Trump Indicted

I thought it was going to be another slow day!

Donald Trump has never been more useful than he is today.


    • It should be entertaining if nothing else. I think the reason they hate this guy so much is not because of who he is but what he represents to them: White people rising.


    (We’ll be monitoring the situation here for you).

  2. Lurker turned commenter here.

    How does Donny T’s indictment switch up the dynamics of the Loser Party’s nomination race? How does this affect the Loser Party’s odds in the general election against the slightly less anti-Amerikwan but still judeo-globalist controlled Evil Party, aka the “Democrats” ?

    • Hopefully, it will radicalize Trump supporters and push up support for a National Divorce. At least that is what I am hoping

      • “National Divorce. ”

        I don’t think USZOG will surrender one inch of control.
        With all the internal stresses, like untempered glass, the nation will crack and shatter.

    • Because of this Trump will easily, effortlessly win the GOP nomination and then lose again in a general election against Biden, assuming Biden runs, which is not a certainty.

      Trump can never be allowed back into the White House. Democrats, the Deep State, Corporate America, Wallstreet, the Media, much of the GOP – every sphere of power in existence must not let him back in one way or another. In hindsight it seems like Trump’s mortal sin was invoking the obsolescence of NATO and trying to make global inroads without the old war machine. Everyone focused on “racism” and “sexism” but it was the possibility of achieving peace that scared those who really matter.

      Maybe Trump did actually lose 2020. As you saw in TENNESSEE recently, Zoomers are massively leftist. The “country” such as it is has become and is becoming ever more massively leftist. It is not entirely possible that the election was stolen. These forces are on record admitting they “fortified” the election.

  3. Congratulations are in order for upholding the principle that no man is above the law. Those who seek extraordinary influence should especially be held accountable for their behaviour. Contrary to what Trump claims, there is nothing specifically ‘third world’ about indicting former leaders. It happened in Germany and France.

    • “ It happened in Germany and France.”

      Germany and France are both nosediving into third worldism quicker than the US is.

    • My understanding is that the statute of limitations ran out for this alleged “crime” some time ago. No?

    • This tells me that a significant number of Dems are wanting Donnie T to be the nominee. Obviously they think he’s gonna be easier to beat the ZioRon.
      It’s probably going to put Trump back in the White House. IDK how that will play out.

    • There has been no universal standard of accountability. This is targeted and a deliberate disenfranchisement of Trumps voters. That is what makes it third world tier.

      With no expectation of a fair election process, there is no democratic representation and no basis for union.

      Rule of law is no argument when it is only invoked when its convenient for them.

    • “…there is nothing specifically ‘third world’ about indicting former leaders…”

      But there certainly is plenty third world about only indicting politicians that aren’t fully on board with the neo-Marxist program. If you have an honest bone in your body, you have to admit that there’s more than enough evidence to indict H. Clinton, Biden and many more members of the Democrat party… all the way down to the county level. Why are they above the law? I’m no Trump fan (likely for different reasons than yourself), but this is just total b.s.

      • Obviously, I deplore the kind of selective prosecution where only the enemies of the regime are charged with crimes, while other criminal politicians evade justice. However, I am not sure that the people you named have comitted anything illegal. If that were the case, why has no Republican District Attorney ever taken up a case?

    • Yes, no one is above the law–unless it’s Hunter Biden and the “mostly peaceful” Antifa trash who looted and burned three years ago.

        • @Bobbi…

          Yes, without a doubt, President Biden is an old fashioned politician who sells his services and uses a variety of tactics to shield himself and his confederates.

          That said, it’s important for us not to get lost in the individual faces, but, acknowledge that the system is something that has become nearly entirely rotten.

      • This is simply more political manipulation of the law by the DIMocrats. There is nothing DIMocrats will not do to retain power while Republicans sit on their asses and get taken to the cleaners. But bottom line — what good are they anyway?

        • @DICARLO…

          There are some good Republicans left, particularly at state and local levels, but, as a structural edifice, as a whole, they are as you imply – of little to no worth.

          Their only value is that they seem of less less worth than do The Democrats, which, as I can hear you think – is worse than no good – it’s entirely to the bad.

    • It takes a special kind of stupid to post a claim like this. We have an entire major political party (DemocRats) who are above the law. Our highest ranking law enforcement and intelligence officials are nothing less than an officially sanctioned criminal syndicate.

      The current occupant of the White House is the head of an organized criminal enterprise and his son and brothers have gotten filthy rich illegally peddling political influence and violating every foreign lobbyist and foreign income reporting regulation on the books. We know that Hunter Biden perjured himself when he lied on a Form 4473 to purchase a handgun. A prosecutor with a room temperature IQ could get a conviction on that while in a coma. Only an idiot or someone completely ethically compromised wouldn’t know that.

