The Cancellation of Dilbert

I don’t know much about Scott Adams.

  • I know he is a friend of Mike Cernovich.
  • I know he is the creator of the Dilbert cartoon.
  • I remember seeing a bunch of stupid takes from him when I was still active on Twitter.

Based on what I have seen in the past, I have always thought of him as a sort of cucked Alt-Lite-adjacent Twitter personality. Apparently, he is being cancelled though now for going on a YouTube rant about black people. It seems he was unaware that millions of black people are anti-White.


“Newspapers across the country have begun dropping the comic “Dilbert” from their pages after Scott Adams, the cartoon’s creator, went on a racist rant in a YouTube video.

Adams posted a video to his YouTube channel on February 22 where he described Black people as a “hate group” and said that white people should “get the hell away” from Black people. 

“That’s a hate group and I don’t want to have anything to do with them,” Adams said in the video. “And I would say the best advice I could give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people.” …”

How is this surprising?


“Adams opens the episode of the online program discussing the presidential bid by Republican multimillionaire entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. Then, 13 minutes into the video, Adams began his screed by citing the results of a recent public opinion poll conducted by the conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports.

By telephone and online, the group surveyed a thousand American adults, with this question: “Do you agree or disagree with this statement, ‘It’s OK to be white’?”

The report found that 72% of the respondents agreed, including 53% who are Black. Some 26% of Black respondents disagreed, and 21% said they are “not sure.” The poll also found that 79% of all the respondents agreed with the statement “Black people can be racist too.” …”

The core of the Democratic Party is the toxic relationship between 1.) White liberals who hate their own race and 2.) black narcissists who are put up on a pedestal and whose inflated egos and interests the entire system has revolved around since the Civil Rights Movement. The First Commandment of American politics is essentially “Thou shalt never criticize a Black person under any circumstances.”

Anyway, Dilbert has joined Aunt Jemima and Colonel Reb and Paula Deen and the Washington Redskins in the dustbin of history. The only surprise is that this cishet White male cartoon lasted as long as it did in mainstream newspapers.

Note: As we saw last weekend, this has become such a grievous sin that you can be now excommunicated for it in the Lutheran Church.


  1. How about that Fundamental Transformation into Zimbabwe!
    Yes we can build the glorious Wakandatopia, with some help from the bestest government that the bankers can buy.
    The world trembles in fear of the might faculty lounge brain trust destined to rule for 1000 years.
    Umm, umm, umm, yes we can!

    • South Africa is on the verge of permanent collapse of their electric grid. This is with Western countries propping up the Rainbow Nation now that evil apartheid is gone. When the West goes into a tailspin because of financial collapse or some other reason, technical and financial assistance will stop and it’s literally lights out in the glorious Rainbow Nation.

      The electric grid is the fundamental utility necessary for civilization just to continue, never mind thrive. The blacks literally cannot keep the lights on even when they have retained some Whites for that purpose and have external assistance from the suicidal West. Blaming it on evil Whites almost thirty years after the country was handed over to blacks and other wogs is a lie and doesn’t fix anything. Fuck ’em.

      This is a harbinger of things to come in the U.S. because of our present trajectory of diversity. When the U.S. goes down the Third World, such as it is, will go down too, it’s inevitable. This is the course set for the U.S. and Europe by the evil, ruling elites who are using the global warming/climate change fraud to enrich themselves while impoverishing everyone else.

      • “South Africa is on the verge of permanent collapse of their electric grid. ”

        …… The S African Rand is collapsing.

        On a recent trip to the USA and return to Japan,
        Ryan dawson said ” it’s nice to be back in a 1st world nation”.

        To clear customs in Singapore, 3 minutes.
        To clear customs JFK NYC over 3 hours.
        Ah, the blessings of Divershity and affirmative action.

  2. Very similar to the once taboo that no public official including the head of the FBI could say there was an Italian American organized crime mafia. Yeah, J Edgar Hoover insisted to his dying days that there was no Italian mafia.

    Why did J Edgar Hoover and other leading media and public officials at the time insist that there was no Italian American organized crime mafia when every regular American new about the Gambino Crime family, the Colombo Crime family you know… the Mafia.

    Well look up ex Columbo Mafia family made guy Michael Franzese he’ll tell you.

