Happy Juneteenth!

Here are some thoughts on our third annual national celebration of “Juneteenth”:

1. The creation of Juneteenth as a federal holiday was a sop to the Democrat base which marked the end of Joe Biden’s legislative agenda. He wasn’t going to be able to push anything serious through Congress without the cooperation of Senate Republicans. He settled for symbolic token gestures.

2. We have Sen. John Cornyn of Texas to thank for Juneteenth who pushed the bill through the Senate that only 7% of Republican voters wanted. Most Americans had never heard of Juneteenth when it was astroturfed into existence by feckless Senate Republicans.

3. This happened a year after a mob in Portland lynched and desecrated a monument of George Washington to celebrate Juneteenth during the George Floyd riots.

4. Two years ago, an idol of George Floyd was unveiled in Brookyln on Juneteenth when it became a federal holiday. Juneteenth has always been about reconstructing the public square.

5. Also in 2021, a black mob celebrating Juneteenth attacked Whites and Hispanics in Chicago and killed a Puerto Rican mother. Jacobinism, mob violence and idolatry have defined Juneteenth.

6. Dark Brandon has been doubling down on the iconoclasm that inspired the creation of Juneteenth as a federal holiday. It is not really about the past. It is about the present and future. The past was evil and must be erased from memory. America is being redeemed from “white supremacy.”

7. As usual, no one was surprised when Juneteenth celebrations devolved into a festival of black violence this weekend in Milwaukee, Asheville, San Diego, Akron and Chicago.

8. Finally, the Republicans who are responsible for creating Juneteenth as a federal holiday – who hailed it as a “bipartisan success”are already whining about how it is being “defiled.” Predictably, it is being used as a club to beat down and demonize conservatives, Republicans, Christians, Southerners and delegitimize the American past, which no one could have seen coming after the crowd who wanted it rioted and tore down monuments all across the country less than a year before.

Juneteenth is another turn of the ratchet: leftists, progressive liberals and conservative liberals all joining forces to irreversibly push the country to the Left. See also the MLK federal holiday. See also the renewal of the Voting Rights Act. See also Ukraine. See also codifying gay marriage into federal law.


  1. I am glad you mentioned a Republican called John Cornyn to be responsible for yet another American black holiday. Those believing that voting Republican will save them are naive at best.

    I am also glad this website is kicking again. I wonder what the next black holiday will be. I am back in Texas just in time for this caca.

    Texas is not that conservative. At least not the leadership. The average Texan? Kind of likeable actually.

    Therefore I give you Dixie. I only hope it plays.

  2. National Review types are already retconning Juneteenth into the Lincoln framework same as they did MLK? Color me surprised. They can never admit that MLK was only really interested in reparations and sexually defiling blonde women, as are all blacks. Juneteenth is indeed another lurch towards the reparations deduction on your check stub.

    Black Run America.

    • Blacks actually aren’t usually attracted to real blondes, but as you say, they do like to defile them and use them as visible trophies.

  3. Did the Juneteenf origin story really happen or is it made up like the 6 million that were gassed? I like to think I know quite a bit about the Civil War but I have never heard of this particular yarn. I bet 50 years from now when Harriet Tubman is on the 20 dollar bill, the story will have flourished into Tubman and a select elite of her abolitionist cohorts raiding the Texas plantations, slaying the Whiteys with the weapons of the time period in the style of a John Wick movie and bringing the gospel of the emancipation to the remaining grateful teary eyed slaves.

    • Black Label, the revisionism has been going on for a while now.

      Dementia Joe claimed Lewis Latimer, a Negro, invented the incandescent light bulb, not Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan (Great Britain) in 1879 as previously taught in racist schools.


      That particular claim was so obviously fraudulent that the Ministry of Truth dropped the claim, the history of the incandescent light bulb being thoroughly documented and Lewis Latimer had nothing to do with it. He did later work for General Electric as a draftsman and submitted a patent for an improved filament which was never manufactured by GE. There were thousands of patents issued for improved carbon filaments between 1880 – 1900, most of which were never manufactured.

