Politico: Trump Predicts Imminent Arrest, Calls For Protests

It looks like the 2024 Republican primary might already be over.


“Former President Donald Trump on Saturday called on his supporters to protest and “take our nation back” as he girds for an expected effort by the Manhattan district attorney to bring an unprecedented criminal charge over his handling of a hush money payment during his 2016 presidential campaign.

“Protest, take our nation back!” the former president and 2024 GOP presidential candidate exhorted his followers Saturday morning on his social media platform Truth Social, after pointing to news reports about the possibility he could be arrested Tuesday or soon thereafter. …”

1. Manhattan DA charges Donald Trump.

2. MAGA rallies to Trump.

3. Potential challengers bow out of challenging Trump in the primary.


    • If he is actually arrested it’s libel to backfire on the usual suspects. Having said that I have no faith in Trump and regard him as a White friendly phony.

    • If Trump is arrested, i like the idea of rveryone calling in sick, using some sick leave and withdrawing as much money as you can from banks.

      Any more ideas on striking against ZOG?

  1. This should be amusing. I always wondered if he’d be campaigning from jail in 2024. Truly peak clown-world. It would be even better entertainment if Cheetohead the Clown won from jail and issued orders from behind bars – like a fake-and-gay Al Capone. That would be one hell of a ‘reality-teevee’ show. Murika would eat it up like high-fructose corn syrup.

  2. I support his position, even as I loathe the man, himself. THIS IS BIG JEW, seeking to SUBVERT the MAGA folks at the outset. THEY WANT TO KEEP FIGUREHEAD JOE IN PLACE, while they DESTROY THIS NATION. So, whatever I can do to thwart the JUDEN in their ANTICHRIST plans, I will do…. even if it means agreeing with DJT.

    • Fr. John,

      If I understand your position correctly you agree that Trump is loathsome but because Biden is worse you cautiously support him.

      I agree that with Biden the bar is low but do you expect great things from Trump or merely holding back some of the worst excesses under the current regime?

      I leave in a day for probably a couple of weeks so I hope you are able to answer by then. I always enjoy discussing matters with you.

    • Fr. John,

      It is true that Republican supreme judges did strike a blow against abortion. That was spectacular. I just do not see how Trump getting elected again will make a difference on the overall situation.

      Then again if Trump were re-elected would he be worse than Biden and Kammala? That would be hard to do. Trump supporters just should not get their hopes up too high in my opinion.

    • THIS IS BIG JEW, seeking to SUBVERT the MAGA folks

      You know it !
      Jwz always subvert the legal system, Garfinkle et al.

      “The government is full of jwz” ….Nixon 1971
      What is it now ?

      • Arrian,

        I do not deny that. What I question is if Donald Trump can be trusted. It is obvious that I do not support Biden/harris.

    • Fr. John,

      I like and respect you but I believe voting is not going to save los estados unidos.

      • “… voting is not going to save los estados unidos…”

        But it sure can’t hurt, and the more votes they have to steal, the more they stick their necks out.

        Everyone possible should get out and vote for Trump. At one time I thought there was big possibility that he was a ringer brought in to make us believe something was being done while they set us up for the kill. Still could be true, but mostly I now believe that Trump listened to all these people around him, especially his daughter and that evil Jew son in law, and they surrounded him with people who constantly stabbed him in the back. If this is true, I bet he won’t make the same mistake again if he gets on office. And if gets in office and does nothing, we haven’t lost anything because none of the Republican leaders that could be President will do a damn thing, but Trump might burn the whole place to the ground. Voting for Trump has zero drawbacks and only cost a few hours of your time.

        • Sam J,

          Thank you for your respectful response. For two reasons I can not vote in an American election but I appreciate your fervor and the fact that you can disagree with me with respect.

  3. Please tell me you white nationalists are not going to support this evil buffoon again. Do not use the lesser of two evils nonsense again please.

    • Go away, troll. Trump is far from perfect, and he might promise a loaf and give us only a third of a loaf. But, the rest will brag that they’re realists and promise us half a loaf and give us a stale heel (if we’re lucky).

      Trump is a flawed candidate but he is far and away better than everyone else.

      • Trump is not “far from perfect,” he and his party exist solely to make sure someone who’s closer to perfect doesn’t get any recognition or power. He’s a gatekeeper at best and a lying conman at worst, there is nobody within the GOP worth voting for. The GOP along with this entire system and everyone that props it up must go. We don’t have anymore time to be lead on by these politicians and their false promises that they’ll have our back. Unless you’re a billionaire CEO or a Zionist Jew, don’t expect Trump to even give you a stale heel as you put it.