    Yeah, Black disorganized crime and Black hatred of Whites is real, Black hate White people, BLM is destroying our cities, destroying our civilization, pushing out hate White people lying movies like “Till”, “D’jango Unchained”.

    That’s life.

    Cut the cable
    Boycott Hollywood
    Start pirating classical Disney back in the Day when Disney was run by Walt Disney not anti White Js like Michael Eisner or Bob Iger.


    • Jaye,

      J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed by jewish gangster Mayer Lansky. Lansky had photos of Hoover giving a blow job to Clyde Olson.

      You really need to read Whitney Webb’s fantastic two volumes “One Nation Under Blackmail.”

    • J. Edgar Hoover refused to name the Mafia because they had photographs of him engaging in homosex.

      See Whitney Webb’s Unlimited Hangout for more on that.

    • Well, with Hoover he had good reason since the mob had some “Jeffery Epstein” style photographs of him up to some homo stuff he wanted to keep on the down low. These shits refuse to call out blacks for being uncivilized. I remember in the 70s and 80s in public conversations a lot of whites used to speak out quite plainly how nasty blacks and the ghetto are. My old man came home one day, he was an undertaker, and mentioned how he “met the nicest colored fellow today, a funeral director out south” (south side of Chicago) at the hospital picking up a body. He then chimed in “some of them are good people, too bad they all can’t be like that.” Sort of implying most of them aren’t good people. I can see that myself. This narcissistic black guy at work actually thinks he’s this great father for paying child support to two different women. Now he just walked out on his wife and newborn baby and wants a divorce so he can play around. These women are all white too, and he has a new white bimbo waiting to drive him home after work. What do these white women see in him? Don’t they know blacks don’t make good husbands and fathers? Where are THEIR fathers? Makes you wish we had the Hindu strict parents arranging proper matches for their kids, doesn’t sound too bad anymore huh? Yet this guy talks about what a good father he is? What for showing up now and then? Never on the weekends though? He’s too busy partying, that’s when he expects his “baby mamas” to take care of the kids. And this is someone from the black community who at least is capable of showing up to work everyday. Just imagine the kind of disfunction from the half who can’t hold a job…

  3. “Based on what I have seen in the past, I have always thought of him as a sort of cucked Alt-Lite-adjacent Twitter personality.”

    This fascinates me, the way you’re able to slot figures who are in the public eye. You did something similar a week or so ago, when you reacted to Nikki Haley’s announcement (of her presidential bid).

    Let me see if I can find it …

    Here we go. It’s from “Nikki Haley 2024 Launches,” one of your February 14 posts:

    “The Nikki Haley lane is now in the moderate suburban liberal wing of the Democratic Party.”

    My own grasp of electoral politics is so slight that I don’t even know what that means—but I’m pretty sure you do. For me, at least, commentary of that kind is among this blog’s most-fascinating aspects.

    PS That post of yours included a prediction, too:

    “This campaign is going nowhere because the message only resonates with around 15% of Republican voters.”

    • @John…

      Miss Nikki could, at most, only garner the RINO Northeastern wing of the Republican Party – what Mr. Griffin has said.

      The now vastly diminished Jeb Bush vote.

      If White Southerners would have supported her in 20212, they will not now, not the least of which is how she behaved as Governor of South Carolina.

      That said, I think White Southerners are fast reaching the point where they will be hesitant to support any non-Whites for major office, or those Whites who even can be perceived to be remotely anti-White.

      Think of it what you will, but, we are beginning to slide back into form, after having allowed ourselves to be rousted out of it in the middle of the previous century

      That said, this process could last as long as 2 or 3 decades before we become much as we were when I was a child.

      • Thanks, Ivan, for trying to help me understand.

        As I try to follow this, I’m reminded of something my next-door neighbor said when we were, oh, probably teenagers: “I don’t understand politics. I read about it to try to understand it, but I just don’t.”

        If he and I had disparate ancestries—his Jewish, mine Catholic—we had in common (1) our American upbringings and (2) our complete befuddlement as to what the grownups were talking about. I’m going to guess you and Mr. W., our host, never had that problem.

        • You’re very welcome, Dear John.

          No, Mr Griffin and I have never had a problem understanding who our community is and what is at stake.

          That said, Mr. Griffin and I both have very serious problems trying to understand why most of our fellow Southerners continue to wish to have anything to do with remaining in The United States.