  4. No amount of education and training can the instill the concept of the rule of law in the minds of SSA savages.

  5. Trump gets indicted by a Harvard nigger allegedly owned by George Soros. Obviously the Ivy League spook didn’t get the message about the platinum plan.

    Reading some of the comments here, some of you cucks really like to take it in the ass from a New York nigger. Your mother probably does too. LOL.

    I’m taking for granted that most here realize that we have entered into the twilight zone of American history.

  6. DeSantis did it! …. “WILL NOT ASSIST” in Trump extradition

    USA break-up / national divorce / civil war process has officially begun

    « Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has issued a statement condemning the “weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda,” adding that Florida “will not assist in an extradition request given the questionable circumstances at issue with this Soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor and his political agenda.” »

    In the 1930s Robert Elliott Burns, author of ‘I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang’ about his experiences in Georgia, found a safe haven in New Jersey, whose governor refused to extradite him back to the Georgia prison system.

    It is US federal law – 18 U.S.C. § 3182 – that people wanted for crimes in another state, be extradited … DeSantis thus has announced his defiance of federal law. If DeSantis calls out the National Guard, and then if Texas mobilises their National Guard too, game might be on … Soviet Union 1991 all over again.

    • @Balticus…

      “DeSantis did it! …. “WILL NOT ASSIST” in Trump extradition

      USA break-up / national divorce / civil war process has officially begun”

      I think it began when Blue Cities, in Blue States, began to officially resist the Trump Administration’s efforts to deport illegal aliens.

      That said, it has accelerated.

      Next step will be an individual governor of a Red State, or a Blue State, refusing to accept the results of the 2024 election and it’s administration.

      Could even be a Sarah Huckabee of Arkansas, who politely declines to accept another Biden ‘win’.

  7. Deligitimization of national elections is the first step toward balkanization. If we can’t have a fair shot at putting our guy in power (who our guy is, is irrelevant), then we have no semblance of democracy, and no basis for a union of states.

    Jessee Waters cornerned Josh Hawley last night on his show asking what they were gonna do. He dodged. Nobody on our side has the institutional power to do anything.

    Its a recipe for real trouble.

  8. It’s already,what? – 19+ months before the election – and things are getting this entertaining?!?

    Even more interesting will be the election aftermath, because, somehow, I don’t think about half the country is going to accept the result – whatever that result may be.

    History in the making…

  9. Easter Sunday is April 9th, Is it a coincidence that things were arrange so Trump would be charge during Easter week?

    • You mean do Jews attribute special significance to numbers and times of the days? As Satanists, who invented hermeticism, Kabbalist numerology and freemasonry, they most certainly do.

  10. Steve Sailer is probably right on this. The Communists (Dems) would prefer the unelectable Trump as their opponent. So they are working to make it happen.

  11. November,

    Hola amigo. While you know that I am strongly anti-Trump this does seem extremely political. Hush money to a woman a crime? Does seem minor.

    In the meantime the American economy seems shaky, the USA is being non stop invaded, and I believe the United States is essentially at war in Europe–just using Ukrainian blood with American money.

    By the way I do not like Venezuelans in Mexico. If they have problems and are not going to be automatically and unjustly killed then they should stay in their country.

    While I have certain loyalties to latins of different groups that really only applies when attacked by others. I know this was off topic.

  12. Tucker and his pals on Fox TV bitch and moan about Trump’s indictment being a Third World tactic: “now the U.S. has crossed into Third World territory with this indictment.” Then Tucker has some wog, supposedly running to be the next Mr. President on his show to condemn Herr Trump’s malicious, politically motivated treatment. The irony of a wog supposedly defending Whites is completely lost on Tucker and no doubt, most of his viewers.

    The U.S. has been a Third World country for a while because of the change in the racial profile of the country since 1965. That’s what makes the U.S. a Third World country, the 40% – 45% colored population, not the indictment of some pompous huckster politician who has antagonized The Usual Suspects and their lap dogs. If the U.S. were still an overwhelmingly White country none of this shit would have happened and Trump would be local comedic relief in NYC.

    The NY AG, Mad Maxine Waters, AOC, the Mexicans in Congress and all the other colored people, egged on by the Usual Suspects and their White lap dogs are jumping up and down with joy over this. They see Herr Trump as an avatar for Whites and see his defeat as a defeat of White people generally. They stupidly call Herr Trump racist as he offered reparations (his ‘Platinum Plan’) to blacks and pardoned vicious black criminals, did nothing about BLM, failed to build more than 40 miles of the wall and slobbered over minorities during his first term in office. He gave Our Greatest Ally a laundry list of benefits even assassinating several Iranians, risking war, for them while pardoning their horrible criminals.

