Homeless Man Murdered In Broad Daylight In St. Louis While Others Watch

Do you think President Matthew Harrison of LCMS will be writing an op-ed about this crime in St. Louis? I doubt it. The “racial justice” activists don’t care about it.

Note: A few days ago, Kyle Kulinski had another meltdown about Trump suggesting that the National Guard should be sent in to deal with this problem. We all know from bitter experience that he would just end up tweeting “Law and Order,” but he is the only politician who even suggests doing anything about the problem. Kyle is convinced this isn’t even a problem.


  1. Conceal and carry regardless of law if you have go to these places. ProTip you don’t need a hand cannon from the movies, a tiny Glock or a 38 revolver are great.

    • In the case below, Todd Broom, he used a 44 magnum, which was a good choice as the bullet had to penetrate the car door to hit the black.
      In some instances you need the higher energy of a large caliber, you don’t always get a clean shot.

  2. There is military involvement.

    “Video of the shooting was posted by an account called “Ponzi Slayer,” @ponziSTL, who professes to be a U.S. Marine and a gun enthusiast who gives a thumbs down to “Biden/democrats.” ”


    …..and military man ponzi slayer admits to training with IDF. And military man Ponzi slayer leaks story to media via one Irish reporter named Kevin Killeen. I wonder if military man ponzi slayer is of Irish blood.

    When you hear this,….China, China, China,….. blacks, blacks, blacks,…… Muslims, Muslims, Muslims ringing in your ears morning, noon and night. Think Irish, Irish, Irish.

  3. The shooting was across from Crab’s Landing in front of the historic Globe Building.

    >Big Space | Big Power | Big Fiber


    “So the location of the Globe Building is really ideal for any kind of technology or even creative oriented businesses. It’s in this vibrant corner of downtown St. Louis, which is sort of on the northwestern edge of downtown, but it’s still walkable to the arch, to America’s center, to Busch stadium. And just within a four-block radius of this building, there’s 23 restaurants, there’s six hotels, and over 1700 apartments and lofts. So it is clearly a walkable neighborhood.”

    I would suggest using geospatial intelligence to avoid walking in vibrant neighborhoods.

  4. When Trump had the chance to send the National Guard into cities to quell the Summer of George riots, he Tweeted instead. Why anyone thinks he would actually do it now is beyond me.

    • Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I can’t help but think Trump is being set up as the phony White savior. Heads they win, tails we lose.

      • Your only salvation is through Christ. Put not your faith in men.

        “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save. “

  5. “as others watch and do nothing”

    Hell ! As if the observers could telepathically know he was going to commit murder. If they did intercede they would face criminal charges and risk prison, plus risking their lives. “Why did you interfere with a black man simply checking his self-defense device, he hadn’t committed a crime.”

    Further results of USZOG’s media campaign to hate WHITES.

  6. Do any of you remember Todd Broom in Dallas?

    A black went to a mall and killed his gf in broad daylight, Todd pulled a gun a told the black to stop, the black got in his car to drive away and Todd shot him, through the door. The black died as he drove away.
    The mayor, DA and police were going to bring felony charges against Todd. Then the people of Dallas and all texas rose up against them, started campaigns to recall all ‘officials’. All charges were dropped.

  7. This story will have to go down the miles deep memory hole, it contradicts the U.S. Government’s authorized narrative. Look For the Deep State’s stenographers in the Lügenpresse to ignore the story as much as possible. If they must report this murder story it will be about how evil guns are and how White Supremacy drove this murderous black thug to kill an innocent black man. The Lügenpresse wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the ass.

    It’s all so predictable.

    • Imagine the endless 24/7 coverage this would be getting if the races were reversed. If it doesn’t fit the Anti-White script listen to The Silence.

  8. Any comments yet from Joe Biden, or from Barack Obama, whose son the assassin could have been?

    Maybe Merrick Garfinkel should focus his attention on “youfs” executing in broad daylight people down on their luck?

    • BHO is resting comfortably in Martha’s Vineyard now, watching the tide go out while his beautiful wife, Big Mike, is busy lifting weights. BHO feels better now that the squat monsters from Central America were summarily deported last summer; deported somewhere, anywhere, just gone.

      That moron Ron DeSantis better not try that shit again. At least if he does try that shit again Big Mike will be in prime shape and can hurl the squat monsters into the ocean so they don’t get within fifty yards of His Majesty, BHO.

