1. Sometimes, I feel as if I’m the only white man who doesn’t care at all what non-whites think of whites.

    Let me put that another way. Sometimes I feel as if I’m the only white man on Earth.

    • Don’t feel alone, because you aren’t.

      (The jwz want you to have that feeling of helpless isolation. You aren’t alone !)

      • Thanks, Arrian, but I think what I was getting at was that I’m not seeing a lot of white men conducting themselves in the manner of men.

        I’ve made clear here to Mr. W., our host, that I value Occidental Dissent. I learn much from the information he provides and his insights, just as I learn from the information and insights that are provided by my fellow commenters. What bothers me is the not-so-occasional appearance here of cuckery like this Walsh video.

        From its two or so minutes that I was able to stomach, I was pretty sure I could see where the video was going. Evidently, the cucks are moving on, from “Democrats are the real racists” to “Blacks are the real racists.”

        The unmanliness of that.

        • John B,

          I am glad you recognize that whatever problems blacks pose the white worms who are against them are not the answer. They are just one form of evil against another.

          It is possible to deal with blacks who value themselves but how do you deal with whites bent on self-destruction?

          • It’s an interesting situation, Cristina. I suppose step one is to avoid interacting with a man who does not conduct himself in the manner of a man.

        • @John…

          “Thanks, Arrian, but I think what I was getting at was that I’m not seeing a lot of white men conducting themselves in the manner of men.”

          What specifically, do you feel that you are not getting that, oh, let’s say – 30,40, or 50 years ago you were getting?

    • It isn’t just blacks either. Here is a case where two Hawaiian guys killed a White guy for moving in to “their” neighborhood. It was clearly a hate crime as defined by the Federal Government and amazingly, the Feds prosecuted the case as an anti-White hate crime. The two nasty Hawaiian guys only got a slap on the wrist of course. The Polynesians in Hawaii and also now in Utah (there are a lot there brought in by Mormon missionaries to play football) don’t like Whites at all.


      • Very interesting, 12AX7. I’d not heard of Polynesian antipathy to whites or a Polynesian presence in Utah.

      • LOL! Don’t shed any tears. Kunzelman, the victim, was a jew. The defendants claimed he wasn’t attacked because he was White but because of his arrogance. Can’t understand how that occurred.

        “Attorneys for Aki and Alo-Kaonohi say it wasn’t Kunzelman’s race that provoked them, but his entitled and disrespectful attitude.”

        • . . . “Attorneys for Aki and Alo-Kaonohi say . . . “ attorneys say (by implication) the same thing when blacks commit some outrage against Whites i.e. “they (Whites) had it coming.” Kunzelman looked like just another White guy to the Hawaiians. I could find no reference to his ethnicity although that would explain why the so-called “Justice Dept.” (sic) took the case.

          In general so-called “Civil Rights” (sic) laws don’t apply to Whites or different types of colored people fighting each other, they only apply against Whites. That was the purpose of so-called “Civil Rights” (sic) laws when they were passed, lawfare against Whites. Return the favor when the U.S. Government gets its tit caught in a wringer such as the next war. Sit at home and watch it on TV, let the diversity handle it.

        • Yet another example of Jew shape-shifting. The usual one encountered is the “reasonable conservative” (((hello fellow white person))) scam. Jews readily identify as non-white when giving orders to their Church of Woke flock, but ordered the white prosecutors in Maui to charge the Hawaiians with a hate-crime for being anti-white when they attacked one of the tribe. Too bad the defense attorneys didn’t bring up that their victim was a fellow POC. If they had actually beat up (or even killed) a white man, there would be no federal charges and we’d never read of the event. Just more window-dressing for the Clown regime’s Potemkin village.

        • “Attorneys for Aki and Alo-Kaonohi say it wasn’t Kunzelman’s race that provoked them, but his entitled and disrespectful attitude.”
          ^^Okay; so by that logic, it’s okay for a White person to attack blacks when they act that way (entitled & disrespectful) and it’s not a “hate” crime?? Brown privilege for Aki and Alo, I suppose. As always, whatever it takes to arrive at an anti-White conclusion.

  2. This is due to the power of ZOG media control. The steady drip drip drip of anti White hatred, taking place over many years, has brought us to this.

    • “The steady drip drip drip of anti White hatred”

      Huh ?
      To me, it seems a torrential flood.
      It’s everywhere !