        • The Republicans could have 435 out of 435 House seats, 100 out of 100 Senate seats, 50 out of 50 governorships, 50 out of 50 state houses, have nominated 9 out of 9 Supreme Court justices, all of the lesser Federal judges and still, still they would fuck over their supporters, they can’t help themselves. Dogs will steal food simply because they can, they can’t help themselves either. Republicans are like that except that Republicans have none of the loyalty or other better qualities of dogs. No insult is meant to dogs by comparing them to the Republican Party.

          • 12AX7,

            Okay. That was good. And you are right about dogs. They seem to be better than most humans.

      • Sir, Ms. Romana Alva is no troll. She asks pertinent questions of you so-called dissidents.
        As for Trump,he is too naive and too set in his ways to do what what must be done to actually get his policies enacted into statutory law, where it cannot be immediately set aside by executive order of the following chief executive (President). Trump was neutered in his first administration, and nothing he has said or done since suggests he either recognizes this or is willing to accept advise on how to counteract his futility.
        So, yes, Cristina is right to question anyone’s continuing fidelity to Donald John Trump as the instrument of our salvation. if you want to believe without evidence that he remains the God Emperor, that is your choice. The rest of us need not stay ignorant.

        • JR,

          I wrote you a thank you note but it went down below so just in case you did not find one I write you another. Thank you.

    • I am of the opinion that Trump is being deliberately set up as the phony pro White alternative. An arrest will solidify his support, not diminish it.

    • Donald Trump, like Maggie Thatcher had all the right enemies – but was done in by his J*w son in law and his Shiksa daughter, also done in by Conservative Inc.

      His fate was the same as Richard Nixon who won a 49 out of 50 state landslide but was taken out by a Je*ish Media Mafia coup over something very trivial.

      Nobody died in watergate – more people died in Ted Kennedy’s car than died in Watergate.

      J*w pervert, pedophile Roman Polanski raped more girls than were raped in Watergate.

    • Cristina,

      Concerning the recipient of the Theodore Hershel Award and 45th POTUS of the evil judeo-empire, the best approach is fool me once shame on you–fool me twice, shame on me.

      • November,

        You know of course that I can never go against you. Thank you for the response. i am here until Sunday afternoon again.

      • November,

        I agree but i am trying to be careful of the feelings of those on here who disagree with me. One of the characteristics of my sex and training is that we intrinsically want to be liked and please men.

        While I will not subvert my values to that it does determine how I respond to those I disagree with.

      • November,

        Is there anything in your opinion that Donald Trump could do that would wean these supporters away from him?

        Or is the answer the same in English as in Spanish? .

        A pretend friend who betrays you is worse than an open enemy.

        There are other interesting threads here so outside of thanking those kind to me I will look at the other articles instead..

        Hopefully, i hear from you before Sunday afternoon. Yes. I am only here briefly again until Easter vacation where I will be here for a week or so.

    • Cristina- as a woman, and a young one, at that, and not being an American, I would respectfully ask you to step back, listen, read, and look at the bigger picture. I would also suggest you listen to some FTN podcasts, to see WHY this is such a big deal at such a time.


      • Fr. John,

        Sometimes mere women have led the way when men have failed. I am thinking of St. Joan of Arc. Or the great monarchs in history Isabella, Margaret/Elizabeth of Hungary, Catherine, Anne, and Elizabeth of all the Russias. And others.

        You need not compare me to them to make a point.

        It is Catholic belief that a woman is important and we have the right to voice our beliefs. We are not harem girls. As a mere girl I get excellent grades and contribute greatly to our class discussions where we debate politics/history/religion.

        I more than hold my own against the males in class.

        Also what affects the USA affects the rest of us.

        If Donald Trump is the big picture then may God protect your!

      • Fr. John,

        Remember we girls are fantastic. Here is an old American song. It is 100 pounds of clay. I hope it plays.

    • Most white nationalists are weak people who got an emotional high out of doing something taboo. Most are millenials. Read the description of millenials on wikipedia. I have no respect for anybody who goes crawling back to Donald Chump.

      You are pussies afraid of a fight.

      • ps mike,

        I agree that you do not reward those who betray you.

        Do Jews and blacks support those who have spit in their faces?

        You wrote what I did not wish to write based on human respect for people I like support Trump.

    • ” support this evil buffoon again.”

