Chalkbeat: Since COVID, 13-Year-Olds Have Lost Ground In Math and Reading

I remember Tucker Carlson doing a dozen or so monologues about this before he got fired by FOX News. Test scores have dropped across the board including for Asians and Whites.


“American 13-year-olds remain far behind in key math and reading skills, according to the latest data from a long-running national test.

Scores were substantially lower in the fall of 2022 compared to the last time the test was administered three years earlier. Making matters worse, even before the pandemic hit, 13-year-olds had lost ground on the National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP.

That adds up to a striking collapse in achievement scores since 2012, after decades of progress in math and modest gains in reading. In reading, 13-year-olds scored about the same as those who took the test in 1971, when it was first administered. Math scores were now comparable to those in 1992.

The data is just the latest evidence that the pandemic and school closures exacted a steep toll on student learning …”

Before anyone brings up the lockdowns and school closures, I will just note how widely that varied from state to state. It wasn’t that disruptive here and happened at the end of the 2020 school year. The insanity went on for years though in other parts of the country like San Francisco.


  1. If White students were segregated in White only schools without freaks of nature in them White scores would skyrocket. In PISA tests (Programme for International Student Assessment) typically northeast Asians and Scandinavian countries are at the top of the list. They also prepare specifically for the test and, at least in Asian countries, exclude from the official international PISA test students who have not tested well in practice tests.

    The lesson is Whites will be at the top of achievement if not deliberately hampered by diversity, the mentally ill and equality. The other side of the coin is the colored folk i.e. blacks and hispanics will always be bringing up the rear and no amount of money or government programs can fix it, it’s genetic. Equality is one of the most destructive lies in history.

    Similarly, diverse areas account for the vast majority of crimes in the U.S. If those areas such as Cook County, San Francisco, Portland Ore., Atlanta, LA County etc. were excluded from crime statistics the U.S. would have a crime rate equivalent to northern Europe. In White areas of Georgia/Tennessee, Florida, the Midwest, New England, Minnesota etc. there is very little crime despite widespread gun ownership.

    In much of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, western Mass. and upstate NY people take vacation or call in sick in the Autumn which coincidentally is deer season. There are all sorts of White people driving around with evil guns and ammo everywhere out deer hunting yet there are no robberies or other crimes. Imagine the chaos if Whites were replaced by coloreds driving around with .30 cal. rifles and ammo. The stories write themselves about racism and “shots rang out” by the Lügenpresse.

    • But Hollywood told me that we never would have gone to the moon without those genius black ladies doing all the calculations.

      • “But Hollywood told me…….”

        While concealing the fact that German scientists had to show American engineers that their orbital mechanics had fatal flaws.

    • “Whites will be at the top of achievement ”

      That’s exactly what the kosher klan doesn’t want, the very reason they push divershity onto WHITES.

      Edom must be destroyed, by any method.

    • Arrian,

      Exactly what I was thinking. Everything is about black people in the USA. It has gone beyond an obsession and is now a form of racial idolatry.

      • “racial idolatry”

        Apt phrase, exactly describing the current situation.
        (Also true in Europe. I see European ads that are flooded with blacks.)

  2. Though mathematical and scientific awareness have their place, I think kids today are being subject to many more dangers deprivations than this.

    A short list?

    A country without mental, physical, or psychic boundaries..

    Poison vaccines, poison food – chemicals of every sort, pesticide, fungicide, and insecticide residues, not to mention GMOs that have led lemons to taste like oranges and strawberries to be closer and closer to the size of baseballs..

    A country with little to no manufacturing, and the dearth of opportunity for a solid Middle class.

    A country where the government is actually working to undermine the future of those tens of millions of kids who happen to be White, not least for trying to undermine our customs and Christian heritage.

    A country where the truth dare not be told, whilst falsity, of every type, is lionized.

    A country that does everything it can to sexualize children, years before they can legally drive, all in order to control them via a narcissitic degeneracy.

    I could go on, but, suffice it to say – I feel sorry for kids.

    When I grew up, I lived in a society most of what was around me was the opposite of all this.

    I had no idea, as a child, that what I lived through, in the late Jim Crow South, was the dying gasp of a sane society.

    That said, I know The Good Lord always provides ways to triumph, and, to that end, I pray for our children that they find these ways to evade the traps.

  3. Yep Ivan, you’re right on every point.
    Virtues are condemned and vices encouraged.

    ” little to no manufacturing”
    “We don’t need no stinkin’ manufacturing, just print money.”

    • @Arrian…

      Thank you for the confirmation.

      And, yes, your comment underlines something troubling underlying this all – we live in a society increasingly preoccupied with substituting the unknown for the known, the fictional for the real, and, yes, the bad for the good

      Then again, after contemplation, I suspect things are this way because those in power find it easier to influence, manipulate, and control that which has little to no basis in reality.

      All the best to you on this day!

  4. Arrian,

    A further example of how twisted race relations are in the USA. I was recently watching a video about the food industry poisoning people with food in the United States.

    A guest on the show mentioned how he was paid by food corporations to go to the NAACP ( a black organization) and offer them money if they would attack the government’s policy at the time of condemning sodas and processed meats. The NAACP were to accuse the government of “racism” since those unhealthy foods are favored more by blacks even than whites.

    The host did not condemn the NAACP for:1. Accepting a bribe. 2. Falsely accusing the government of racism when it’s condemnation of unhealthy food is a positive. 3. Harming the health of their people by caring about power and money more than health.

    Instead the host wondered if the NAACP was right!!!

    Again and again I am reminded that logic and morality is not a factor in the United States when pitted against the State religion.

  5. What they will never mention is how many students was behind before 2020. They love pointing fingers at the Government using common sense measures that kept people safe in 2020 and beyond. The measures taken was for a reason and saved lives. The super rich love seeing Biological Weapons aka Covid-19 created in medical labs and being released on the population. They want ever single person gone before they ever reach retirement age so they can take everybody’s Social Security. People stood up and put safety measures in place that saved people’s lives and got the US and the World through the worst of Covid-19. Some didn’t make it and God will judge those who created this virus and laughed while people passed away.

    On the subject of schools. Kids have been behind for years. Basic communication skills is all but gone among the population. Common sense on how you walk into a store and shop. Even basic communication skills on the internet is lost now. People want everything on demand because of TV so people can’t even answer a message on time and reply on time…knowing it only takes 5 minutes or less to complete a conversation of substance. Laziness is the name of the game for people now. I’ve always supported school choice aka Public Schools, Private Schools, and Homeschooling. Homeschool kids are smart and self disciplined. They make good grades. Many kids in public schools and private schools do as well. The Republicantard Party has been cutting funding for education for years. They love the idea of huge classrooms with 25 students and 1 teacher. Zero personal interaction and hands on education training among the Teachers with the students. So now we see kids doing worse in schools. It was gonna happen and all because of a Republicantard that don’t like spending a dollar.

    This next school year they should put 2 teachers in each classroom and only have 10 students per classroom. I’m talking about not just public schools but private schools as well. Way more hands on learning in schools.

    Problem solved.

    Deo Vindice!

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