Poll Watch: U.S. Pulls Back On Values That Once Defined It

I’ve tacked in the opposite direction.

We’ve become more religious. We’re about to have our second child this fall. I’ve also always been patriotic in the sense that I have a natural affinity for my own race, ethnic group, culture, heritage and state. I just don’t feel the same way about the federal government or the federal flag.


“The survey, conducted with NORC at the University of Chicago, a nonpartisan research organization, also finds the country sharply divided by political party over social trends such as the push for racial diversity in businesses and the use of gender-neutral pronouns.

Some 38% of respondents said patriotism was very important to them, and 39% said religion was very important. That was down sharply from when the Journal first asked the question in 1998, when 70% deemed patriotism to be very important, and 62% said so of religion.

The share of Americans who say that having children, involvement in their community and hard work are very important values has also fallen. Tolerance for others, deemed very important by 80% of Americans as recently as four years ago, has fallen to 58% since then. …”

Conservative liberalism aka Reaganism was a failure.

It is now a cliché to say it. Millions of White people have accepted this and agree with us now. Millions of White people also agree with us that it is time to dissolve the Union.


  1. “Some 38% of respondents said patriotism was very important to them”

    I wish ‘patriotism’ wasn’t such a nebulous word.

    I feel 100% loyalty to my constitutional rights,
    to USZOG, none .

    • Yep.

      The poll likely reflects a decoupling of patriotism from the federal government rather than a complete erosion of patriotism.

    • I think this a occurring in most Western states. People know the government will not listen, and continues to push policies that serve globalist agendas, to the utter detriment of the people who pay for it all.

      Politicians are the utter scum of the universe. I despise them.

  2. The United States of America does not exist anymore.

    It died a slow and quiet death, which a critical mass has come to see.

    As this consciousness has permeated the land, the conversation has shifted quietly to a single question: what next?

    For those on the Far Right and Far Left, this question is so much yesterday’s news, that it is barely worthy of comment. Yet, for the average citizen, it is extremely troubling, with no clear solution in sight.

  3. They didn’t mention which religion..did they?
    But of course, the new religion of weimerica is worshiping sodomites ,black criminals & our jooish overlords.
    God cannot smite this disgustingly broken plutocracy hard enough

      • Not in the Blue States, according to that map.
        Amazing difference between New England and the South.

        • @Kapper…

          I am a Southerner who lived in New England for quite a few years.

          Though some are still Christian, most are not – their beliefs now centered around secularism, globalism, science/rational deduction, socialism, and the diversity of which most of them have no direct knowledge.

          A typical New England town has some very nice nice and rather large houses from yesteryear, most of which, on Sundays, go largely unattended, if not completely deserted.

          Historically speaking, I think the New England Culture has always been marked by a restless moving towards some hypothetical point in the future, and I still see that today.

          They are exactly who they’ve always been, The New Englanders, on the move towards being somebody else – anybody else but who they currently are.

          It’s why we, in The South, must get some kind of divorce from them, because we do not believe in some hypothetical future of being, but like who we are, have been, and, my goodness, intend of staying that way.

        • Nor in the red states either. Young conservative Whites are significantly less likely to be religious than old conservative Whites.

          My wife used to work as a hospice nurse. Many of her patients were too senile to understand that they were dying, but others were quite lucid. Many were terrified of death. She noted that it seemed odd considering most of them claimed to be Christian. If you really believed you were soon to experience eternal bliss and reunification with all your dead family members, would you be terrified to die? The Bible prohibits suicide, but nothing says you have to cry like a baby when you’re about to die.

          I suspect that a large fraction of those people never really believed in religion, and that all that’s happening is we’re becoming more honest about it.

          • @Nomal…

            Yes, I have often asked my wife if, back in the 1960s, when so many attended church as a matter of course on a weekly basis, if they actually meant it, or, perhaps, better put, knew what it meant?

            Yes, I, too, have seen family members, and others who, ostensibly faithful Christians or Jews, have gone to their deaths in such a way as to inspire pity, because their manner of going through it was so clueless, so disconnected, and so full or depression and denial.

