Nashville Mass Shooting: Confirmed Troon Mass Shooter Attacks Christians


Troons have been threatening to commit violence for weeks now over their alleged “genocide.”


Nashville shooter is a confirmed troon with a manifesto.

The shooter is allegedly a 28-year-old female.

Note: I tend to doubt the shooter is actually a “female,” but we will see.


  1. We cannot allow ourselves to be disarmed. Every effort has to be made to protect the freedom we enjoy to access our domestic firearms industry. It is our best hope for some autonomy.

    Look what is happening in France with the riots. The Netherlands. Lately Israel. A disarmed population cannot force any concessions from even the local governments over reach.

    • France is not ‘disarmed’. Some French farmers have arsenals Americans would envy. Some bureaucracy to get a permit, and next-to-no carry laws, but French have tens of millions of civilian handguns, rifles, shotguns.

      It was Britain confiscating all civilian handguns in the 90s that makes Americans think europoors don’t have guns … but in Continental Europe there are maybe about 75 million legal civilian guns amidst 450 million people … plus now all the black market stuff the Ukrainian mafias are selling from the NATO supplies

      Netherlands has very few gun owners … but there the brand-new radical party ‘Boer Burger Beweging’ aka ‘Farmer Citizen Movement’ just swept into huge power gains

      Israelis have lots of guns too, with some encouragement of civilian carry at various times because of incidents with Palestinians they are occupying

      Jewish comedian Bill Maher made a joke about gun rights being the ONLY right Americans had left … people have said for years, that ‘gun rights’ were a clever trick by the establishment, distracting blue-collar people with the idea we were ‘free’ because of firearms, whilst everything degenerated around us

      On 4chan there is often international teasing of Americans about guns … ‘Americans with guns? Ha! You’ve never done sh-t with them and you never will!!’

      Gun stats by country.

      • Yeah I didn’t say they were disarmed. The french and israeli protests have been successful. The Dutch ones less so. The difference of the results of each country’s recent riots/unrest are illustrative of my point.

        The potential for armed resistance is directly correlated with the success of peaceful protest/mild rioting.

        I mixed my references without making the distinction clear. Especially the Israelis could be expected to take up arms. They are already thoroughly militarized.

        The canadians are half way between, but have no balls.

    • A “conservative” local radio guy was going on today about how we have to maintain the 2nd so we don’t lose the 1st. Can’t these idiots see that the 1st Amendment and the Constitution have already been rendered null and void?

      • @Tikkun Olam…

        “Can’t these idiots see that the 1st Amendment and the Constitution have already been rendered null and void?”

        No, they cannot see it, or, at leas,t not most of them – not yet.

        They think that, just because they can still mutter their disapproval of the country over a fence to a neighbour, or to the bathroom mirror, and not be taken to a gulag, that the 1st Amendment is still intact.

        I’m not making this up – I have heard opinions to this effect, many times.

  2. False Flag Productions has an endless supply.
    Purging and you dig…on the side of the ditch opposite the loaded guns is what happens when you are disarmed.
    That’s if the brownshirts don’t get to you first.

    • This is what happens when ‘tolerance’ goes beyond the bounds of reason.

      It started with ‘integration’ and will continue into a hellscape of chaos.

  3. Because our world is so clownish, I’m having a tad bit of trouble parsing this.

    Was this a “he/him” who used to be a girl, or a “girl” who used to be a he/him?


  4. Here’s the thing about transvestites, they’re an extremely volatile group:

    “Data indicate that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide”

    Trannies are much more likely to kill themselves than gays and just about any other demographic.
    And on top of that mainstream media is radicalizing them, brainwashing them into believing conservatives are committing genocide against them by protecting kids from sexual mutilation.
    Trannies are already demented, unhinged tards without the 24/7 mainstream media propagandization blitz, street drug abuse and prostitution is rampant among them.
    And on top of that they’re being given all these experimental drugs, surgeries and steroids.
    This could be a recipe for a terrorism pandemic.
    I’m sure a large %, perhaps the majority of transvestites pretty much live their lives in a state of psychosis, you tell people like that the government is committing genocide against their demographic, man, not good.

    • I wonder if the hormones crazed her? Was marijuana use also in the mix? Or just deranged? But yes, transexual people have a very high suicide rate and one reason why is they never have any success in their love life. NOBODY WANTS A FAKE PERSON, no gays want these gay guys after they chop their dicks off, no woman wants some girl with narrow shoulders and a odd voice with a lump of stomach fat sewed on where a penis would be? People want the real article of the gender they actually are attracted to. These people are even bigger freaks than Michael Jackson.

      • “Was Marijuana use in the mix?”
        So we’re back to refer madness now to explain mass murder? Maybe it was the fluoride in toothpaste.

