White Rabbit Radio: Hunter Wallace

A few days ago, I had a great time catching up with and breaking down current events with Horus the Avenger on White Rabbit Radio.

Topics include:

  • The Charlottesville arrests
  • Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign
  • Ron DeSantis signs anti-Semitism bill in Jerusalem
  • “Latinx” Neo-Nazi mass shooter in Texas
  • Daniel Penny and Groundhog Day with black-on-White crime
  • Conservatives getting more radicalized by events
  • LCMS purges “racists”
  • #Ye24
  • America First infighting
  • My growing family


  1. As I commented to Flaxen the Strumpet somewhere on this website I am struggling with the concept of a latin killing people based on so called white supremacy. This morning on a Texas news channel they mentioned the police had been quiet on the motives.

    Is the news media running with unproved motives?

    I saw a picture of the latin shooter and he looked heavily Indian to me. Granted almost any belief system can occur but going with the odds it appears suspect. There are now so many mass shootings that I am losing track of them. This one is kept alive by possible racial motives.

    The concept of a mestizo supporting and killing based on white supremacy is definitely bizarre rather those were the motives or not. The more like a United Nations the USA becomes the more trouble that will occur.

    As always I look forward to thoughtful responses to my comment but they better get those comments in before Sunday afternoon when I will be gone for 1-3 weeks.

    • “The more like a United Nations the USA becomes the more trouble that will occur.”

      Yep, the US is being turned into a mongrel mess. When it breaks, it will break terribly.

      “The concept of a mestizo supporting and killing based on white supremacy is definitely bizarre”

      Yes, they are both testing and pushing the gullibility of their audience.

      • Arrian,

        Comments are somehow closed on the Racial Deceit article. You disputed my contention that sex was only created by God for children.within marriage.

        God of course did not create sex without the purpose of children. Of course it is also true that a couple who cannot have children may marry for there are secondary benefits and reasons for sex within marriage. One benefit is the mutual love between man and woman.

        Another benefit is that love and sex within marriage will save a couple from the sin of fornication without marriage. It is also considered that the pleasure of the marriage bed is also a gift from God.

        So by Catholic standards it is a byproduct of marriage that even without the procreation issue that sex between husband and wife is sanctified.

        So I agree with your comment made on that other article.

      • Arrian,

        In Yahoo news yesterday morning there was an article mentioning that a Jamaican owned Rental company called Rustic Mountain Living Rental would no longer allow short term stays because of the misbehavior of black Americans.

        The owner said that most black Americans misbehaved.

        The vast majority of non whites outside of controlled United States knows this. These societies are little touched by propaganda or guilt/fear that allows this behavior to continue or that pretends that the people who notice such behavior are somehow wrong.

        I have mentioned before how our Mexican roofers told their Anglo contractor that they will never work in a black dominated area in the United States.

        Source: Travel-Noire by Spencer Jones 25/05/22023

      • Arrian,

        Concluding my analysis of God’s gift of intimacy between man and wife I found this sweet old American song. It is This Girl Is A Woman Now by Gary Puckett.

        Our comments on the Ethnic Conceit thread are closed so I use this outlet. Yes, my girl friends and I always think of such matters as tender and sweet.

        As always I never know when my copy and pastes are going to work.

  2. addendum:

    Many mixed Mexicans are pro white and classify themselves as white when possible. According to one statistic I read pure or almost pure whites are around 21% of the Mexican population yet in one survey 47% of Mexicans claim to be white. I might have Indian blood but I am still going to be classified as white.

    Indians do the same. The Indian population in Mexico is around 15% yet about 22% of Mexicans claim to be Indian. This came from the same survey done recently.

    Every Mexican I have ever known regardless of blood lines is suspicious of blacks but this does not equate to white nationalism much less murder. Morality aside it is obvious that such shootings do damage to any conservative cause.

    My comments on this subject are because in the Hunter Wallace article above it mentioned the Latin shooting in Texas.

    For the most part I like Governor Abbott of Texas. I also think it is funny he ships illegals to New York City which they hate. Liberals should practice what they preach. Of course the New Yorkers with little to no self awareness are trying to ship them elsewhere.

  3. DeSantis is definitely a lesser evil than Trump. They all have to cuck to Israel to an extent. But Trump on the other hand is not only doing the same thing but is working to further empower blacks and women. That fat bastard is just about everything his haters love, but they are too stupid to see it and vote for him. So just go for DeSantis, trust me. Trump is NOT for the white man one bit.

  4. Mr. Wallace,

    I am glad you are having a baby. All of the major candidates bow before Israel it appears. Yes, I understand now why you closed the comments on the Racial Deceit article.

    Your child will be born in October. That is a good month. Do not despair. Things are happening fast. It is God’s world and I doubt if He is pleased with what is going on. Perhaps He is about ready to sweep the pieces from the board.

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