  3. As David Duke wrote, portugal had a 7% blk population and it became the most backward nation in Europe, America has a 12% blk pop.
    What is America’s future ?

    • @Arrian…

      Dr. Duke is great, but, this analogy of his does not work at all.

      Why not?

      Because there is no one White Race, or, more specifically, Portugese blood is NOT White Anglo blood.

      Yep, the nations upon which this nation was founded, were all established by White Anglo-Blood, and White Anglo blood will have the final say in it, whether that is standing by idly, as it goes down or in revolting and reestablishing the old one.

      Never for a moment think that even Latin blood is the same, much less something as disparate as English and Latin.

      But, yes, of course, we all do share a common Humanity, though very different brands of that.

  4. I’d like to see the person who scripted that blk commercial.
    Something tells me it wasn’t a blk.

  5. With the big cuts in food stamps and Joes over the top excessive pissing away of monies on Ukraine, Joe is bound to lose black support. So you are going to be getting alot of this racial antagonism stuff to keep blacks on board.

    The cuts in food stamps are big. Add in higher prices and things are going to be very very difficult for the poor.

  6. Muh racial double standard. He’s still making the argument that racism is bad. So he doesn’t get it yet.

    Racism is a totally natural inclination towards your own kind, and disinclination toward whats not, as a perfectly logical defense mechanism based on the assumption that the familiar/understood is always safer than the unfamiliar/unknown. Its healthy and normal in social animals that rely on one another for safety and survival, as primates do. As do we.

    Wake me up when racism is funny again.

    The problem isn’t racism. Racism doesn’t make you deny the right of an identifiable race to exist then set out to destroy them. That takes a moral judgment which you can hear in the montage he plays, over and over. You are hearing them all say that they are superior to Whitey. It would be easier to list what Whites aren’t superior at relative to the blax. Thats the point of the video. Everybody knows that. The makers of the video, and the idiots that contributed to it hate that, envy that and don’t have the integrity to admit it. They will instead lash out, a typical defensive reaction when people feel like its them under attack.

    Blacks are no different now than they’ve ever been, which is always at least one step behind us. Their perpetual state of ignorance has always been used against them. Like cats who never learn that the little red light from your laser pointer is something they can ever catch.

    So long as blacks are included in our society, they will be taken advantage of by someone smarter than them, manipulated into doing things they shouldn’t, neglecting their own interests.

    Scott Adams is correct. We are fundamentally incompatible with blax.

    Sending all the slaves back was what should have been done before. It wasn’t.

    Never taking them out of their natural habitat as slave labor was what should have been done before that. It wasn’t.

    White people are always going to take advantage of them. Always have, because we can. Still are.

    The blax are only an orc army. They are being weaponized, using their own insecurity and envy, against some Whites. The ones who won’t submit. Do they need to be dealt with? Yes. They aren’t the root of the problem though. The Good Whites who want to rule us are the problem. Those good Whites indentured my ancestors. Drove them off their lands and starved them. Have sent us to fight their wars like they would do now with the orcs they are weaponizing as enforcers. They’ve exploited our labor, stolen our futures, destroyed our families.

    Bad Whitey versus the Blax? Thats just a mandingo side show of house nigger meets field nigger in final showdown. It may be a necessary conflict but its hardly the main event.

    Matt needs to try harder. Dig further. There is nothing actionable here. Anybody that needed Scott Adams to tell them to stay away from blax is already hopeless. Idgaf. He didn’t need to self immolate to bring us this message. Dilbert going dethcon 3 on the blax hasn’t served any constructive end.

    We either need more space so we can segregate, or there will be conflict.

    Staying away is the only way to stay moderately free from the machinations of people that insist on imposing themselves on you.

    We live in a time of monsters. Like the humble mammals in the age of the dinosaurs we need to learn to dig deep, keep our heads down, and go about our lives as best we can.

    We didn’t cause this empire to outgrow its means and descend into decadence. Its not our problem to fix.

    Leave the cities. Live your lives. Keep your head on a swivel. Trust people in direct proportion to how much they look like you. Family most, blax the least.

    This isn’t rocket science.

    • I agree with all that you say, except this

      “White people are always going to take advantage of them.”

      WHITES have pampered blx for centuries, missions, endowments etc.
      WHITES have exercised great care and kindness to blx, protecting them from a savage world and their own foolish inclinations. Countless WHITES have sacrificed their lives and fortunes to bring civil order to blks, in Africa and America.