  5. News here in Oz just said it was a ‘female’ shooter. It must get the death penalty……..after serving time in a prison full of black males!

    • No, it was a female-to-male tranny who targeted Christians over “trans genocide” hysteria.

      • It’s confusing the way the media lies to us about them these days. You don’t know if when the say “she” they are playing along with their new fantasies or identifying who they actually are. The facial structure seems small so I am thinking this is a girl who wanted one sewn on rather than a dude who wanted it chopped off. There is usually those gigantic eyebrow ridges, forehead, and protruding nasal structure in a dude pretending to be a woman.

        I heard rumors that the Google Campus shooter from a few years back was a dude pretending to be a woman and the media never clued us on to that. Never seen it confirmed though it wouldn’t be surprising. At my local Walmart there is this gigantic, probably autistic dude pretending to be a woman who works there. I saw a group of middle school girls walking around, a white, a hispanic, and black girl and when they encountered this big hulking transvestite, they started giggling hysterically so I think that a lot kids still have fairly good instincts about that nonsense at that point before they get overintellectualized by useless university programs.

        • “It’s confusing the way the media lies to us about them ”

          “Spread confusion among your enemies so that you may destroy them”…..torah

          • Errian- if you’re quoting the Torah, give me the chapter and verse from the Bible. But it sounds like you’re quoting the Talmud. If so, then you’re being disingenuous in claiming that that vile book is in any way connected to, or approved of by God Almighty, and his book, the holy Bible.

      • The term that needs to be used for all of these people is queer. Call them queers, don’t bother with pronouns and distinctions about what flavor of queer they are. It doesn’t matter.

        • Nope, my dad was born in the 20s and he always used the term “queer” and it meant run of the mill gays swooshing around the north side near Wrigley Field. By todays standards they are almost respectable compared to people going beyond Michael Jackson with the whole body modification thing and trying to be counterfeit members of the opposite sex to great inner turmoil and social disruption. Heck, despite all the propaganda, normal 12 year old girls still giggle away when they see these hulking dudes pretending in a skirt and string of pearls.

  6. This shooting contradicts the U.S. Government officially approved narrative so down the memory hole it goes. Now if it were a straight, White male who did this heinous thing instead of this lunatic trans person the Lügenpresse would be jumping up and down celebrating. That’s just the way it works in GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire.

    • @12AX7…

      “This shooting contradicts the U.S. Government officially approved narrative”

      Yes, absolutely.

      In fact, most of reality contradicts the United States’ Government narrative, (and the untethered American Culture whence it arises) yet they still have the collective strength, a holdover from successful yesteryears (when they did not ignore reality) , and the will to ignore it.

      There is, however, only so long you can ignore reality.

    • “shooting contradicts the U.S. Government officially approved narrative so down the memory hole”

      The NYTimes has already twisted the narrative to guns, guns, guns nothing but guns.

      • @Arrian…

        When anyone on The Right acts abominably, it is always ‘The Whites’.

        When anyone impossible to attribute to The Left acts abominably, it is always ‘The Whites’ or ‘The Guns’.

        No matter what, the problem is always Whites (Amon Göths!) and Whites (Amon Göths with guns) with guns.

        See how clever they think they are?

  7. Before I read this article, I thought to myself : ‘I don’t know how we can report that it was a female who did the killing, when the latest nominee for the Supreme Court could not answer what a woman is.’

    But, of course … it was a man.

    Even those so many Modern American Women, brainwashed to think themselves warrior-queens, do not have the killing impulse, because they were created by The Good Lord to love.

    Very sorry this young man grew up in an era that told him to nurture mental illness and sin inside him, for 99-1 he would not have done something like this in 1950.

    • “Very sorry this young man grew up in an era that told him to nurture mental illness and sin inside him, for 99-1 he would not have done something like this in 1950.”

      It wasn’t a man. The person who did this was born with a vaj and was taking testosterone. You’ve misgendered her,I’m afraid.

      The media pulled a switcheroo on this one and is reporting her ACTUAL pronouns,not her appropriated pronouns.

      Why they’re doing it,I don’t know. I know Tennessee cops would have said “This was a female”. A lot of Tennessee cops are black so they would have just said it like it was. Normally the media would report that the cops said it was a female but that the shooter identified as a man.

      Actually,I think that’s it. Having typed it out,I figured out what the media is doing here. This is a person who killed children. By correcting the cops,it puts emphasis on the fact that the shooter was a troon. I think they want that to just slip into the background and go under the radar. The cops probably should have reported that the shooter “was a trans man” or “identified as a trans man” or something like that to force the media to report that it was a tranny.

      Oh well,maybe next time.

      • @Lev…

        Okay, Sir – you assert that the killer was not a man.