    • You don’t want to be weak in this savage society.
      Blks prey upon women, children, elderly and disabled.
      Have you ever heard of blks attacking a buffed bodybuilder ?

  9. It’s sickening that the white simps who recorded it on their cell phones just stood by and practically pissed themselves like children while a savage Negro causally reloaded his gun and murdered a fellow white in broad daylight.

    You can bet that a bunch of Confederate veterans would not have stood by and done nothing while a Negro shot a white man in cold blood on the street in 1875… the white man in contemporary society has been thoroughly cucked and debased, he is a disgrace compared to his racial ancestors.

  10. This for me encapsulates what equity is. Just like that feral ape killed that unarmed white man while his back was turned sitting down posing no threat.Equity is being used to kill the white foundation of this once great civilization. (Our Hebrew enemies won’t have the last laugh though, their dysfunctional POC pets will turn on them in the end .)

    • “their dysfunctional POC pets will turn on them ”

      HA !
      When that time comes kosher cannons will be turned on them, with heaps of POC corpses lining the streets.

  11. I hate these useless beasts with every ounce of what makes me a human being
    This entire disgusting dying corpse of a country would be on fire from one coast to the other, had a white man did that to a black.
    The nigrow beast is a feral animal & the true terrorist threat to Americas cities and towns

    In Jewish control clownworld the person who says what I just typed above is worse than a feral african rape monkey(that speaks) , who shoots people in broad daylight, for no reason at all, but the color of their skin.

    Can you imagine the fate of that man had he pulled a gun on that guy first & goodified that sicko porch monkey?
    This is why they don’t need to take away your firearms because they’re useless when you’re not allowed to use them
    Would you go to state prison for life to protect that homeless junkie that nig killed?
    I don’t know if I would’ve been able to stand there and watch that while doing nothing

    • “who shoots people in broad daylight, for no reason at all,” …. In the back !!!

      The same breed that pours alcohol over an old 70ish frail WHITE woman sleeping on a bus bench in LA, then sets her on fire ……. she died.

  12. This world is not of our making, not our responsibility to fix. Shitty people have existed through history, and always will.

    Our responsibility is to decide how best to live the lives we have.

    I work hard so that I’ll never be so vulnerable and out of sorts that I don’t notice a nigger standing behind me for 30 seconds trying to figure out how to operate a pistol he intends to shoot me in the head with.

    God probably got bored and stopped giving a shit about us a long time ago, but Darwin and Murphy sure haven’t.

    There is nobody coming to save us. Arm yourself. Be aware of your surroundings. You have no reasonable expectation of safety.

    HW, side note. Did you read through the comments of the “Best Trump Speech Ever” post?

  13. Reminder that the Jews who fully control our government and society fully support Blacks and other non-Whites murdering Whites like this.

    These Jews who control America and the West fully support White genocide in all its myriad of forms.

    Open border White replacement is at peak levels under Jew Mayorkas.

    At the same time, these Jews are also maximally engaged in defeating Russia and supporting Ukraine.

    If you are White and on the Right and support Ukraine…….

    You are a literal CUCKOLD of the worst kind.

  14. Dare I suggest a society gets what they allowed to be sewn. Heroes tried to warn for decades, but not enough listened. No sympathy whatsoever.

  15. The better half and I were supposed to be in St. Louis this coming summer. But because of her promotion, and all the logistics, we had to put that off until the summer after. Hoping by then that this kind of thing calms down.

    • “Hoping by then that this kind of thing calms down.”

      Dream on.
      By far the greatest probability is that it will be worse. St Louis has be spiraling down for 60 years.

  16. White people need to get away as far as possible from blacks. Seems like I heard someone say that recently.

    • How can you, when your tax dollars are being used to ‘distribute’ them, everywhere ?

      Only a fortunate few or those with megabucks.

    • Who was that? I seem to faintly remember some kind of white comic strip character but he’s been erased like the fellow in the photo next to Stalin.

  17. Has anyone here seen the movie Menace II Society from the early 90’s? It was made by two young black film makers. It’s about the lifestyles of young ghetto blacks in Compton, CA. Not much is watered down. A Korean shop owner and his wife are brutally murdered during a robbery at the beginning.They steal the security camera and show it to their friends for amusement.

  18. ” blacks in Compton, CA”

    Aren’t those becoming rare, as hispanic gangs drive out the remaining few ?