      From Quakers to Rockefeller, poured millions into blk progress.

      • Yes, and look at the results; black scientists, engineers, doctors, inventors, philanthropists everywhere. They now live like White people with a tan because we all know: All Men are created Equal like it says in the Bible or Constitution or ACLU or Republican Party or somewhere so it must be true.

        I also know this is true because on TV I see all the colored people happily going about, living their lives being scientists, engineers, doctors, inventors, philanthropists etc. everywhere. If not sure I will just check with David French at NR, he is an expert on the subject.

  7. I’m seeing videos and podcasts all over the place about this issue. Some threshold seems to been crossed, and now everybody has noticed. I’ve seen videos by people of even other racial identities even talking about how bad it’s gotten. Lots of noticing going on out there.

    • Jwz feel that they are so good at lying that they can gaslight us into suicide oblivion with continued lying.

      Even the gullible goy has limits.

    • Let me know when its time for the torches and pitchforks and ropes. Until then, consider me thoroughly skeptical.

      We haven’t reached anything like critical mass on this.

      The Summer of Saint Floyd was a bellweather, and the verdict was the utter impotency of the White will to resist its persecution by feral nogs.

      Its gotta get alot worse. We aren’t anything near the mainstream on this. The average normie is where I was 15 years ago at best.

      It will take something seismic to accelerate the process of radicalization, and it will have to be unequivocally organic. People are too cynical on the right to get worked up over anything less.

    • Me too. The awareness of and opposition to anti-White racism by non-whites is increasing and yes, I think some invisible line has been crossed. A good thing too.

      • I think that may be two fold. They may think they’ll be on the chopping block next after they’re done with Whites. Some of the smarter ones are aware that the good life they’re having is because they’re roosting in a White built society. Without us, they’ll end up right back living in crap holes they’d like to escape from but this time there won’t be anywhere to run to.

        • Adit,

          Ironic, David, Tired, and Don are also correct. Yet you put it very well.

          I do fear we are next after whites and that is a driving force within me. While I am pro white I am really only here because of the tidal wave that is the Enemy and what they might do.

          There seems to be no evil that they are not capable of.

          I have spoken about such matters in school. Other girls I go to school with have noticed as well. This may surprise you but we are the most confident people on earth. I can not imagine feeling guilty about anything except my own personal sins.

          The idea of going to a priest to confess and say–‘ Bless me father for Mexico has sinned’ would be such blasphemy as to be incredible. Substitute white or anyone for Mexico and it is still twisted.

          If it were not for whites blacks would still be rubbing 2 sticks together. Figuratively yet in some cases literally.


        • “They may think they’ll be on the chopping block next after they’re done with Whites.”

          That’s interesting, Adit. As I read it, it didn’t ring true—but I see our fellow commenter Cristina confirms it.

  8. Racism is the “noticing”

    Noticing blacks hate Whites is racist.
    Noticing black stupidity and dysfunction is racist.
    Noticing blacks are parasites is racist.
    Noticing black laziness is racist.
    Noticing blacks are violent is racist.
    Noticing black on White violence is racist.
    Noticing blacks are loud and disruptive is racist.
    Noticing lopsided black crime statistics is racist.
    Noticing black arrogance is racist.
    Noticing it’s blacks who are privileged is racist.
    Noticing “diversity” is death for Whites.

    Well e-x-c-u-s-e me for NOTICING

    • @Arrian…

      No one can take seriously any appraisal of anything that is either completely to the positive or negative,

      Exclusively one of the other reveals that the appraisor is either A. unknowledgeful of the subject upon which he expounds, or B. has an agenda. not commensurate with objectivity.

      In your case, on the subject of Blacks, I take it for both.

  9. Matt Walsh is just trying to stay ahead of the curve here to keep his income stream. He has his finger in the wind and knows enough Whites are finally sick of being stepped on by the Government and colored people of all types and are starting to push back. If he were sincere he would have called for the repeal of the tremendously destructive so-called “Civil Rights” (sic)legislation and asked “Why can’t Whites just separate and live in peace?”

