Personal Note

I apologize for my absence.

A few days ago, I received some likely life altering and unexpected good news, which I will announce here at some point in the future. I needed to take some time off to process it.

Note: You can probably imagine what I am getting at here.


  1. Congratulations! “Behold, children are an inheritance of Yahweh,
    / The fruit of the womb is a reward” (Psalm 127:3).

    • I’m hoping there is no miscarriage. It has happened to us once before. I don’t think it is going to happen this time though. That’s why I am like lets wait and see and making this non-announcement announcement.

      • I had two miscarriages in 2021 before our fifth living child stayed with us. I understand the desire to wait and also the yearning to shout it from the mountain tops. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away; Blessed is the name of the Lord.

  2. “I apologize for my absence.”

    You hardly have to apologize. I’m sure I’m not the only one who guessed.

    Good luck to all at your end …

  3. Dear Mr. Griffin – if another Griffin is on the way, let me thank you for that and wish you and Miss Renee all the best with that!

    Hopefully we will get some matters solved in the coming decade, so your second child can come up in a better place.

  4. Silly cringe comments. especially the one “children are an inheritance of Yahweh.”
    It’s absolutely no wonder that this dumb childish people live and die under the yoke of a small group of Jews.

    • I thought the same thing. Thanking the Heeb tribal demon for White children? It’s no wonder we are getting stomped.

  5. Another branch to the family tree, congrats.

    Unfortunately, thanks most likely to a certain novel pharmaceutical product, it looks like my wife and I are done in that regard. She has not yet had “a time of the month” since August 2021.

    The big personal news with us is that my wife got a yuge bigly promotion as a Christmas present, for a job in Frankfurt. We’ll eventually be getting a second residence in or near there. All the while these two, now two years old, are still throwing crazy tantrums, all while we’re doing potty training. Our St. Louis visit that was supposed to happen this July will have to wait until next, because of the logistics of her promotion and finding and then furnishing the second residence.

    • @coutenance – Your post is heartening to read, even though some of your blessings are mixed. It does cheer one up to hear that some of our people are still thriving, in spite of the dark times we are living in. I pray all it works out beautifully.

  6. Best wishes to you and your family. Actually, my guess, from your post, was that you had formally left the Lutheran church and were processing that decision in a “good way”. Speaking of such, are you familiar with Laestadian Lutheranism?

    • LOL no.

      It is odd.

      We started going to church again at the beginning of the year and within a month found out that my wife was pregnant. We also found out around the same time that we are “Satanic” from various woke LCMS pastors on Twitter. There are other LCMS pastors who strongly disagree with them. So the news is mixed. I’m probably going to have another child assuming there are no issues that could cause a miscarriage, but the church is going woke. Again, it is a lot to process.

      And yes, I have heard of the Laestadians. There was a discussion going on about them on Twitter when all of this happened.

  7. Back in the 1970s my then future wife and I took a class at UCLA taught by Carlos Castaneda, the author of “The Teachings of Don Juan” which was popular among hippies and counter-culture youth of the time. He was a charismatic and fascinating professor who was teaching comparative religion. He could read and write in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and dazzled students with his knowledge of what is now called Judao-Christian teachings. A couple of years later my wife was pregnant with our first child and Mr. Castaneda said the ultimate religious revelation and experience was watching the birth of your own offspring. No other religious and/or spiritual experience comes close to being part of the birth of a new baby. Congratulations and may you and your wife be blessed with a healthy, smart, and beautiful new baby.

      • There is 8 years difference between my 2 children in age.

        This is a special challenge as a parent. We want our children to have a bond, but that’s an age gap that (sometimes) is hard to overcome.

        My advice is for you to give the older child every opportunity to “help” and be a part of it. My oldest was still fairly immature and there was jealousy about the baby. Both children are much older, an adult and a teenager now. I do my best to foster a relationship, and I know they love each other, but not in a close way.

          • Ahh ok! Then you have some perspective that gives you more insight than most people have. I wasn’t trying to be negative. I was just sharing my experience with my children thinking it might be of help in some way. I hope you didn’t take offense. Keep up the good work!

  8. Congratulations! Praying that the Lord blesses you and your wife with a happy, healthy baby who starts sleeping through the night very quickly. I don’t know if you two bought this for your son, but I can’t recommend a Johnny Jumper nearly enough when the little one is cranky but doesn’t want to go to sleep.

    I would put some oldies on and the babies loved to jump along with it until they wore themselves out and went to sleep. My father found a strong wood beam and put it up between my kitchen and my living room with a strong hook. That’s where we put the Johnny Jumper and it gave the babies a lot of room to go crazy and swing and twirl like acrobats.

  9. Congratulations to both you and Renee on the excellent news!

    We lost our forth child recently but God willing, will try again in a few months.

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