1. What do you do with a philosophy degree?

    …..ask Jared Taylor, Kevin McDonald, Greg Johnson, Keith O’Brien

    How do you make a living?

    • Work in the whining industry. Jared was thrown out from Hungary by the very same reason. Hungary Nazis needed action plan, grabbing political power and close the border.

      Not intellectual debate that everything is bad and going worse. And not absurd insults and outright stupidities.

      Is Romania Part of the West?

      “”””… if you check maps such as the one below, derived from Lynn & Vanhanen’s 2012 book, you’ll see that today the average IQ of 91 in Romania is one of the lowest in Europe….””””

      Well, at least Romanians do not have mass immigration so they have time to figure this out. Also they do not vote with their low IQ for hysterical Marxist wammins in power and like beloved comrade Ceausescu sad end demonstrated, they do not buy more ammo. Instead, they use very little ammo to keep their communist population under control.

      Luckily, the era of highly educated intellectual idiots is over and competent leaders are back. Like Orban Putin Prigozin and The Donald who do not waste their time to demonstrate how stupid they are but they get things done.

      • Hungary threw Jared Taylor out most likely because some middle-management figure in the Hungarian bureaucracy read an ADL article and freaked out. And then the entire government had to back the decision that bureaucrat made, because in typical second-world country fashion it will never admit to making a wrong decision.

        Every time some “nationalist” leader behaves exactly as a Leftist would, we get their apologists giving us convoluted 4D chess explanations. It’s tiring and moronic.

        “Luckily, the era of highly educated intellectual idiots is over and competent leaders are back. Like Orban Putin Prigozin and The Donald who do not waste their time to demonstrate how stupid they are but they get things done.”

        Like the way Putin defeated Ukraine in 2 weeks? Or Trump “won” the 2020 election? If you’re going to hero-worship someone, you might as well do Elon Musk, who has actually accomplished things.

        These second-world countries romanticized by American rightists, Hungary, Russia, and China, are significantly poorer than the West. You can blame communism, but that doesn’t explain why they were poorer before communism too. Cultures of corruption have a lot to do with it.

    • If your family has a little money, your daddy can usually hook you up. I’ve seen that happen with someone who had a worthless political science degree.

  2. On today’s internet, nobody gets promoted unless they are serving the agenda. Ed Dutton is the perfect example of the little astro-turfed tuber, Jordan Peterson of the “big.”

    Karl Popper’s “philosophy” has nothing to do with what is going on. Jews being Jews is the only thing that is going on.

  3. FDR libs on the left and Reagan libs on the right are alright.
    I side with the former on the economy and the latter culturally.
    The trouble I have with both of them is, I’m a white nationalist, and on foreign policy a noninterventionist, but other than that I basically agree with them.
    I’m not anti-liberal, so long as liberals don’t become authoritarian in their defense of liberalism, I’m cool with liberals.

    What attracted me to the ‘alt-right’ or whatever was the nationalism, not the social conservatism, I’m not more socially conservative than 1980s Reaganites.
    The only thing that makes me far right is I’m a white nationalist, other than that I’m just moderately socially conservative.

    I don’t see why you have to be a fascist or 19th century social conservative to be a white nationalist.
    I don’t see why you can’t be both a liberal and a white nationalist.

    The western world was both liberal and white nationalist up until the 1960s-90s.
    Japan is Japanese nationalist, but still liberal.
    Liberalism isn’t my foe, my enemy is globalism, cultural Marxism, covidism, climate alarmism and crony capitalism.
    By temperament I’m pretty laissez faire, live and let live.

    • @karl Logan, i respect your opinion but now i’m curious…… What Is your opinion about Cancel culture (destroying of monuments)? And also about this left obsession for LGBTQ, deny biology, trans gender?

    • If they were really “alright” we wouldn’t be in this boat. Unfortunately, they were scum. The Andy Griffith show was cleverly packaged propaganda. Back when they still thought America’s “Scotch-Irish” population (ie the descendants of white slaves who escaped into the hills, who mostly don’t know anything about their family tree) were a potential recruiting ground for American Communists. They’re good for being Trump-tards, ZOG-bots and good for being vulgarians in general but at the moment they still have drunken the rainbow Kool-Aid the way the Mayflower faggots have.

      • They originally tried to foment a communist revolution among the Scotts Irish with those NYC Communist “folk” singers in the 30s. When that didn’t work they moved on to the blacks and now have really focused on sexual degenerates. You can see the whole “folk” thing fizzled out with it’s second generation of weirdo sissies strumming those hippie guitars in the early 60s confined to the Homo Hotspot of Greenwich Village not even trying to appeal to the mainstream anymore.

    • Fundamentally because liberalism is rooted in Locke’s Tabula Rasa idea, that you are an empty slate which is primarily defined by its environment, including education, relations – especially to family and state and your wealth/class. Maximizing freedom necessitates abolishing all duties and bonds which limit it: abolition of the family, the nation, then gender and finally your humanity (trans-humanism) are the consequence. Marx built on liberalism, he failed in Germany of throne and altar and went to? Liberal England. And while Judith Butler is a Western Marxis, Ray Kurzweil isn’t a Communist. Liberalism sooner or later will find its enemies in faith, purity, duty, holyness, sacraments, any rigid forms to be rejected as irrationalism.

      And not only do neo-liberal oligarchs see Western Marxism as a tool, economically and for a desired social structure – i.e. abolition of borders for markets and cheap labor – they are its primary financiers. And American liberals, Dem or Rep, are naturally on board with all of the left’s agenda: open borders, laissez fair capitalism, even butt-sex in Botswana and trans-genderism including Trump.

