YZY Party


More photos of Ye’s new wife.

How long ago was it?

I think it was about, oh, six months ago that Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin were both hailing Yedolf as the leader of “Christian nationalism” and the next president of the United States.

Daily Stormer:

“Through his fashion brand YEEZY, rapper and alleged presidential candidate Ye (formerly Kanye West) threw a rave party entitled “YZY RAV3” last night which featured themes mocking Christianity.

Nearly nude women wore various crosses, with black crosses on their foreheads clearly designed as a bastardization of the Ash Wednesday cross which Christians have put on their forehead by a priest on the first day of Lent.

It was a private party, but some videos and photographs of a sexed-up drug party have been posted on social media. …”

If Yedolf wins the 2024 presidential election, Bianca Censori would become First Lady.

Daily Stormer:

“Then, on Friday night, Ye threw a “rave party” that was, in my view, beyond the pale. This featured semi-nude women in white with ash Wednesday crosses on their faces, as well as what appear to be alters to Dionysus/Bacchus (candlelit pillars with fruit is what you would have seen in a pre-Christian Greek temple, which would also feature temple prostitutes in white). …

Today, I found that former Yeezy designer Mowalola Ogunlesi posted a photo on Instagram of what appears to be Ye’s new wife, Bianca Censori, seen from behind, totally nude save a Cross covering her anal region. …”

Anyway, it is worth noting that these are the people that the “movement” has chosen to elevate as its thought leaders and spokesmen, and this is who they wanted to crown: a mentally ill black rapper in his second interracial marriage and his naked White wife a cross on her ass.


  1. Nordic Mythology and outer space universe projection! Mix good music in like Jimmy Barns/Cold Chisel

    If you can handle it intellectually!

    Just win!


  2. I get the feeling that the Bible thumpers of the 2000s were a lot more “real” than the Bible thumpers today. The Bush era Bible thumper was born in a devoutly Christian home, grew up going to Bible camp, met his wife at the church picnic, etc. Although he likely didn’t truly honestly 100% believe the supernatural claims, one couldn’t accuse him of LARPing, he was clearly walking the walk. He couldn’t openly do Sin because the real people in his real life Christian community would hold him to account.

    The “Christian nationalists” like Fuentes, Anglin, and Kanye, they probably grew up in atheist or nominally Christian homes. They didn’t attend church as a kid, and don’t attend church now. They aren’t part of a real-life Christian community who can hold them to account, just an online communion they can disconnect from if they feel they need a break. Christianity, for them, is entirely a matter of:

    1. LARPing.
    2. A political strategy to appeal to normie Christians.

    Thus, Ye/Fuentes/etc aren’t concerned they are “bastardizing” Christianity because being authentically Christian was never a goal in the first place. Like the military LARPer who can’t even put on a uniform correctly let along understand concepts like “honor” and “self-sacrifice,” it’s basically a game of dress-up.

    And Kanye West, a Christian man, is still a man with access to lots of thots, so of course he’s going to get them out of their clothes while he does his Christian LARPing act. If Star Trek nerds had access to thots while they did their conventions they’d be doing the same thing.

    • > Thus, Ye/Fuentes/etc aren’t concerned they are “bastardizing” Christianity because being authentically Christian was never a goal in the first place. Like the military LARPer who can’t even put on a uniform correctly let along understand concepts like “honor” and “self-sacrifice,” it’s basically a game of dress-up.

      That’s a decent summary of Yedolf, Fuentes, Milo, et al. Trump’s supposed Xtianity is no different – just another part of the massive grift. At the end of the day, such clowns are mostly harming themselves. To whatever extent the collapsing remnant of Christianity is harmed by their antics, it’s minor compared to the destruction wrought by feminism, anti-racism and Cyrus Scofield’s heretical bible and “leaders” like the head of LCMS, the Anti-pope in Rome and the devil-worshipping Archbishop of Canterbury who recently presided at the coronation of the Anti-Christian monarch Chuck the Turd.

      Jung-Freud over at Unz has recently penned a few of decent overviews of Murika’s actual state religion: here, here and here.

  3. Now on Netflix Kanye as Hitler!
    Coming soon Oprah as Helen of Troy.
    Don’t Miss Whoopi Goldberg as Aphrodite.
    Si se puede?