      That is just one example out of thousands of false attribution of merit to people who did not have a record of accomplishment. Even CNN, CNN, the epitome of the Lügenpresse, had to contradict Dementia Joe’s obviously false claim although in true Lügenpresse fashion they falsely claimed Latimer’s “invention” was a big improvement benefitting mankind. CNN also claimed that he wrote the first book on electric lighting in 1890, another falsehood. Even when rarely telling the truth the Lügenpresse can’t help themselves, they have to add falsehoods and gross exaggerations into the mix.


      The field of invention is just one area in the new and improved GloboHomo Shopping Mall where the ruling establishment elevates colored people and denigrates Whites. They are forced to resort to lies to try to “prove” that first, All Men are Equal and now that coloreds are better than Whites and therefore deserve to rule over us however they want, like the Rainbow Nation of South Africa. When faced with the truth about invention or any other field of human accomplishment they resort to force and fraud to silence the truth. Such a society cannot hold together when faced with a real crisis, which is coming, like it or not.

      • You have no argument from me. I am very aware of blackwashing innovation for the sake of propaganda. Just a day ago my local news ran a story about how actually Africans invented surfing and not Polynesians (but they framed it with just Whiteys stealing it from Africans). I was just trying to be facetious.

        • ” . . . Africans invented surfing and not Polynesians” that’s a new one for me. I will give these pricks credit for this though, they are creative in the tall tales they tell, no question about that, they are first class liars. At least there is that talent they possess.

  4. The local Masons in Florala, Alabama used to sponsor a Juneteenth festival in the summer. My family was there in !973 when I was 13. My Dad grew up in Geneva county. They had like a county fair with carnival rides. There were no racial or political aspects that I ever heard about. It was a white thing. Does anyone here know more about this?

  5. It was a happy make good commies day with the execution of commie traitors the Rosenbergs happening on Juneteenth.

  6. “This [Juneteenf] is yours, not mine. You may rejoice, I must mourn. To drag a man in fetters into the grand illuminated temple of liberty, and call upon him to join you in joyous anthems, were inhuman mockery and sacrilegious irony.”

    African barbarian Frederick Douglass sure would have applauded integration of the schools. But you don’t see our equals marching in the streets to integrate their churches.

    Negroes are hypocrites and their churches one giant tax grift. I think black people should be forced to stay in their churches until they police their own leaders. They run to white churches to get away from the corruption they should have confronted and white parishioners lick their negro ass.

  7. “original sin of slavery.”
    Oh brother……. Politics as religion.

    Get woke, go broke.
    Such is America’s inevitable fate.

  8. At least the accusation of being a “neo-confederate” is more accurate than being called a Nazi. Personally I don’t take much offense to being called a Neo-Confederate.

  9. The “Original Sin” of Slavery. These woke progressives really do treat their politics as a sort of non-theistic religion.

    • JP’s How bout ” Watermelon day ” or ” pinto bean day” for the Mexican’s, or ” Fried chicken day ” for us Kentucky people, that was a give In, or ” Paula Dean day ” for white SOUTHERN people in general, or “Paula Dean’s Fried Chicken Day”, keep everybody happy that way……

      Mrs. Paula Dean now their is a life worth celebrating……..

  10. The globalist regime really seems to have double downed on the black card post the 2016 defeat of the witch. They seem to realize that in order to win the elections they can’t have apathy in the black community but need to agitate that disruptive mass into the biggest vote harvesting machine this country has ever seen. Hence the sudden giving voices to all these 90 IQ middling so called black “intellectuals” with their crackpot theories on why blacks always fail. It’s almost as if the country has forgotten the ridiculous amount of money and “uplift” projects that went on from 1965-2010. This golden age of affirmative action and free money has been retconned into Jim Crow part 2. Everywhere I go most of the blacks I interact with are dummies and losers. Yet enough of these young white punks just can’t see this and join the enemy with their self abasing crap thinking they are better than their elders by “rebelliously” joining with the ruling forces of the oligarchy that want to destroy them. It’s all quite the shit show that is contrary to Darwinian fitness for a society and has to end some time but somehow keeps kicking the can down road. When will nature come knocking at the door?

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