            And, yes, many people did things years ago – because everyone else was doing those things.

            No change today, for suddenly there are so many gays and atheists in our midst – exactly what this society has been encouraging for 5-6 decades.

            So, no, we are not being ‘more honest’, now, but, carrying on monkey-see/monkey do, as we were doing, way back when.

            So, business as usual.

            Getting up there in age, it is my profound and sincere observation of many people of different generations, races, countries, and classes that an astonishing number of people have precious little idea who they actually are or what they are doing in their life, and, that so, they take their cues from others.

            Some people you know for decades, only to find out that you did not really know them – beyond their external mannerisms or petty tastes.

            In this sense, Humanity is a bit scary, so fearful of ourselves are we.

            Thank you for your remark.

  4. “The share of Americans who say that having children [is very important] has also fallen.”

    This, I’d say, is the poll’s single most-important report. It’s like saying the share of Americans who think being alive is very important has fallen.


    I’d be interested to know who coined “natalism,” the term or concept that is the subject of the Wikipedia entry I’ve just now linked, above. It seems something leftists would have fashioned, to make wanting to be alive seem a sort of ideological preference.

    When a friend of mine, not very long ago, congratulated someone we both know on the birth of a first grandnephew/niece, the other person responded, pleasantly enough, that the congratulation was mere ritual, a remnant of an age in which families—he meant white families—were growing, not dying out. Half a century earlier, he explained, a man his age would already have had numerous such collateral descendants. The person who’d offered the congratulation remarked, in reply, that he was beginning to get concerned that his own, childless offspring—two—were reaching an age at which the odds of their producing offspring of their own were low.

    Oh, well—let us return to the remedying of climate change, to make the world safe for the descendants we have no interest in producing.

    • @John…

      “Oh, well—let us return to the remedying of climate change, to make the world safe for the descendants we have no interest in producing.”


      I reckon we’ll have to convince women to start being women again and men to be men.

      Might be an impossible task for this culture, but, not for other White cultures – like Russia.

      • You would seem to be right on target, Ivan …

        (“Why This Russian Mother Has 18 Children”)

        What fascists.

        PS I hope I haven’t put a bull’s-eye on the loving brood by bringing attention to them at a blog observed by the Southern Poverty Law Center. You can almost see the headline that will appear, once the left will have corrupted one of them: “Member of large household honored by Russian government says family life was living hell”

        In the meantime, YouTube video of them is captioned “Russia’s rise in conservative family values” …

        • Yes, Dear John, following Russia, and Russian news, I am quite aware of this woman, and these women whom the Russian Government celebrates every year by throwing them a dinner, having Vladimir Putin pin medals on them and giving them large cash prizes.

          I can only say that this sort of endeavor is a far cry from many Western governments, above all ours, which not only could care less if young adults have children, they actually seem to make it unlikely.

          Because I am sure you can think of how this is done, I will not bore you to list the ways.

          As someone who, like you, lived through The Cold War, I am astonished to see that Russia and the United States have basically exchanged seats, each one now playing their opponent’s former bridge hands.

          Truly bizarre to the point of being eerie – as if one set of demons grew bored occupying one set of souls and exchanged them for some others.

          • Ivan said: As someone who, like you, lived through The Cold War, I am astonished to see that Russia and the United States have basically exchanged seats, each one now playing their opponent’s former bridge hands.

            Truly bizarre to the point of being eerie – as if one set of demons grew bored occupying one set of souls and exchanged them for some others.

            Yes, it does stretch credulity the appearance that America and Russia have exchanged their moral compass, but have they really? I would suggest that just because we want to believe that is the case, doesn’t mean that it is, certainly if the jews are merely running both sides as they so often do. We know the jews have seized control of all Western economies, governments, media, education and entertainment. The US gov is absolutely corrupt but is certainly odd in it’s promotion of deviant sexual practice and transgender policies as a major priority. Why would any government promote the mental illness of homosexuality and it’s related degeneracies? Homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with the survival of a successful society.

