MILO Opens The Vault On Nick Fuentes and Ali Alexander


MILO is shifting gears this morning.

Yes, I know.

It is beating a dead horse at this point.

As the #Ye24 movement collapses, MILO is predictably turning on Nick Fuentes and Ali Alexander and dropping all the kompromat he collected on those two on Telegram. Ali has responded by dropping his own kompromat on MILO. Nothing has come out that should come as a surprise to anyone.

Note: Pretty much everyone told Nick Fuentes that this would happen when he got involved with MILO.


    • Scripture warns against even listening to such vile crap. But then, if we lived in a biblical world, we would ALREADY have stoned Milo for being a faggot, anyway.

      Theonomy or Chaos. So this is what chaos looks like. Pretty damn ugly.

  1. “QAnon Shaman, avatar of Jan. 6 riot, released from prison 14 months early”

    Evidently Tucker’s exposè had an immediate effect.

    This exemplifies the very reason we need our own media.


  2. Basically, by this point, unless some one is truly a traditionally religious Christian, I don’t pay attention to them anymore. Too much godlessness’s, and even Christian’s get a good look over before I follow what they do. I also got no time for egos either…. I would rather listen to a truly devout Shinto or Buddhist than somebody calling them Christian, who doesn’t live that way.

  3. My general assumption in response to accusations of “pedophilia” “underage” blah blah is that it refers to a consensual relationship with a 17 year old that may well have been entirely legal.(The age of consent varies by state.) People have cried wolf too many times.

    • Yeh, too many times these heinous charges are intentionally vague and slander otherwise innocuous behavior.

      A father charged wi child molestation for blowing air on his daughter’s stomach, to get her to giggle. Haven’t all parents done that ?

    • Nothing has really been revealed other than the fact that we were always right about these people.

  4. Who would have ever thought trusting a gay jewish man with a black husband might backfire. Not that this could have gone anywhere anyway. Nick hitching his wagon to a mentally ill black rapper was always going to fail

  5. Is this the lesson that people just wont learn?…stay far away from h0m0$, Tr@n$, Etc. Period. Full Stop.
    The spawn of satan are toxic to movements and individuals. Everything they touch turns to shit that will burn for eternity.

    FWIW, I don’t understand why these people are relevant to Southern or White interests or culture and receive the attention they do.

  6. As the Nashville hoax falls apart, nearly all of you have your eyes firmly closed. You continue to support the FBIs false narrative.

    The hoax has been definitively exposed, but you will continue to be wrong about it, you will continue to support Chris Wray’s narrative. Right about Fuentes and those fags, but wrong about a much more important issue

    No other country has these “mass shootings” because no other country has the FBI. Because no one would tolerate it. They would call it out. But Americans won’t do that. That has to change.

    Case in point. The fake helicopter crash in Kentucky. Zog says 9 dead Zogbots. But there was no crash in Kentucky, and the acual number of dead Zogbot Rangers is more likely 30 or 40. The families will have been notified. But they are compartmentalized, and no one will add up the total numbers.

    The 101st has been deployed to the edges of the Ukranian war for months, mostly in Poland and Romania, but also in Ukraine, defending Odessa. The casualties are adding up. So they had to fake a crash.

    So the flags are at half mast, and 300 million overly trusting Americans are sad about the “crash” in Kentucky as well as the “shooting” in Nashville.

    The allure of the Nizzle Kanye was its money. Fuentes had his eye on the money. Nothing in his Catholic upbringing (idolatry, mammon worship, homosexuality) alerted him that the love of money will end in evil.

    If there is one thing we need our ppl to work on, it is in developing a Wraydar. We have a jdar, and a gaydar, now we need a Wraydar. We need to properly discern these FBI hoaxes, with an eye to abolishing the FBI. That is the only way these “mass shootings” (hoaxes) will end.

  7. Fuentes and co are obvious clowns, but DeSantis and Trump are largely just neocon/neolib clowns, so pick your clown, the only guy who seems legit in the republican party is Rand Paul, but the Pauls neve become president, either because elections are too rigged, or because people like being clowned.
    Maybe the ruling class selected Rand Paul for congress just to give people hopium.

  8. I should’ve known better on this carnival circus…

    The Best Namers are always anonymous, symbolic, and mythological in essence.

    If you’re going to Name a subversive global power in public you’d better have your act together.

    There are a few good public Namers out there but that’s not their main brand and the majority of the time they employ hinting.

    They are also real men with a cool factor.

    Nick has none of that.

    It would be better for him to go hidden for a few years, get in shape by hitting the gym hard, chop wood, get physical scars, and find a female.

    The more he stays around without any manhood improvement the worse it gets for him.

    His best revenge is become a real man and re-emerge with a new conscious, physical and social infrastructure which can comport with the mega-duty of Public Naming.

    Or he can do a Kanye and submit for the gibs……

  9. Milo Yiannoupolis is a disgusting homosexual. He’s no Catholic and is nothing but a typical (((parasite))). When will people learn that these people are nothing but perverts and master criminals. Their rates of insanity, schizophrenia and neuroticism are off the charts. Stop involving yourself with these human termites.

  10. “Play the tape. No e-girls ever..”

    Sounds like no females ever.

    I am waiting for the leaked conjugal visits of Fuentes and Baked Alaska.

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