          But, for now, this is how they are – though, I would add, they seem to be evermore less that than they were just a decade before.

          Thank you for your story, and have a great day!

    • I believe that Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy are announcing their candidacy for President in hopes of getting picked as the vice presidential running mate to whichever candidate wins.

      I don’t think Haley is unaware that she is persona non grata in South Carolina after being the governor who oversaw the trashing of the last remnants of Confederate history in an overwrought, hysterical response to Dylann Roof’s antics. Otherwise she would have run for a House or Senate seat. You can call her a “Jeb Bush Republican,” but HE had enough sense to construct a museum to house them in Florida.

      Ramaswamy is also aware that he is a young, unknown who has no government experience whatsoever. That is why he, too, is bypassing a state political office or a run for House or Senate seat.

      Coming from one of the most corrupt areas in the world, these two probably believe that the Republicans (who like to copy everything the Democrats do) will cut their own deals with them to get them to bow out early so that the eventual winner will have a clear path to the nomination.

      I hope the RNC pulls its cranium out of whichever orifice it is shoved up. Whether they like it or not, they are identified as the historical White Party and most Non-Whites will see it that way and vote for the Democrats. There is a large population of Whites who see the writing on the wall and can’t be bothered to vote, because the Republican Party only stabs them in the back after assuming office. The Republicans can only win by appealing to those people and they don’t have the balls to do that.

  4. Dilbert has voiced what untold numbers of Whites have begun to think :—– Civil Rights, ‘Integration’, and Affirmative Action did not work.

    What next?

    Back to the future.

    • “Dilbert has voiced what untold numbers of Whites have begun to think ”

      BEGUN ???

      They’ve been thinking and doing for 60 years, they’re called suburbs, it’s called ‘WHITE FLIGHT’.

      Almost none have the courage to voice what most think.

      • No, Dear Arrian, moving to the suburbs, to get away from non-White neighbourhoods, is not at all the same as beginning to seriously question whether Civil Rights, Integration, and Affirmative Action were the right policies.

        People, in my childhood, just assumed these were the moral things, as they fled their own neighbourhoods.

        People now, however, have begun to question what was for decades the unquestionable : was Jim Crow actually right?

        Thank you, as always, for your conversation.

        • Yes Ivan, I see your point.

          What I contest is this, ppl don’t believe those things on a deep inner level, consequent fleeing integration, but give a superficial agreement to themselves and others.

          Ppl are hypocrites !
          ” yes, I believe we’re all the same and no difference in races. I’m moving 40 miles from work so I can endure a miserable commute twice a day.” …… any typical hypocrite
          They lie to others, they lie to themselves.

          • Thank you for your kind acknowledgment, Dear Arrian.

            Yes, there is a tendency, for every one of us, to be hypocritical.


            Because it’s quite hard to not be.

            Buddhism talks about this a lot- the stress being that, in order to be an enlightened, and therefore, upright, man, one must not be stuck deep in attachments.

            This is where the hypocrisy comes in – each one of us likes to be popular, loved and respected, and to have a nice house and all that goes with that.

            However, when you stop being hypocritical, those things you like can be put into peril.

            Now we get to another thing you say – we lie to ourselves.

            Yep, that’s what we do when we do not wish to confront our own hypocrisy.

            Basically it comes down to what my wife and I always say : either you are a person who sees what they want to see, or you try to see the truth, and be honest, come what may.

            Many of us, sad to say,. are unable to ever enlist for the latter category.

            It’s my biggest disappointment with my fellow humans – too many seeing what they wish to see – not really anything approaching the truth.

            This is why Jews do not wish to see what they are doing, and this is why White American Gentiles do not wish to acknowledge that, either, nor their role in rubber stamping it.

            Too much invested, for too many decades, in wrongness and falsity – most cannot find their way back, sad to say.

            Surprising to see how many people seem to be defensive about having swallowed lies, as if they were ever responsible for the lies in the first place, but, that is the way many humans are – you cannot tell them, or, even, intimate, that they’ve been taken for a fool, or they will hate you.

  5. The Dilbert cartoon accurately reflected engineering life in a large tech corporation. Prior to the dot com crash, the large telecom company I worked for at the time would often find its policies mocked in Dilbert cartoons. Engineers would submit new policies and management idiocy to Adams and he would thinly veil them in a Dilbert cartoon.

