FBI Informant To Testify Against Ricky Vaughn

The FBI informant has “pled guilty to the same charge currently facing Mackey.” He is also anonymous. Baked Alaska and Microchip were charged as “co-conspirators” in the same case.

Headline USA:

“According to prosecutors, the informant operated an anonymous right-wing Twitter account similar to Mackey’s Ricky Vaughn account in 2016. The two worked together to disseminate misinformation on Twitter, but they never knew each other’s real identities, prosecutors said.

The informant pled guilty to the same charge currently facing Mackey, and will testify against him at trial. Prosecutors sought to protect the informant’s identify because the informant is still working with the FBI in ongoing investigations, they said. …

“[The informant] has guarded his anonymity for years not because he is afraid for his safety or his ability to work with the FBI, but because it would harm his reputation,” Frisch argued.

“The [informant] is assisting the government in its case against Mr. Mackey, and the government is incentivized to make the [informant’s] life more pleasant. The [informant] pled guilty to a felony and, according to the government, was a leader in the controversial ‘alt right’ movement, and was engaged in spreading disinformation, and leading online harassment campaigns.”

Frisch further argued that it’s important to reveal the informant’s identity for numerous reasons, including to discern whether the informant harbors political bias.

“While the defendant and [the informant] never met, they were both political conservatives, and the [informant] is now at odds against him. If the [informant’s] political views have changed significantly, it is relevant to understand his community and biases. If it turns out his work for the FBI is targeting other right-wing adherents, the defense needs to know so for the purpose of cross-examination,” Frisch argued in a motion filed March 2. …”

Baked Alaska isn’t anonymous.

Therefore, the FBI informant is …


  1. What Mackey was doing on Twitter was recycling Trump press releases, using his own wording. An old PR trick. A few other characters were doing that too, and attracting huge followings.

    How dumb would you have to be to take a character like “Ricky Vaughn” seriously. Is the FBI saying Blacks really are that stupid?

    I think the Jew and Roman Catholic geniuses at the DOJ thought they could connect Ricky Vaughn directly to Trump, or one of Trump’s sons. After all, Trump by all reports was a pretty good baseball player when he was young, and Ricky Vaughn was a fictional baseball player.

    If not for White Protestants there would be no free speech in the US!

    • I agree. Fuck white solidarity. Only prots are white. But not the Calvinists or Baptists though, only Luherans. And not the Pietist bransch – fucking cryptoreformed. Only Lutheran- Orthodox. All others need to be fought.

      pff anlo-americans are the biggest political idiots on earth. I have nothing but contempt for your weird cultish form of religion and politics. / regards from continental Europe

  2. Microchip was who first came to mind as well. His scams always seemed to center around crypto shilling though.

    It makes sense they would railroad a shill with bogus charges to make him squeel. They can get him to say anything they want.

    • Did the ‘informant’ receive any monetary or judicial compensation.
      A goood lawyer could get the testimony tossed.

  3. Saw one of the memes and you could tell it was satire.
    It shows a Shanaynay looking befuddled with an inevitable pantsuit princess with a message about text your vote.
    This a few years before Year Zero or 2020.
    Memes might make some of the useless idiot comrades think and that won’t be allowed.
    As comrade Joe Stalin said, we don’t let or enemies have guns why would we let them have ideas.

  4. Ricky Vaughn wasn’t that Charlie Sheen, it is!
    Some of this stuff is beyond Kabuki into PSYOPS ran by kindergartners that you can see right through.
    Followers and monkey see monkey do people get what they deserve.

  5. Buried lede in this whole saga:

    (1) Black people (imagine the word I want to use) are so fucking stupid that they let an internet troll convince them to try to vote on a day other than the day that everyone else knows is election day.

    (2) Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign relied on these very voters to make the difference and push her over the top.

    Amazing what people will confess to when they think nobody can read between the lines and ferret out their assumptions.

  6. Microchip was a leader in the ‘Alt-Right?


    The guy is a deranged psychopath.

    Anyone who perused his posts on Gab 5-6 years would clearly recognize this.

    If he’s an FBI informant now that would make complete sense.

    Doug Mackey, if I recall, helped to initiate the ‘Optics Wars’.

    The FBI is domestic terrorism and their informants deserve the worst but…..

    The popcorn is ready.

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