Senate Republicans Denounce Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 Coverage

I see that I haven’t missed much.

Senate Republicans love to boast about sticking it to their own own voters. See Ukraine and Afghanistan. See the Porkulus. See gay marriage. See the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. See the gun control bill. See making Juneteenth a federal holiday. See criminal justice reform.


“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and other Republicans pushed back on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s characterization of the deadly Capitol riot as “mostly peaceful chaos.” …

Other Senate Republicans pushed back on Carlson for his characterization of the riot. …

“I think it’s bulls**t,” Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) said to reporters at the Capitol, calling Carlson’s depiction “inexcusable.”

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) said: “I think that breaking through glass windows and doors to get into the United States Capitol against the borders of police is a crime,” per NBC News. …”

Aside from running terrible candidates like Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker, a major reason why the GOP failed to take the Senate in the midterms is that a lot of people are so convinced based on past experience that it is impossible to reform the system that they refuse to vote as a matter of principle. Unfortunately, this is a self fulfilling prophecy because it only perpetuates the current Senate leadership.


  1. Just in case you are reading, Dear Senator Tillis – we, your supporters, are not for the LGBT, not for warmongering in the Ukraine, or anywhere, nor are we for the endless false narratives run by various-n-sundry departments in D.C.

    • Ivan, Ivan; You know better; it’s a small club and you ain’t in it.

      When Mitt the Mormon, Mitch “The Undertaker” McConnell, Thom “screw the voters” Tillis and the rest of the Republican “conservatives” get together on anything, nothing good follows. They are a den of thieves, and worse. It is a point of honor that you are irrevocably opposed to these notorious scumbags, the whole lot of them, without a millionth of an inch of compromise.

      • Thank you, Dear 12AX7, for your forthright and civil reply, but, I really ‘don’t know better’.

        No, Sir, Senator Tillis was a fantastic speaker of our Legislature, standing with us, his rural and smalltown Tarheel base, true and strong on every issue.

        And now?

        I do not take dishonour well, which is the only thing I can chalk this up to.

        Either that, or he was utterly false, in the first place.

        In either case, it’s very disturbing that he is treating us little better than one would a doormat.

        No, on second thought, a doormat would be a couple of notches up from a disposable douche.

        All the best to you and yours, as the Ides of March come ’round.

        • If the all-night firing squads ever come to this country, I hope they take elected Republicans first.

          • @Max…

            I surely hope than we can negotiate all that must be negotiatiated, without descending into a hell of vigilanteism.

            That said, I do recognize that the intense amount of anger out there, which I hear and see in others every day in the analog world, would focus itself on those with whom they felt most disappointed.

            This is the way humans are.

            For my part, I cannot understand those elected officials who speak in campaigns in one way, yet govern another.

            I guess that, as a faithful White Southerner, I am experiencing a snippet of what it is like to be God – hearing people say the right things all day, and watching them do something quite other.

      • “It is a point of honor that you are irrevocably opposed to these notorious scumbags, the whole lot of them, without a millionth of an inch of compromise.”

        By the way, Dear 12AX7 – thank you for your very kind words!

  2. Related to the spineless Republican leadership….I just got off the phone with the minister of a church that my son and I have recently started attending. I won’t say the affiliation of the church, just that it isn’t a “megachurch” or non-denominational. It is technically a part of a major Protestant denomination. However, they do not ascribe to the “woke” doctrines of the National leadership and are withholding funds. I was very happy with the conversation I had.

    This gives me hope that pockets of resistance to the mind virus will eventually be the inoculation that kills it.

  3. When will the stinking rotten corpse of a fucking country just kick the bucket already.
    My good God.

    • This will happen at the moment when you least expect it.

      On the 18th august 1991 we went to sleep with knowledge that Soviet Union is stable, we have summer vacation and nothing will happen, not next day, not next month and probably not next year either. Soviet Union was rotting and maybe collapsing after 5 or 10 years but nothing important will happen in the visible future so no point to worry.

      Next morning 6 AM we had thousands of tanks on the street and the rest is history.

      What you think how far we are from the next Lehman Brother incident what this time can not be canned and what will bring western financial system and whole Jew World Order down ?

      In the communism, everybody lie so FED and ECB bosses are as much uninformed as we are. Like ukro war demonstrated, they repeat their propaganda myths to each other too. Russia supposed to collapse within few weeks. This clearly demonstrates thay they do not have secret information network with truthful information like Soviet leadership had but they live in their propaganda bubble and do not have proper info how rotten their card housereally is.

      So serious shit may hit the fan at any moment.