      He’s serves as a blocking pawn.
      He blocks more sinister forces from taking control.

      • Arrian,

        Does he? In the United States I have heard the expression ” Good cop versus Bad cop”.

  4. Donald Trumps single greatest contribution to the country would be as a martyr. His prosecution will be a severe blow against the appearance of legitimacy the empire still enjoys.

    Let them arrest him. I’m stocking up on popcorn.

    We don’t need a republican president in 2024 or ever again. Dissolve the union. Withdraw all congressional delegations.

    • Agreed. It’ll further polarize the country beyond repair and hasten the day toward some kind of secession or separation which is our only real option. Really, I can’t believe they’d be dumb enough to make a martyr out of Trump.

    • Yes. It will serve to bring more into seeing what the empire really is – 120% illegitimate and lawless to the core. More red pills will be swallowed. If enough swallow the pills the much-needed national divorce could actually happen.

  5. The person leading the indictment of Trump, is apparently a Jewish woman, Meg Reiss, a top George Soros operative in the USA prosecution system … she had previously worked for deep-state prosecutor Cyrus Vance … who had led the political circus charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, that knocked him out of being France’s President

    article with photo of Meg Reiss

    Elon Musk says Trump will win the presidency by a ‘landslide’ in 2024 if he is arrested

    Will Trump’s voters stay out of protests, however … recalling in disgust how little Trump has done, to protect or assist the many people jailed for years, for the 6 January 2021 US Capitol protest for Trump?

  6. Whaat a motley crew of enemies Ex President Trump has – the worst ADL, SPLC, Homo, Trans Js, Conservative Inc, Neo Conservatives Js and David French, the Military Industrial Complex Cheney and Bush families – the hard core porn industry J owners White over age sluts like Stormey Daniels. Soros funded BLM DAs and Attorney Generals.

    Let’s work to get still sane Republican Governors to pardon him and remaining Jan 6 political prisoners – and not honor extradition. Maybe the sensible tough White President of El Salvador can give him asylum.

    Unless I’m mistaken – White GOP state representatives now control the NY State House and Senate. They should contest this obvious political persecution.

  7. Esteemed CPUSA party member comrades Leticia and Bragg will arrest him next week.
    Complete with perp walk and fingerprinting.

    • As I understand it, Dumpf cannot be arrested unless he sets foot in NY as it’s not a federal indictment but one from NY state. Unless DeSantis honors NY’s extradition request, which could well happen as he’s not stated he will refuse it. This is all theoretical of course as there is no longer anything resembling rule of law in Shithole Murika. The fat cats just do whatever the hell they want to.

  8. When Trump was first elected, I turned to a friend and said: he will either being impeached, if that failed, he will have changes against him, and if that fails, they will kill him. So far I am 2 out 3 and waiting to see what happens next.

  9. @ ISA,

    Agreed. Burning it all down is a feature and not a bug.
    Come out of her my people comes to mind.
    Physically, mentally, morally, financially.
    Withdraw consent, pay no allegiance, just walk away.

  10. When it comes to national politics especially, vote 3rd party, two party politics has failed. Democrat-republican politics has brought us to this point, on the verge of WW3, clown world politics on both sides of the aisle.
    It’s time for clean break and a fresh start.
    We know both parties are ran by people like Jeffrey Epstein, by drug and child sex traffickers.
    Biden is a pedo and Trump called Ghislaine Maxwell a friend and wished her well.
    There’s no reforming them, no lesser of two evils, just evil, the rot is too deep, it’s terminal. Vote 3rd party, or don’t vote, end the the global corporate duopoly while we still have elections at all, while we still have a civilization.

  11. You thought his dinner with Fuentes meant the end of his political career. It looks like nobody gave a shit.

  12. Dear Zion Don,

    I am monitoring the situation bigly.

    p.s., Don’t eat the Snickers bar on your pillow on Ricker’s Island. Thank me later.

  13. It doesn’t really matter who becomes president. America is on a trajectory of doom. The amount of debt outstanding is about to bring on the worst financial crisis in history.
    ALL Western governments are pozzed, along with all institutions. The rot is too deep.
    More and more people are calling the system into question. The world controllers have plan for the world they want to create, it’s up to us to create a better world for our people.

  14. Trump calls for protests?


    It turned out well the last time people “protested” for the sale of Trump.