    His thanks were colored people voting for Dementia Joe overwhelmingly while The Usual Suspects, in spite of everything he did for them, using the legal system to destroy him once their boy, Merrick Garfinkle was in charge. Herr Trump has learned nothing and forgotten nothing. He was proclaiming the benefits of immigration while condemning his enemies recently in Waco, Texas to an overwhelmingly White crowd who want deportations, not more immigration. If there were a Darwin Award for politicians he would win.

    • Our best chance, Trump, is NO CHANCE FOR RELIEF! Even if he is elected, all we’ll get is 4 more years of White Americans decline.

      • @DiCarlo & Cristina…

        Let’s be real – none of us have any idea how exactly another Trump term would play out.

        Personally, I do not think that this nation, in it’s current form, is likely to survive the election of 1860.

        Oops, I meant 2024…

        • Ivan,

          Well I did write on here somewhere that Trump like anyone else could in theory have a Saul to Paul moment.

          • You know, Dear Cristina, that’s a very very good analogy to make.

            I am going to support RFK JR. in the primaries, and encourage as many on the Right as I can, because North Carolina allows a voter to choose any primary he wants to vote in.

            Though I sincerely doubt either RFK would be allowed to win the Democrat Primary, or Trump the presidency, in the unlikely event it was these two going head to head, that will be a last minute decision.

            Yes, Trump could be a much better president the second time around – or not.

    • > If there were a Darwin Award for politicians he would win.

      I’d say the Darwin award will be received by the whites who turn out to vote for the worthless con-man … again.

      >There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
      That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
      And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire

      Hence the Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

    • 12ax7,

      That was rather a good comment. Perhaps your last statement should be amended to read ” If there were a Darwin Award for politicians and those who support them then Donald Trump and his supporters would win”.

    • @12AX7
      With comments like yours I can just sit back and read. No need to opine when the opinion is already written by others with such righteous intensity.

  13. November,

    I understand your distaste for modern christians. I think I share it I just read an American “Catholic advisor” who wrote that the Church had never condemned circumcision as a sin. Americans lie so often and so badly it is stunning.

    Council of Florence: 1438-1445

    All who observe requirements of the Old Law are not fit to participate in eternal salvation

    The sacrosanct Roman Church, founded by the voice of our Lord and Savior […] firmly believes, professes, and teaches that the matter pertaining to the law of the Old Testament, of the Mosaic law, which are divided into ceremonies, sacred rites, sacrifices, and sacraments, because they were established to signify something in the future, although they were suited to the divine worship at that time, after our Lord’s coming had been signified by them, ceased, and the sacraments of the New Testament began; and that whoever, even after the passion, placed hope in these matters of the law and submitted himself to them as necessary for salvation, as if faith in Christ could not save without them, sinned mortally. Yet it does not deny that after the passion of Christ up to the promulgation of the Gospel they could have been observed until they were believed to be in no way necessary for salvation; but after the promulgation of the Gospel it asserts that they cannot be observed without the loss of eternal salvation. All, therefore, who after that time observe circumcision and the Sabbath and the other requirements of the law, it declares alien to the Christian faith and not in the least fit to participate in eternal salvation, unless someday they recover from these errors. Therefore, it commands all who glory in the name of Christian, at whatever time, before or after baptism’ to cease entirely from circumcision, since, whether or not one places hope in it, it cannot be observed at all without the loss of eternal salvation. (Denzinger-Hünermann 1330.1348. Council of Florence, Bull Cantata Domino, February 4,

    Cristina comment-This is obviously teaching on Faith and Morals which makes it infallible since it binds all Catholics for all times and is not merely disciplinary like eating meat on Friday or not. It is official teaching. Another example of confirmation that all Jews are damned unless they repent and convert.

    Circumcision is mentioned 8th row from the bottom. I know this is off topic but it is more important than what happens to a fat, evil, buffoon named Trump.

    • Cristina,

      Such declarations might have been obeyed with question in the 15th Century, but in the 21st Century claiming that one needs a foreskin to achieve salvation sounds ridiculous and unserious. I understand that this was a severing of Old Testament guidelines from post-Gospel era, but many Christian and observant Gentiles were circumcised by their parents without their consent as infants. To deny such men salvation for a flap of missing foreskin doesn’t make the RCC a credible institution.

      • November,

        Of course there are the usual implications like no child who was circumcised would go to hell since it was not his choice. The Law only states that it is a mortal sin for christians to do that to their children and that the Old Law is dead

        I wonder for the 1000th time why I am on here. .