  4. A humble suggestion: Since the U.S. Government decided many decades ago to throw open the U.S. to the scum of the earth to settle here and the situation has now become acute on the southern border, housing must be found for these new cretins. In the beautiful metropolis of NYC this situation is especially severe with the city’s diversity filling up previously empty hotels and other venues. Now these squat monsters are being sent to upstate, White areas of NY state in the name of the tin god of diversity.

    How about keeping the squat monsters from south of the border in NYC and housing them in the United Nations buildings? The UN is the ugly public face of globalism so how about giving the criminals there a taste of their own medicine? There is a huge area right on the East River that would be perfect for the diversity and their friends, the globalist useless eaters. A perfect match, made in Hell for these demons.

    Just trying to help. Trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    • 12AX7 hopes and dreams:

      “How about keeping the squat monsters from south of the border in NYC and housing them in the United Nations buildings? ”

      I respond:

      And exactly who is going to “keep” the invading hundreds of thousands, tens of millions of Covid, Monkey Pox, TB, Bubonic Plague infected migrants, MS13 tats on the neck gang killers, ISIS, AL Qaeda, Islamic Jihad from Gaza terrorists (The Israelis just killed over 30 Palestinians in Gaza this week with US made/supplied F15 bomber jets) who’s going to keep all these hateful, diseased, murderous migrants in New York City? You? You and your family? You and some church members? You and the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal (Remember their July 4th annual editorial: “Thou Shalt Have Open Borders” – but only to existing still majority White countries? Maybe it’s you and New Yawk City slime Je* US Senator Chuck Schumer and AOC?

      Well I think I’m going to give you the same answer Soviet brutal dictator who won World War II gave to some messengers who reported that the then Conservative pro White European Catholic Pope had come out in support of Germany, Fascist Italy against the Communists and the USSR:

      Stalin replied:

      “How many divisions does this Catholic Pope have”?

      I ask you:

      How many border control troops do you have to keep all these diseased, violent migrants in New York City or in my Chicago or in… Berkeley CA, Boulder CO, Martha’s Vineyard MA.

      I think the answer is…


      Have a Nice Day

      • Subtlety is not your strong suit Mr. Ryan, apparently you missed the point that my comment was aimed at the corrupt ruling elite of GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire who have brought this catastrophe about, not a sales pitch for more immigration. The UN is Ground Zero for globalism (the Rockefellers donated the UN’s land) and they deserve a dose of their own medicine. That is exactly what sending wogs to Martha’s Vineyard or VP Cackling Kamala’s house was all about, a dose of their own medicine, shoved down their hypocritical throats. These are wogs already here, cannot be deported (yet) so why not share the diversity, good and hard too with those who advocate diversity, good and hard too?

        The visceral response of the ruling class to wogs being dumped on Martha’s Vineyard shows that this is an effective tactic, not one the left enjoys contra Saul Alinsky, philosopher of the Left. Apparently you missed the rhetorical nature of my comment which was not an editorial in favor of allowing the squat monsters to stay. Yes, the proper solution is to expel them all, whether they came here legally or not, whether they are citizens or not, out they go, back to their shitholes. Until then give the Left and their Useful Idiots, especially their Useful Idiots; the church ladies, the WSJ types, the NGOs etc. a big dose of their own medicine, until they choke on it.

      • Senor Ryan,

        Always a pleasure to read your articles. I am becoming less and less shocked at a country who wants to be invaded. This is like a low budget zombie movie.

        I do not understand the article above where there is a weird black guy and a weirder white woman. The article looks like a scene from hell.

        Catch you later perhaps a week or a month from now.

  5. Tucker too, Trump too, they will all try and turn you away from your father. Why? Why do they hate an innocent man who did no wrong? There has got to be a reason. And the reason scares the living crap out of “our ruling elite”.

  6. “Photos also show fruit between the candles, and when you include the nude women, this is clearly a a tribute to ancient pagan rites (that’s if we’re being generous – if we’re being less generous, there is really no difference between a recreation of a pagan ceremony to ancient demon gods and an actual ceremony).”

    This is hilarious on more than one level:

    1. Midget Andy claims Gods that are indigenous to Northern Europe are “demonic.” I guess it was “progress” when they were replaced by a Levantine God. And he calls himself “pro-White?”

    2. Midget Andy condemns Kanye for incorporating pagan elements into his Christian ritual. Is he so ignorant as to be unaware that Christians have been doing that for 1500 years now? Our “Christmas” celebration is just the pagan winter solstice renamed.

  7. Those, uh, people with tape on their chests look like men transitioning to “women”.Probably on a strong regimen of hormones and other gender affirming drugs.