            The US gov, totally under jew control**, has empowered, entitled, and enabled, a major cancer in our society — blacks. They fed them, bred them, put them on welfare, gave them “free” everything, put them in positions they would have otherwise never earned on their own (Affirmative Action), put them in every TV commercial, and put them up on a pedestal socially (we can’t say ANYTHING abut them at this point). Why? Was it because they “like” black people? NO! They did all of this in order to destroy our society with disorder and dysfunction. The (((US gov))) has done the same for China. They sent our vast manufacturing capabilities to them, built them up and enriched them, empowered and enabled them, for the purpose of using them to destroy the West.

            On top of all of that, the (((US gov))), instead of continuing it’s prior role of world peacemaker, the openly jew led US gov is engaged in warmongering, determined to have a war with the world’s other foremost nuclear powers. The jews have weakened the America dramatically, economically and militarily, while at the same time they have immensely empowered the East for the purpose of, once again, murdering millions of White people. Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Whites have already perished in the Ukraine debacle.

            The jews are extremely subverssive and once totally controlled the Russian gov, and when have we ever seen the jews give up power? Have they all left Russia? Of course not. There are many jews in the Russian government. Say the holocaust didn’t happen in Russia and you’ll find yourself in prison. It’s a crime. Same thing goes for any sort of White nationalism. Russia went along with the forced vax, though now they appear to have backed off. The Russian and Chinese governments appear to be opposed to faggots, and of course we rational Whites applaud them for that, but why has the US gov made such an issue of it at all? It’s an absurdity. It’s bazarro world! But an absurdity the jews are using to justify a World War. If the US gov is able to provoke a devastating world war with Russia and/or China, it is the jews, once again, who have orchestrated it.

            Keep in mind that jews didn’t transfer our wealth to China because of “cheap labor” anymore than they brought blacks over to “pick our cotton” or are bringing in millions of orcs today so they can “pay our pensions”. They know/knew what they were doing, and their mission is to see all of us dead.


            “You have not began to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural World, your ideals, your destiny and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War, but of nearly all your wars. Not only of the Russian, but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it.”
            – Marcus Eli Ravage, Jewish writer in Century Magazine, 1928

            “We Jews have made the World War (WWI). We Jews are nothing else than the world’s seducers, its incendiaries, its executioners! Our last revolution is not yet made! We Jews, invented the myth of the Chosen People”
            – Dr. Oscar Levy, prominent London Jew.

            “We are not denying, and we are not afraid to confess that this war (WWII) is our war, and it is waged for the liberation of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power, which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them within their own country, within the resistance, and we are the Trojan Horse in the enemies’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.”
            – Chaim Weizmann, President of World Jewish Congress, 1942.

            “This program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course, will remain neutral. And when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all the wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against gentiles. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generations of white children are being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid whites to mate with whites. The White woman must cohabit with the members or the dark races, the white men with black women, thus, the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the White man, and our most dangerous enemy will become just a memory.

            We will embark on an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judeica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”
            – Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich, at Convention of Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952