        • It is easier to take exams at school than to form my thoughts into words simple enough for some occidental dissenters to understand.

          So November adios. While occidental dissenters will still be whining and groveling over Trump I will be getting a fine education with nice boys from the best families picked out by my Family for dating.

          As for dogs? No dog goes to heaven or hell but humans do.

  14. Just pressure some Southern GOP governor like the Governors of Florida, TN or Texas to grant Trump a pardon and an order of protection – put the word out that any Fed FBI fag**ts,, J transgender Department of Injustice , CIA, NSA, fa* military that try to hassle Donald Trump all over Trump supposedly trying to hug, kiss an over the hill Prostitute/Porn Star Stormy Daniels and then paying her something – have state and local forces use bloody force, strip the Feds naked and put them in a cage, something that Russian strong man Vladimir Putin did to that J Yid Yukos Oil Oligarch.

  15. Hey Hunter, you ever think of starting a Traditional Lutheran group right there in Alabama? Whites only, no homos but not white nationalist, strictly church services, no politics. I’ll bet you’d get a lot of interest. Missouri Synod, ELCA, etc. all going globo. You could do it.

    • @Just a Thought…

      There is only so much time in a day.

      The man is already doing much more than 99.9999999% of what other citizens are doing, not to mention that he has heroically stuck his neck out, for our sake, for years and years..

    • November,

      I thank you as always for the information. Francis defected from the Faith a long time ago. I will read this. It is a good thing I have a strong stomach.

      By the way when I wrote above that Americans lie a lot I know everyone does. It is only that I expect clever lies not dumb ones. So just in case your patriotic emotions were stung I have qualified my original statement.

    • November,

      My history class where we frequently discuss and debate current issues voted unanimously in favor of the conviction of Donald Trump. The sexual aspect in itself did not bother us too much for among latins it is generally considered that one should not expect too much from men.

      It was the lying and covering up that mattered and of course we all dislike him strongly. I currently do not know one Mexican who likes him.

      I just do not see how a Republican can win the White House anymore unless the Democrats run an unusually poor candidate.

      This talk of American secession is disturbing but I sense it is only talk. It is currently not in my Family’s or Mexico’s interest for such to happen. Then again if it does happen that might leave the Southwest open for a reunion with Mexico.

      Except for Texas. That is a tough nut to crack.

      If you people can dream then so can I.

      • @Cristina:

        Conviction of Donald Trump for what? Trumps bimbo eruptions happened long ago and, even if paying “hush money” merited prosecution, the statute of limitation had run out on them a long time ago. Hush money AKA nondisclosure agreements are standard operating procedures for any profitable venture that finds it easier to get rid of nuisance lawsuits by paying the plaintiff off rather than the adverse publicity of fighting them in court. Russiagate was a lying hoax Hillary Clinton paid big money to perpetrate on the country. While Trump was stupid to take the bait on Ukraine, Joe Biden did admit to blackmailing that country to fire the prosecution investigating a company who bribed him (through Hunter) when he was vice president.

        What most of you “people of color” don’t realize that Trump’s election by the White working and middle class had NOTHING to do with THEM and EVERYTHING to do with the hostile elite that was running the District of Corruption.

        It had everything to do with Washington’s cavalier approach of refusing to vet the people they let into this country. You are in a country where there is virulent tuberculosis, leprosy, or ebola?! Come on in!

        It had everything to do with corporations (who never met brown peon labor or yellow slave labor they didn’t like) bribing our elected officials to outsource and insource our jobs and rob us and our posterity of the life our forefathers fought, bled, and died to bequeath to us.

        It had everything to do with encouraging everyone south of our border to jump on our welfare and spending vast amounts of money on military “defense” spending while simultaneously telling the elderly that the Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security systems they paid into for years will go bankrupt in ten years.

        It had everything to do with being faced with the prospect of either President Hillary Clinton – a woman who sold our uranium fields to the Russians or President Jeb Bush whose Mexican wife had lived in this country for over forty years and could not be bothered to learn a word of English. SHE was pushing the blacketty-black agenda and HE was Hispandering for all he was worth. Two more tone-deaf parties did not exist on the planet.

        Like it or not, Whites were still the majority of the country in 2016. When Trump presented another alternative to Madam Clinton or Master Bush, they used HIM to clap back. Instead of getting the message the election of Trump was meant to set, the political classes and their corporate cronies have decided to kill the messenger and crush everyone who sent him.

        Of course, there is a cynical side to me that believes TMFIIC want to fire up the Whites to vote for Trump in the Republican primary, because they believe that any other Republican could beat Biden.

