Catholic Church In Ireland Allows Muslim Prayers

H/T Rod Dreher

These people may present themselves as Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican – whatever, the traditional doctrines of these churches don’t matter in the slightest – but they are all pushing the same agenda. The people who most aggressively push for this garbage are atheists in secular institutions like universities, corporations and newspapers.

They are like flies who are attracted to institutions. They get inside institutions, lay their eggs, which turn into maggots and consume healthy tissue. The putrid stench comes from all institutions – religious or secular – which are hijacked by these parasites to propagate their own worldview. There is no such thing as an institution or a doctrine which is immune to this problem.


  1. Soon we will get weird Christian Nationalists who aggressively pushing homosexuality, immigration, censorship and other communist garbage under the new banner.

    Before we learn identify and remove genetic white liberals, those genetic defects will infiltrate and take over every last thing we have.

    • The Roman Catholic Church of Ireland accepting, encouraging, and or promoting, Muslim prayer makes as much sense as it would for Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants to allow Bojangles and Popeyes to place concession stands by their registers.

      • Given that the ROC in Ireland is under the control of the Pedos, I expect this move serves two purposes:

        1. Destroy what’s left of Catholicism in Ireland. The Irish pedo scandal broke in the 1980s and attendance has plummeted ever since. Ireland now is just another secular provice of the EUSSR governed by foreigners.

        2. Gain a toehold in Islam (the only growing religion in Europe) in order infiltrate, subvert and invert it as well. Anti-Pope Bergoglio has already alluded to a merging of his Satanic skinsuit version of Catholicism merging with Islam for a one-world religion to compliment his master’s vision of a one-world government.

        • Yes, Dear Exalted Cyclops – they are trying to destroy the body of Christ in Ireland.

          Only, with as much effort as Pope Francis is putting forth, to destroy the Roman Catholic Church, everywhere, it would seem that they do not have to try hard.

          When they elected a homosexual Indian prime minister, I knew something was wrong – very very wrong.

          And now England has done much the same, only Prime Minister Sunak is neither gay nor elected.

          The British Isles ruled by non-Whites and homosexuals – is it to be believed?

          Where are Ælfred, Æthelstan, Harold, and Eduard The Hammer?

          • Ivan,

            I did not now that Ireland is ruled by an Indian as is Great Britain. I continue to be appalled.

            As for Islam? They have murdered, raped, and enslaved millions of Christians in history and would continue to do so if allowed. They have also cost souls to be lost due to the oppression and suppression of Christianity during their rule.

            Remember as long as one Catholic exists then the Church exists. We are laity as well as clergy and I do not approve of any of this.

            So I honor the great victories over the Infidel–Tours 732. Lepanto 1571, the Battles of Vienna 1529, and 1683 as well as the Battle of Kulikovo 1380, and the Great Standing on the Ugra River 1480 and many others like Acre under Richard the Lionhearted etc.

            Eastern Europe has done their part just like Western Europe. Time for both parts of Europe to step up, stop this current slaughter, and present an united racial and religious front.

          • Good to hear from you, My Dear Cristina.

            Concerning Islam, yes, you are right, but, the point I am making is not one based on merit, which is Yankee-think, but, a much more simple thing.

            And that thing is?

            An Indian ought no more be the head of Ireland or Britain, than I ought be the president of Mexico, even though my Spanish is pretty damn good.

            Reminds me of a local Roman Catholic church I know – a lily-White congregation that, until recently, was headed by a black priest!

            To be clear, that priest was a hell of a good priest and I told him so, just as I told him that it bordered on lunacy that a Black African be the head of European congregation.

            I mean, I have been to many Black Churches in my area, on account of local politics, and I have yet to see one with a White minister!


            Because they have not lost possession of their minds.

      • Or Jerry Falwell, Jr. allowing mini bottle sales of Jack Black and cuck porn videos at the student chapel at Liberty University.

        • Falwells have always been a family of mobsters.
          Religion is just the slickest racket they’ve been in.

          • To my recollection, Dear Arrian, Jerry Falwell Sr. was an upright man – and, you would be pleased to know – a White Segregationist.

    • They will collapse the system first. The “genetic white liberals”, as good a description as any, are generally useless, having no practical skills making them vulnerable in a grid down situation, which they are causing. They are also full of hubris and completely lacking in self-awareness which will be their downfall.