            Jake Sullivan, Jew – Biden’s National Security Advisor
            Doug Emhoff, Jew Husband of Kamala Devil Harris
            Janet Yellin, Jew Secretary Treasury
            Gary Gensler – jew chairman, Securities and Exchange Comm.
            Anthony Blinken, Jew Secretary of State
            Robert Klain, Jew Chief of Staff
            David Cohen, Jew Deputy Director CIA
            Merrick Garland, Jew Attorney General
            Alejandro Mayorkas, Jew Secretary Homeland Security
            Avril Haines, Jew Director National Intelligence
            Wendy Sherman, Jew Deputy Secretary of State
            Victoria Nuland, Jew Secretary State Political Affairs
            Eric Lander, Jew Office of Science Technology
            Jeffry Zeints, Jew Covid Czar
            Rachel Levine, (trans) Jew Assistant Health Secretary
            Cass Sunstein, Jew Senior Counselor at DHS, and his wife, Samantha Power, Head of USAID
            Rochelle Walensky – jewish CDC director
            Ann Neuberger – jew director NSA Cybersecurity
            Polly Trottenberg – dep Sec of Transportation
            Jessica Rosenworce – jew acting Chairwoman FCC
            Jennifer Klein – co-chair Gender Policy Council
            Dana Stroul, Jew Pentagon Senior Policy Official on the Middle East
            Chanan Weissman, Jewish Director of Technology at National Security Council
            Avril Haines, Jewish Director of National Intelligence
            Jared Bernstein, Jewish Member of Council of Economic Advisers
            David Kessler, Jewish Chief Science Officer of COVID Response
            Stephanie Pollack, Jewish Deputy Administrator Federal Highway Administration
            Amy Gutmann, Ambassador to Germany

          • @DICARLO…

            Thank you for your excellent and well-documented remark.

            You are very right to use Jewish quotes on Jewish corruption, and Ultra-Orthodox rabbis are a treasure trove for that.

            I agree with you that Jewish influence is a common thread between the Soviet Union and the United States, though how the Soviet Union fell and came over here is a bit more complex than just the matter of Jews, they who were and are influential in both very different societies.

            And, though I agree with you that Jewry is the main thread here, I will remind you that Jewry is only Eve – NOT the Adam.

            Why do I say that?

            Because Gentile societies are the Adam, and, on that note, it is worthy to note that Adam knew how to manage Eve for many many centuries.

            What has changed?

            In this country the answer is that New England took over the institutions, starting in the 1860s, and, because of their peculiar mindset, have done everything they possibly could to hand this country over to Jews, with whom they agree on just about everything, and, when not, they seem to defer to them.

            My personal belief is that there will never be a moment’s peace until Jews are either primarily in Israel or limited in Gentile countries from occupying certain positions in government, academia, banking, and the court system – in other words, are allowed to make the fantastic contributions they make to things like logistics, science, and the arts, but, are kept out of the system.

            Many will read this and shake their heads at what is now commonly regarded as an ugly hateful, and specious thought, but, to them I will only say this – your dreams of what ought be do not match what is.

            Sadly, history shows that what Mr. DICARLO has said is correct, and nothing you wish to dream about the matter will change that.

            In my personal view, this is The Golden Age of Jewry, but, there is another period coming which will be a sequential response from the corruption and abuse.

            Makes me sad to think about it, but, apparently history keeps repeating itself.

          • @DICARLO…

            “Yes, it does stretch credulity the appearance that America and Russia have exchanged their moral compass, but have they really? ”

            Yes, we have exchanged moral compasses, Sir.

            If you were old enough to have grown up in this country, as it was many years ago, you would know it.

            I barely recognize the country I grew up in, and, yes, that country was rich in Jewish influence.

            So, to answer your question again : yes, Russia and America have REALLY exchanged moral compasses.

            Even Jews have done so, for coming from a family, where my daddy’s folks were Hungarian Jews, I can tell you that Jews of the 1920s would have vomited at much of what Jews of today are in favour of.

            My Jewish grandmother already thought in 1970, that this country had gone to hell in a handbasket, and, to register her feelings with us, she would rise forcefully from her chair, during the evening news and say that the country has gone ‘meshugah’.

            Of all the members of my Jewish patriarchal line, I can only think of one, from those days, who would have accepted the LGBT, and he was the one who suffered from same-sex attraction.

            All the rest, if they were alive today, would be virulently anti-LGBT.

            Moreover, I cannot think of a single member of my Jewish family, alive or dead, who was, is, or would be anti-police, or in favour of destroying American monuments.

            I cannot think of a single member of my Jewish family who believes in the fluidity of gender or the transferability of pronouns.

            I could go on, but, the question is : why am I telling you this?

            Because even Jews have gone off their rockers – not just Gentiles.