    He also fails to ask who is behind the curtain, turning the knobs and pulling the levers, cui bono? That would get him bounced off the internet permanently. Matt is still pushing that “can’t we all just get along?” shit of Civic Nationalism from the early 1960’s. Matt, the 1960’s called, they want their bad ideas like Civic Nationalism, we’re all one race; the human race and the rest of it back. The eighty year old is experiment in race mixing is done, it failed miserably, too, just admit it.

    • Oh, but the “experiment” is not scheduled to end until Whites are blended out of existence.

  10. Anti-White racism is the result of White people being mistakenly identified as a lightly pigmented group of people which gives off the impression that they are some wayward variant of Brown people who can only exist by creating a hierarchy with a high value on light skin. The true however is that this sentiment can exist among light-skinned nonwhites. White people on the contrary are non-variably different genetically due to non-melanated (Brown) coloration such as white skin with a ruddy complexion or pigmentation that is chemically different from brown melanin. So White people themselves don’t embody actual racism only lightly melanated from the Middle East or East Asia do.

  11. I’d like to know how many people effectively replied “I don’t care”. What if the poll only received 1000 responses from 10,000 requests? To me, the purpose of publishing the poll results is part of an ongoing plan to set racial groups against each other while the group that Walsh works for (Shapiro &Co.) goes unnoticed and not talked about. It can eventually aid in the creation of new hate laws that benefit said group. I think Walsh knows this, which is why I have my doubts about his actual motives.

  12. I do not know if I am one of the following:
    1. Pure white
    2. Mostly white
    3. White by courtesy
    4. White by Mexican standards

    However I am extremely strongly anti-black as is every one I know. I have been told we are without Indian blood and these things are generally known.

    Either way I have never in history encountered this situation where a people who provide all of us with wonders we cannot and have not produced on our own and then the non whites spit upon their benefactors and whitey takes it.

    Since I have light brown skin even in the winter I suspect I am numbers 2,3, and 4 above.

  13. John B,

    This is off topic yet I found this song. Yes we girls are smarter. If you do not believe it remember Adam And Eve. Once Eve sinned she had no problem bringing Adam around to sinning.

    Poor Adam never had a chance. He walked side by side with a beautiful naked woman so of course he broke like a twig.

    If this song does not play it is Man Smart but Woman Smarter by Harry Belafonte.

      • John B,

        Thank you for the advice. You wrote me somewhere last week before I left about how and when non touch dancing became popular. I thank you for the information as always.

        I have danced cheek to cheek at a formal before. Okay, It was not quite cheek to cheek but it was in the arms of a male.

        I never know when I get to or have to come here but I will be gone by Sunday afternoon. I am scheduled to come here for Easter Vacation where I will spend some of my vacation here so then I will have more time to respond.

        Speaking of Cheek to Cheek–

        Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in Cheek to Cheek Is that not beautiful?

        • Yes, that’s lovely, Cristina. I’m glad you posted it.

          At the link below is the dance from “The Sound of Music.” Narratively, it represents the moment at which the aristocratic girlfriend of the male lead realizes he has fallen for the governess of his children. This “Ländler”—or at least, some form of it—is in 3/4 time, you’ll notice, as is the historically-later waltz.


          (Ländler – Wikipedia)

          (Partner dance – Wikipedia)

          Here’s the scene:

          • John B,

            Sorry for my late response but I just arrived for another weekend. My grandmother is ailing and does not wish to be relocated to Mexico yet so we come and check on her even though there are other relatives doing the same.

            Yes. That was beautiful. Modern society has killed most of what is finest in humanity.

            We have been taught dancing but I lack the grace and skill of that woman above. As for Ginger Rogers? Breathtaking in her performance. I can only look and admire.

        • PS You’ll notice, in the clip you posted, that Ginger Rogers “breaks the fourth wall” as Fred Astaire begins singing. She glances slyly at the camera to let the audience know she knows what he’s up to. He’s flattering her, smooth-talking, as he proclaims that it’s heaven to be dancing with her, cheek to cheek.

          (Fourth wall – Wikipedia)

          • John B,

            I did not notice that at all. You are very observant. I also did not know what a fourth wall was. I have had music classes of course but no one mentioned this.

        • PPS Maybe I’ll restate that, throw off the cynicism I’ve absorbed, unfortunately, from “this decaying, self-doubting present” (as Nietzsche would say). Maybe her smile simply says to the audience—and to its women, in particular: How sweet to affect a man in this way.

          • John B,

            That is a lovelier interpretation. I like events to be uplifting. I love seeing women in movies act like we are taught to act in real life. I dream of future moments like this.

