Mark Dice: Project Blue Beam

For obvious reasons, nothing else is really going on in the news except for rampant speculation about the origin and nature of the UFOs that have been shot down over the weekend in Alaska, Yukon and Michigan. Is it more Chinese balloons? Is it aliens? Is it a psyop called Project Blue Beam?

The COVID emergency recently ended. Some people are speculating that ginning up hysteria over an alien invasion is the next emergency which will be used as a pretext to implement some long planned globalist plot. It is just speculation though. No one knows for sure what is going on.

As for the theory that this is some kind of distraction, I don’t know what it would be a distraction from. The news cycle has been slow over the past two months. Nothing much has been going on in the news which is one reason why I have posted more historical content lately.

Note: I’m just enjoying posting the Mars Attacks! videos. I’m also looking forward to what Tucker Carlson has to say about this tonight.


  1. An environmental disaster in Ohio caused by a train derailment of toxic junk that they decided to burn off, poisoning the fallout zone…. would seem to be a good reason to try and distract us HW.

    I posted the article on it from Zero Hedge in the other article.

    • A bunch of people including Breaking Points and Kulinksi are covering the train derailment in Ohio. Tucker focused on it on his show last night.

  2. Isn’t it a distraction from the Nordstream pipeline incident and the fact that the US has put the world on the brink of nuclear destruction?

  3. The timing of this is very suspicious.

    Looks like the GlobĂ lists had to get Alex Jones sidelined with their censorship”” & legal judgements before they could roll out the Alien Agenda.

    “”Why is Elon Musk still censoring Alex Jones on Twitter?

  4. Yea this could be a psyop, or distraction from, something, on the other hand, the media could just be running out of stories to tell.
    Not much new going on in the world, at the moment.
    The media has to make money too and they’ll wildly inflate some bullshit just for the views, that’s probably all this is.
    Not everything is part of some agenda, sometimes they just need to make money.

    Yea maybe we shoot down Russian and Chinese spy balloons or drones all the time and the media and some politicians are trying to make it like it’s unusual for attention.

  5. Blue beam for sure. The federal government has zero practical application for it’s out of control bloated cost so it fucks with all of us and then provides the bullshit solution all at our expense, tee hee 🙂 Half a mil for 1 missle stupid fucks, keep sleeping.

  6. People get the “aliens” idea from too much TV. The rubes are all too quick to dismiss the engineers and (serious) physicists who broach the near impossibility of interstellar travel. Getting a 737 up to 20% the speed of light to make a 20 year journey to our nearest stellar neighbor Alpha Centauri would take the energy of say 4 million or so Hiroshima Bombs. Not to mention another 4 million to slow it down to a stop so you could get off. Then you’d pretty much be stuck there, let alone get off the surface of any earth like planet which would have to have enough Oxygen to breath. People couldn’t breath the air for about 90% of Earth’s history, even during the early dinosaur age we only had about half the Oxygen we currently have. Just the odds of a planet having not only life, (and stuff that doesn’t kill us like nasty bacteria, fungus, poisonous bugs, vicious carnivores, etc) is well pretty close to 0%. Any aliens coming here would have to use a ridiculous amount of energy to slow down to come into orbit in our solar system. There is no magic technology, we’d detect the gamma rays, UV, etc as this thing slowed down. A lot of serious scientists really ponder how unlikely intelligent life coming about may be, (unlike idealistic types like Sagan who want friendly aliens to push their “one world holding hands in friendship” type liberal ideas.) It’s the rubes these days who tell you how “arrogant and closed minded” you are for not thinking space aliens in flying saucers from outer space are giving people anal probes like in that Christopher Walken B movie Communion from 1989 that started this all.

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