            The whole country is out of it’s everlovin’ mind – a collection of spoiled, weak, and narcissistic brats – like the world has never seen.

          • For certain, this isn’t the America any of us grew up in. And Russia appears to have replaced it’s Communist totalitarianism with traditional moral values, but as I suggested in my previous post, is it real? What do we know except what the jewsmedia tells us? If Putin, and therefore, Russia, is controlled by the jews, which many people fully believe that he is, and why wouldn’t he be? — what we see is all just a facade of wishful thinking that was created to first, get rid of White Americans, I mean look at the insane US gov and it’s policies, so silence, jail, get rid of Americans, if not by massive nonwhite immigration, but 10s of millions of them by a devastating, totally unnecessary, world war, to further, not injustices of any kind, but for the promotion of anal sex, and kooks who want to exchange their sex.

            The US gov has become the communist totalitarian dictatorship run by jews, but who here can say that Russia is not a dictatorship, also run by jews, where you better do as your told — and like it. It is obvious that they are weakening us in every possible way, and the reason for doing so is equally obvious. It’s not to rob us — they’ve already done that — enslave us — they’ve already done that, or simply to maintain their power. It is all being done to ultimately and utterly eliminate all who oppose them, and their useful idiots, too. They planned this out long ago, and one generation of jews after the next has pushed this genocidal agenda right on thru to this very point: where (absolute total, irreversible) victory is so close they can taste it. They are doing everything a weak, evil, unscrupulous enemy would do to weaken us from within then destroy us, from without, by instigating world wars, and by any and all means necessary.

            Jews haven’t gone off their rocker. They’ve always been homicidal maniacs who want all Whites dead. They control all US institutions and very probably control all of Russia’s institutions as well. If that’s the case, all of us are that much closer to armageddon.

          • @DICARLO

            Thank you for your excellent reply.

            So, off we go …

            “Jews haven’t gone off their rocker. They’ve always been homicidal maniacs who want all Whites dead. ”

            Yes, some Jews are, and always have been, homicidal maniacs – no, most Jews are not.

            Some Gentiles are homicidal maniacs, too. If you doubt me, in this regard, watch the English subtitled Hungarian Gentile documentary I post below – if you dare.

            Yes, some Jews are anti-White, some Jews are pro-White, but, most Jews do not give a thought about the matter, .like you do.

            How can I say this?

            Because I have known thousands of Jews, hundreds up close. I know Jewish history, and not just from the excellent work Dr. David Duke, Dr. Janos Drabik, or Professor MacDonald have done, but, also, from the point of view of secular and observant Jewish historians.

            As to Jews being overly influential in this country and running it into the ground, I totally agree with you.

            When this country falls, it will fall for three reasons – Southern docility, New England insanity, and Jewish megalomania.

            3 bad cooks in one kitchen – food poisoning.

            END REPLY I

          • @DICARLO…

            “What we see is all just a facade of wishful thinking that was created to first, get rid of White Americans, I mean look at the insane US gov and it’s policies, so silence, jail, get rid of Americans, if not by massive nonwhite immigration, but 10s of millions of them by a devastating, totally unnecessary, world war, to further, not injustices of any kind, but for the promotion of anal sex, and kooks who want to exchange their sex.”

            If you know anything about me, you know that I am both a Southern Gentile and Southern Jew, who, the descendant of those Confederates from Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia, who fought with Robert E. Lee, supports Southern Secession, Southern Sovereignty, and Southern Nationalism.

            So, of course, I agree not only with every word you have written here, but, every letter.

            The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government is actually even worse than you suggest, ‘insane’, they are criminally vile’, as the great erstwhile Grand Dragon Louis Beam of the Texas Klan was wont to say.

            If we were the South of even 100 years ago we would have dealt with this situation, but, as things stand, we have been made wealthy beyond our wildest dreams by allowing The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government to occupy us, since Brown vs. The Board of Education, and, that so, we have become hopelessly weak sheep – spoiled brats just like y’all up yonder.