        It was said that Trump’s advisor, Jared Kushner, told Trump he didn’t have to keep his promises to Whites, because he already had “the double-wide trailer park vote sewn up.” Obviously Trump believed him, because he kept courting Blacks, Hispanics, Cat Ladies, and the LBGTQ+ group and bragged about it when he was campaigning.

        Whether he wants to believe it or not, Trump DID lose the election because Whites disillusioned by his dismal performance during his first term compounded by his pandering to People of Color with the Platinum Plan for Blacks and another version of the same being worked on for Hispanics – this crap on the heels of letting all these criminals out of prison stayed home.

        Personally, I am not sure that the Democrats cheating their way into the White House is necessarily a bad thing for Whites who have this annoying tendency to go back to sleep when Republicans are in charge. Indeed, I am increasingly at the point where I believe that the Republicans are a bigger menace to White Americans than the Democrats are.

        I’d rather deal with an openly hostile administration than one that will stab me and mine in the back so they won’t be banned at the country club or see their children shunned by liberals in their prep schools. The arrogance of trying to forcefully impose CRT and grooming on our children has done more to wake up the normies than anything else. Radicalizing the normies to the point of White tribalism is the key to effective White nationalism. The vanguardists are right; worse is better.

        I don’t see de jure secession happening where the United States is concerned; I think that the country will undergo de facto secession with the SCOTUS having to hear one court case after another where prosperous red counties in Oregon, Washington and Northern California want to break off and become part of Idaho and those in Virginia join West Virginia. And sane people voting with their feet to get away from loony leftist states.

        Further, I see no reason to re-elect Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again” when it would be better for us all if Biden’s ineptitude and incompetence enable the BRICS to destroy the dollar as the world reserve currency. Yeah, our goobermint can do some sword-rattling about fighting Russia and China, but most Whites are too pissed off to fight for a government that hates them. We will sit on our hands.

        Yes, it will result in a great, painful depression, but it is probably the ONLY thing that will successfully repel the invasion. When the money is no good, all these “refugees” will self-deport. The dot-Indians will go back to India and our unregistered Democrats coming in from south of the border will realize that since, they can’t fill their stomachs here, they can follow their hearts back to their countries of origin.

        It will be like taking a strong combination of emetics and laxatives to purge all these shitheads that have taken over this country, but in the long run, it will be worth it. And WE will have the last laugh on all these progressives jerking off to the idea of Trump behind bars … especially when they realize HE was trying to save them from themselves. WE DON’T WANT TO!

        • Clytemnestra,

          We voted him guilty because we believe he is. Rather the statue of limitations has expired or not does not change that fact. Some information I read suggested yes and some no. That is up to the lawful American authorities to determine not website lawyers. Hopefully their decision will be lawful.

          People should pick better humans than Trump to support. Maybe someone who cares for them.

          If you find it necessary try to get your information in to me soon for even though I will be here until after Easter I really do not want to be here anymore. I am a woman now and have grown up yet most of the people on this website presumably several times my age have not. I am sure you disagree though that was not directed against you.

          Hard to believe I lasted 3 years on this site.

        • Cltemnestra,

          Writing for myself I do not consider that Donald Trump legitimately represents white people. He does not care for you. Evidently he will talk to predominately white audiences about how great he is while praising non-white immigration to the USA and whitey will cheer!!!

          Would anybody but whites support someone who blatantly talks about diluting your influence in the country you conquered and developed?

          As long as you support people like Trump I believe you deserve what you are getting. There is an saying that goes —Every nation has the government they deserve.

          Trump, Santis, Biden, Harris take your choice.

          In case you were going to counter attack yes Mexico is usually a semi mess. In debate we are taught to have a good defense. Debates are like war only with words instead of weapons.

          • Clytemnestra,


            When I write “you” support DT I was obviously not referring to you personally since you quite clearly stated you see no reason to support him personally.

        • Clytemnestra,

          A short comment on my part. Just 5 minutes ago I was going to read an article on Gwyneth Paltrow and the ski trial on Vox. Well the first paragraph or two starts out with stating all the damage white people do????

          In my mind I started to compare the evil blacks do in America versus the good whites do compared to the bad and then I stopped. No amount of logic will work on the deranged anti-whites. So I stopped reading the article.

          Remember I and millions like me consider ourselves white and we have more backbone than the average white Republican. Okay. Perhaps that is like comparing an eagle with a mole.

          I will praise American whites when you do good and condemn you when you are worms. I do that with blacks, Jews, Catholics and all of us. In my mind that is equity and is just.

      • Christiana,

        You are actually are rather intelligent person for a female. Ha Ha.

