Wagner Group Mutiny

Open thread.

I don’t what to make of the situation.

Is it an actual coup? Is it the beginning of a civil war? Is it a massive psyop?


  1. I find it hard to believe that a modern warlord is standing up to and threatening the military of a powerful State. At the same time I do not see how this drama if false helps Russia.

    If a huge number of his men were bombed then I think the Americans could verify that claim with satellites, spies, etc. If true then the Russians from their viewpoint better establish iron control fast.

    If his mercenaries are loyal to Prigy then destroying his outfit would cost many lives and equipment. Rebellion is historically a risk when employing large numbers of mercenaries dedicated to their General more than the State.

    Reminds me of the Romans.

    • @Christina…

      You’re very wise to be sceptical, this because there are so many layers of manipulation in journalism, and, indeed, most ‘world’ events, it is best to not grasp anything tightly. because you can be sure that whatever concepts you think you have grasped, they will be ‘guided’.

      Years after this war is over, and the haze of the battlefield wanes, we’ll see what, if anything, really took place, who actually did what, and who was behind it and fomenting it.

      In the end, it’s a sideshow, because the only real issue here is that The West will continuing trying to use all of Eastern Europe as a launching pad to break up Russia. until the Russians make it utterly impossible to do so.

      The war is about the sovereignty of Russia and the survival and well-being of the Russian people, and, to a broader extent, the welfare of the collective people who live within the Russian sphere.

      AND … because of the fanatical determination of the Western Ruling class to make this proxy-war/regime change operation work, this war also may become about their survival, as well.

      The West has taken already much more damage than Russia, in the pursuit of this venture.

      Be well!

  2. Surovikan has made a long statement on Telegram, asking the Wagners to lay down their arms. He promised no one would be punished. This is significant.

  3. Wagner has taken Rostov. The militaryHQ, the police HQ, the FSB HQ, Wagner is in control of Rostov. The local media confirm it.

    • @Rangewolf…

      Whoever has taken control of Rostov, if such a thing has actually occurred, must be on psychodelics, if they think that will translate to control of the Kremlin.

      Thank you for sharing the information.

      • Range- You BELIEVE the Jews Media, who has been lying for their Talmudic masters, for decades, NOW?


  4. Its bad for Russia regardless of whether its true, so its probably a psyop. This does not preclude it from being significant.

    Wagner has been coloring outside the lines on the Ukraine thing since day one. Certainly some strange stuff goin on.

  5. Maskirovka is spelled with two “Ks”.

    Having your limited hangout asset announce “this is not a coup” loudly and repeatedly to all the news channels run by your enemy is, hypothetically, a great way to flush out disloyal elements in your command structure.

  6. It would be a bad thing if NATO won the war in Ukraine, but unless Putin can suppress this rebellion quickly, that’s what’s going to happen. The rebels have already taken Rostov-on-Don, which according to US government sources controls the majority of supplies to Russian forces in Ukraine.

    • @Jack…

      Though NATO was once formidable, the last 16 months has demonstrated that, whatever they are now, they are no longer that.

      Just the fact that Germany has admitted that it can only produce 20,000 shells a month, when Russia can produce millions, is a case in point for the state of NATO.

      All the open sources I follow indicate that The Ukraine is running perilously low on ammo, because The West has run it’s stockpiles dangerously low.

  7. Putin just made the speech and announced that this is 1917 again.

    Specialists think that this is open declaration of war against the Jewry .

    Ze already screamed that Vlad is second anti semitic person in history, only behind Hitler.

    • @Juri…

      One thing is for sure – this event, to the extent that it is really real, and not staged by somebody and their press agents, is another chapter that fits right in with the rest of Russian history.

  8. Prighozin is an old school eastern European Jewish gangster in the same vein as Mickey Cohen.

    Not a particularly intelligent or sophisticated man but very dangerous all the same.

  9. Vladimir Putin is no Joseph Stalin. Neither is he a Nicholas II.

    Putin has the Armed Forces of Russia behind him. This oligarch tard has a cadre of mercenaries. It will get as far as Ernst Roehm of the SA rebelling against Hitler back in 1933.

    Just a tard staging a mutiny absent artillery and an air force. It won’t get far.

    However an Aryan Nations chernobyling these old nuclear power plants or spreading prion-poisoning to eliminate Blue Hives while ZOG implodes, now quite doable or supporting Robert Bowers as a ZOG Prisoner of War — done that already.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Hail Victory !!!

    Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024


    • Lindstedt. You would neither know nor be able to approach a godly Orthodox Christian ruler, as you have neither the pneuma, nor the vivifying grace of God. Anathema.