    • Yep, I can’t think of one political stooge in this country who doesn’t deserve to be lined against a wall with a blindfold and a cigarette..
      All of them are guilty of sedition and treason, and need to have their assets seized & re-distributed to the victims of multicultural fag world that they prey on

  4. All of these assholes mostly are the same jack wagons that voted for the pork laiden green new deal Bill disguised as a infrastructure bill fuck these conservative establishment Republicans they can’t even conserve of the women’s bathroom shameful. They are actually more reprehensible than the Democrats at least the Democrats are honest about hating us. These fuckers get in take money from rich Jews and then hate the people that vote for them I have no use for them

  5. Kevin McCarthy released the footage to Tucker Carlson. Mitch McConnell denounces Carlson. Mitch McConnell does not denounce McCarthy. Do you see how the Irish are? It is always the other who gets denounced never one of their own.

    • The only thing I see is more stupidity from you. Bob. I’m glad McCarthy did the correct thing in releasing the videos.

  6. “Our democracy” means their democracy means no democracy for us. Voting only encourages them.

  7. I concede that this sounds “lame” but please call the congressional aides of these RINOs, be polite, but express strong opposition to this, the war against our kinsmen the Russians, non prosecution of Antifa, BLM, just basic B gang banger killers.

  8. After the terrible introductions of the TV – Talmud Vision and later the internet – we seem to have lost our ability to do effective, real world protests, demonstrations – the Jan 6 incident and Charlottesville didn’t work out well.

    We used to do things like dress up as Indians and dump British Tea in the Boston Harbor during “The Boston Tea Party”, we used to do effective things like burn traitors in effigy.

    Why not do that now with the likes of this Scalywag NC RINO Sen. Tillis

  9. This confirms my decision to switch party affiliation to Independent.

    Two of my political heroes had to change party affiliation at certain points. Ron Paul (Dr. No) ran for President as a Libtertarian once (I think it was 1988)

    Pat Buchanen also left the Republican party / Washington Generals to join the Reform party (2000?)

    Currently as an Independent and a life long union member I am just going to vote for the Democrats the union bosses tell me to vote for. To hell with the ‘Bomb bomb Iran’ McCains, Puppy abuser Romneys, & Omni-monster McConnells. They have had their chance and blown it. Roe V Wade is no longer an issue anymore so that makes this transition easier.

    If the steel workers unions endorse Trump again I will probably vote for the Orange One in solidarity with them.

  10. Look the only way things will change is when we start electing Governors who want WAR with lib states like New York and California. Start electing governors that want war with left wing states. Let’s get the ball rolling for divorce.

  11. I called NC RINO Sen. Tillis’ Washington Office and had a nice, short conversation with a Congressional aide about this – the conversation went well.

    Here are some tips:

    Be polite

    Work hard to initiate a back and forth conversation not a one way rant

    Don’t lie but don’t volunteer information that doesn’t support your/our case such as that you don’t live in his state and can’t vote for or against Tillis.

    Say something like “I’m Generally a Republican voter, but am increasingly independent – I’m strongly against these endless Neo Conservative Wars, why are we now at war with Russia, Russia has thrown off Communism? Why aren’t we at war with the Mexican drug cartels that are kidnapping and killing our people?

    Ask why Tillis is now always taking the side and narrative of the worst anti American Antifa, BLM, lying media that never said or did anything about endless 2020 Antifa, BLM riots that terrorized our cities?

    Thank the congressional aide for listening to your concerns.

  12. Tuck never wears his Criminals In Action lapel pin.
    I really do feel sorry for those at least we have the military, it can’t happen here, dullards.

  13. To be expected from Washington Generals Grand Old Politburo CPUSA Uniparty Long March to burn down America by any means necessary fellow travelers.
    At least all useful idiots will be first against the wall when the new management comes for a return on their investment.
    Just say NO to rickshaw cart duty at the Sino-American Friendship Center.

    • When the illiterate, ie ghetto bums and the dimwitted, are allowed to vote thats all you’ll get, scumbags.

      The electorate has been ruined.

  14. J6 Fedsurrection was concocted to completely change the narrative from the clearly stolen election of 2020 and permanently remove Trump and his nationalist movement from US politics while granting vast new powers to the national security establishment.

    The Jews then took complete power over the executive branch and went to war against the American people with fully open borders, Covid tyranny, judicial tyranny, myriad anti-White directives while ratcheting up WWIII on the world.

    The US regime is evil.

    If you support Ukraine against Russia you’re either a Fed, a Fabbot or a Fike.

    Anyone in our spheres who vocally supports Ukraine is Mega-SUS……

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