        It’s another false notion that the South West was ever ruled by Mexico. Yes, it was “claimed” by Mexico after Mexico won independence from Spain, so Mexico claimed all the Spanish colonial territory in the South West of current United States of America like all of California. (on Mexican Independence day it should be the Spanish that celebrate ha ha).

        But the reality is that very few, almost no Mexicans lived in this territory and except for some Spanish/Mexican Catholic missions there were no Mexican administrators on the ground there/here.

        Somehow I doubt the Apaches tolerated any actually physical Mexicans in Apache lands any more they did Gringos. In fact Geronimo the brutal (butt ugly dark Appache leader) bragged about all the Mexicans he tortured and killed an how much he hated them more than us American Gringos.

        Ha, ha.

        But the future of the Southwest is very much up in the air and it does look like Mexicans of some sort, we hope the better sort like you are in serious contention to get well, do Mexicans really want skid row in LA or J Hollywood?

        Well Christiana – any updates about your husband to be? Any John Waynes who did prefer Latinas to pushy American Anglo #*$&@ like Hillary or Hanoi Jane Fonda.

        Hanoi Jane was back in the news calling for people to murder White Christian pro lifers and it looks like at least one psycho Tranny took Jane up on that.

        Take care Miss Christiana.

        • Jaye,

          That territory was recognized as belonging to Mexico. It being sparsely settled means nothing. As soon as the USA conquered it then it was even more sparsely settled. So by that criteria we could conquer it right back or other countries could conquer it from you. You are suggesting might makes right.

          You had plenty of land much of it sparsely settled east of the Mississippi. Let us develop our land and you yours. Alaska is sparsely settled past and present maybe the Chinese should take it? Canada past and present also.

          You are just making excuses for stealing. Your heroes of the Texas
          Revolution were predominately illegals.

          It was a land grab. You stole and you coveted that which was not yours and we are getting it back.

          I tend to be somewhat pro white until I meet pro whites.

        • Jaye,

          That land was owned and in the process of being developed by Mexico. It takes time to develop and is no excuse for an invasion. It was due to your Manifest Destiny nonsense.

          Spain recognized the independence of Mexico with the lands owned by Spain and recognized as such turning over to Mexico just like your colonies after independence.

          The Indian argument could be made both sides of the Mississippi. Our land was recognized as part of Mexico like we recognized your land as the USA. The Indians are an internal affair for both sides.

          I have been taught not to tell anyone publicly what I really think–only family and close friends have access to that information.

          What I have been taught however is that a lady should smile graciously and to continue to pursue what we are really after.

          • Christina writes:

            “What I have been taught however is that a lady should smile graciously and to continue to pursue what we are really after.”

            I respond:

            Sounds like a good plane. Sounds like you were taught very well, certainly much better than these mean, no fun, big North Cities, college miseducated career women look at Hillary and her horrible daughter Chelsea now married to a terrible rich Jew – strong case for brith control there even abortion.

            Well as they say – “All’s fair in love and war” and I wish you well in your pursuits which will probably be combination of both.

            But really, who ever came up with the term “The fairer sex” ? That’s a nope. Nothing “fair” about you gals pursing ……


        • Mr. Ryan,

          For your viewing pleasure—The northern Americans tended to condemn the war as immoral partly for slavery reasons. The South interested in manifest destiny and expanding slavery supported the War.

          Yet another reason for me to side with the American Federals.

          While Whig Ralph Waldo Emerson rejected war “as a means of achieving America’s destiny,” toward the end of the war he wrote: “The United States will conquer Mexico, but it will be as the man swallows the arsenic, which brings him down in turn. Mexico will poison us.”[219] He later accepted that “most of the great results of history are brought about by discreditable means.”[220] Civil War historian James M. McPherson dedicates an entire chapter of his Pulitzer winning Civil War history to the Mexican-American war, entitled “Mexico Will Poison Us”. McPherson argues that the Mexican–American War and its aftermath was a key territorial event in the leadup to the Civil War.[221]

          Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1860). The Conduct of Life. p. 110. ISBN 978-1-4191-5736-3.
          McPherson, James M. (1988). Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era. OUP USA. pp. 49–77. ISBN 978-0-19-503863-7.

          Cristina comment—Are we poisoning you as Emerson wrote? I think yes.

        • Non political side note:

          It had one of the highest casualty rates of any American war.
          The U.S. never a lost a major battle during the Mexican-American War, but the victory still proved costly. Of the 79,000 American troops who took part, 13,200 died for a mortality rate of nearly 17 percent—higher than World War I and World War II.