  10. Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin[a] (Russian: ???????? ??????????? ?????????; IPA: [pr????o??n]; born 1 June 1961) is a Russian oligarch,[4]

    Prigozhin now controls a network of influential companies, including the Russian state-backed mercenary company Wagner Group and three companies accused of interference in the 2016 and 2018 U.S. elections.[8]

    Prigozhin was born and raised in Leningrad !!!!!! His father and stepfather were of Jewish descent.[25]


    • Wikipedias early life data and the EVERY SINGLE TIME representation of Jews in everything that matters, or that is important, powerful or influential in the world- is certainly a cohencidence ,goy..

  11. Meanwhile, on a closer battlefield …


    “A family is in mourning after a father of three was shot and killed by a stray bullet while driving for Uber in North Philadelphia. Friday, a mass and religious service was held for 34-year-old Michael Almonte at the church he attended, while police still search for whoever fired the fatal shot.”

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      What do folks, in your neck of the woods, think it will take to end this reign of terror in Philadelphia, and when might that occur?

      Looking at Northern cities, from down here, it seems like everyone, up yonder, has just accepted that it will go on forever, because there is no solution.

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

      • That’s a good question, Ivan. I suppose the first answer, as you might expect, is that most persons are not thinking at all. You know how it is. In reading the comments beneath an article like that, you encounter things like this: “Oh, I feel so bad for this man and his family. Whoever did this should get life in prison.” Not exactly a broad view of the situation.

        My own view, I guess, is embodied in something I said decades ago to a California friend: “America cannot be saved, because the things that are necessary for its salvation are un-American.” Whichever way it goes, America is already in the history books (which mean it’s an open question whether anyone will be left with the talent to write and read them).

        • @John…

          Sorry to hear that most Yankees aren’t thinking.

          That makes them honourary Southerners, for we, as a whole, are not doing much thinking, either, Dear John.. A lot of praying and gripeing, but, not much thinking.

          You are, as per usual, spot on – responsibility, sacrifice, and character are so out of style, it may be fallatious to refer to them as such, given that styles are, by design, supposed to be ephemereal.

          Be well!

        • John B,

          Your last paragraph especially the sentence where you state what it takes to save a country was one of the best one line comments I have ever read.

  12. I think the Ukraine conflict is about over and the need for a heavily armed private army would be a problem going forward. As I see it, there is only two main choices for that army; 1) give it a place at the table or 2) begin the process of dismantling it. I think the Russian state has chosen the later.

  13. John B.

    That tragedy is horrible. I believe the authorities in the USA just like in Mexico do not really wish to take the necessary steps to crush crime. Mussolini crushed the mafia by arresting all of them and their associates. Naturally the Americans set them free when they conquered Italy in WW2.

    On a happier note have you heard of this song? Portrait of my Love by Steve Lawrence

    • No, I hadn’t heard that song, Cristina, but I thought it was pretty good. Thank you.

      Though Lawrence and his wife-partner Eydie Gormé made their career in traditional pop, such as the number you linked, they did a remarkably-effective recording of “Black Hole Sun,” a 1994 song by the rock band Soundgarden. This was in 1997, when there was a resurgence of interest in “lounge singing” of their style. If you’d like to hear it, just copy-and-paste ‘Black Hole Sun’: Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. into the YouTube search box.

      As far as my personal experience is concerned, any memories of my love bring to mind a different song title. “It Feels So Bad without You It’s Almost Like Having You Here.”

      • John B,

        Sorry that I have to be brief for I have to leave for a while. I will look up that song. My older sister thinks that a song that represents me is the old American song—You Talk Too Much. by Joe Jones.

        • It was never a recorded song, as far as I know, Cristina. A singer-songwriter named Stephen Bishop once mentioned he’d written a song with that amusing title (or something close to it). He had hits in the 1970s and ’80s.

          Below is “Long Ago and Far Away” by James Taylor. Unlike the traditional pop recorded by figures such as Steve Lawrence and Rosemary Clooney, in the ’50s and early ’60s, it reflects a sort of, I don’t know, existentialist stance, characteristic of the latter-’60s counterculture. It was released in Fall 1971, when I was in my first undergraduate semester.

          Around here, at Occidental Dissent, you don’t talk too much—not that I’ve noticed.

          • John B,

            That was a peaceful relaxing song. Thank you for sending it to me.

            Also thank you for writing that I do not talk too much here at OD. I am talkative at school and when I was really small I used to follow my mother around the house and always ask her questions about why things are.

            I chat at school a lot and I am never shy with guys. When they are shy I put them at ease.

  14. Ivan,

    I am not committed to preserving certain countries from dismemberment. What countries? I will not specify but I will write that Godless countries that would make Sodom and Gomorrah blush would top the list.