        I’ll bear this in mind, but, so far, all the sources I have examined, and which I have long found are habituated to telling the truth, come what may, have asserted the antithesis.

        As to the rest of your reply – it is clear that you are a person of an unusual amount of pronouns, many, and or all, of which are flexible.

        I respect your right to be that way, though I will note that no matter how many procedures with which one might ply oneself, one will never fundamentally alter one’s genetic design.

        Thank God for that.

        As to Black cops telling the truth, but, by inference, not White, I am not going to touch that with a 10 foot pole, other than to say the position does harmonize with being a person of many flexible pronouns.

        None of this, however, addresses the pith of what I was saying – that being that this shooter was raised in an era when he was given every encouragement to put his psychic/spiritual moorings into a toxic spiritual and physical quicksand.

        This shooter was taught to believe that he could ultimately accept himself, if he mutilated himself. No surprise, when that did not work out, he was even more unhappy and, being separate from Christ and unself aware, he was looking for somebody to blame.

        There was mental illness when I was young, that much was clear, however, the amount of it we have today, not to mention the virulent variety, is staggering.

        This burgeoning of illness is not just due to heightened awareness and the removal of stigma, but, the fact that this society builds it concrete of shifting sands, almost as if we have become a gardening center which daily shifts the labels about, without any respect to whether an Oak is labeled a Pine or a Camelia a Rosevine.

        It is clear you are sharp intellectually, but, in a spiritual/political/philosophical space that will prohibit you from really fathoming what this is about.

        Thank you for your polite rebuttal, but, I do not feel rebutted.

      • “Normally the media would report that the cops said it was a female but that the shooter identified as a man.”

        Yes, and they’d have done the equivalent in this case, too, as you’ve basically pointed out, if the trans figure had been not the assailant but a victim.

      • She didn’t look like a man at all to me, she reminded me of Ally Sheedy as the angry, butch-goth type chick in all the John Hughes movies back in the day.

      • PS At the link below, a trans group, speaking re the shooting, reminds the media to respect the “self-identified pronouns of transgender individuals.” Though I myself haven’t followed the story closely, my sense—as reflected in my comment above—accords with what you posted, i.e., that the media are referring to the shooter as female. Maybe since I posted that comment, I’ve seen one newscaster use “they” and “their” in a report about the shooter; but whether any news source has used “he” or “him,” which the statement linked below identifies as the shooter’s preferred pronouns, I don’t know. If anyone has objected to the police chief’s use, re the shooter, of “she” or “female” or “woman” or whatever were his words, I haven’t heard it.

      • PPS I see now that two news entities—the New York Times and USA Today—have, in fact, addressed, in some way, the gendering question; so in seconding your original comment, I might simply have been shooting my mouth off.

        As far as I can tell, the tweet linked above is by a conservative who’s condemning them for the gender correction (as they would see it)—damned if they do, damned if they don’t, they might reasonably argue.

  8. The reality underneath all this is that the killer never could accept himself as he was.

    Thus, when he went through a vicious set of procedures, which he was promised by a looney culture and profiteering medical system would eventually make him be able to accept himself, his already dessicated cork blew wide open.

    History is full of killers of who took their inability to be at ease with themselves out on others.

    Some of them actually led great countries and got their citizens to act out their unacceptance out collectively on their neighbours.

    That this occurred for idealogical or racial reasons matters does not change the underlying cause.

    Secular Society will never be able to address this, because, if you do not know what kind of Love The Lord has for you, to dream you up in this realm, then you may well struggle your whole existence to come to terms with yourself.

    The Light is Christ and what is not is not.

    Yes, if this poor boy ever knew Christ, many others would be here today.

  9. Why do they all have manifestos? I will tell you why, there is no reason on earth why someone would do such a thing to innocent peoples. It is not in human nature to hurt the innocent. So the manifestos is need to explain. But why are there so many manifestos being written by so many perpetrators of senseless killings? Something is not kosher.

    • ” It is not in human nature to hurt the innocent.”

      You’re projecting your humane ethics onto other people, it’s a no fit.
      There is a spectrum of sinister people who care nothing of other people.

    • In the movies, they always have a manifesto and a back story. Even the joker had to tell batman why he was an agent of chaos. Its cliche.

      True psycho’s don’t give a damn.

      These people aren’t psycho. They are militant ideologues. They’ve got an axe to grind and its the attention they want.

  10. Sounds like an anti-Christian hate crime committed by a deranged deviant homosexual faggot. Why aren’t Biden and the Jew Attorney General Merrick Garfinkle demanding that we round up all the faggots and prosecute them for hate crimes against Christians?

    • It just doesn’t fit the covert agenda.

