’s either China playing games with the US or it’s a big publicity stunt acting like Joe Biden is strong on national defense. Anybody knows. Deo Vindice!

  4. An interesting tie-in:

    A few months ago, in the UFOlogy circles, a row was made over extremely odd U.S. Navy footage (not the famous “tic-tac” vids). It featured triangle-shaped objects flying in odd patterns over a Navy ship off the coast of California. Interestingly, the official report listed these as “advanced drones, possibly from a nearby Chinese merchant vessel.”

    My guess is, these are odd, Chinese spy drones; different models than the short-range triangle-ones being used over the Pacific, these are more sleek, and built for stealth and distance.

    Another interesting take: John Keel, himself a Navy vet turned reporter on strange and paranormal phenomena, had a theory that Roswell was a Japanese fire-balloon. He makes a strong case for this interpretation, documenting a series of similar, historically-verified, failed fire-bomb attempts by the Japanese at the same time. The Army and Air-Force sent agents out to the crash sights to warn citizens not to talk about the crashes – they didn’t want the media picking up the stories and letting the Japanese know any of the balloons were reaching American soil (a war-time strategy). At any-rate, the one balloon crash at Roswell may not have ignited the landscape but sure did ignite the pop-culture imagination. (The actual description of the wreckage matches what would be expected from a Japanese fire-balloon – even down to the strange writing found at the scene that “looked like that writing on packages of firecrackers”).

    Takeaway: balloons of many types have been used in international intrigue for generations…

  5. The global soviet by any means necessary.
    Man is not a learning animal hence the revolution from the top down for the consolidation by the controllers and burning it all down for the resentful useful idiots at the bottom.

  6. Looks like they need a major distraction. Possibly to deflect from the Seymour Hersh expose of the Nord Stream attack.

    Could also be deflection for the looming banking crisis that is about to hit the world.

    • That seems the most likely reason for all of the gaslight media squawking. They’re obviously wanting to distract from some evil crap going on. All Hersh did was state something that was more than obvious to anyone paying attention. There’s likely some misinformation in Hersh’s account too (98% ice-cream and 2% dogshit). There’s also the really bad chemical spill on the OH/PA border. Stonks in NEW HIGHS today in the Clownworld copro-market!!! Better jump on in before the shoeshine boys do!

  7. These are probably just some kids grocery store birthday party ballon that floated away. Lake Huron used to have a big Air Force Base on the Michigan shore in that remote area just north of Saginaw Bay. It’s supposed to have closed a while ago and is now a big storage and maintenance area for cargo companies 747’s. Considering how small electronics have gotten it wouldn’t be that hard to hand some small cameras under a pretty small balloon and let a fleet of them wander around the globe. Probably the limiting factor would be having enough juice so the transmission got up to the orbiting satellites. Plus I don’t really know what these balloons are supposed to do that the satellites can’t see? Ground penetrating radar? Could this whole thing just be a big panic over nothing? One thing is for certain, they ain’t from outer space.

    • Not a peep about that on any national news that I have seen. Did get the story for the second time about the NMSU basketball team getting shut down for the season, though.

      Americans, you are being manipulated. And most of you deserve it.

  8. If I am not in the Spam or Trash Bin. Really?

    How Hard can we discredit ourselves?

    What is happening now is the culmination of a bunch of bravado with a majority, as if we were back in the Saxon, Viking, Christia, Gods Years.

    Never Gonna Happen.

    I am asking Us to Hold On.. Ignore Liberals. Find a Wife. Have a Baby or Two.

    There is no WIN in Raging about what They are Doing. They do not give a damn about us, and yet we Obsess and Rage about what They are Doing.

    • “There is no WIN in Raging about what They are Doing.?

      Some of us are trying to do a bit of good , by our modest means. It isn’t just rage.

  9. Aside from the outrageous fact that a conventional missile of a fighter jet costs half a mil and that’s not a story, I wonder what the markup on the actual cost of that shit is, 1000%? Defense jackals just fleecing the public with impunity, thats pro military. Anywho, I read that whatever supposed wreckage was recovered from the Chiner balloon was manufactured here. So we rely on Chiner for everything manufactured but when it comes to their spy balloons they spare no expense and buy American?


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