      Genetic white liberals assume that electricity comes out of the socket, water comes out of the faucet, fuel comes out of the pump and food comes from the store. Period. As long as this situation prevails they are good to go. When things break down, it’s panic city.

      • Perhaps old H.G. Wells was being prophetic when he described the Eloi – fair-skinned favorite prey of the negroid-like Morlocks in his 1895 book The Time Machine.

    • I don’t like the term “Christian nationalist”. The only thing that matters: are you Pro White or pro White Genocide.

  2. Don’t let the Christian Fundamentalists off of the hook= remember James Edwards and the Church he attended(Lighthouse Baptist) being booted out of the Southern Baptist denomination! They are as bad as any of them.

    • “They are as bad as any of them”

      Not yet, they have more WHITE faces in the pews, which is their only virtue.

  3. Brad exactly you get the point, it doesn’t matter the institution, but the woke agenda is a virus…….no one is safe from this madness…….

  4. “These people may present themselves as Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican – whatever, the traditional doctrines of these churches don’t matter in the slightest – but they are all pushing the same agenda. The people who most aggressively push for this garbage are atheists in secular institutions like universities, corporations and newspapers.”

    That’s the case in America. I don’t know if it’s the case in Ireland. It’s not the case in France, where people of no religion where slightly more likely to vote for Le Pen(23%) than were Catholics.(22%) And among the Catholic population, “non-practicing” Catholics were far more likely than regularly practicing Catholics to vote for Le Pen.(29% vs 11%)

  5. We must build our own institutions, step by step from the ground up. It won’t be easy, but there is no alternative if we wish to survive.

  6. Roman Catholics and Jews: One pagan cult to another.

    One thing about Protestantism, it’s not a cult. Unless you believe Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ is a cult?

      • “Truth” in religion is overrated. It just needs be plausible, and then faith can take care of the rest. Science is a poor guide to ultimate reality, and even people who routinely sing its praises find themselves hungering for some spirituality. n this respect, or a European identitarian, I don’t see any better option than Christianity. Some gayass ‘wicca’ faggotry is an obvious non-starter, but ‘paganism’ doesn’t have much to offer either – I defy anyone to participate in solemn worship of a pagan deity without feeling daffy. So even though Pope Faggot the First is a pathetic joke, there’s not much to gain from shitting on the church at this point.

        • In a way, I agree with you, Silver. My comment was a response to the posting of yet another of the comments that one encounters here, at Occidental Dissent, but that I, at least—with perhaps a sheltered upbringing—never encountered anywhere else. I mean these comments in which Catholicism is disparaged or maligned as some sort of crazy cult, quite unlike sane and healthy Protestantism. I personally would say Catholicism and Protestantism are equally nutty, though that, as you point out, doesn’t mean they’re without value.

    • Alex Murdaugh, the disgraced Irish American lawyer convicted of killing his wife and son on their South Carolina estate…..

    • @Tikkun…

      “Looks like Christianity was actually built on sand after all.”

      If that is true, Sir, then how did The Orthodox Church manage to come back in Russia, after the Judeo-Bolsheviks waged the most vicious war against it seen by Modern Man.

      You want to talk ‘holocaust’?

      Just look what happened to the clerics in Russia, in the early years of the Wall Street-financed ‘revolution’..

      No, Sir – there is something of great supernatural power there, call it what you will.

  7. ALL institutions are pozzed. The long March through the institutions is complete.
    However, where 2 or more are gathered in his name, there is a church.

    • No, Sir – what this is IS a Jew-infiltrated and usurped Christianity, for if what you say were true, this would have happened long ago.

      No, Sir – this is the Golden Age of The Jews, and, as such. everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, will be turned on it’s head, because that’s what Jews do – for better or worse.

  8. @HunterWallace, I beat the dead horse and you won’t listen BUT Eastern Orthodoxy specifically Russian is the only form of Christianity that is not subverted and compromised now. The sooner you accept that the better.

  9. Ivan,

    I agree with your statement somewhere up above. I have been told that as a general rule in the USA different ethnic priests were assigned their parish based on the racial composition of the parish.

    My grandmother said that in Georgia in the 1950’s when she was there that the Catholic churches were segregated like the Protestant ones. The local black church had a black priest. The white church a white priest.

    Being christians does not negate God-made racial differences.

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