          • John B,

            This song expresses me and my desire for a future husband and my loyalty to him. For my mentality is that outside of being a nun (which I am not cut out for) a woman is nothing without a man.

            If it does not play it was Which Way You Going Billy.

          • Interesting clips there, Cristina …

            1 — Back in my high-school days, when “Sugar, Sugar” was on the radio, I’d never have guessed that, on something called the internet, I’d be discussing an eventual Mexican version. That was pretty good. It drove me to this:


            2 — I understand the feelings you express as you speak of your being affected by “Which Way You Goin’, Billy?” May your longings be fulfilled.

            3 — I know, too, what you mean when you say you are “not cut out for” the convent. Female elders of mine on my maternal side—Irish Catholic—recognized that they, similarly, were not cut out for it, but this was in antique times.

            4 — Since “Which Way You Goin Billy?” is, too, from my high-school days, I’ll mention “Seasons in the Sun,” from some years thereafter. That was recorded by Terry Jacks, who, I’m pretty sure, is the fellow playing guitar behind the “Billy” singer. He and she were married for a while, but I’ll guess “Seasons in the Sun” was recorded after their divorce.


            Though my original response to your comment about the power of a woman to break a man like a twig might not have been entirely worthless, I should have stated what seems to me more important. I suggested you be wary of artists who flatter women, but I think what I should really have advised you is never to overestimate woman’s power over man. Yes, it exists—and can be devastating or, less sinisterly, fun—but it is well overmatched, I’d say, by the power of men. If you have not yet discovered that there are men who can break women like twigs, well, may you discover it by observation, not experience.

          • John B,

            Thank you for directing me to Seasons in the Sun. Quite good. I also found a Kingston Trio version of that song. Take your choice.

    • @Cristina Romana Alva:

      “Poor Adam never had a chance. He walked side by side with a beautiful naked woman so of course he broke like a twig.”

      A few years ago, I read about a man who jumped into an above ground pool to save them from being electrocuted. He was successful, but died himself after throwing them out of harm’s way.

      Men have fewer qualms about divorcing their wives than disowning their children.

      Adam was not a stupid, venal man who was only ruled by his lusts. Per Biblical lore, God created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. Eve presented a major vulnerability of Adam’s for Satan to attack Adam, because she was not only Adam’s wife but his child.

      Adam knew about the death penalty attached to the Tree of Knowledge. He could have handed Eve over to God’s justice, but he was afraid she’d be destroyed and didn’t want to live without her. Perhaps, he was hoping God would be merciful to her if He knew that Adam had fallen as well.

      Ironically, Eve wasn’t the target. Adam was because neither of their eyes were opened until he ate the fruit. God didn’t waive the death penalty but He did foretell sending Christ the Redeemer to ultimately free them from the grave. There are a bunch of beautiful Orthodox Catholic paintings that literally show Him grabbing Adam and Eve by their hands from their crypts.

      There is a certain beautiful circularity to the Bible. God used to like to visit Adam and Eve when they were in paradise and Christ the Redeemer came into the world as a small baby to live and grow to adulthood with Joseph and Mary. Adam laid his life on the line for his child/bride. Christ laid His life on the line for His creations and would refer to His Church as His Bride and Himself as the Bridegroom.

      • Clytemnestra,

        You seem to have an understanding of such matters.

        Of course when I wrote ‘he broke like a twig’ I was being somewhat teasing. I do not think Adam was yet given sexual desires so I was writing light heartedly.

        The conclusion however is that Adam did wrong and all of us are punished because of it. He chose Eve over the laws and the love of God. That is wrong no matter what the justification.

      • Whoops. The man I read about lost his life in saving his children from electrocution.

        Sorry if that paragraph on the previous post was confusing.

        My bad.

  14. The point of me mentioning my racial heritage was to emphasize that many of us are pro-white rather we technically are or not. One survey found 47% of Mexicans identify as white..

    The breakdown on the Mexican survey was:

    Indian 21.5%
    Black 1.2%
    White 47%
    Mestizo 30%
    Others less than 1%

    Source–Demographics in Mexico

    This survey is near the bottom of the page.

    • @Cristina Romana Alva:

      I suspect there are more Whites in Mexico than one would believe.