      In contrast Nationalism believes in irreducible qualities which are inherited: the land of your ancestors and your genes/race/people/ethnos. Blood and soil. This is closely related to the religion of your ancestors and the worship of your ancestors itself, which was unified in Germanic paganism. Naturally both liberal capitalism as well as Marxism/Internationalism, which unified in today’s so called Globalism AND WHICH INCLUDES COMMUNIST CHINA BTW!!!, are its necessary enemies. In the 2nd World War just as today.

      Which is exactly why I find it so utterly despicable that so called White Nationalist cheer for Putin, the former head of the FSB, who interrogated and tortured dissidents against the East German communist party dictatorship who calls his enemies “Nazis, nationalists and racists”. I was never black pilled, because of any might of the left, but looking at the state of the right, essentially in all Western countries totally black pilled me. Utterly, utterly brain dead and useless; little more than a fifth column of useful idiots for Moscow. I deeply regret wasting so many of my years on it.

    • This is pretty much how I feel, I believe in European American nationalism, I don’t like a lot of crap that comes with being a conservative, like the obsession with deregulation, or government is too big, or rich people shouldn’t have to pay taxes. They’re the producers of society, to me, most of them are the parasites of society.

      And I really don’t like the war mongering of the right, or we are all expected to thank some gun toter for his service 18 times a week.

  4. GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire is almost a spent force now, it has only one more financial crisis, one more big war then the wheels come off. It is inconceivable that a loathsome character like Dementia Joe, Cackling Kamala or any Republican could rally the country (such as it is) in a crisis which in practice means rallying White people to sacrifice for the ruling class that hates our very existence. When the U.S. fails, the globalist project, which is based upon U.S. financial and military hegemony, driven by The Usual Suspects, also fails.

    Here is a picture of senior Chinese officers at the recent defence ministers meeting in Singapore.


    They are serious people no doubt wondering if their ears are deceiving them when they hear U.S. officials talking about “dialogue” and other such horse shit as tensions escalate around Taiwan. They see Idi Amin and a bunch of women on stage concerned with “equity” in charge of U.S. foreign and military policy while the risk of war rises. U.S. Government officials act as though it were 1960 when the U.S. was almost unchallenged, not the diverse freak show of perverts and criminals it is now.

    The U.S. has not been a serious country for long time and the Chinese are realizing talk is pointless when the U.S. Government breaks agreements at will. While China asks why the U.S. runs military missions 7,000 miles from home and fifty miles off their coast the U.S. Government response seems to be “why did you put our colony of Taiwan only 100 miles off your coast?” There is no talking to such people.

  5. In the short run I think the ideas, people, and institutions who shaped the last century in The West will continue to be a serious problem.

    In the longrun, no, I do no not think they will be a problem, because i sense that the ordinary White is turning against them, and in rapid irreversable fashion.

    We’ve crosst a river during the Biden Administration and we shall not returning to beforehand.

    While Liberalism has not run it’s course, the bloom is off the Rose, if I may refer to it in such unjustifiably favourable terms.

    • Like the propaganda in these TV commercials where they have three “aspiring” kids…not one is a white boy anymore. The “engineer” is some butch, cropped haired high school girl who looks like Annie Lennox. An “engineer?” Yeah sure, she looks more like a “gender studies” major with over a hundred thousand dollars of student loan debt who works at Starbucks, not an “engineer.”

      For some reason the also had “the chef” in the commercial as a little Asian kid. As if any Asian parents would tolerate their kids aspiring to salt some pasta at the Olive Garden? These people all push their kids into STEM so they can be rich and take care of them since they come from places where the concept of social security doesn’t exist and your children are your pension. There is another commericial with a fake Asian family with the kids aspiring to be “artists” or “play the drums.” They don’t tolerate “rock” type music, the kid is supposed to play some concert instrument like a violin, piano, or cello. And as for Asian parents letting their kid waste money studying art to hang around with a bunch of doped up queer losers instead of being a computer programmer?

      • But, but, but . . . I thought all the geniuses/inventors/scientists etc. in this brave new world were going to be negroes, like on tv? You know, the ones with White wives and mystery meat kids.

  6. Karl Logan,
    I’m a leftist on some issues like animal welfare, environmental responsibility, fair pay, women’s rights and an anti war position. Now………that used to be what they stood for. Now, it’s all this nonsense like open borders, trannie rights, more concerns for the criminal rather than the victims, endless foreign aid payouts, legalising whatever drugs………….silly capers I just can’t get on board with. I’m just an ordinary man who wants to live an ordinary life, yet I’m surrounded by government and groups that threaten my existence, or at least want to, and I don’t like it.
    I want Jews deported from every Western country, and white liberals either imprisoned or thrown into re education camps until they’ve proven they’re no longer a threat to our racial and cultural security.
    China is never too Chinese. Africa is never too black. But anywhere whites are…….is always too white, despite the fact our percentage of the population is decreasing with every census taken.
    Like…….. it’s time to stand up. It’s not ok!

  7. The idea that defined the modern world is self. Thats what the modern world has against Christianity, it tells people that there is a higher power, many people in society don’t like being told that they want isn’t everything, they believe they are the most important thing, what they want supersedes everything else. This blends right in with victimology, the left has relentlessly tried to create victims, and believes petty minority groups should be turned into sacred cows.

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