1. “The West started this war”

    Yes, The West, Jewry, knocked off Russia in 1917, then, again, with the help of the Anglo-American Governments in 1989, and, since 2014, has been working feverishly to do it again.

    It is not working out this time, because the man at the top of Russia is neither corrupt nor unwary.

    That said, I am sure Victoria Nuland and Gang will continue trying.

    The question is : how long will they have the platform to carry that on, for this time, the effort is costing untold sums of prestige and bleeding heavily economic coalition and capital.

    The blood part is still little, when compare to what occurred in the 1920s.

    • “We are now entering Year Two of this.”

      It wouldn’t have lasted a month if USZOG hadn’t been feeding in mountains of weapons to the the (((mobster dictator)).

      Over 100 billion for weapons, yet there isn’t any money for catastrophic healthcare, a border fence or any other critical need.

      Ukraine is losing over 1000 troops a day.
      Oh it doesn’t matter, they’re just goyz.

      (that we will be paying for their healthcare for the rest of their lives, just watch.)

      • I’m skeptical of these casualty numbers. I have never seen any war footage, on any side, that is beyond squad level. no tank maneuvers, no sorties beyond 2 planes or a drone–just drunken slavs shooting over a wall or lobbying artilery inaccurately…
        where is the fighting?

  2. A voiceover? In that whiny faggy BBC kike accent?

    I alrady watched it three times, in subtitled video. He said absolutely nothing.

    Even the end of START was no news. Everyone already knew it. Such a bilateral treaty makes no sense in today’s world.

    There is no Russian offensive. They have no capability. Even Belarus is refusing to participate. What we will get is instead a NATO offensive, in the South.

    The Russkies are dug in quite deep down there. Hard to see NATO breaking through.

    We will see how it looks this time next year.
    Turtle and McCarthy should be billionaires by then.

    • “…There is no Russian offensive. They have no capability…”

      They don’t need one, as the Ukrainians are running out of Ukrainians. The losses are very high. They can slowly take them out, a little at a time. They don’t have to do so all at once. The longer it goes on, the more the west loses.

      The key here is energy. The psychopaths running the west are simultaneously trying to destroy the west and Russia. They need energy to do so and have screwed up ad decimated the west energy supplies. Less energy means less ability to take out Russia. Russia has all the energy they need, and most everything they don’t make they can get from China by trading energy. The west position is very bad and poorly thought out, which is typical of psychopaths. They have great ability to persevere but their wild ass schemes frequently lack any sort of rational planning.

    • You’re delusional. Russia is advancing steadily, and they’re taking out the Ukraine military in the process. Meanwhile, Russia’s casualties have been very low. This is going to go Russia’s way in the long term.

  3. It was surprisingly boring speech. But probably Vlad wanted to send a message that everything goes by the plan, Russia is winning, Government is firmly in charge, economy is fine and so on.

    It was like Airline pilot in the turbulence. Nothing important ,only calming down passangers.

    • It was basically the Russian equivalent of the SOTU address. The far more important announcement came from the Chinese Foreign Ministry two days before. This basically amounts to a declaration of war against the Empire of Lies. Speaking of which, someone has concocted a very effective faux-ad for the Imperial MIC and its plans for Ukrainians, Poles, Germans, and all those who support it. Uncle Schmuel will fight the Russians and the Chinese to the very last drop of YOUR blood, goy!

  4. He thought a military demonstration would get The West to honor Minsk.

    Now he’s in a full blown war of survival.

    • I’ll philosophize, Afterthought …

      Every once in a while, a man will find that everything he loves is threatened. Moreover, those he loves might not see the threat, might be incapable of recognizing it, no matter what he might say. When, to counter the threat, he acts—as, if he is, indeed, a man, he will—he can’t know that he will prevail; can’t know whether what he loves will be saved; whether, when the moment will have passed, he will have a place in the world, a place other than the one he has in his own mind. The only thing he can know is that, should he not act, everything he loves will be destroyed.

      To me, Putin is the greatest man presently on this planet. I agree with your second statement, that he’s in a full-blown war of survival. If your first statement is intended to suggest that he somehow made a poor gamble or that he didn’t have a clear sense of what he was up against, well, then, no, I don’t agree with that. A full-blown war of survival is what he’s been in all along, as he has known from the start.

      The pigs presently leading our country know that, too. That’s why they won’t let anyone say it.

    • It was nice, for most western leaders to admit that the Minsk Accords were a ruse, that they didn’t intend to honor, so very kosher.

  5. Good speech, but this Trump speech 1 month ago was the best.


    Hunter I have a blog in draft mode that presents this better Trump speech demanding a complete end to critical race theory and anti White, anti Asian discrimination , violent hate attacks.

    Hunter please look over, I’ll post tomorrow unless you have any objections.


  6. The Pope’s Exorcist: The Pope sends his personal exorcist to help an Irish Roman Catholic family in Washington which has been possessed by SATAN. Starring the Biden Family.

  7. Did you see China hating Irishmen, Mike Gallagher on Face the Nation? The gutless Irish coward had to bring a coolie with him. Where is Mike McCaul’s coolie?

    I touched a nerve. The Irish are leading us to hell and nobody is supposed to notice. But somebody did notice. ME.

    Why are the Irish leading us to hell? Because they are just like us, is that it?

    Racism is our greatest weapon, when used against those who hold power over us and act irresponsibly.

    Mike Gallagher and Mike McCaul this message is for you, think about your own, the very young and the very old and what will come of them for your irresponsible actions. Think about what you are doing. Think.

  8. And Russia will finish it…..

    The Western Jews are all in on WWIII and have no qualms about tens of millions or more dying.

    Israel is now back to massacring the Palestinians. Reminder that before 9/11 there was the 2nd Intifada. Jews are scheming on a global level to ensure they come out on top.

    Reminder to our side: DC and NYC are enemy territory. From here White Genocide is planned and implemented. If so called foreign ‘terrorists’ attack here this is not an attack on White Christian America. Do not respond to defend these places if Mossad/CIA are conjuring up another mass psyop to push White patriotards into a war frenzy.

    Covid was unleashed to stop the rise of nationalism in the West. The purpose was to allow the lockdown of society, change election laws, and openly steal elections. J6 Fedsurrection was meant to hide the growing outrage over the stolen election.

    Integrate the Data and Resist.

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