            The situation is sad, very sad, but, as we know the only thing that stays the same is change, I look forward to that, if not for myself, then for my childrens’ sake.

            END REPLY II

          • @DICARLO…

            Just so you know that Jews are not the only groupd with ‘homicidal maniacs’ , you can watch this story of what happened to, and in, Budapest, between March 1944 and March 1945.

            The story is told from the perspective of those Hungarians who lived it – from the Hungarian Nazis, regular soldiers, policemen, and the Gentile and Jewish civilians who, none of the aforementioned, lived under the American aerial bombardment, Russian land assault, and the vigilante actions of those on the inside.

            A little known story of one of WWII’s main events, this documentary is not for the light of heart.

            Thank you for your correspondence.

          • BUT:

            Just because, — B’nai B’rith, the Association of Reform Zionists, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Hebrew Immigration Aid, the Conference of American Rabbis, AIPAC, the ACLU, the Jewish National Fund, AMIT, the Jewish Federations Of North America, the Zionist Organization Of America, the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Women International, the Union For Reform Judaism, the Jewish Council For Public Affairs, B’nai Zion, the National Council Of Jewish Women, Maccabi USA, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Defense League, Jewish Funds For Justice, the Conference Of Presidents Of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Socialist Verband, J Street, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, all Jewish Senators, Congresscritters and media moguls, and thousands of jewish groups I haven’t named



            Just because jews directly or indirectly control Facebook, Google, Apple, Instagram, YouTube, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Hollywood, TIME, USAToday, The Wall Street Journal, and pretty much all the rest, and all these media organizations favor, race mixing, open borders, and smearing Whites —

            doesn’t mean that all jews feel the same way! And it’s just a cohencidence that the entire intelligence community at the CIA, FBI, and NSA concur.

            JUST SAYIN’ ………..

          • @DICARLO…

            ‘…Doesn’t mean that all jews feel the same way…!”

            This is the complexity of life – the inconvenient fact that, though we say The Japanese Bombed Pearl Harbour’, the fact remains that 99%+ of all the Japanese had no idea what was going on, on December 7 1941, and, even less partook of that event.

            And yet – we went to war with ‘The Japanese’.

            And so it is with Jews, Gentiles, and every other critter in this world – they have an individual identity, just as does the group to which they belong.

            This is a level of subtlety which I think you will learn to manage – The Soviet Union was Communist, yet, not every Russian was so. Hell, some Russians even fought with the Germans!

            What does this mean?

            That I will stand with you in criticizing Organized Jewry, but, that I will recognize that there is a minority of Jews who, like you and I, stand against them.

            Also, I want to say this to you : I do not believe in Jewish Supremacy, as you do.

            I believe that White American Gentiles are an outstanding People who more than amply have the ability to choose a different route, than what we have been choosing.

            Again, American Jews, and their Leftist Gentile supporters are Eve, then it is up to American Gentiles, and Rightist Jewish supporters, to be the Adam who says no to the apple.

            I do not believe in White Gentile helplessness.

            I know my mother’s people to well to think such a thing.

      • Ivan, take heart. Once the collapse happens women will remember what they’ve always known, that in order to survive in a harsh and dangerous environment, they need a man to provide and protect.

        • Thank you, Dear English Tom, for touching me with such kindness.

          Yes, being a naturalist and a conservationist it truly cheers me to think as you do.

          By the way, may I ask if you are a smalltowner rural sort?

  5. An integral part of destroying a people is destroying their culture. The Frankfurt school did a bang-up job.

      • “New Nation Now”

        If by that, Dear Afterthought, you mean, ‘the olde nation back’, then I most certainly agree.

        Pick any model you want, from yesteryear, and it will be a better model than this one.

  6. The left, through the last 50 years or so, has been pretty successful in convincing people to be petty self absorbed jerks, nothing matters but them, if they want it, they’re entitled to it. And if they don’t get what they want, then they’re a victim. Many people seem to have no sense of a higher power, or any sense of morality.