          The vast majority were victims of diseases such as dysentery, yellow fever, malaria and smallpox. According to scholar V.J. Cirillo, a higher percentage of U.S. troops died from sickness during the Mexican invasion than any war in American history. Mexican casualties were also high, with most historians estimating as many as 25,000 dead troops and civilians.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          That was a good comment on the “fairer sex’. I did get a laugh and appreciation from it.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I forgot to mention that when treaties are signed with or without money being involved then land does change hands. Otherwise who would own what?

          So I do recognize that the United States owns the Southwest. I also stand by my stance on being against illegal immigration no matter who the invaders are and who the victims are.

          The Texas War and the Mexican-American War are sensitive issues with me. Still no matter how much I write i still accept that where I am now is part of the United States.

          Jesus did say “render unto God what is God’s and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”.

          Unfortunately the modern American rulers are not like Julius or Augustus but more like Nero and Caligula.

          • Dear Cristina, Mr. Ryan is a very witty man who, also a naughty boy, often says things to be exactly that.

            Take it with a grain of salt, My Dear!

      • Cristina,

        “This talk of American secession is disturbing but I sense it is only talk. It is currently not in my Family’s or Mexico’s interest for such to happen. Then again if it does happen that might leave the Southwest open for a reunion with Mexico.”

        Again, nothing against you or your kin, but my number priority is for the White European race to thrive and survive, so I really don’t give a rat’s ass how the balkanization may or may not affect Mexico, Mexicans, non-whites, or people’s bank accounts.

        What is happening now is an existential threat to the existence of my race and folk, therefore, I sincerely will not lose a second of sleep worrying or concerned about the consequences to those that would prefer to continue the current White genocidal system in place for their own benefit.

        I am not one iota sorry to phrase it that way because you imho have selfish reasons to wanting to maintain the status quo.

  16. November,

    I read it. Hardly surprising. It mentions Papal Bulls. Papal Bulls can be Defined Dogma but generally are not. The article went with the 1537 Papal Bull that they agreed with not the others. Papal Bulls have frequently abrogated themselves like the 17th century Papal Bulls on the Jesuits.

    So what is the conclusion? Outside of Defined Dogmas what one Pope legislates another can undo. That also means that the Church could return to the 15th century Papal Bulls instead of the 16th century one.

    It is true that a statement by a Pope in itself represents policy rather than anything binding in perpetuity. That also means in theory what he said could be reversed.

    The Papal Bull of 1537 only mentioned Indians. The Church had no problem with the enslavement of millions of negroes for several centuries.

    So what is my belief? Enslaving people merely for the profit motive or because they are weaker or primitive is obviously no moral excuse for slavery. Traditionally speaking slavery is punishment and is supported by Scripture which is always Defined Dogma (given accurate interpretation of course). Obviously you can not enslave Indians merely for existing.

    In practice it will just mean less of a commitment to convert the Indians or those already Catholic will mix their paganism with Catholicism.

    • Correction-18th century Papal Bulls on the Jesuits. i wrote the above article solely by memory without first checking every word. I thank you and our host for indulging my off the topic comments.

      I was hoping Trump would just fade away.

      I would not have thought that many Americans would stand or fall on the Trump issue. I do not understand why they would but I recognize that many including some white nationalists do.

      So all I can do is watch and see if civil disruption occurs and how it might affect my family and society.

      • Cristina,

        If your older brothers and sisters supervise your interactions on OD, then they should already understand our motives for Trump to become POTUS again on 1/20/25. His presidency would rip this nation apart at the loosened seams due to irreconcilable cultural, political, linguistic differences, and that’s not even mentioning the dire economic situation the US government has created for itself with quantitative easing, 33 trillion-dollar national debt and most importantly, the USD losing its position as the world’s reserve currency.

        You and your family are obviously well off financially with holdings in both Mexico and USA. Not that I wish any harm to you and yours, but this evil jewish empire must come to an end for the sake of the survival of White people in North America, Europe, and Oceana. There will of course be collateral damage to those that are invested in this jewish socially engineered abomination and/or its corrupt financial institutions, but the liquidation of this talmudic cancer is worth any fallout from its disintegration.

    • Hola Cristina,

      Kind of late to retroactively de-Christianize two continents.

      Both Protestants and Catholics were busy beavers converting the indigenous populations to Christianity. Gotta save them souls and all.

      Imho, the colonists and Conquistadors should have never brought the to Jesus in the first place, unless it would make them less aggressive and hostile, but I think that bullets and advanced weapons would have been able to convince them that resistance is futile.

      Francis is indeed a heretic, but I was happy with his statement about being united with our beloved pets in the afterlife, as you know, I subscribe to Will Roger’s position on that subject (i.e., “If there are no dogs in heave, then I want to go where they went.”).