      I think the Mexican Whites read the Anti-White handwriting on the wall years ago with the Socialist Revolution of 1910 and put a plan of action in place. I suspect they publicly relaxed the racial caste system in that country while privately pursuing White spouses.

      That way, by the time, the more vibrant members of their community started agitating for affirmative action programs in their country, the Mexican Whites said, “We are ALL Mestizo” and shut that shit right down.

      • Clytemnestra,

        Very Very well written. You continue to amaze me. Thank you for recognizing what we do. Yes publicly I am just a Mexican but privately I am white or close enough and who I marry is determined by family.

  15. John B,

    I found this version of Sugar Sugar. The woman does pronounce the words the way I do.

    • Since this has turned out to be one of the YouTube videos that doesn’t appear here, you’ll have to give me the name of the performer or the video’s caption, Cristina. I’m interested to hear what you mean when you say the pronunciation is like yours.

      Have seen your preceding messages on this page. “Uplifting” was a good word. Hope your grandmother is faring better.

      • John B,

        It was a more clear visual of the singers as they sang Sugar Sugar in Spanish. The version that came through up above somewhere has a film that looks like it was from 1910. The year I picked was illustrative not literal in intention.

        My grandmother has no life threatening ailment but she broke her hip a while back and cold, damp weather causes discomfort and she can be cranky. Thank you for inquiring.

        The singer in the song pronounces the words Sugar and Honey with roughly the same accent I have. Sugar is especially difficult for me to sing without an accent.

      • John B,

        Thank you for the advice above on men. I have to admit that i am the type of girl that will be at a man’s throat or at his feet. Figuratively I hope. It is true that we respect strength. Not caveman type of course. Though that song Johnny Get Angry was great.

        We want kindness but from a commanding male.

        So you are from Philadelphia. I used to get the P’s over there mixed up. So you have Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania. I have it now.

        • It’s good of you, Cristina, not to have chafed at my playing the Wise Elder, re the mating game. Whenever I recall the romance in which I myself was broken like a twig, I remember an old song title: “It Feels So Bad without You, It’s Almost Like Having You Here.”

          Let’s see …

          1 — Interesting that you’re able to recognize your own pronunciation in that recording of “Sugar, Sugar.”

          2 — Though I can’t claim ever to have been a fan of “Seasons in the Sun,” I appreciate your having posted the Kingston Trio’s version, which I found interesting. I see now, at Wikipedia, that it was written (not in English) by Jacques Brel, whose name I often heard when I was in, oh, my twenties, I guess.

          3 — Once or twice here, at Occidental Dissent, Mr. Wallace, our host, has referred to “Pennsyltucky,” which is, I think, a nickname for Pennsylvania’s central stretch. There’s a wisecrack that goes, “Pennsylvania is Philadelphia at one end, Pittsburgh at the other, and Kentucky in between.” This is a reference, apparently, to the stretch’s rurality.

          4 — Although “Lou Monte” and “Lazy Mary” didn’t ring a bell when I read your post, I recognized the song when I played the video (at YouTube). It brought to my mind the word “tarantella,” which, as Wikipedia confirms, is the folk-dance style in which that song is usually performed. If you’d like to see how far a regional style can be stretched, search YouTube for “Get Back – Beatle’s Cover – Mariachi Style.”

          5 — Yes, in keeping brief my comment re Mexicans’ sense of the race situation, I did imply, as I should not have, that the view you share with friends of yours is universal in Mexico. That bothered me, as soon as I posted it.

          Glad to hear your grandmother’s faring well enough. Though I’ve never studied even the basics of the human skeleton, I’ll guess the female pelvis is a bit of a gamble evolutionarily. Its deep curve provides a basin for fetuses in the woman’s reproductive years but is vulnerable to fracture or worse later on.

          • @John…

            ” Its deep curve provides a basin for fetuses in the woman’s reproductive years but is vulnerable to fracture or worse later on.”

            A woman’s uterus is on the endangered species list, now that Big Pharma has targeted it with new RNA bio-weapons, along with having convinced untold amounts of people to take their ‘vaccines’ and continue taking them.

            Very sad to think of all the unpleasantries that we will see showing up in kids, just a few years from now, because their mother’s were spike-protein vaccine takers.

  16. John B,

    Because I recognize it along with my girl friends does not of course mean than latin americans as a whole understand that the Beast will destroy almost everyone sooner or later.

    But many latins notice things. The Summer of 2020 was a major alarm bell.

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