    The liberals have attacked Christian churches because some of them have apposed abortion on demand, saying it’s immoral. People seem to think they can make up reality to suit themselves, and nobody can tell them something is wrong. . They want to attack anyone who tells them they are not a world unto themselves

    It’s mass insanity, or pretty close.

    • “… if they want it, they’re entitled to it. And if they don’t get what they want, then they’re a victim.”

      If you’d like constant updates about that sort of thing, copperhead, you need only listen to National Public Radio, which I myself have been hearing for twenty minutes or so each morning over the past several months. While I’m fortunate enough to be able to drink a cup of coffee in the parking lot of a nearby doughnut shop, I hear from my car radio, day after day—virtually minute after minute, of yet another injustice that the left has identified.

      This very morning, March 27, the injustice report had to do with “the right to repair.” Legislation recently passed in some state—in the West, I think—requires apps, i.e., software, used by technicians who repair certain types of devices to be available for use by the devices’ owners. The particular device that was being discussed in the radio report was an electric wheelchair whose speed settings etc. the owner could not adjust by himself before the legislation was passed. Naturally, manufacturers’ concerns that use of the software by the untrained might cause problems were merely mentioned, not examined. Naturally, too, there was no mention of the fact that in our socialized economy, personal technical service is almost impossible to schedule normally. Naturally, too, the interviewed wife of a wheelchair owner reflexively denied dignity to the manufacturer with whom she’d dealt. On the day the legislation went into effect, she said, with what seemed delight, “They,” the company, “were not prepared.” Though she added, with an inexplicable laugh, that this was “understandable,” because the law was new and the first of its kind, she repeated it. She was just another white pig, of the kind that, as you say, the left has spent half a century breeding.

      Should, as hardly seems impossible, use of such software by the untrained cause someone an injury, NPR will be on the case again, we may be sure. We’ll be told that the manufacturers were somehow negligent with respect to the operation of the app. I should be unsurprised if the sobbing victim were to be the same woman who was delighted to have triumphed over the manufacturers today.

      Here we go:

      I just now found the audio, which has enabled me to word my account above correctly. About the only thing I’d forgotten was the wife’s all-but-perfunctory remark that the company’s being unprepared was “understandable.”

      Judge for yourself …

      (“Colorado becomes the first state to open wheelchair repair for users”)

      Notice the announcer’s intro:

      “Somewhere on your list of life’s annoyances is probably this—manufacturers who won’t let customers fix products themselves.”

      Actually, no—not having a degraded nervous system of the kind that inclines one to be an announcer at NPR, I don’t have a list of life’s annoyances; but if I did have one, NPR, which is troubling, not annoying, would not be on it.

      Notice, too, that the wife’s account of her exchange with the manufacturer is an exact match with what you’ve said: “Well, I want the app. And he was like, you can’t have the app. But I want the app.”

      Of course, she had not a word of regard for the engineers, workmen, and managers who’d developed and manufactured the chair that was giving her unfortunate husband much more of a life than he’d have without it.

      Real culture has been drowned by this sort of thing, which is everywhere, all the time. It’s a torrent of anti-culture, which comes at us in these drop-sized units.

      • @John…

        “Real culture has been drowned by this sort of thing, which is everywhere, all the time. It’s a torrent of anti-culture, which comes at us in these drop-sized units.”

        Yes, I suppose this anti-culture/rebellion thing got going in earnest with the 1920s, as the reinvention of the young lady into a glamorized floozy, otherwise known as ‘A Flapper’, became a model for some, particularly in big cities.

        By the time you and I were teens, ‘flapperism’, or the anti-culture thing, had already hit critical mass and had become a mainstream behavioral model for teenage girls..

  7. This decline in “traditional” values is the logical result of The Usual Suspects’ successful cultural war against the old America over the last 80 years and the “conservatives” selling everyone out. There is nothing left to conserve anymore after their victorious March through the Institutions. Instead of E Pluribus Unum it’s Every Man for Himself and Devil take the Hindmost.