  17. “ Hopefully, it will radicalize Trump supporters and push up support for a National Divorce. At least that is what I am hoping” -HW

    Now you’re on the right track my friend.

    Expand in what the coming ND will entail.
    Food, water, arms and ammo. I’m here to help if needed

  18. I know that President Trump is caught up in this drama – quite naturally, as he is playing it’s leading role.

    That said, when he says that ‘THIS IS AN ATTACK ON OUR COUNTRY THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE…” I would very respectfully disagree.

    No, having a bio-weapon dropped on us, then using that to get us to take poison vaccines, is way beyond this, as was the judicial activism of the 1950s and 60s that played a leading role in orchestrating this country.

    Also, dare I mention it? : the attack on 11 Southern States, their persons and property, by the United States’ Government is something millions of leagues beyond this.

    But, yes, this is definitely not good – obviously part of an orchestrated system of defences, like the Red Army at the Kursk salient, designed to keep Rural and Smalltown Whites from ever again having a say in the national government.

  19. November,

    To be responsible for a sin means a person has to have reached the age of reason roughly 7 years old. So no baby sins if his “Catholic ” parents allow this mutilation. If a Catholic adult has circumcision then he has sinned. As with all sins they can be forgiven if repentance occurs.

    Exceptions for grave medical reasons exist. Circumcision is a Jewish practice. Protestants habitually practice it I have been told.

    It is because it represents the Old Law that we forbid it. Jesus was circumcised according to the Old Law of course but that portion of the Old Law is now dead and a mortal sin to practice.

    You writing that this was condemned centuries ago and therefore irrelevant is wrong. The Sermon on the Mount and the 10 Commandments were more than centuries ago but they are still binding. The 10 Commandments is one of the few aspects of the Old Law still in effect since they represent basic principles.

    The following is NOT from centuries ago.

    This is from Pope Pius XII who taught that circumcision is only “[morally] permissible if, in accordance with therapeutic principles, it prevents a disease that cannot be countered in any other way.”[90]

    Furthermore, Christian doctrine establishes, and the light of human reason makes it most clear, that private individuals have no other power over the members of their own bodies than that which pertains to their natural ends: and they are not free to destroy or mutilate their members, or in any other way render themselves unfit for their natural functions, except when no other provision can be made for the good of the whole body.[91]

    Pope Pius XII, Discorsi e messaggi radiodiffusi, t. XIV, Rome 1952, s. 328-329

    Pope Pius XII, “The Intangibility of the Human Person,” September 14, 1952, in The Human Body: Papal Teachings, pp. 199-207.

    Cristina footnote—The gulf between Protestant and Catholic is insurmountable. We are NOT the same religion.

    This is one reason why me marrying a Protestant is almost out of the question. I also need to seriously think about why I am here.

    I strongly disagree with this website on many key issues such as Secession, the Russian War, the January 6 riot, some aspects of race, on religion, Trump, and probably on gun control. Within 5 months I will be in the University and I am a woman now.

    To show no hard feelings on my part I found this song. Some of your old songs express matters easier than I do.

    If it does not play it is Girl You Will Be A Woman Soon

  20. Cristina,

    Won’t you be surprised when it’s a dog, and not Saint Peter that decides who gets past the pearly gates.

    Bronze Age jewish fables should be considered null and void by any rational Homo sapien.

  21. Ivan,

    I see the thunder in your comment so I give you this. Since my sister and I share a Windows 7 lousy computer (my brothers received W 10 or something) I am never sure if my attachments work. Anyway it is Hoyt Axton–I am a Good Ole Rebel

    • Hey,. Girl – I love this tune and Hoyt’s is the very best version.

      Glad you know it, though, as much unionism is as you preach, I downright shocked you do:)))!!!


  22. Clytemnestra,

    Based on reality and past history Donald Trump does not warrant yours or anyone else’s support.

    Of course he could always have a Saul to St. Paul moment but then not only could anyone in theory have such an event but one can not base their support and logic on improbable what if’s.

    Perhaps we will correspond again. I am not sure.

  23. Let the fun begin. How the the left can justify the Bidens, Clintons, and the rest of our elite crooks can not being in jail will be interesting.

    • The judge came to the U.S. at the age of 6 from Colombia as an immigrant, I believe, not an illegal alien. He is another example (as if if another example were needed) of the folly of having Third World people enter the U.S., whether legally or illegally.

      Of course, it’s not really folly, it’s the deliberate destruction of the U.S. over the long term through White population replacement i.e. “The Great Replacement”. Whites are not allowed to notice while non-Whites and The Usual Suspects celebrate “The Great Replacement” at the same time.

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