    • At this time in history, few countries seem virtuous, or, at least, in The West.

      I’m just as shocked to see the unraveling of your country as I am my own.

      I always considered your country, in spite of governmetal corruption, to be such stable and traditional land, this based on the many personal contacts I have had with your people.

      I feel sorry for you and your generation, having to live the bloom of your lives, in such circumstances.

      All the best to your wonderful parents!

      • Ivan,

        You wrote correctly. Every nation on earth seems Godless to me. Some more than others. All non Christian countries are godless by definition. Yet to the best of my knowledge no Christian country is decent. Possibly there are a few marginal ones at best.

        Strange that I have encountered pagans and skeptics on this site better than most of the world’s Christian leaders.

        I leave again for a few weeks in a short time. So until next time. Adios.

        • @Christina…

          Actually, smalltown Mexico is about as Christian as they come.

          Poland and Moldova also rate, as countries that still have a strong Christian ethic, prevailing amidst much of the populace..

          Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, and Hungary, come to mind as well.

          Of course, there are always diabolical ones, everywhere.

          In this I am reminded of American man from Texas who, now a Russian Orthodox priest, living with his wife and kids in Veliky Rostov, Russia, said in an interview : ” Russia is just like America : you can go down to the corner and find trouble, if that’s what you want to do.’t

        • @Christina…

          “Strange that I have encountered pagans and skeptics on this site better than most of the world’s Christian leaders.’

          Good of you to not be fooled by externals.

          You see men for who they are, not necessarily what they call themselves.

      • Ivan,

        Sorry to bother you again. Yes. Mexico is part revolutionary, part pagan and part Catholic, it is part traditional and even in some parts semi-Feudal. Mexico City is radical Left. It is heading off a cliff.

        Sooner or later we seem to copy the United States. You are our pimp and we are your ladies of the night. The USA determines to a large extent what we do. Until a couple of years ago I had thought we were where you were in say the 1980’s.

        No more. Equality is an over worked word. Yet when it comes to degeneracy we may soon be your equals.

        Mexican men are still overwhelmingly macho rather they are Latin or Indian. I like it.

        • Yes, Dear Chistina, it’s a good thing you like manly men.

          It would not speak well of you to be otherwise.

          Your family is first rate and you, and your sensibilities, are just a case in point.

          Concerning American influence on Mexico – it happens with neighbours all over the world.

          Just take my little old Southern town, for instance : our old Grand Dragon (KKK jefe) is just like the rest of us – happy to be seen down at the new Mexican Restaurant downing fresh chips, salsa and fajitas with frozen margaritas, while chatting with the Mexican good-ole-boy who, a former gangster, is now with Christ and living a family life!.

          Don’t think Mexico is only being ‘influenced’


          Have a great night!

    • Clarification: For such countries Divine Justice was my intent for I am against the invasion and theft of other lands as a general rule.

  15. If you have followed Russian politics, you know that Putin’s opposition is more likely to use nuclear weapons than Putin ever would!!! :nuke:

  16. Did Wagner really get attacked by Russian forces? Who knows. Could it have been a case of Russian military incompetence, which has been observed regularly? Very possibly. Ritter thinks it is an MI-6 psy-op.

  17. clarification–The United Nations should be destroyed. After that I leave it up to the audience.

    As for Russia? I am no lover of that twisted country.

    The United States? I am not allowed to write what I really believe. I did notice in the news that President Biden thought the Indian national anthem was the American anthem. Yes. liberal democracy is the greatest!

    • Not sure I’d heard that, Cristina, but I’m pretty sure I recognized the title.

      You’ve reminded me of an occasion when a girl whose fine qualities I probably didn’t appreciate asked me to accompany her to a Rosemary Clooney concert—at the Hollywood Bowl, was it? The Greek Theater? One of those two L.A. venues. She even packed a nice brown-bag meal for us to enjoy, pre-show, before the sky darkened and the show began. She’d known that such meals were usually enjoyed by audience members in the open-air bleachers of the place.

      That, I should note, was in the ’80s, long after rock had displaced traditional pop of the kind Clooney performed. I do remember that Clooney introduced “Come On-a My House” as the song that had made her success, the song that was the reason she was still performing there that night.

      Maybe I’ve already linked this for you, but if not: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_pop#Late_1950s_to_1960s:_decline

      • John B,

        Thank you for the information and the link. That was nice of the girl to think of food logistics. I will have to remember that. We have family and property in California. I love the beauty of the land.

    • @Friedrich…

      I do follow the good colonel.

      I hope you follow Judge Andrew Napolitano at YouTube, for he has a bevy of excellent former CIA men, soldiers, and diplomats – all but one who are straight shooters.

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