      Just like the 5 black cops beating the black to death……….*crickets*

  11. Aren’t trannies supposed to be victims, not mass murdering predators? I’ll bet this story goes down the memory hole fast.

  12. There actually does need to be a “trans genocide” against these dangerous autistic freaks – and far more importantly, against the god damned kikes & commies who create & incite them.

  13. Wrong! Six human beings were murdered, and one dysgenic, psychotic tranny.

    That would have never happened in Deutschland 1933-1945. Have we apologized to the Germans for destroying their paradise yet?

    • What a dire mistake the yokels of our country made to attack Germany. By removing the Juden-parasite, they were on the way to making a truly wonderful country.

      I give our dumb yokels some credit that they didn’t have much competing info, but surely some of them knew it was wrong to drop bombs directly where children sleep? The sad truth is that most people of peasant blood just enjoy getting a free pass to bully and abuse others. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that people don’t need to be given too much freedom. They are just too stupid to handle it. The ultimate red pill is that we really are cattle by and large.

      I really have come to hate the Jewnited Snakes. It’s just so awful and evil all the time. All nobility stamped out by the tiny hats and their shabbos goyim.

  14. Hey faggot bureau of instigation and department of hasidic security, it’s fagtifa which is filled with sociopathic trannies, and niggers that serve as your jewish master’s golems that are a clear and present danger to legacy American citizens in this talmudic scumocracy.

  15. @Balticus,

    Don’t all Swiss men from 18-60 have machine guns, and other weapons in their residences?

  16. Did every victim ‘just happen’ to be white by any chance? Remember:- this is Tennessee, not Maine. Whether black, trans or whatever, their hatred of whites is damn obvious these days.

  17. This seems an apt moment for the pointing out that “travesty” and “transvestite” are, essentially, variant spellings of one word.

    Make of that what you will.

  18. Mentally ill people (most Trans are crazy), Black gang members, Mexican cartel killers, Islamists should be identified – confined or deported or yeah executed – our Zio nation is contemplating, preparing for full out killing wars against Russia and China, so it’s not like kil***** people isn’t an option.

    Anything goes GUNS, GUNS, GUNS including military rifles is another right wing cause that doesn’t work for us when the demographics change on us. Same with Abortion, Religious Right Judeo X’tianity, anything goes capitalism “It’s muh land, I can hire and fire whomever I want……” (and then we lose ownership of THE land to Pakistanis, Indians, Mark Zuckerbergs ……)

    Safe and re Whiting Guliani New York City strictly controlled GUNS, GUNS, GUNS – it can and must be done. Anything goes GUNS, GUNS GUNS – Libertarian foolishness about letting everyone use whatever hard drugs they want – that’s Mogadeshu Somalia or sigh, increasingly Minneapolis MN.

  19. Let’s not normalize these people, if you want to hack off and rearrange pieces of yourself like you’re renovating your kitchen, there’s something deeply, profoundly wrong with you, and it’s probably not just one thing either, it’s a multitude.
    What they need from society is a firm No, your thoughts and feelings are invalid, you don’t have the right to take it out on society, instead you have the right to secular and/or religious counseling and psychotherapy.
    If you tell someone the government is committing genocide against their ‘community’, what’s the logical conclusion?
    It’s incitement, the logical conclusion is you have the right to defend yourself and your people by any means necessary, and that’s exactly what some of them are starting to do, this wasn’t the 1st and unfortunately won’t be the last time one of them goes on a shooting spree.
    The radical left, funded by NGOs like the WEF, knows that, that they’re inciting thousands of people, this is a fun game for them, a science experiment they’re running on society.
    ‘Can we get millions of kids to mutilate, kill themselves and others’?
    ‘Let’s find out’…
    Same with covid, that was a science experiment, to see what they could get away with, same with carbon rationing and so on down the line.

  20. Shame on her father who allowed this mutant to live in his home doing this crap. You cannot allow an adult child to live in your home while she’s dressing up like a man. These Jewish feminists have done a number on young White women. Convincing them that they have no purpose. Telling them not to marry and raise children. No wonder they’re mentally deranged. Everything created by Jews is irrational and will only end in tears. What do you say about a people who are only able to come up with ideas that are always destructive and perverse? Always. They are incapable of offering anything that tends to the betterment of the human race.

  21. Crazy, Norman Bates Trannie psychos and this creature should not be allowed to possess any guns, let alone semi auto pistols and military rifles. That’s “Gun Control” crazy people control I’m fine with. Japan and Singapore and Israel don’t allow such nonsense.

    Hey Hunter, I have a blog in draft mode ready to go – it’s about an SNL humor sketch from the late 1980s about doctors castrating male babies. Please look over, it should be fine, If I don’t hear otherwise, I’ll post in 2 days. Thanks Hunter.

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