  19. I live in St. Louis (A suburb, not the city proper), and this sort of thing happens all the time to blacks. No one cares. There was a horrible case lately where a girl visiting from Tennessee was hot by a car and lost her legs. The driver was out on bail with several convictions not enforced. This was due to the lenient policies of Kim Gardiner, the city attorney. She lets everybody out, so the city is full of crime, speeding (police have orders not to ‘harass’ speeders), generally rotten behavior.
    Gardiner was backed by Soros money, is considered to be dangerously indifferent or incompetent…and handily won re-election. There is the usual pointless complaining by
    whites, especially ‘conservatives’, who say most blacks hate his as well as whites, and’ it’s the racist Democrats who’…sigh. really, blacks put up with it. Their leaders are paid off, and like black leaders throughout the world, don’t give a damn about their own people once they get that cushy job.
    But what can you expect from a city whose Congressional rep. is Corrie Bush?
    The whites in charge are little better. Place is a Biden swamp with old, dying Dems going for Biden, and union robots. Then, the GOP in the state are RINO heavy. When Greitens, a GOP governor, began to make some reforms and cut off contracts, the RINOS joined with Gardiner to get Greitens out, and won. it’s a business-as-usual-state.

    I also think what is happening is blacks, as Andrew Anglin predicted in 2020, are starting to understand they have a permission slip to kill whites. Anglin said a lot of them weren’t getting this, but by now it’s made it through the grapevine. It’s something we have to deal with, now.

    Countenance: feel free to visit St. Louis. it has many good attractions and places to eat and enjoy. it has the Gateway Arch, although I don’t like it, and there are good parks and museums. Just stay out of North St. Louis…de ghetto. I’d avoid downtown, especially after dark. DO NOT PARK DOWN THERE. If you can, get a hotel outside the city. There are good shopping malls, especially West county. The Galleria, closer to the city, is okay, but gangs hang out there after dark. Be warned. St. Charles, across the Missouri, is a very safe, fun community. Forest Park and Tower Grove Park are great places and generally well-policed, and we have an excellent art museum. Really, most of the bad crime occurs in about two or three precincts. But remember: most blacks like it this way. The ones who aren’t overtly criminal are simple-minded dopes who vote the race and donkey card every time. it’s the Soros dream come true.
    You might like to read The Saint Louisans, a novel I wrote about our fair city. It’s on Amazon now, kindle or paperback.

    • I agree pretty much with with what dargason said. You can go in St Louis and go to hockey games or the Muny Opera, but get out before it gets really late. Most of the violent crime is in north St Louis. It’s one of the most violent spots in the whole country.

      St Louis as a city has been declining since the mid 1960’s. Industry leaves and the colored underclass turns every neighborhood they dominate into skid row eventually. They bring the trash, the pointless violence, the social disorder with them wherever they go.

  20. This guy is a white George Floyd. So…………how come nobody knows his name yet?
    White kills black…………’we need a discussion on racism in America’
    Black kills white………….’shaddup about this you waysis’

    • Exactly what happens when jwz control the media. The entire social decay , since the 1960s, has been caused by jwzish control of all media.

      Controlled perception, massive deception.

  21. It feels nice to finally get some support from a millenial. Thank you, Kyle. I was honest stock trader who earned my money honestly. Trump supported the Goldman Sachs lead Wall St. bailouts. The alt right stabbed me in the back when they supported Trump. I personally tutored the loser Matt Parrott on Trump’s support of Wall St. and jewish political power. He gleefully stabbed me in the back like the white trash loser he really is. I loved it when Heimbach nailed his so called wife. Parrott even fathered a non white child with an arab lady.

    Thanks again, Kyle.

  22. > Note: A few days ago, Kyle Kulinski had another meltdown about Trump suggesting that the National Guard should be sent in to deal with this problem. We all know from bitter experience that he would just end up tweeting “Law and Order,” but he is the only politician who even suggests doing anything about the problem. Kyle is convinced this isn’t even a problem.

    Kulinski is just another Woke moron. He has zero to fear from Zion Don. Trump’s MO is shout loudly about he’s going to go full Austrian Painter on shitlibs and their bloodthirsty pets then proceed “monitor the situation” (e.g. do nothing), while fellating Jared on the side for the benefit of the precious Platinum Murikans. He’s a total clown, the ringmaster of ClownWorld circus.

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