  15. Tweet by Stew Peters who did the ‘Died Suddenly’ film on all the covid vax dead, given the legal argument that the Trump indictment is arguably politicised and unlawful:

    “Ron Desantis … should REFUSE to honor the arrest warrant for President-in-exile Trump and send the Florida National Guard to Mar-a-lago to ensure Trump’s protection”
    tweet link

    Maybe not so likely, but if DeSantis did begin to move, and another state such as Texas, also began to mobilise its state National Guard, game would be on:

    – A third of Americans already expect the USA to end fairly soon
    – Since 2016, millions of USA citizens have been re-sorting themselves into living either in ‘Trump states’ or ‘Democrat states’
    – Many in Biden’s federal armed forces would leave and side with their home states, Biden’s rump army would be heavily LGBT-transgender

    The fact that Trump has been ragging on DeSantis, actually would lend DeSantis’ actions more credibility

    USA could quickly dissolve as the Soviet Union did in 1991, faster than anyone thought could happen

  16. He shat all over us for four years. Black umemployment baby. Platinum plan! Release all the black violent convicts! Why? Because they are black, goyim. Best friend of Pissrael ever! King of Pissrael! Keep Obama’s Dreamer amnesty. This one is from the heart!! Now shut it down. Lock the whole nation down. Six feet apart and masks, goyim. Everyone will have to take the jab, warp speed baby. Everyone come stop the steal, j6. Then rot in prison, goyim, pardons are only for the chosen.

    Prison is too good for Donald Dump.

  17. I have nothing but contempt for the old Orange Fartbag for fulfilling none of the promises to Whites that got his ass elected in ’16, but I hate all his (((persecutors))) with every atom of me. In abusing all power to obstruct, oust (and now prosecute) him, they were really obstructing & thwarting the will of us, the loathed “Flyova white trash” that they had successfully locked out of all power & influence before Dump came along by making sure no “choice” but total System whores like Bushes, Romneys & McCains were allowed to come forth.

    So let the god damned kike & Cultural Marxist usurper scum go the whole hog and arrest him. It will only expose them and help him.

  18. What a farce! Trump is a joke and the government is a joke for going after him. If Trump is arrested, how does the government maintain any legitimacy while the Bidens are walking around free and running the nation? Please arrest Trump!

    As for Trump, let Meac Rich rise from the dead to defend him. After Trump’s pardons and his abandonment of the Jan. 6th prisoners, he doesn’t deserve any support from his old base.

  19. You see, Cristina, the problem is that Trump is all we’ve got. There is no one else, “conservatives” are useless. This is an outrage, since the charge is really a misdemeanor and think of all the liberals who have done worse (like Hilary Clinton faking the Russia hoax and getting what? An 8,000 dollar fine?), and they’re ignored. Like the dictator said, “for my friends, anything: for my enemies, I enforce the law.”
    They mock Trump and deride him, but they’re obviously afraid of him (yeah, like he’ll do anything), and keep trying to keep him down and, by implication, us. They don’t hide it anymore.
    Rather then a Trump redux or De Santis (who is obviously being groomed to be the new conservative who will probably consent to going to war with China), I’d like it a lot more if a dozen governors from the midwest and south would hold together and say enough is enough, and call for an end to DC.
    I think Florida is kind of a dead end. We need Dixie to do something, as well as the farm belt states.

    • dargason,

      Can you trust Trump? Surely he is just a pretend enemy of the system. Do you think he cares for you? He loves Jews more than you and has stated such.

      I know I never give the time of day to those who have spit upon me.

      Perhaps white nationalists should have the same backbone.

    • dargason,

      Well there seem to be a lot of people who I like and respect supporting Trump. These are people on here who have defended me when I was attacked. I am pretty sure Jaye Ryan supports Trump as well. That means a lot to me so I will not disrespect any of you.

      I stand by my anti-Trump stance but I will not push the issue unless Trump does something outrageous even by his standards.

  20. Partial list of people who have in the last few days been on the phone with Alvin Bragg and begging him not to:

    Joe Biden
    Barack Obama
    George W. Bush
    Bill Clinton

    As the late Rush Limbaugh would have said, don’t doubt me.

  21. The main witness against Trump in this joke of a campaign finance investigation is his slimy Jew former lawyer Michael Cohen. Kind of ironic but not at all surprising since there is no group on earth more perfidious, treacherous and self serving. My guess is that Trump still doesn’t get it.

  22. jr,

    Thank you for your kind words. Yes when I question things I am called a jew, a federalista, or a troll. All I ask is some honest questions. All I want is honest answers. If someone can convince me of their position then I salute them.

    You stated things perfectly.

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