  8. This is just pointing fingers on the deck of the Titanic. Don’t promote it – none of these people were ever going to be competitive to run and win President of the United States and save everyone.

    Let’s focus on doing things that work – like supporting successful alternative communities like Orania. I am.

    • Orania is a great concept.
      Exceptionally great, with one small problem. Location.

      When, and if the African natives decide to take it all by force, they will. Hopefully the Oranians have a solid defense plan and evacuation plan in place.

      Orania could be a reality here if we’d only organize here.
      My rural homestead is a literal Orania and everyone within 10 miles is on the same page.

      This option needs discussion, exploring and action.

      • Gunny good to hear your rural homestead and your neighbors are on the same page to separate, in a racial cultural way.

        I strongly, STRONGLY Recommend you separate in culture – get your/our own language and religion.

        You can’t separate if you share the same language and sort of Judeo Christian, Judeo everything religion, movies, culture with the entire populations of Black Baltimore, Detroit, Nigeria, Ghana and the same language with India and Pakistan and all those now no go zones for Whites in Londonstan and Birmingham used to be England.

        I recommend learning, teaching Dutch Afrikaans like they White separatists in Orania S Africa. With Google translate and a teacher (I know some at good prices in S Africa via WhatsApp) we can have our own White language, our own separatist language like the Js have Hebrew.

        And let’s not be super cheap, cheap about this. Don’t expect everyone to give their services away for free.


        • J.RYAN ” I recommend learning , teaching Dutch Afrikaans ” yes Mr Ryan’s as a second language, I refuse too give up the “English language, the Lands of our people, or the faith of my father’s, or the Blood and Honor of our people…..I really don’t like the idea, of inviting myself to someone else’s party, The Right thing to do, is take back what is ours, that done, we protect it, preserve it and fight to keep it, if we have too…..

      • J.RYAN. “Like ORANIA”.. Chuckle,Chuckle…….har,har….are you kidding me? Why settle for baloney, when you can have steak? What is ours is right here !!!……we didn’t bleed at Valley Forge, for a alternative community!!!!…… The WORD is absolute, as is The Republic……..

    • Jaye here is correct. I believe that alternative communities is the only possible future our people have. Not sure how this looks legally in the Jewnited Snakes. Perhaps it’s a private club, ie a “Rod and Gun Club” where people join and have perpetual property rights within the club’s owned land, or a for-profit LLC where the residents are shareholders.

      I’ve been reading up on architecture and building techniques to come up with a modern hamlet design that is community-driven, made for a simple Godly life, somewhat self-sufficient, and not so soul-crushing as modern cities. (See “Patern Language” and “Car-Free Design Manual”, warning: these books are written by academic libtards, but there is still old wisdom to be gleaned).

      Economically, there are obvious benefits: no Jew financial parasites, no nigger tax, and inter-club or inter-company expenditures can be silver coins, and tax-free.

  9. Anglin is completely irrelevant at this point. He is closing in on 40 years old and is still a single man without children. It’s very clear he is a self hating closeted homosexual.

  10. Nick Fuentes was wearing those ridiculous duck hunting boots in his little slap fight video. What a friggen tragedy ???

  11. Swishy Nicky smelt money. The satanic negro has plenty of that. Wanglin was hoping Nicky would throw some of it his way. How did that turn out?

  12. This kind of thing is noteworthy. Not because of the specific issue, but because the idea of a governor tabling a threat to defy the supreme court is itself unprecedented in the modern age.


    How many years, at this rate, will it be before every state just decides the Supreme court has no authority to make the rulings it does? This is Balkanization.

  13. Rememeber, our military has never been an ally of the American people themselves. Only enforcers for whatever regime writes their checks at the time. The national guard is only slightly better.


    MacArthur, Patton, Eisenhower. All dirtbags set up as great heros.


    National guard used as strike breakers. Shoulder to shoulder with Pinkertons and other mercenary scum. My family were blacklisted and run out their homes in the events loosely described in the coal wars topic on wikipedia, as a personal note.

    Never trust a pension pig to act like anything besides a pig.

    Remember it was national guard and army who forced school integration at gun point.

    Veterans and cops and soldiers aren’t allies by default.

    • Yep…I quit venerating the military quite some time ago. The more I learn, the angrier I get.

  14. Some seriously sick shit here—does this country implode and self-destruct within 10 or 20 years?
    I mean, it should be obvious that, that’s where we’re headed.

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