    This is the underlying reason the military cannot reach its recruiting goals even after waiving in previously unacceptable candidates. White males are the core of a successful U.S. military and with small families over the last 40 years meaning fewer White males available, Whites are wisely choosing to go their own way and disconnect from the society that hates them. If the U.S. Government gets its tit caught in a wringer in a disastrous war with China 7,000 miles away from the West Coast Whites should give the Government the finger rather than submit to conscription.

    • Bingo. It’s been underway at least 100-200 years now. It started with the abolitionists. Other countries – including all of Latin America, hardly known for its non-violence – managed to deal with the “peculiar institution” started here by greedy idiotic English when they fell for the slaves sold by (((Portuguese))) slavers arrived in the early 17th century. Thanks to abolitionists and their mirror-image “fire-eaters” the US got to see half of the country destroyed by a war instead of a political resolution like in Brazil. Right on its heals there came women’s suffrage. Wyoming was the first territory to allow it (1878). By 1914 most states allowed it in one form or another. The reset we all know. Patriotism is now a meaningless term – truly the last refuge of scoundrels. As the nogs chanted in Fergudishu: Burn the bitch down.

  8. Not to worried about it.

    One of the greatest Christians of all time, Augustine, lived at a time when the Roman Empire was decling all around him.

    Luther and Calvin looked up to Augustine greatly so that should be enough for Prots.

    Be like Augustine! Is a worthy mantra for today’s Christian Nationalists.

    • If you read Dr. Farrell’s book “God, history, and Dialectic” you soon realize that Augustine is the source for all of the problems that beset the West – philosophically, theologically, culturally, etc.

      Because it was Augustine‘s misapplication of the doctrine of the Trinity: specifically, the filioque clause, that started the long slippery slope down that lead to: the papal schism, the rise of hermeticism and the new learning, nominalism, the protestant reformation, enlightenment, Deism, fideism, all hominids are created equal, masonic presidents like George Washington, Lincoln, the freeing of the slaves, the South’s defeat, etc. Etc. Etc.

      No one wants to look at the fact that Russia, and Holy Orthodox Church, contra America, are having a boom- the likes of which the Church has not seen since the legislation of Constantine! And yet, nobody in the West seems to want to wonder why.

      That, in itself, is the most telling indicator that we are wrong, and Orthodoxy is right. And it all began its downward dog slippery slope descent… With the misapplication of Augustine’s own Augustinianism.

  9. Does anyone really believe that a poll of 1,019 “Americans” can accurately measure what 330 million “Americans” think or believe? I don’t.

  10. What I find most interesting in that poll is the percentage of young people in the 18-29 demo who said they take hard work seriously, which was 60%, a stark contrast from patriotism, having children, and religion.

    I’m 33, so I’m no longer part of that demo, which now mostly composed of Gen Z, but their values actually largely jive with mine. I’ve never wanted to have kids ever since I turned 18, I lost my belief in patriotism when I converted from conservatism to White Nationalism at 22, and I abandoned Evangelical Christianity, which was the religion of my childhood, at 26.

    However, I kept my belief in the value of hard work, which is a Boomer value that my parents instilled in me and which I accepted and internalized. I believe its good and healthy for every adult member of Aryan societies to put in their 40-50 hours per week of work, whether thats White Collar, Blue Collar, or even entertainment (radio hosts, TV hosts, and professional internet hosts are still workers).

    By contrast, poor people that live off welfare (blacks and white trash, mostly) and inheritance queenz like Richard Spencer have all the wrong values and priorities. Warren Buffett works even as he makes money in his sleep. I don’t envy him or resent him. I do resent welfare leeches and trust fund brats, as they are both net negatives to civilization.

    America will continue to chug along, albeit stagnantly, as long as hard work is valued by the youth. There won’t be an r/antiwork uprising or “eating the rich” or any of that bullshit. Hard work is a big part of what puts the “Noble” in Aryan, as far as I’m concerned.

    All is not lost. Unless you’re a conservative or a liberal. Then its pretty damn gloomy. LMAO.

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