    Adams was partially canceled when he recently (what, within the last year?) introduced a Black character who later says he identifies as White. Outside of that character, all the other characters are White outside of one who is (Asian) Indian. It would appear that Adams is stuck in the pre-dot-com-crash era. It would more accurately be correct to have at least half of the characters Indians if not more.

    If he’s smart, he would have saved and invested sufficient shekels to isolate himself from the income collapse which will result from his rant.

    Adams was also very pro-wu-flu-jab. He has since reversed himself and said that all those who refused the jab were just as ignorant as everyone else (including himself) and only made a lucky guess. Vox Day raked him over the coals multiple times for that nonsense.

    • “he would have saved and invested sufficient shekels to isolate himself from the income collapse ”

      He probably has, being worth 10s of millions or maybe 100s.

    • “I discovered the price of free speech is really high
      and few people are willing to pay it, so I decided to pay it.”

      Scott Adams
      ( very noble thinking and action)

  6. O/T, does anyone know what the “Day of Hate” was supposed to be about over the weekend? Some are suggesting it was an ADL Anti-White scam.

  7. Very self-sacrificing of him, he knew the financial consequences would be dire. I am glad to see that he is honest on this point, i wish more people of fame and prestige would speak such plain truths.

    Murder rate in New Hampshire is 0.9 per 100k.
    Murder rate in St. Louis is 85.0 per 100k.
    What could account for such a disparity ?

    Yes, stay away from black people.
    Don’t do business with jwz.

  8. In reading the passage you excerpted from the NPR article, Mr. W., I was struck by the following:

    “The report found that 72% of the respondents agreed, including 53% who are Black. Some 26% of Black respondents disagreed, and 21% said they are ‘not sure.'”

    Notice that that perfectly demonstrates something Alex Linder used to say with respect to journalism as practiced by liberals: “You always feel as if you’re fighting the writer for the story.”

    Since this Dilbert flap has to do with Adams’s reaction not to the poll results overall but to the responses by blacks, the NPR paragraph—had it been intended to communicate the news—would have been worded something like this:

    “Although 72% of the respondents overall agreed [that it’s okay to be white], nearly half of the black respondents, as Adams observed, did not. Some 26% of black respondents disagreed. Added to the 21% of blacks who were ‘not sure,’ that’s 47% of blacks who did not agree.”

    As written by NPR, the paragraph immediately confuses. You find yourself thinking wait, what was the problem here? What was it Adams was talking about? You almost have to take out a pencil and paper and rearrange the numbers to figure things out.

    Only a week or two ago here, at Occidental Dissent, another commenter—whose ID unfortunately, I didn’t note—mentioned that remark of Linder’s. I was glad to see I’m not the only one who remembers it.

    • “another commenter—whose ID unfortunately, I didn’t note—mentioned that remark of Linder’s”

      That was me.
      Linder can make many sharply concise observations.

  9. This guy is just a left wing asshole who believes in anti-black systemic racism — everybody’s picking on the poor niggers — because he doesn’t understand the simple obvious and provable fact that blacks are where they are because of their stupidity, arrogance, their laziness, their violence, their capacity for crime, their lack of integrity, and their hatred of all others. No — we can’t all get along because blacks are violent, hateful, creatures. He’s nothing but an anti-white niggerlover with a serious case of cognitive dissonance.

    Blacks feed off of chaos, conflict, violence, disorder and strife. We see in their frequent protests, their natural proclivities as they revel in wild and excited scenes, which is likely a reflection of their innate and more primitive traits. Even in the 21st Century, black Africa is still a primitive, savage land, constantly beset by negro idiocy, violence and corruption. Little wonder they all try to make it to White countries where they can live nicely on the public dole. arrogant and horribly self-entitled.

  10. ““For a *very* long time, US media was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against whites & Asians,”
    Elon Musk

    Truth is starting to boil out from under the kosher lid.

  11. Speaking of HATE,
    What’s happened to the ‘STOP ASIAN HATE’ campaign, now that all videos show black attackers ?

    Seems that ‘ASIAN HATE’ has just suddenly vanished.

  12. According to all the kikemedia sphincters like MSN & NPR, anyone who in any way speaks out against (((The Agenda))) engages in a “racist rant’ or “screed”.

    Before I die, I want to buy some jackboots and grind the heels in their dick-nosed faces.

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